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After the pyroclastic flow finished rolling over, the surroundings became very quiet. Gulu knew that all dinosaurs in the vicinity should be dead.

When Gulu and Mungo surfaced out of the water together, they could once again hear the lively noises of all kinds of dinosaurs running in the distant.

Moer coughed after his head came out of the water, but still said, "Brother, I'm fine. Run…"

Gulu felt that Moer was really sensible. He held Moer tightly out of the water. Mungo followed behind them.

The surrounding area was full of scalded dinosaurs. The stream was littered with their corpses. The newly arrived dinosaurs stepped on the bodies of these dinosaurs.

Gulu immediately noticed that the lava flow had eroded its way here. They must avoid the range of its path.

The speed of lava flow was relatively slow. Human beings could outrun it, but the range of lava flow was very large. If you didn't run out its range in advance, you would be trapped in and finally burned alive.

Gulu observed several lava flow paths nearby and led Mungo out of the huge encirclement formed by these lava flows ahead of time.

However, the rest of the dinosaurs didn't have Gulu's foresight to predict that this wasn't just a single lava flow, but several very large lava flows that would eventually form into a very wide range of encirclement.

Whether other dinosaurs could run out of the encirclement depended entirely on their fortune. Some dinosaurs were luckier and unknowingly ran out of the encirclement. Some dinosaurs had worse luck and ran right into the middle of the encirclement.

Gulu and Mungo were running alongside the encirclement. He saw five Allosauruses trapped inside. They composed of two strong adults and three very small Allosaurus cubs.

They were trapped by lava and couldn't jump out. The lava behind them would soon flow over here. They only had a narrow space to safety stand on and looked very anxious and scared.

The Allosaurus Dad said something to the Allosaurus Mom. Soon, he fell into the lava to build a bridge out for them with his own body!

Gulu was very shocked. He didn't expect that there would such good a good Allosaurus male.

In the event of a major disaster, each dinosaur would flee for its own life. Male dinosaurs who could run for their lives with their females and cubs were generally extremely good fathers. They wouldn't abandon their small cubs for dragging their feet. It wasn't too strange for them to even give up their lives for the small cubs.

The Allosaurus Mom let the three cubs go first. They had no time to hesitate. The cubs stepped on their Dad's body to jump out of the encirclement. Finally, the heavy Allosaurus Mom stepped on the body. With just a few steps, the body of the male dinosaur was completely submerged into the lava. Fortunately, the dinosaur Mom wasn't burned.

The young cubs who came out ahead of time stood by and watched their Dad slowly disappearing and swallowed up by something terrible. They cried out, "Dad, Dad, wu wu. Please. Don't eat my Dad…"

The Allosaurus Mom and her cubs continued to flee for their lives. They had no time to feel sorry for the dead Allosaurus Dad.

Gulu and Mungo finally reached the seaside. There're many dinosaurs in front of them and many more behind them. There're screams of dinosaurs and terrible footsteps shaking the ground everywhere.

Mungo always ran behind Gulu to prevent dinosaurs from attacking Gulu from the rear. He already killed several carnivorous dinosaurs trying to attack Gulu along the way.

Gulu saw that the dinosaurs in front of him were desperately rushing into the sea. Some of them violently fell in. Most sank to the bottom of the sea forever.

Some lucky dinosaurs floated up, spat out the water in their mouths, and desperately swam, but they were soon dragged down by carnivorous dinosaurs and sharks in the sea. Their blood instantly dyed the surrounding water red.

The shore where Mungo and Gulu arrived at wasn't the same place where Dark and Cang sent them back to, since they had no time to return to their previous landing.

Larger pyroclastic flows would soon sweep over them. The previous pyroclastic flow was just a huge sphere of gas, but this new one was a rectangular belt stretching across several kilometers.

Gulu shouted: "Mungo, jump into the sea. Unless I tell you to come out, don't come out! Hold on!"

Putong, Putong, Putong…

This was the sound of countless dinosaurs jumping into the sea.

Gulu sank down with Moer. He saw many dinosaurs falling into the sea. Some dinosaurs soon died because they were seriously injured. They could only sink to the bottom of the sea forever.

Most dinosaurs would desperately struggle after falling into the sea, using their four stout legs to paddle in the water.

Gulu saw the pyroclastic flow sweeping across the sea surface. All water on the sea surface immediately boiled. The dinosaurs that quickly surfaced burned to death in the extremely hot temperature and sank down one after another.

Fortunately, there was a lot of sea water. Its temperature below was extremely cold. Even if the pyroclastic flow swept through, the most it could do was boil the water on the surface. Gulu and Mungo remained in deep sea water. It felt hot but not to the point of scalding them.

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Although Gulu led Mungo to jump into the sea, they couldn't hold out for long.

Just then, Gulu saw Dark and Cang coming up to them!

At the same time, Gulu noticed that some dinosaurs had surfaced, but they were not burned to death or struggling violently, which proved that the high temperature from the pyroclastic flow had dispersed.

Dark caught Gulu while Cang got Mungo. They surfaced at the same time.

Gulu shouted, "Mungo, are you all right?!"

Mungo strongly tossed his head and wildly shook off the sea water. He looked at Gulu and said, "Fine."

By now, the sky had turned very dark. Thick volcanic ashes completely blocked the entry of sunlight. Gulu saw that Mungo's big eyes appeared as bright as stars amidst darkness.

Until a long time later, he still remembered this scene clearly. He wanted to say to Mungo, "Your eyes are brighter than today's sun."

After confirming that Mungo was fine, Gulu immediately checked Moer for injury.

Moer was choked by the sea water. Gulu turned him upside down and laid him on Dark's back. He gently used his head to pushed against Moer's stomach. Moer coughed up a few mouthfuls of sea water and woke up.

Gulu: "Moer, Moer, are you still feeling any pain?"

Moer stood up hard and threw himself at Gulu to rub his head against Gulu's forelimbs and replied: "Brother, I'm fine. I'm not hurt. I'm so happy, brother…"

Gulu knew that Moer was actually very uncomfortable when he was in the sea, but he overcame his instinct and didn't struggle at all, in order to relieve Gulu's burden. Moer was really too sensible.

Moer looked at the mainland, which was gradually moving away, then at the dinosaurs that were still running desperately toward the sea. He's very sad and asked in a low voice: "Brother, Gaya, Guji and Gudong, where are they? Did they escape?"

He was very afraid to hear the answer, afraid to see his brother shaking his head. He felt extremely nervous.

Gulu: "We started to migrate long ago. Gaya, Guji and Gudong followed us. They now arrived at the opposite mainland over there. Moer, can you see the mainland over there? It's very safe."

At present, the volcanic ashes were too encompassing, leaving visibility of less than 5 meters. The land on the other side of the sea couldn't be seen at all, but Moer believed that Gaya, Guji and Gudong were safe.

Moer rubbed against Gulu then quietly laid down. He now felt very tired and hungry. But with his brother around, he didn't need to be afraid of anything.

Gulu saw many dinosaurs desperately swimming. From time to time, predators in the sea dragged them down to kill and eat them. There were miserable roars of dinosaurs everywhere.

Dark and Cang were the top bosses in the sea. No matter how fierce these predators were, they dared not approach them.

The air was filled with a strong smell of blood, mixed with various pungent scents of volcanic eruptions, which were very unpleasant.

Gulu discovered an adult male Triceratops who was very clever. He followed Dark and Cang closely at all time, so that predators in the sea didn't dare to come and eat him.

However, Gulu knew that even if he avoided getting eaten by the predators, he couldn't swim to the opposite mainland. He didn't have enough strength to support swimming such a long distance.

Nevertheless, this dinosaur was very tough. He kept on swimming. Even when Gulu thought that he couldn't swim anymore, he still desperately kept on.

Eventually, this Triceratops could no longer keep up with the speed of Dark and Cang. After entering the deep-sea area, he was soon left far behind. Before long, he was eaten.

They passed by a very lucky Stegosaurus. He swam so far yet hadn't gotten eaten.

The Stegosaurus could no longer move. His limbs began to cramped. When he saw Gulu sitting on the back of the sea dinosaur, he desperately shouted for Gulu to help him.

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However, Gulu couldn't even save himself now. He certainly wouldn't save a dinosaur that he didn't know.

The Stegosaurus cramped and soon sank into the sea.

After swimming past the dividing line, the sky on this side gradually became clear. It's completely sunny on this side of the mainland.

It's already noon by the time Dark and Cang sent Gulu and Mungo to the other side of the sea. The volcano continued to erupt, but it wasn't as fierce as before. Regardless of the scale of its eruption, it still caused countless casualties.

Before leaving, Gulu hugged Dark, Cang and Shenshen while expressing his gratitude and telling them to leave as far away as possible from this sea area.

Dark and Cang decided to just follow in the direction of Gulu's migration to the southern sea. Cang actually came from the southern sea and swam here, so he was familiar with the area.

Mungo and Gulu took Moer ashore.

Three dripping dinosaurs walked slowly towards Gaya's group.

Gulu and Mungo had many burned places where the fragments from the falling flaming rocks hit them. Moer also had them on his body, but they were far less since Gulu protected him well.

At this time, Mungo and Gulu appeared just like warriors who just returned from the fiercest battlefield.

All dinosaurs on this mainland looked at them. These dinosaurs couldn't believe that a dinosaur could actually escape from such a terrible volcano!

They all saw the sea dinosaurs that sent Gulu and Mungo back. Those sea dinosaurs were so big. They all heard that Gulu knew dinosaurs in the sea, but they didn't believe it. But they had to believe it now since they saw them.

Gaya and Pado rushed towards them. They also hurried over.

Once they met, Gaya kept rubbing on them. Tears streamed down her face. Pado kept staring at Gulu's injuries.

Gaya kept saying, "Gulu, Mungo, you have suffered a lot of injuries. Moer looks so thin, wu wu…"

She also examined Gulu and Mungo's injuries carefully.

Gulu rubbed her back and said: "It's okay, Mom. These are all minor injuries. We'll be fine soon…"

Moer stared at Gaya. Even though he knew that he was Gaya's cub, he still didn't dare to take the initiative to be close to Gaya. He didn't know what to do and stood there awkwardly.

Pado and Babana were worried and anxious. Gulu knew all about it, but this time he really didn't have a choice. If he refused to save Moer, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

Mungo completely protected Gulu behind him and took the blame, "Pado, it's my fault. I brought Gulu."

Gulu leaned out a head from the side of Mungo's huge and thick hind legs to say, "Pado, no, I insisted on going there. Don't blame Mungo."

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