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"Okay…thank you…For the match this afternoon, Katherine, can you help me tell the committee…I can only abstain…"

"No problem!"

In this way, Kevin stopped a taxi and took Lin Yifei to St. Anthony's Hospital.

At the hospital, the nurse told Lin Yifei that the person who had an accident was on the second floor of the hospital. The situation was stable. Lin Yifei hurried over and knocked on the door of the ward. When he knocked on the door, he saw mother Lin sitting by the bedside. He walked a little further inside and saw father Lin also sitting there. Another person had one leg hanging on the bed with a plaster cast. He should be Xiao Yang who helped them deliver goods.

"Dad…are you okay…"

Father Lin and mother Lin looked surprised when they saw their son: "Yifei, why are you here? Why isn't your dad fine? It's Xiao Yang who was injured!"

"But…Manman came to me and said it was Dad. You had an accident?"

"That was your uncle Chen who misheard me in a hurry!" Father Lin explained, "I was taking Xiao Yang's car to carry food with him. I got off on the way to go to the toilet. Xiao Yang was in the car. As the result, a young man was driving a sport car. He wasn't in his right mind and crashed into our truck. When I came back, I saw Xiao Yang passed out and called an ambulance."

Only then did Lin Yifei breathe a sigh of relief. He raised his hand to look at his watch. He knew that by now, the competition should be over.

"There's nothing for you here. Xiao Yang just broke his leg. I'm afraid that he'll have to rest for two months. Xiao Fei, you have to eat by yourself tonight. We have to take care of Xiao Yang."

"Alright…alright…" Lin Yifei turned and walked out of the room. He found Kevin still waiting for him. When he told Kevin what had happened, the other party also showed regret.

"…It's a pity to abstain from the match like this."

"There's no way…" Lin Yifei turned to look at Kevin. "So you have to make it up to me."

"Me? How can I compensate you?" Kevin smiled with interest.

"Let's have a match with me!"

"No problem."

In the competition venue at this time, Chris watched the referee announced that because of Lin Yifei's abstention, another contestant would win second place.

After the audience broke up, only Chris was still sitting in his place.

That afternoon, Kevin took Lin Yifei to the fencing club. Lin Yifei's momentum this afternoon was 100 times stronger than before. Kevin was struggling to cope. He seemed to be giving vent to his loss of being unable to take part in the national final.

Lin Yifei was attacking all afternoon. Kevin very gentlemanly just defended.

Lin Yifei jumped twice and pointed his sabre at Kevin. "I don't need you to go easy on me. I can accept any defeat!"

Kevin had a slight shock. Lin Yifei's momentum let a person have a kind of want to defeat him feeling.

"Oh, then don't regret it." With that, Kevin attacked fiercely.

This afternoon, Lin Yifei's condition was surprisingly good. Although Kevin hit him repeatedly, it didn't affect his judgment in any way. He even unexpectedly scored many points. It took Kevin two seconds to react when he was hit.

At five o'clock in the afternoon, Lin Yifei sat on the floor and pulled off his mask. He was really tired after fighting for more than two hours in a row. Kevin bought two cans of soda and handed him one.

Lin Yifei's popped a can and watched it sizzle.

"You're great."

"Thank you."

"But I feel that today you aren't just sad because you lost the right to compete." Kevin had a can like Lin Yifei.

"…Probably because I don't know what to do." Lin Yifei stretched out his hand and touched his sweaty bangs.

"You don't know what to do? Is it because of your little boyfriend?" Kevin's lip had a playful smile, but there was no frivolous feeling.

"Ah…little boyfriend?" Lin Yifei was stunned.

"That boy, Chris Osborne. He beat you today. From my observation of you, you aren't the kind of friend who ignored those who won over you."

"Of course, I don't have such a small mind!" Lin Yifei remembered something and looked down again. "He did something to me…and then we don't know how to face each other…"

"Did what he did to you make you angry?" Kevin propped up his head and looked at Lin Yifei's side face.

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"Did he think that you'll be angry?"

"I don't know. I actually want to take the initiative to find him and make up, but I don't know how to say it."

"Then let nature take its course." Kevin reached out and touched Lin Yifei's head. "Time will heal everything."

In the evening, Kevin sent Lin Yifei back to Chinatown. The night was humid. The neon lights in Chinatown reflected on Kevin's face, making him look particularly elegant.

"I'm going up!" Lin Yifei waved at him.

"Lin Yifei." Kevin grabbed him by the back collar and pulled him back to his face. "I'll return to England tomorrow."

"Oh…oh…" Lin Yifei scratched his head. "But I can't send you. Tomorrow is Monday."

"That's why I want to say goodbye to you now." Kevin smiled helplessly, "I hope you can remember me."

"Kevin Phil – it's hard to forget you."

"Thank you. Is this a compliment?"

"No, this is a confirmation of your ability." Lin Yifei curved up his lip. The confidence that belonged to youth made people want to hold it in their palms. "The world will remember you after the second half of the Championship."

"I have written down your prediction." Kevin leaned down. He used his finger to poke Lin Yifei's forehead then kissed him gently between his eyebrows. "Good night, my little prince."

With that, Kevin turned away.

The left behind Lin Yifei blinked. He stretched out his hand and touched the kiss spot.

It took him half a day to react. Ah!……These westerners are really annoyingly touchy. They always come and go. Lin Yifei walked into Chen Lin Ji while muttering in a low voice.

Chris leaned against the streetlamp opposite from Chen Lin Ji with his head down. For a long time, he didn't raise his head.

Pedestrians came and went. Traffic flowed through. Occasionally, someone stopped to look at this lonely boy.

The next day he went to school, Lin Yifei met Katherine and them. When they found out what happened, they all felt heartfelt pity for Lin Yifei's automatic abstention.

"Lin, in fact, just try again next year." Katherine patted Lin Yifei on the shoulder.

"It's okay. If new people enter our fencing club next year and use sabre, we can finally take part in the team fencing competition." Lin Yifei looked forward to it.

"Ah, aren't you taking part in the single competition?" Mark asked.

"It depends." Lin Yifei put his arms around Katherine and Mark. "Middle school is very short. I hope I can compete alongside you."

Although Lin Yifei had been unable to take part in the national final, he still watched Chris's match. At that final, he did really well. It was also a weekend. Of course, Katherine and they went together. Chris finally won the match 15-10. Katherine propped up her chin and said, "I think Chris's final opponent isn't as good as Lin!"

When Chris was standing on the winner's podium, Lin Yifei smiled softly. No matter where you go, where you stand, or how our relationship turns out…

I will pay close attention to you and look at you all the time.

After the match, a line of people got up and left.

"Aren't you going to congratulate him?" Katherine asked, "Haven't you had this cold war for too long? From the national quarter-final to the quarter-final and the semi-final, it's been almost a month…"

Lin Yifei looked back at Chris who was holding flowers and smiled. "Maybe wait a little longer."

When we all grow up and can look back at our childhood in a playful way, maybe then we can make up.

Soon, the first year of his middle school was over. Throughout the summer vacation, he was practicing fencing with Katherine and Mark or watching fencing match videos.

Although Katherine and they were wondering why Lin Yifei didn't contact Chris all summer, as friends, they also knew that it's better not to mention some things.

During the last week of the summer vacation, Chen Manman hoped that Lin Yifei would take her to the amusement park. She put two tickets in front of Lin Yifei, clasped her hands together and begged imploringly, "Brother Yifei, it's about to expire. I won these tickets six months ago. It covers all rides. Normally, it'll take us a month of allowance to buy a ticket!"

Lin Yifei was stirred by her. He called Katherine to cancel their practice for the day. Manman packed up her schoolbag, then prepared snacks and water. The two took the bus and set off. In fact, Lin Yifei also felt guilty. He spent the whole summer with Katherine and them and didn't take much care of Manman's mood.

At the gate of the amusement park, Manman's smile was like those sweet and crisp popcorn.

"Take my hand. I can't find you for a while if you get lost!"

"Good! What shall we play first?" The two teenagers checked the tickets. Because there were many children in the amusement park during the summer vacation, many of them were accompanied by their parents, which made people envy.

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"What do you want to play first?" Lin Yifei asked her.

"Roller coaster!" Manman ran towards the hovering orbit. Lin Yifei could only shout 'slow down' behind her. It took almost 20 minutes to queue up. When they sat down and the safety lever slowly lowered, Manman grasped Lin Yifei's hand.

"Brother Yifei, I'm scared."

"Are you scared?" Lin Yifei raised the corner of lip with a bad smile. "It's too late now."

So, during the whole process, Manman screamed. When they reached the highest point and fell straight down, she couldn't call out and could only hold Lin Yifei's hand. Lin Yifei seemed very calm, until the end. After the safety lever slowly rose, Manman began to cry.

"It didn't look…so scary…"

Lin Yifei felt funny and pulled Manman out. He accompanied her to sit on the chair by the side of the road, then took out a napkin to wipe away the tears from her eyes.

Not far away, a pair of young boy and girl were preparing to board the roller coaster.

"Chris, you've been looking over there for a while…what are you looking at?"

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