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Gulu: "No, I won't die. The largest volcano hadn't erupted yet. Before it erupts, I will definitely return to the sea. Even if I can't find Moer, I will return while the sea is still safe…"

But no matter how Gulu explained, Gaya wouldn't allow it.

In fact, Gulu's idea was very simple. With the help of Dark and Cang, it wasn't impossible to save Moer. If it's completely hopeless to save him, he wouldn't have gone there to die. However, it's still possible to save him now. If he didn't try, he would regret for the rest of his life.

Gaya, as a Tyrannosaurus rex, could raise a Triceratops cub. Gulu couldn't accept the fact that he may be able to save her cub but didn't. He must save him!

Fortunately, Mungo came back at this moment. Gulu immediately told him what just happened.

Mungo was very decisive: "Can those two, Dark and Cang, carry me?"

Gulu knew that even if he wanted to go back, he must let Mungo return with him. Without Mungo, he would die if he went to find Moer by himself.

On the other side of the sea, because of the volcanic eruption, dinosaurs must be fleeing everywhere. When encountering fire, the first thought of dinosaurs was to run to the water's edge or the sea. When encountering such a large explosion, almost all dinosaurs would run to the sea.

Gulu was now several thousand Jin, but he was still a small cub in the dinosaur world. His size and weight were really not enough to look at. If attacked by other carnivorous dinosaurs, his ability to defend himself was almost zero.

So many dinosaurs ran to the sea, Gulu, as a Triceratops cub, couldn't escape being attacked.

Gulu quickly affirmed, "They can carry."

Mungo weighed less than 20 tons while Dark was nearly 100 tons. Cang weighed even more than 100 tons. Pterosaurs could pick up prey with the same weight as their own bodies. Cang could easily move Mungo, especially with the sea having greater buoyancy.

Just like a blue whale. It could overturn a ship of several hundred tons if it wished. (T/N: not sure about a ship, but it can definitely overturn a boat)

Mungo nodded to Gaya and said, "Rest assured. I will protect Gulu."

Gaya still disagreed: "No, it's too dangerous for you to go!"

Time was too tight. One minute of delay was one minute less to find Moer. Gulu waved to Nassau in the air. Nassau immediately landed in front of Gulu.

Nassau flew above the sea with Gulu. Soon Dark and Cang surfaced. They took Gulu to the seaside to meet Mungo. Mungo had persuaded Gaya to wait by the seaside.

As early as on the way to pick up Mungo, Gulu clearly explained the current situation to Dark and Cang. Shenshen was very well behaved. He didn't cause any trouble and swam obediently beside Dark.

According to Gulu's instructions, Mungo laid his whole body on the back of Cang. His two hind legs only needed to gently clamp Cang's back to maintain his stability.

Gulu himself was lying on Dark's back, tightly holding his paddle-like forelimbs.

Only a Mosasaurus could swim so fast in the sea with a weight of more than ten tons on it.

Dark and Cang swam very fast. Gulu stared at the volcano while begging: Large volcano "Dad", don't blow yet. Wait for me to find Moer first. You can spray out once we return to the opposite side. Be good

Although it took them more than ten days to walk around the sea to the opposite side, the straight-line distance was actually not very far. The diameter of the Sada Sea wasn't too long.

One pliosaur and one Mosasaurus moved at a very fast speed across the sea. Fast-moving waves beat Gulu and Mungo "silly". Gulu's human body was all flushed while Mungo felt nothing much except some dizziness.

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However, Gulu still shouted, "Dark, Cang, hurry up! Quick, use your fastest speed!"

Once they crossed half of the sea, the visibility in front of Dark became very low. It's just like at night. However, when Gulu looked back, it's clear that the other side was still sunny.

The scene was just like drawing a line in the middle of the sea, with one side being sunny and the other dark.

Gulu recognized that this was due to a thick layer of volcanic ashes floating in the air after the volcanic eruption. Sunlight couldn't penetrate through them. Since sunlight couldn't shine down, the affected area would appear dark.

One didn't know what kind of gases and ashes were in the air, but they were very pungent and irritated the skin. Gulu had to change back to his Triceratops form. The main reason was that these residues were too harmful to human skin.

Fortunately, Gulu was already very good at keeping balance on a Pliosaurus funkei's back. He made sure his whole Triceratops body laid low while his limbs tightly gripped Dark's back.

In a short time, Dark and Cang delivered Gulu and Mungo to the shore.

Mungo and Gulu ran ashore while Dark and Cang waited by the shallow sea area. While looking at Gulu's back, Shenshen said: "Dad, brother is so brave. He's so fierce. He went to save his younger brother. If I'm his younger brother, I'll be so happy…"

Gulu and Mungo kept shouting as they searched for Moer: "Moer, Moer, where are you?!"

They all knew that Moer must be hiding in the fern bushes if he was alive. Only deep in there could he survive. Otherwise, as a tiny Tyrannosaurus rex cub who lived here alone for more than ten days, he would have been eaten long ago.

Of course, Gulu also realized that Moer may really be dead and eaten by other carnivorous dinosaurs. This was perfectly normal. If he wasn't eaten, it would be regarded as a miracle and prove that Moer's survival ability was extremely strong.

Gulu recalled that there was a lush fern field nearby and rushed over with Mungo.

Meanwhile, the sky kept spewing down huge flaming stones. Gulu and Mungo had to be very careful not to be hit.

Moer was indeed hiding in the luxuriant fern bushes. He had been hiding here for more than ten days. When hungry, he would eat these fern bushes. Once full, he would continue to hide. Because if any carnivorous dinosaur found him, he would die.

He heard the terrifying bang of the volcanic eruption. He leaned his head out and looked at it. There were smoke and sparks everywhere as well as flaming stones that hit the ground quickly. Many dinosaurs were frantically running.

But he didn't dare to come out. As soon as he ran out, he would be eaten by other carnivorous dinosaurs.

Moer felt very desperate but didn't know what to do.

In fact, when Moyi abandoned him, he wanted to die. But Moyi told him that he was Gaya's little cub. This was the hope that supported him to survive. He wanted to find Gaya.

Yaya, the only female Tyrannosaurus rex in Moyi's group who was good to Moer, was dead because she was too thin and died of illness.

After Yaya died, Moyi had nothing left to threaten Moer. When he asked him to harm Guji and Gudong, Moer directly replied that he would never harm them. Moyi thought that his plan couldn't succeed and abandoned Moer before leaving.

At that time, Moer was already hungry for many days. Once he woke up, all dinosaurs of the group had left. He looked around but couldn't find them. He knew that he had been discarded.

However, he wasn't surprised at all. It's already very good that Moyi didn't directly bite him to death.

Moer couldn't hunt at all. He lived on ferns every day. Occasionally, he could eat a little rotten meat. This lasted for more than ten days.

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Now Moer knew that he was going to die. He laid quietly in the fern bushes and closed his eyes while fantasizing that Mom and his brothers were all by his side. His mother looked really warm.

Then Moer heard the voice of Gulu calling him. He couldn't believe it. He thought that he was hallucinating!

Once he listened carefully, he realized that it's really Gulu!

Moer rushed out of the fern bushes immediately. He saw Gulu and Mungo running amidst the falling stones, shouting his name as they ran.

He immediately ran to Gulu and yelled, "Brother, Brother Gulu, I'm here!"

Gulu and Mungo ran to Moer.

Right then, there was a loud bang.

The sound was so loud that Gulu and Mungo were instantly dazed. Then, they all became wobbly. The thin Moer was directly knocked to the ground.

Gulu knew that the largest volcano finally exploded. This was the sound of its eruption.

The noise was at least 180 decibels. The maximum sound level that humans could bear was about 130 decibels. If Gulu was in human form just now, he would have been deafened by the sound and passed out directly.

Fortunately, dinosaurs had better hearing capacity, but it was still very painful. All dinosaurs were basically dazed and couldn't move for a while. They would definitely fall down if they forced themselves to run now.

Gulu's head was buzzing. He couldn't even walk one step. He cursed in his heart: "F***, didn't we agree that you won't spray until we leave? Volcano Dad, I advise you to be kind!

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