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More than ten seconds later, Lin Yifei felt as if he had waited for a century. Suddenly, his wrist was caught. Chris whispered in his ear, "Let's go," then took him out.

There were skeletons dancing around and ghosts flying by occasionally. Lin Yifei was held by Chris as if he hadn't seen anything. Chris had a good sense of direction, so they almost had no detours. He was dragged directly to the 'Adventure Exit'.

Lin Yifei gasped and looked up after they rushed all the way out. "Are we waiting for them here?"

"No, we'll play by ourselves." Chris raised his eyebrows. "Even if they can't find the two of us, they know how to go home by themselves."

Lin Yifei froze. Did Chris mean to play alone with him?

Obviously, they just reconciled. If he wanted to wait for Chen Manman, he didn't know if Chris would ignore him again. Moreover, Manman wasn't a child. If she couldn't find him, she could always go home by bus.

"Good…" Lin Yifei's words haven't even finished, Chris took him and strode out.

It was noon by this time. Lin Yifei was already hungry. Chris bought two hot dogs and a coke from the dining car.

The amusement park was full of frantic screams. Children dragged balloons around. The air smelled of sweet popcorn and ice cream.

The two people sat on the bench eating hot dogs. Lin Yifei asked him, "What do you want to play next?"

"Whatever." Chris took out a napkin. He stretched out his hand and wiped the ketchup from Lin Yifei's mouth. Lin Yifei missed his slightly drooping gaze.

After they drank coke, the mood became more comfortable.

"Don't you want to drink?" Although Chris seldom drank soda, just eating hot dogs alone seemed boring.

"Mmm." Chris picked up the can with only one straw in it, but he didn't mind sipping from it. The two teenagers settled their lunch, then went to shoot again and won a stick of chewing gum.

"I bet the accuracy of that gun must have been adjusted. Otherwise how can we only hit six shots out of ten?" Lin Yifei was a little resentful. Chris didn't speak and just held his hand from beginning to end.

After playing some small games, Lin Yifei decided to take another roller coaster.

"I bought a set of tickets. The most expensive ride here is the roller coaster. We need to take it several more times to get the cost back!"


After noon, many people went to eat or have a rest, so they hardly had to wait in line for the roller coaster.

Once the safety lever was lowered, Lin Yifei reached out and held Chris's hand.

The first ten meters of the track was still a straight line upward. After a slow speed of less than two seconds, it suddenly accelerated downward. Lin Yifei shouted excitedly.

Screams were heard from in front and behind them, but Lin Yifei was not afraid. He turned his head and looked aside at Chris. Before he could open his mouth to speak, the wind poured into his mouth. Chris kept looking at him with his head to the side, which made Lin Yifei's heart sped up, not because of the roller coaster, not because of gravity, but because Chris would only look at him even in the most thrilling moments.

During a fast rotation, Lin Yifei closed his eyes. At that moment, Chris kissed him.

It was a passionate kiss, touching lips and teeth, unbridled and crazy, just like the roller coaster twisting around that confused all thinking. Lin Yifei wanted to avoid, but Chris just pressed forward more enthusiastically.

For the first time, he felt that the three-minute roller coaster was so fast. When the end came, Lin Yifei sat there stupidly, while Chris held his hand.

The safety lever rose. The visitors got off the ride in shock.

Lin Yifei followed Chris like a lost soul until the other side turned around.

"You ask me, can we make up? My answer is no."

Lin Yifei opened his eyes and looked at him.

"Because I can't stop my impulse. I can't treat you like an ordinary friend. Whether you stand by me or not…I want to hug you and kiss you…"

Occasionally, children's balloons pass against their bodies.

Chris's expression was the same as when Lin Yifei first saw him. He would behave indifferently not because of coldness, but because he had long known that what he desired wasn't easy to get.

"If you only regard me as a good friend, it will be a torment to me." Chris said softly.

"I…I…" Lin Yifei opened his mouth. He didn't know what to say. His language suddenly became poor and suffocated.

"That's it." Chris turned his head.

From a distance came Elizabeth's cry: "Chris – I finally found you! If I can't find you again, I'll cry!"

Chen Manman who stood beside her saw Lin Yifei and ran to him.

"Brother Yifei, what's wrong with you?" This was Chen Manman first time seeing Lin Yifei showed such a lost expression.

When Chris led him to play balloons and throw rings in the amusement park, he thought that they could go back to the past. But Chris knew long ago that he couldn't go back to the past, so he held him tightly like this as if it was their first and last date. The kiss on the roller coaster was everything that Chris wanted to say to Lin Yifei.

There could be no relationship between them beside love.

"Can you accept me who love you?"

But Lin Yifei couldn't answer.

Chris had strong determination. He needed a positive answer from Lin Yifei – If he rushed forward to embrace him regardless, will this happiness stay 'forever'?

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Lin Yifei knew more about the horror of reality than Chris. He knew that there were many variables before they became fully fledged.

If this moment of happiness broke down, Lin Yifei believed that he could bear anything, because he had already experienced the most painful. (T/N: Chris's death in his past life)

What about Chris? When faced with the harm from this real world, will he know how to forbear? If their blood is dripping, will he recover?

This was the sorrow of growing up. Even if you wanted to indulge in such strong feelings, you have to think about the consequences.

Elizabeth still hung on Chris, but she felt his difference, the indifference that isolated the whole world.

"Chris…Where had you been just now? You didn't wait for me at the exit of 'Adventure in Hell'…"

"I'm going back." Chris walked to the exit of the amusement park.

"Ah…Okay…I'll go back with you…" Since Chris wanted to go back, there's no point in her staying here.

While sitting in George's car, Chris kept his head propped up and looked out the window.

George adjusted his rearview mirror slightly. He saw Chris's slightly sad expression. Something seemed to simmer in his eyes as reflected by the hot 3 or 4 o'clock hot sun. (T/N: he's tearing up)

That night, Chris was sitting at the head of the bed with a book in his hand.

George didn't know when to come in and put a glass of milk by his bedside. "Young master, you have been looking at this page for a while."

"I'm reading this sentence." Chris's finger traced across a line, even though George couldn't understand Chinese at all.

"Oh, that sentence must be very wonderful."

"Hold your hand and grow old with you." (T/N: Chris read this in Chinese)

"Young master, I don't understand Chinese." George lowered his body, "But if you are willing to tell me your thoughts, I promise I won't tell it to others, including Mr. Osborne."

"…" Chris was silent for a moment. His eyes softened. "George, do you think that if you like a person, can you hide your feelings and just stay by his side?"

"Master, I think this is impossible." George paused, "There are three things that people can't hide the most, sickness, poverty and love."

"Yes…because I can't hide it, I'm going to lose him."

"It's not the end of the world yet, young master. So don't judge so early. You are still young and have plenty of time to wait." George stepped back gently, leaving Chris still holding his book.

That night, Lin Yifei leaned against the window and looked at the neon lights in Chinatown. When his life started over again, he tried very hard to correct some things and finish what he hadn't finished. For example, he didn't want Chris to be alone. For example, he taught him fencing…but all this had not changed one thing, that was, Chris still liked him.

The moment Lin Yifei was shot before he was reborn, he felt that the most regrettable thing…was that he had never found Chris's feelings. Even though everyone around him knew, only he was still unaware. But what if he knew? Should he accept or reject him? He propped up his head and looked out of the window. Chinatown was still bustling. His troubles didn't affect this world.

Lin Yifei lowered down his eyes and gave a wry smile. Once he closed his eyes, Chris's calm face came to mind.

A car passed by and its headlights flashed across the bus platform. A row of slogans seemed to flash through his eyes.


His blood suddenly boiled, together with difficult to suppress emotions.

Lin Yifei lowered his head and hissed. Okay, let's try and see what will happen this time.

He picked up the phone and dialed Chris's number, his fingers trembling slightly.

"Hey, Chris…" Lin Yifei swallowed his saliva while his heart burst with nervousness.

"Yifei." Chris's voice was slightly cool but with a kind of uneasiness. The trial began quietly.

"I don't want to have a cold war…with you." Lin Yifei swallowed his saliva. His emotion brewed uncontrollably.

"Mmm." Chris's sound lifted the air.

"I also don't want you to look sad…I don't want you to always turn around in front of me, as if you can leave this world with nothing to miss."

"Do you love me?" Chris's voice was very small, but very firm. This was the answer he must get.

"I…like you."

With this sentence, Lin Yifei suddenly felt relaxed. It turned out to be so…I really liked him.

"So what is the difference between 'like' and 'love'?" Chris frowned slightly.

" 'Love' is too absolute. Just like Romeo and Juliet. They chose to destroy themselves because they couldn't be together. In order to 'embrace' each other, they hurt and gave up everything. That's why it's too early and fragile to say 'love' at our age. But 'like' is different." Lin Yifei chuckled, remembering that he had discussed this topic with Chris before his rebirth, " 'Like' is…when you tell me something is very important, I also think it's important. Even when compared with those famous cars in the world, I feel the most happiness sitting at the rear frame of your bicycle. If you are hungry, I will want to share what I think is the best food with you. Is…"

"Is it that when you think it will hurt me, you will show the same indifferent expression and ask me to leave, right?"

Lin Yifei stayed there.

"I'm sure I like you much more than the so-called 'like'. I never wanted us to destroy each other, because then I won't be content. If you're afraid of the word 'love', then, Yifei, I like you."

Chris had always been quiet, just like before his rebirth. He always looked at Lin Yifei with a depth of emotion that Lin Yifei couldn't understand. But at this moment, he used such plain words to express his feelings. It let Lin Yifei's heart gently tremble.


Is this guy going to repeat the same persistence (T/N: of pursuing him) no matter how many times he returns back to life?

"Don't be afraid, Yifei. None of us will be hurt. We are all getting stronger."


"Kiss you." Chris's lips touched the phone lightly. Lin Yifei gasped and hung up the phone as if Chris had actually kissed himself. The heart that stayed in mid-air surged and churned as if it had been his first hit from Chris after being reborn.

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That desperate sabre hit him in the chest. It's strange that there was no fear of death, nor was there any bewilderment in failure.

Only crazy heartbeat…Yes, I like you.

Now I finally know.

So I'm no longer afraid. If one day reality really bends your tall and straight sword, I will be your scabbard to protect you. If there are harm coming, I will take it.

Who made me older than you?

The summer vacation ended in such a youthful way. Lin Yifei ushered in his second year of middle school. And their fencing club, or 'sabre club' as it's called directly, was injected with fresh blood.

When Lin Yifei saw the baby-faced boy in the fencing room, he couldn't help opening his mouth: "You…you…Aren't my opponent in the quarter-finals last year…Ivey…"

Lin Yifei couldn't remember the other side's surname. He only remembered that this guy's level was really good even though he only learned fencing for just two years.

"Ha ha, I'm glad you still remember me." Ivey held out his hand to Lin Yifei and blinked, "I'm Ivey Lance."

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