It was nearly eleven o'clock when they arrived at the gate of City B hospital. The several people found a restaurant to have lunch before they entered the hospital together.

It was lunchtime, so there're fewer people in the hospital than in the morning.

Because he came here last time, Su Fu took them directly to the exam room first. At this time, there're still people on duty in the physical exam room. They helped Su Fu check each item and signed the physical exam form.

Su Fu took them to Dr. Tang's office again, only to find that Dr. Tang went to have lunch and would return to work at one o'clock.

Since entering the hospital, Su Fu hadn't said a word to the He family. Right now, he only spoke one word to explain. Then he simply sat on the chair in the corridor.

Mother He looked a little unhappy, swearing in her mouth about having to wait for such a long time or something, but Su Fu ignored her.

He sat in the chair, unable to say how he felt in his heart. In short, he didn't feel very well. The last time he came, he saw many people coming including couples and parents. He was very envious of them. Now he was accompanied by other people, but he wasn't happy. The nature was different. They were the treasure of their family while he was the grass in the He family. (T/N: not valuable)

When they first arrived, it was just past 12 o'clock. Before waiting for half an hour, mother He began to see that Su Fu's nose wasn't his nose and his eyes weren't his eyes. Father He and He Shaoqi were talking about something for a while. There's no good word from mother He.

He Shaoqi soothed mother He. He sat down beside Su Fu, took his hand and whispered, "Don't be afraid, just show it to her. It will be fine."

Su Fu nodded, but He Shaoqi's words failed to make his heart relax. He felt more and more unbearable, this feeling that it was just too depressing to stay with mother He. His heart was blocked.

Before one o'clock, Dr. Tang came over with a yawn and saw someone at the door of her office. She immediately perked up then frowned doubtfully when she saw Su Fu.

Tang Sining couldn't remember every volunteer, but Su Fu, she would never forget. After all, her second brother personally helped him. Clearly the last time she said that he wasn't suitable for this research, Su Fu went back happily. Why did he come again?

As she looked at his family on the side, mother He's attitude was much better when she saw the doctor, but Tang Sining still didn't miss the dissatisfaction and criticism mother He gave to Su Fu. After a quick thinking, Tang Sining knew what was going on. She wasn't happy. Did her research really become the misfortune of some poor people?

"Mr. Su, why did you come? Didn't I say last time that your physical condition isn't suitable?" Tang Sining said. She then smiled and nodded to the rest of the people, giving them a first meeting greeting.

Su Fu was about to say something when Tang Sining suddenly interrupted him. She looked at He Shaoqi and smiled, "Oh ~ I see, This time, is this gentleman going to be a volunteer? I think this gentleman looks very handsome and healthy, which is much more suitable than Mr. Su."

Tang Sining said thus, Su Fu was somewhat embarrassed. He Shaoqi also had a black face.

As a matter of fact, Tang Sining's words carried irony that only she knew. This was a study of men giving birth to children, not just shou. As long the person was a man, whether he was shou, gong, homosexual or heterosexual, he could take part in the study. Since it was a couple, since they both wanted children, and since it was clear that one party wasn't suitable, why shouldn't the other party try?

"Doctor, don't talk nonsense. How can my son do such research? My son is a man." Mother He discontentedly defended He Shaoqi, looking at Tang Sining with eyes of hostility.

Tang Sining could hardly stop herself from laughing. Her son was a man. Wasn't Su Fu also a man? Her son wouldn't do this kind of research, why should she let someone else's son do it?

"This is a research for all men, aunt." Tang Sining looked at mother He, smiling.

Mother He, with a cold face, tugged at Su Fu suddenly and said, "He is doing this research. He wants to give us a grandson."

Tang Sining's face also gradually sank down. When she saw mother He for the first time, her brain was filled with the evil mother-in-law dog blood family drama. Although early guess so but seeing how mother He behaved toward Su Fu in front of outsiders still made Tang Sining very uncomfortable.

Why did she start this research? It was for the sake of a more harmonious gay family, so they didn't have to worry about not having children. It was for the sake of equality between men and women in this respect and not to let women become tools for giving birth to children. What about now? It actually became the tool for these evil mother-in-law to bully their male daughter-in-law!

Seeing the stiff atmosphere, and Dr. Tang seeming a little angry, Su Fu said, "Dr. Tang, I'm here to see if there's any change in the medical condition. Please, Dr. Tang."

Knowing that Su Fu was caught in the middle and had a difficult time, Tang Sining no longer sank down her face but smiled lightly. Regardless of how her second brother already said not to recruit this person, seeing how disgusting this family was, even if Su Fu's body was suitable, Tang Sining would just insist that he wasn't suitable!

"It's okay. But some time ago, several professors found that there's a small danger in the research. If you want to volunteer now, you must bring your family members to sign the agreement. It happens that there're already so many people from your family. Please come to the office with me to sign the agreement first. If you agree, we will continue." Tang Sining said, looking at the expression of this family. Seeing that no one asked about the danger, she made a cold humph in her mind, then took them into the office.

In fact, the so-called danger of the research was just to test the families of volunteers. Since the last time her family talked about this issue, Tang Sining discussed it with some professors. They must see clearly the attitudes of these families to avoid causing tragedies.

After entering the office, Tang Sining called them to sit down then came over with the agreement form. There wasn't much content in the agreement. It simply stated that the study carried certain risks. Volunteers must consider carefully. After signing the agreement, if there's an accident, the hospital wouldn't assume any responsibility.

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This agreement was naturally made by Tang Sining to test the attitude of these family members.

Mother He randomly looked at it and asked He Shaoqi to sign it. For mother He, whether Su Fu was in danger or not was outside of her consideration.

He Shaoqi frowned, but he didn't object. He knew that Su Fu couldn't lie. Since his body wasn't suitable for this research, the agreement was just empty talk. They wouldn't have to participate at all.

However, this wasn't the case in Tang Sining's eyes. Since the man didn't take Su Fu to heart, he wasn't worth it.

Before He Shaoqi started to sign, Tang Sining added: "There's an option below. Please make a choice before signing."

He Shaoqi looked at it. There's a question at the bottom. If the pregnancy was successful, but there're problems during the pregnancy, should they protect the parent or the child?

Mother He's goal was very clear. With a finger extended, she pointed to the child. Joke, what she wanted was her grandson. What did she care about Su Fu?

At this time, He Shaoqi was somewhat dissatisfied with mother He's choice. Although he knew that Su Fu wouldn't do the study, he wasn't willing to make such a choice.

Therefore, He Shaoqi frowned. He ticked off the parent's option. He just wanted to sign when mother He suddenly took the agreement.

"Are you confused? Of course, it's to protect the child. The child is our He family's grandson!"

"Mom, what are you talking about? There're plenty of ways to get a grandson. How can you trade Xiao Fu's life for it?"

"The child is also a life. Is your son's life not important? Anyway, I want a grandson! You choose my grandson!"

Su Fu had been sitting at the edge. He didn't look at the agreement. After all, he knew that he wouldn't do this research. At this time, he suddenly heard their quarrel. Su Fu felt a little embarrassed.

Protecting the parent or protecting the child? It's really interesting. Why did he have to give up his life in exchange for this grandson?

Mother He was still quarrelling. He Shaoqi stood aside, frowning. He looked at Tang Sining, probably also feel that this scene was too ugly in front of an outsider.

"Mom, can you stop that now?"

"I won't stop. I want a grandson. You choose my grandson! If you don't choose my grandson, we won't stay together. Today, you will be separated from me!"

Right now, Tang Sining's office only had mother He's shrill voice.

He Shaoqi frowned. Father He had always had no right to speak and sat in silence. Su Fu didn't care about their quarrel and sat aloof. Tang Sining, who was looking at the quarrel with sarcasm in her eyes, was glad that her second brother had intervened in the beginning.

"You choose or not! Don't choose, we'll go back now! Change for me!"

It was too noisy to do anything about it. He Shaoqi sighed helplessly. He felt glad that the research had already failed. It didn't matter what he chose.

"Okay, okay, I'll listen to you, alright?"

He Shaoqi crossed out that option and chose the child instead.

Su Fu's cold eyes flashed with a hint of injury and a hint of sarcasm. Look, mother He won again, and He Shaoqi stood by mother He again. Although he knew that he wouldn't participate in the study, He Shaoqi's choice still hurt Su Fu's heart. Su Fu thought to himself, if he really took part in this research, if he really reached the level of having to choose between the parent or the child, no matter how much He Shaoqi fought, he would eventually promise mother He to choose the child, using the excuse of 'no such accident would happen anyway'.

After selecting and signing, He Shaoqi gave Su Fu a reassuring look. He wanted to tell Su Fu that it was just a show and was harmless. He just did it to show mother He. He thought that Su Fu knew it in his heart.

Yes, Su Fu knew it in his heart, but his injury was also true.

Su Fu didn't look back at He Shaoqi, nor did he give any response. He Shaoqi suddenly felt a thump in his heart and felt a little uncomfortable.

Tang Sining took the agreement. She was already a little too lazy to deal with this family. Of all the volunteers, they were the strangest one.

She looked at Su Fu's physical exam form with affectation. Tang Sining gave the same answer as last time, which wasn't suitable.

Mother He was immediately displeased and said, "Isn't it just a study? It also depends on whether the body is fit or not. It's too ridiculous, isn't it?"

Tang Sining didn't answer her. She looked at the agreement and smiled. "This requires the signature of family members. May I ask Mr. He Shaoqi, are you Mr. Su's relative?"

"I am his lover." He Shaoqi blurted out without thinking.

Tang Sining raised her eyebrows, nodded and asked, "The domestic same-S*x marriage law hadn't been passed yet. If it is only cohabitation, the law does not recognize it. Perhaps you had obtained a marriage license from abroad?"

He Shaoqi was stunned and didn't speak. He and Su Fu really just lived together and didn't get a marriage license from abroad.

"I'm sorry. This agreement doesn't count, but Mr. Su is really not suitable for this study. I'm sorry."

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In the end, mother He dragged father He out first while swearing. Although He Shaoqi was embarrassed, he thanked Tang Sining. Su Fu also smiled at Tang Sining and reluctantly went out with He Shaoqi.

Su Fu didn't know what Tang Sining meant. Even if he and He Shaoqi went abroad to obtain a license, the domestic authorities wouldn't recognize it. He Shaoqi's signed agreement also wouldn't count. She seemed to have ulterior motives in asking so many questions. Was she reminding him of something? But why?

No matter what the purpose of Tang Sining was, Su Fu finally woke up. He and He Shaoqi, after all, were just lovers. He didn't have to satisfy the He family.

"I'm going to the toilet. You leave first." Su Fu said lightly.

"What's the matter? Not feeling well?" He Shaoqi raised his hand to touch Su Fu's forehead.

Su Fu didn't let him touch. He shook his head and said, "I'm all right. I might have just eaten something bad. Please go down first. I'll be right back."

"Humph, there're so many problems!" Without a grandson, mother He was even more displeased with Su Fu. She scolded once then pulled He Shaoqi and father He to leave.

He Shaoqi frowned. He loosened mother He's hand and said to Su Fu, "Since you feel uncomfortable, I'll wait for you downstairs."

Su Fu nodded lightly. He Shaoqi looked at Su Fu's pale face. He didn't know why. His heart was in a panic. He finally sighed and went down with his parents.

Su Fu also sighed and sat down on the chair in the corridor. He didn't want to go to the toilet. He just wanted to be alone for a while.

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