Where did Pado have any thoughts of blaming Gulu now? As long as Gulu could come back safely, he was already very happy. His voice violently trembled: "Gulu, come here, come to Dad."

Gulu didn't dare to go. He thought that Pado was very angry.

Pado went on to say, "Come here, I won't hit you. Dad just wants to see how much you've been hurt. Come here…"

Gulu heard Pado's trembling voice and became very anxious once he saw Pado crying.

When did Pado cry? Pado never cried. Gulu felt even more anxious. He rushed to Pado's side to rub on his forelimbs and said, "Dad, I'm sorry. Wu wu, Dad…"

Pado examined Gulu's injuries carefully, not sparing a single one.

Gaya: "Pado, I'm sorry. It's all my fault. I shouldn't have let Gulu save my little cub."

Pado knew that it wouldn't be Gaya and Mungo who wanted Gulu to rescue the cub, but Gulu himself. Gulu wasn't like any other dinosaur at all. He always repaid kindness and helped out any dinosaur who was good to him.

What's more, this was Gaya's cub. Gulu must have regarded this cub as his younger brother. For his own younger brother, Gulu couldn't have refused to save him.

Pado mercilessly glared at Mungo: "I'm going back to the group. Please send Gulu back to me as soon as possible!"

Mungo understood what Pado's eyes meant: Gulu is still young. But you aren't young! He wanted to go, couldn't you have stopped him? I don't want to hit Gulu now, but I still want to hit you! Watch yourself!

(T/N: this is akin to blaming a sixteen-year-old for something that a five-year-old did wrong lol. Poor Mungo, taking the blame every time.)

Of course, Pado also knew that Mungo couldn't stop Gulu, but his anger needed a vent.

Mungo hurriedly nodded.

Pado then turned back to Gulu, "Gulu, Dad found the best fern field. You must come back to eat delicious food."

Gulu thought that Pado was really wonderful. He rubbed Pado and kept saying 'good'.

Pado's hanging heart finally settled down. He returned to the ethnic group. He couldn't leave the group for too long.

Gaya knew that Moer must be hungry. She picked up her cub and walked back. Mungo and Gulu followed.

Munroe rushed to the front of Gulu and kept praising, "Wow, Gulu, you're too strong. You really know sea dinosaurs, really worthy of being my big brother…"

Gulu:… Munroe, you can't be so childish.

Meanwhile, Mungo's other brothers also looked at Gulu with admiration. Mungo once doubted whether Gulu's prestige in the group exceeded his, but he didn't mind it.

Since Mungo hadn't come back, the Triceratops that Mungo and his brothers hunted back hadn't been eaten.

Gaya said to Moer, "You're hungry, little one. Go and eat."

Moer didn't dare. He's always the last person in Moyi's group to eat before. He became accustomed to this routine and said, "Gaya, Mom, I'm not hungry yet. Please eat first."

Although he found out that Gaya was his Mom, Moer was still a little unaccustomed to directly shouting Mom. But he also thought that it wasn't good not to call her Mom. In short, he's very conflicted.

Gaya: "Don't be afraid, little one. Mom won't let you suffer any more. Go and eat."

Mungo: "Everyone is hungry. Let's eat together. Little one, you must learn to fight for food. Don't think that if Gaya spoils you, you can wait for her to bring you meat to eat. Because there won't be anything left for you."

Moer understood that Mungo wanted to integrate himself into the group as soon as possible. He looked at Mungo and quickly nodded his head.

Mungo's brothers had been hungry for a long time, so they pounced on the meat and ate it. Guji and Gudong took Moer to grab the meat and gave him all of the good meat they had.

Moer had never lived in such a loving group. He thought that everything was too wonderful.

Mungo ate a lot yesterday and wasn't hungry now. He stood beside Gulu. Anyway, Mungo's brothers always left the best meat for him. This was the preferential treatment that all ethnic leaders were entitled to.

Mungo didn't start eating until all of the other dinosaurs were full.

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Gaya looked at Moer and asked, "Gulu, what do you think about changing Moer's name? I don't want him to use a name that Moyi gave."

Moer also agreed: "Brother, I don't like this name either. Please give me a new name."

Gulu thought for a moment and said, "How about calling you Guga?"

This young cub suffered too much. The name of the young cub should bear Gaya's name. He hoped that this would make the young cub feel more warmth and love.

Gaya: "It's very nice. The name that Gulu gives is really good."

Moer, no, he's now called Guga, was the most familiar with Gulu. He's not as stiffed towards him. He rubbed against Gulu and said, "The name that Brother gives is really nice! I like it too!"

Then Guga added, "Thank you, brother. You and Mungo almost died to save me."

Gulu: "Little one, don't say thank you to me later. I'm your brother!"

Guga felt that he was really the happiest cub in the world!

Gulu: "Eat more in the future. I want to see you grow up big and strong and catch up with Guji and Gudong."

Guga: "Uh-huh, Brother, I will!"


Mungo sent Gulu back to Pado's group.

After Gulu returned to the group, Pado took him to eat at the new fern field. The group automatically left the best fern plants to Gulu, who ate happily.

All dinosaurs continued to migrate.

In the evening, the mainland was blocked by thick volcanic ashes. The temperature began to drop.

On the next day, even until noon, the sky remained as dark as night and the temperature dropped a lot. The originally hot weather now made all dinosaurs feel cold. If they were humans, they would have to wear cotton-padded jackets in such a cold weather.

Gulu recognized that thick volcanic ashes could cover the sun, causing the temperature to drop. The sun's rays couldn't penetrate such thick volcanic ash cloud, so even during the daytime, the sky was as dark as night.

On the day of the volcanic eruption, the reason why the sun still shone brightly on this side of the mainland was because the volcanic ashes hadn't accumulated enough to reach here.

Gulu understood that volcanic ashes were insoluble in water. Volcanic ashes and volcanic gases could be blown far away in the wind after the eruption. Large enough volcanic eruptions may even affect the global climate.

Although the mainland here was safe, the weather became very strange because it's still close to the volcanic eruption.

Muddy rain began to fall that night amidst the storm. This muddy rain came from a mixture of volcanic ashes.

Pado's group rested at a fern field. Muddy rain turned each Triceratops into a muddy dinosaur. Each one of their bodies was covered with mud-like volcanic ashes.

Gulu had grown too big. Pado let him hide under his body, but his head and butts were still exposed.

Babana let Pachi and Dudu hide underneath her body. The butts of the two cubs were also drenched by the rain and had a thick layer of volcanic ashes.

After the rain stopped, Pado immediately organized the group to continue walking in order to get out of this seriously affected area as soon as possible.

Gulu's head and butts were covered with mud. They felt very uncomfortable after drying, just like wearing a thick layer of armor.

All adult Triceratopses were covered in mud. Once dried, they look like they were wearing armor that looked very heavy.

Pado let the members of the group rub against each other to wipe off the mud before leaving.

Gulu, Pachi and Dudu rubbed together. They had to rub their heads and butts red before they got off this layer of armor.

However, Gulu still felt very uncomfortable. He wanted desperately to take a bath.

At this time, Mungo came to the vicinity of Pado's group and made several roars. Gulu knew that Mungo wanted to take him out.

Pado ran out first and asked Mungo what he wanted to do with Gulu. Pado was very satisfied with the answer and immediately sent Gulu to him.

Gulu also didn't know where Mungo was taking him. Mungo said that he would know when he arrived.

In fact, it didn't take Gulu long to walk there. He was immediately shocked by the beauty of this place. He didn't expect to see such a beautiful view even in the area heavily covered by volcanic ashes.

This was a small canyon, surrounded by hills that were covered with towering trees. Their branches and leaves completely covered the canyon. Volcanic ashes and muddy rain had little effect on the canyon that was sheltered by these trees.

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There was a small pond in the canyon that one could take a bath in. The surroundings of the pond was covered with ferns, green ferns that only had a thin layer of volcanic ashes. Compared with the ferns outside, the ones here were really too good!

Gulu immediately said, "I'll call Pachi and Dudu to come and eat ferns together!"

Mungo: "There're too few ferns here. If they come to eat, you won't have enough."

Gulu: "I can eat less. It doesn't matter. There're so many ferns outside."

Mungo: "There's a small pool over there. We'll call them to eat once we finish washing."

Gulu: "Then I'll ask them to wash together!"

Mungo: "The pool is too small for all of us to wash."

Gulu didn't know what happened to Mungo. He seemed to dislike other dinosaurs, but the pond was really too small.

He rushed over and jumped in with a splash. The water in the pond wasn't crystal clear and wasn't much different from those in the river outside. However, there're too many dangers in the river outside. It's impossible to take a bath.

The pond was very small. There would be no room left after Mungo came down. It wasn't so much a pond but a small pool.

Gulu thought that it's more like his and Mungo's little bath pool. It's really comfortable to wash!

At this time, the sun came out. The eastern sun could be seen through the gap between the leaves.

The morning sun, which should have been red and clear, appeared eerie blue.

Gulu knew that volcanic ashes could filter out some wavelengths of light, making the sun and the moon appear in strange colors, especially at sunrise and sunset.

However, Gulu still thought that it's very beautiful. The blue sun was too beautiful that one couldn't become tired of it!

Mungo looked at Gulu. The blue Gulu looked so cute!

Gulu felt that there was something wrong with Mungo. He looked down at the muddy water: Mungo, what are you doing again?! Don't think that just because the water is muddy, I can't see it! Triceratops has excellent eyesight!


T/N: The literal translation is lake. But I changed it to pond since a lake should be able to fit in more than two dinosaurs, which wouldn't make sense in this context.

As for what Mungo is doing, use your best imagination lol.

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