Gulu knew that such a loud explosion could be heard even thousands of kilometers away. Fortunately, they weren't directly deafened because a dinosaur body had strong noise bearing capacity.

With the eruption of Volcano Dad, a lot of hot debris were thrown out. These hot debris could be sent tens of kilometers away with the wind, at a movement rate of twice the speed of sound, causing extremely wide range of damage.

However, Gulu understood that the most dangerous thing for them was the pyroclastic flow. Pyroclastic flow was mainly composed of liquefied gases, ashes and rocks. It could possibly flow down at a rate of up to 800 kilometers per hour.

Pyroclastic flow wasn't a fluid liquid. It's a high density, high temperature and high-speed air flow mixed with rock debris. It usually swept close to the ground.

According to incomplete statistics, the temperature of pyroclastic flow could reach 800-900 °C and had an average speed of about 200 kilometers per hour. It could crush and burn any animal or plant along the way.

It could be said that the pyroclastic flow was the biggest killer after a volcanic eruption. If they couldn't escape before the pyroclastic flow arrived, they would surely die.

Compared with pyroclastic flow, lava flow wasn't as dangerous. Although lava flow looked scary, it moved slowly, so one could still have hope of escaping.

In addition, all kinds of large and small flaming rocks hit the ground at extremely fast speed. It's difficult to survive being hit by a larger flaming rock.

Fortunately, the place where they were located had very luxuriant and tall ferns. These ferns could buffer the falling speed of flaming rocks. However, at the same time, these flaming rocks caused fire, burning the surrounding ferns like crazy.

Mungo and Gulu both recovered after a long while. They shook their heads to regain their hearing and balance.

Moer's entire dinosaur body felt miserable. He felt that the sky was spinning. The loud bang was still ringing in his head. Yet, he struggled to stand up and ran to Gulu and Mungo with all his might.

Gulu and Mungo also rushed toward Moer. There was no time for nonsense. Gulu carried Moer and ran to the sea. Mungo followed them closely to escort them.

Fortunately, Moer was very thin. Gulu was now several thousand pounds, which was a lot bigger than Moer. Even though Gulu was still a cub, he could easily carry him.

All dinosaurs were running towards the sea. Gulu heard the roar of various dinosaurs coming from behind and the terrible footsteps of groups of dinosaurs running.

Until Gulu picked him up, Moer was still dazed. He couldn't believe that Brother Gulu and Mungo really came to save him!

Gulu ran quickly while watching out for the flaming rocks falling around them from the sky out of the corner of his eyes.

Moer felt very comfortable and safe being carried by his brother. In fact, he wanted to say that he could run by himself, but he knew that he ran too slowly. He would only drag his brother down.

He understood that what he needed to do now was to do nothing and avoid giving further hindrance to his brother and Mungo.

A large flaming rock as big as a millstone was hurtling toward them. Gulu hurriedly shouted, "Mungo, run to the side! Quick! This way. Quick…"

Mungo immediately followed Gulu and ran to the side, then they heard a loud bang. The flaming rock the size of a boulder landed where they were just running before. An adult Stegosaurus was directly smashed by it and spilled out its internal organs. The boulder also created a deep pit on the ground.

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They kept avoiding the flaming rocks in the sky while running toward the sea.

Moer thought that Brother Gulu was really powerful. He managed to lead them to avoid many terrible flaming rocks.

In front of them, a giant Mapusaurus was attacking a very strong adult male Triceratops. The Triceratops was also violently hitting the Mapusaurus back.

In fact, more than one carnivorous dinosaur was attacking herbivorous dinosaurs. Many would attack herbivorous dinosaurs while running for their lives, but these two just happened to block their path.

Gulu thought as he ran: Do you meat-eating dinosaur have brain of sh*t?! Is this hunting time? Why don't you run for your life instead of doing something so useless?!

On second thought, Gulu realized that even if these dinosaurs ran to the sea, they would still surely die. No dinosaur in the sea would carry them to the opposite shore. So, none of these dinosaurs would survive.

Maybe these carnivorous dinosaurs just wanted to have a good meal before they died.

Gulu and Mungo had to go around them. If a dinosaur dared to get in their way at ordinary times, Mungo would rush up to beat it. But now, he couldn't afford to waste any time fighting.

One didn't if the Mapusaurus was knocked silly by the fight. Seeing that it couldn't beat the robust adult Triceratops, it set its sights on Gulu. The young Triceratops must taste delicious since it looked so chubby.

The Mapusaurus let go of the adult Triceratops and caught up with Gulu. It's bite aimed at Gulu's butts. With this one chomp, Gulu would lose half of his butt meat.

Moer was very worried that Brother Gulu would get hurt. He shouted, "Mungo, come on. This big dinosaur is going to bite my brother!"

In fact, Mungo had long noticed this. He turned around and fiercely bit the Mapusaurus's neck. With one bite, blood gushed out. In an instant, he laid down such a big Mapusaurus on the ground. The Mapusaurus whose throat was bitten off would soon die.

Moer thought that Mungo was really strong. No matter how terrible the dinosaur was, Mungo could bite it to death.

Gulu knew that as long as Mungo was protecting him, no dinosaur could hurt him. He ran to the sea as hard as he could and watched the surrounding to help Mungo avoid the falling flaming rocks and other dangerous things.

There was a large stone arch on the fern field up front. Gulu recognized the danger. If a flaming rock hit the stone arch, it would collapse. Every dinosaur passing through would suffer.

So Gulu rearranged the route ahead of time and ran around the stone arch after leaving apart a distance of 200-300 meters. Mungo followed closely behind Gulu at all time.

As the result, Gulu really saw a large piece of flaming rock hit the stone arch. The impact gave off an explosive effect. There was a loud bang, then the stone arch was blown apart.

Gulu saw a boulder that broke from the fallen stone arch about to hit a young Triceratops. The Triceratops Dad quickly ran over to completely protect the young one.

The boulder fell on the Triceratops Dad. Gulu saw the Triceratops Dad threw up blood after being smashed by it, but he stood firm and fought for the hope of his cub's final survival.

The cub climbed out under its Dad's body, while crying and shouting: "Dad, Dad, wu wu…"

The Triceratops Mom picked up the cub and ran away. The cub kept looking back at his Dad and shouted: "Mom, Dad hasn't left yet. I have to wait for Dad to go with me…"

Then the stone arch completely collapsed. The Triceratops Dad was buried under numerous boulders.

As Gulu ran and watched his surrounding, it's inevitable to see the horror and tragedy of these dinosaurs as they escaped.

In front of them ran a Tyrannosaurus rex family. The Tyrannosaurus rex parents protected the cub in the middle.

A large size flaming rock would soon hit the cub. Such a large piece was enough to kill an adult Tyrannosaurus rex, much less a cub.

The Tyrannosaurus rex Dad used his body to protect his cub. There was a loud bang. The flaming rock smashed a large bloody hole on the Tyrannosaurus rex Dad's back. He fell to the ground with a bang. Before he fell, he also pushed the cub out with his head.

The cub rolled on the ground several times. It looked at its Dad lying behind it in horror. The Tyrannosaurus rex Mom grabbed the cub and ran away. The cub shouted, "Dad, Dad, get up quickly. Dad, don't die…"

Moer felt that Mungo and Brother Gulu were like this Dad. They were risking their lives all the time in order to save him.

Gulu saw a mass of pyroclastic flow rapidly sweeping toward this side not far behind him.

Pyroclastic flow generally rolled down the volcano in the form of spherical gas cloud. The entire gas cloud looked like a huge dark gray ball.

In case of pyroclastic flow, one must hide in a sealed underground shelter or under the water. There was no other possible way to survive.

Since the temperature of pyroclastic flow was extremely high, even if one ran to the side to avoid it, they would still get baked by the radiating heat unless they were dozens of kilometers away. However, dinosaurs couldn't run this fast.

In the age of dinosaurs, there wouldn't be any sealed underground shelter. So, these dinosaurs were basically dead when they encountered pyroclastic flow. Even on Earth, the death rate of human beings was 99% when encountering it. Who could find any underground shelter or river in such a short time?

Pyroclastic flow reached an average speed of 200 kilometers per hour. Human beings couldn't even escape from it using cars, not to mention dinosaurs.

Gulu had long predicted that the first wave of pyroclastic flow would come soon. Since he used to come to the seaside where pterosaurs played, he was very familiar with this fern field by the sea.

A stream ran through this fern field, providing fresh water for dinosaurs to drink. It was also a source of life for this fern field.

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So, he actually had been running along this stream.

At this moment Gulu shouted, "Mungo! Jump into the water. Stay in. Don't expose any part of your body out of the water. Stay in. You can only come out once you see me come out!"

At this point, Mungo and Gulu jumped into the stream together. The stream was deep and cold. It's actually far away from the big volcano, so the water hadn't been warmed up.

As soon as they dived under the water, the ultra-high temperature pyroclastic flow quickly rolled by the stream.

Because the pyroclastic flow didn't roll directly over the stream, the water was only affected by the residual heat. Since the stream had a large amount of water, it didn't boil them.

Even so, the stream instantly became hot, but it's still within the temperature that dinosaurs could tolerate. It didn't directly turn them into boiled dinosaurs.

Mungo and Gulu were already big dinosaurs. They could hold their breath underwater for a period of time, especially Gulu. With his long-term diving experience as a human being, he could hold his breath underwater for an even longer period of time.

However, Moer had no experience. He felt very uncomfortable, but he didn't want to add problems to Mungo and Gulu. He chose to endure it desperately. He didn't even dare to move. He's afraid that his struggle would make Brother Gulu choke in the water.

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