Their several people returned to Teng Yuan. Then Su Fu drove his car with Juan Juan and followed Tang Sibao's car to No. 3 Waterside Pavilion.

Arriving at the gate of No. 3 Waterside Pavilion, Tang Sibo opened the window and told the guard about Su Fu's tutoring visit. The guard busied himself to create a temporary access card for Su Fu.

To enter the gate of No. 3 Waterside Pavilion, one had to scan the access card. It was custom ordered and couldn't be copied outside. One couldn't enter the door without a card unless the guard knew your face very well and knew that you were a resident here. Then, it was okay to show your face instead.  

Tang Sibo usually just showed his face. Several guards on duty here were familiar with him. First, because of Tang Sibo's identity. No. 3 Waterside Pavilion was actually Tang's property. Second, Tang Sibo was a good nature person. If he came to No. 3 Waterside Pavilion during the holidays, he would bring some small gifts to the guards to thank them for their hard work.

The villas in No. 3 Waterside Pavilion had different appearances but complemented each other. At first glance, they had a uniform feeling, but still retained their own characteristics.

After following Tang Sibo to park his car in the parking garage of the villa, Su Fu got off with Juan Juan and looked at the environment around. He saw flowers, trees and fish swimming in the pond. The villa wasn't very large, but all aspects should be well taken care of. Recalling what Tang Sibo said during their meal, Su Fu did think that this was indeed Tang Sibo's style.

Enjoyable but not extravagant, high-end but not grandiose. Once he followed them into the living room, Su Fu added in his heart, warm and homey.

Judging from all aspects of food, clothing, housing and transportation, Su Fu had already given Tang Sibo a description in his heart – a refined, rich young master who enjoyed life but didn't overindulge, and one who had good taste but was not consumed by it.

Today, they stayed outside for a long time. It was already 6:30 when they arrived at the villa. There're two study rooms on the second floor, one large and one small. The big one belonged to Tang Sibo and the small one belonged to Tang Luoke. Little Tang Luoke led Su Fu and Juan Juan to his small study. He turned on the air conditioner, asked Su Fu to sit down, took the books he needed for his study, then took out his old toys for Juan Juan to play with.

Since they had been delayed for awhile, Su Fu simply looked through the book prepared by Tang Luoke. Once he found that it very good, he immediately entered his teaching state and began explaining it to him.

Juan Juan was also very good, not noisy. He sat on the carpet fiddling with Tang Luoke's toys.

Tang Sibo saw that his son was well arranged and went out with a smile. He closed the door of the small study for them then went downstairs to prepare drinks and snacks for them.

Su Fu followed the great educator Mozi's principle of 'according to one's abilities' and taught Tang Luoke deeply. Tang Luoke's understanding was also very good. The teachers and students had a very tacit understanding. One wanted to teach more and the other wanted to learn more. Unknowingly, the time was almost 9 o'clock.

During this period, Tang Sibo went in once with drinks and snacks to let them relax and had a rest.

After seeing them studying so seriously, he didn't bother them until it was getting late. He went to remind them of the time.

When they really stopped, it was past 9 o'clock. Juan Juan had already fallen asleep. He felt asleep on the small sofa. Tang Sibo covered him with a small blanket.

"Teacher Su is so serious and dedicated. I'm so ashamed to give such a small salary." Tang Sibo laughingly talked.

Only then did Su Fu realize that it was really very late. He smiled: "Xiao Ke is so clever that I became obsessed with teaching and forgot the time."

Praise by the new teacher, Tang Luoke remained reserved instead of proudly raising his head, but the joy of his little face couldn't escape the eyes of the two adults.

Su Fu gently picked up the sleeping Juan Juan and was going to leave.

Tang Sibo draped the small blanket over Juan Juan and said, "It's autumn. The child is still young. Be careful not to catch a cold."

During autumn, the night was getting cold. Children's resistance was poor, not to mention he was still asleep. It was really not good to suddenly leave the blanket and carry him out. Su Fu nodded his head and thanked him. He wrapped up Juan Juan and patted his small back to help him sleep.

It was half past nine. Tang Sibo wanted to send them back, but Su Fu refused. The hotel where he stayed at was near Teng Yuan. It's only a quarter of an hour's drive from here, so there's no need to bother others. Besides, he didn't want outsiders to know that he was homeless and lived in a hotel.

He went back to the hotel room, took Juan Juan to the bed, wiped his face and hands with a hot towel, then let him sleep.

He looked at his cell phone. There're no missed calls or text messages. Originally, he wanted to talk to He Shaoqi about his job as a tutor. Recently, he had been staying at the hotel. Since it was late when he arrived at the Tang family villa (after meal), Su Fu didn't want to waste the child's study time and explain the matter to He Shaoqi, so he didn't call him. Now, seeing that there's no movement on the mobile phone, he was inevitably disappointed.

He put down his cell phone and took a simple bath. When he came out again, There're several missed calls, all from He Shaoqi. The time was over 10 o'clock. Fortunately, the phone had been silent before and didn't wake up the sleeping Juan Juan.

After opening the balcony door of the room, Su Fu wiped his hair with a towel and called He Shaoqi back.

Once connected, He Shaoqi's flustered voice spread over, "Where are you? Why are you coming home so late?"

Su Fu guessed that He Shaoqi himself had just returned home and found out that he wasn't at home, otherwise he would have called earlier.

"I'm staying at a hotel." Su Fu wasn't angry with He Shaoqi's question and lightly replied.

"Staying at a hotel? Why don't you come back home? What hotel are you staying at? Are you angry with me?" He Shaoqi was obviously both angry and surprised. In his impression, Su Fu had never lost his temper with him. The most serious thing was him being relatively silent. Why did he run away from home this time?

Home? What home did he have? Su Fu made a self-mockery in his heart but didn't refute it. He only said, "I became a tutor today. I'm afraid aunt won't be happy if I go back late at night."

He Shaoqi just wanted to ask, are you short of money, what kind of tutoring do you do, but ended up just listening to Su Fu's tired voice coming from the mobile phone.

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"Besides, I also want to have some quietness to catch my breath."

He Shaoqi knew that Su Fu wasn't enjoying himself in the He family. He was afraid of mother He's cynicism every day. Yet, hearing Su Fu said so, he still felt a few sharp pains in his heart. He also knew the situation at home, but he didn't expect Su Fu to be this out of breath. He felt a little distressed because this. His anger at Su Fu staying at the hotel also dissipated.

"I know, Xiao Fu. I've already taken care of it. Trust me, everything will be fine before long." He Shaoqi softly comforted. He believed that his way was definitely best.

He only thought that Su Fu couldn't bear mother He's cynicism, but he didn't know that the problem between him and Su Fu was the biggest reason.

"Well, Juan Juan woke up. I'll go and see him. Go to bed earlier." Su Fu said. As for He Shaoqi's guarantee, he had no more strength to believe. So, he only gave a faint response.

He Shaoqi agreed, said a few words of concern then hung up.

Looking at the night outside, Su Fu paused for a long time, then picked up the towel and wiped his semi-dry hair before turning back to the room.

Juan Juan was still sleeping sweetly. Su Fu sat down on the bed and looked at Juan Juan's lovely sleeping face. He sighed in his heart. It turned out that he also began to learn to lie to He Shaoqi.

In the next few days, Su Fu took Juan Juan to Teng Yuan during the day and No. 3 Waterside Pavilion at night. Without He Shaoqi's interference and mother He's eyes, Su Fu had a few days of carefree and comfortable life.

However, it was only for a few days. One night, He Shaoqi called and said that he would take Su Fu to City B hospital tomorrow to try the study again.

Su Fu was a little unhappy. He Shaoqi added that he believed Su Fu had been there and that his body wasn't suitable for research. This time, it was just a formality. He already had a plan to get mother He to accept him. This time, it was just for mother He to see. It didn't matter how the result turned out. He wouldn't let Su Fu get pregnant as a man.

Su Fu wanted to know He Shaoqi's plan, but He Shaoqi didn't tell him, saying that it was a secret. Su Fu stopped asking questions. In fact, he didn't have much expectation.

The next day, Su Fu delivered Juan Juan to the Tang family villa early in the morning and returned the small blanket and the handkerchief. He didn't know until this morning that all of the He family was going out this time. Even if he didn't want to go, he had to go, unless he wanted to cause a scene with the He family today.

His colleagues at Teng Yuan's office had no children and were usually careless. Su Fu didn't trust them enough to leave his child with them. He could only think of Mr. Tang and his son in the end. Tang Sibo was very happy to help take care of Xiao Juan. Xiao Juan also liked Mr. Tang and his son very much and didn't lose his temper.

Tang Sibo asked Su Fu if he needed help since he seemed to have something urgent. Su Fu was somewhat embarrassed when he thought of their encounter at City B hospital. He only said that something had happened at home. Since he didn't say anything more, Tang Sibo also didn't ask much. He only assured him that he would take of Juan Juan so he could leave at ease.

This time, He Shaoqi drove them to City B. Nearly a week later, when he met mother He again, she still held her head high, but she didn't scold Su Fu to his face again. It was probably because of what He Shaoqi said. Father He remained silent as always, playing the role of a henpecked husband.

Su Fu politely greeted father He and mother He then stood by the car without moving. It wasn't until father He and mother He sat in the back seat that he sat on the passenger seat in surprise.

Surprise, because in the past, as long it was their car, as long as He Shaoqi drove, mother He would definitely take the passenger position. Su Fu, of course, let her every time. Over time, as long as He Shaoqi drove and mother He traveled with him, he would voluntarily give up this seat (to her).

Was the sun rising from the west today?

Sitting in the car with father He and mother He, Su Fu felt very depressed and leaned against his seat, saying nothing. His heart was relatively calm, because he had been there once last time and knew that he wasn't suitable for that research. Today, he was just going through the motions. Su Fu wasn't very worried.

Mother He was very spirited, probably because she hadn't been to City B. She looked at the scenery outside the window all the way and talked to He Shaoqi, asking this and that.

He Shaoqi patiently answered mother He one by one but didn't ignore Su Fu who was sitting on the side. Seeing him weak and weary as though he had been through an illness, one of his hand quietly took Su Fu's hand, held it in his hand, and gently rubbed it. They hadn't seen each other for several days. He Shaoqi missed him very much.

Su Fu was shocked all over. He hadn't seen such sweet little moves for a long time. But at this moment, Su Fu only recalled the memories (not the feelings).

Before long, Su Fu looked up and saw through the mirror that mother He who had a face full of dissatisfaction was staring at him and He Shaoqi holding hands. Su Fu bowed his head slightly. He felt uncomfortable in his mind and gently tried to tug out of He Shaoqi's hand.

Before Su Fu could take the initiative to break away from He Shaoqi's hand, mother He in the back seat couldn't bear it any longer. She said bitterly, "Shaoqi is driving. What are you doing shuffling around? We're on the highway. If anything happens, all of our family's lives will be lost."

Su Fu didn't speak. He only withdrew his hand and silently looked out of the window.

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He Shaoqi did smile and replied, "Mom, it's okay. Don't you still believe in my driving skills?"

Mother He snorted but didn't speak again.

Out of the highway, the car slowed down on the main road of City B. It ran into a red light and stopped.

Su Fu felt a little tired and twisted his neck slightly. He saw a bottle of beautifully packaged perfume in the storage compartment in front of the stereo. Su Fu stared at it for a long time. The package was in English. It was a very popular brand in foreign countries, a ladies' perfume. He felt a little strange. Why did He Shaoqi buy ladies' perfume? Mother He didn't use this kind.

He Shaoqi also noticed Su Fu's eyes resting on the perfume. His eyes flashed and he smiled. "A female colleague who took good care of me will have her birthday a few days later. I bought her a present."

Su Fu nodded lightly. He Shaoqi said so. He had nothing to doubt, mainly because He Shaoqi didn't like women, which he knew very well.

Mother He was very happy to hear of the female colleague. She hurriedly asked where the female colleague came from, what position she held in the company, and whether she was married or not, as if she could become her daughter-in-law after asking clearly.

The green light came on. The car moved. Su Fu leaned back in his seat to repose and ignored the chirping of mother He.

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