Sitting on the chair in the corridor, Su Fu leaned his head against the wall and closed his eyes. He was really tired. This time he suddenly felt lucky that he wasn't a woman. He had no doubt that mother He's aversion to him wasn't just a matter of gender. If he was a woman, mother He would still hate him, but that way, mother He could really give up his life for her grandson.

The life that he lived in the He family before was really not a life.

"Mr. Su didn't leave?" Tang Sining came out of the office and was surprised to see Su Fu wearily sitting in a chair.

Su Fu opened his eyes, squeezed out a smile. He didn't have the strength to say anything, only nodded, then got up and was ready to leave.

Tang Sining felt some sympathy for him. Seeing him turn away, she couldn't help saying, "Don't force yourself if you're unhappy."

Su Fu's footsteps were sluggish. This was a bit familiar. He remembered that Tang Sibo said something similar the last time he came to City B Hospital. Su Fu smiled wryly in his heart. Everyone else could see that he was unhappy. What was he insisting on? The so-called love? But did He Shaoqi really love him now?

He didn't want to go but still had to. To Tang Sining, he said thank you. Su Fu turned to leave with some embarrassment.

Tang Sining leaned against the doorframe and watched Su Fu leave, while silently thinking that if she was to marry such a family in the future, she would go to Li Chao to borrow his gun and shoot the entire family!

Su Fu absently entered the elevator. He also forgot to press the number. He heard the sound of the elevator door and went out with others.

As soon as he got out of the elevator door, a loud noise was heard. Su Fu was stunned. Looking back, he found himself on the 8th floor instead of the 1st floor.

This was the delivery room area, Su Fu wanted to go back to the elevator to the 1st floor, but the noise at the door of a delivery room was getting louder and louder. It was mixed with the persuasion of the doctor and nurses and the shrill shouting of a middle age woman.

"Save her life? It's just a baby. I had to work in the fields after giving birth at that time. How can she be so delicate? Let her save herself! We have no money for surgery!" A well-dressed middle age woman shouted abuse and stopped her son from signing for the operation.

"This old lady, the patient has tried her best. She has no strength and can't give birth. She needs an operation immediately. It's very dangerous to have a baby. There's no time to lose!" The doctor was perspiring with a lot of sweat as he persuaded her in a good voice.

"Danger what danger, not just like a hen laying eggs. I said no surgery. Let her give birth!"

The scene was chaotic. The patient had already been pushed out of the delivery room. The doctor and nurses surrounded her and wanted to transfer her to the operating room for caesarean section. The old woman refused while swearing and stopped the cart. No one could make her let go.

The female patient laid pale on the cart. Not knowing whether it was due to pain or urgency, she was sweating profusely, with tears all over her face, gasping for breath and unable to speak. She only looked at her husband, who was stopped by her mother-in-law. Her hand trembled in that direction, as if she was asking for help.

The husband looked worried, but he didn't dare to disobey his mother's wish. Seeing his wife in such pain, he wanted to sign for the operation. His mother grabbed the paper to be signed and threw it far away. She slapped her son with her backhand.

"I gave birth to you. I don't believe that she can't do it!" The old lady pushed a nurse hard, pulled the cart and refused to let go, while pointing at the patient and shouting at her harshly.

The nurse was pushed hard to the ground. She was so anxious that she began to cry. Several little nurses beside her were also anxious and scared. One by one, their eyes were red, as if they would soon couldn't help crying.

The situation over there was deadlocked. It wasn't good to operate without a signature. Otherwise, there's no way for the middle age woman to stop these doctors and nurses. There're not many people in the delivery room today. Only a few other people's family members were watching from the side, but no one dared to interfere with other people's family affairs.

Su Fu stood stiffly watching, as he recalled what mother He had let He Shaoqi sign today in Dr. Tang's office regardless of the danger, and He Shaoqi finally compromised. Looking at the awkward situation of the female patient being pushed forward and backward in the corridor, he suddenly felt sad and hurt but also angry.

If he had taken part in that research, he might end up in this situation.

The anger in his heart was difficult to resolve. He saw that the scene there hadn't improved at all. If they continued like this, the female patient and the fetus would be killed.

Su Fu couldn't bear it any longer. He pushed aside the family members of several other people. He rushed over and yanked the middle age woman away while she was still swearing at the female patient and the doctor.

"What time is this to care about signature! That coward won't sign it. Are you going to kill two people?! Get ready for surgery!" Su Fu almost growled aloud.

Suddenly a person rushed out. Everyone couldn't respond for a while. The middle age woman that Su Fu pulled stumbled. She looked back and struggled against Su Fu. Her nails scratched Su Fu's face twice.  

"Don't give a sh*t about our family, you son of a b*tch!" The old lady screamed with an unknown dialect in mandarin, which sounded strange but also extremely sharp.

The old lady wasn't like a normal middle age woman. She was very strong. She struggled away from Su Fu who saw that she was going to grab the cart again and hurriedly pulled her back. The old lady became angry. She completely ignored her image, and immediately began to fight with Su Fu. As a man and a junior, Su Fu didn't dare to really hurt the middle age woman. He only tried his best to stop her and was caught bleeding on his face a few times.  

The husband of the female patient stood aside at first, then he saw that his mother was going to be beaten and joined the war. He tried to pull away the middle age woman from Su Fu several times. Su Fu naturally refused and ate several fists from the man.

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No one expected such a situation. Some of the onlookers' family members frowned while others laughed. They felt that Su Fu, as an outsider, was indeed meddling.

The doctor and nurses stood aside until they saw the situation of the female patient was getting worse. A little nurse cried, "Dr. Zhang, let's operate as soon as possible. Big deal, we'll bear the consequences together. The patient can't wait!"

The doctor looked at Su Fu, who was desperately trying to stop this evil mother-in-law for the sake of an unfamiliar patient. As a doctor, he felt a little ashamed and finally nodded his head. He hurried to the operating room with the nurses while the middle age woman was stopped. No one stood in their way.

"Don't go!" Cried the old lady. "We won't pay! You dirty people! It's better to die!"

The doctor and nurses didn't pay any attention to her. When they entered the operating room, they quickly closed the door and locked it to prevent the old lady from smashing the door.

That woman finally had a chance of survival. Su Fu breathed a sigh of relief. As soon as he relaxed, he was taken off-guard by the old lady, who grabbed his hair and gave him a few hard blows.

Several men from other people's families who were watching saw the female patient entering the operating room. At this time, they also came out to stop the fight and separated the old woman and Su Fu. The mother and son couldn't continue and stood aside with a dull look. However, the mother bared her teeth. Her mouth was full of curses.

Once the security team came up to control the situation, the scene gradually quieted down.

Su Fu had several scratches on his face, some of them bleeding, messy hair, and clothes torn by the middle age woman. He got punched several times on his body. He didn't know whether he was blue or not. After the security guards took control of the scene, someone asked Su Fu if he should take him to see a doctor and get some medicine. Su Fu thanked him, shook his head, and found a quiet corner to sit down silently.

The old lady was still swearing at the security guards and listing the evil deeds of Su Fu. Some onlookers were whispering at the edge. The security guards asked everyone to keep quiet from time to time, but these had nothing to do with Su Fu.

Su Fu sat on the ground against the wall, feeling that time seemed to have suddenly stopped. He could only feel his heavy breathing due to tiredness. What happened just now was the craziest thing he did except coming out of the closet. It was so crazy that he felt incredible. If he was given another chance, he might think about whether he should do it or not. But now he had done it. After he had done it, except for some tiredness and a little pain, his thought didn't matter. He had done his best to give the female patient a chance to live.

His heart beat very fast, but his mind was very calm, so he didn't care about the noise around him.

He didn't know if it was right to make such a move, but when he saw the helplessness of the daughter-in-law, the cowardice of her husband, and the insolence of her mother-in-law, he involuntarily matched them to his relationship with the He family. He thought that if he was in the situation of the female patient, he would feel extremely helpless, the kind that make people depressed and unable to see hope.

He found that his current situation with the He family was no different from that of the female patient. A high-handed mother-in-law who controlled the entire family, a husband who obeyed his mother in everything, himself who had no status and a family that had no meaning.

Those from the outsides could see clearer. When thinking about himself and the He family, Su Fu always added in his feelings with He Shaoqi for nearly ten years into it. These feelings became a stumbling block for him to make decisions, making him hesitate and letting him unable to decide.

However, he saw the female patient and her husband today. He saw the attachment and disappointment in her eyes when she asked for help. Seeing that the husband wanted to disobey his mother and sign the form, the two certainly had feelings, even possibly love. But what was the result? What was the use of love in such a depressing family?

A family needed management, mutual tolerance and responsibility, not just a pale 'I love you'.

Su Fu sat on the ground and looked at the three words 'in operation' on the door of the operating room, thinking and deciding. Gradually, his turbid brain became clear, with slight pain and relief.

"Xiao Fu!"

He didn't know how long. He Shaoqi rushed up and squatted on the ground looking all over the injured Su Fu, his eyes full of love dearly. He had been waiting downstairs with his parents. When he saw that Su Fu hadn't come down, he went to look for him. Then he heard that something had happened on the 8th floor and hurried over to see it. Unexpectedly, he saw such a Su Fu.

"How did you get hurt like this? I'll take you to the doctor for medicine." He Shaoqi gently touched Su Fu's face and his hands trembled a little. He dared not touch his wound.

Su Fu looked up at him, shook his head and said, "I'm fine. I want to wait."

He wanted to wait and see if the operation on the female patient was successful. He hoped that his efforts today weren't in vain. There were two precious lives there, a mother and a baby.

He Shaoqi also heard what happened just now on the way to find him. He didn't agree with Su Fu's recklessness. After all, it was somebody else's family business. Su Fu was meddling. But when he saw Su Fu, his injured face and fragile expression made him unable to blame, so he nodded and squatted beside him, waiting for the result.

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Su Fu looked at him. He didn't speak again, just waiting, until later, he gently put his head on He Shaoqi's shoulder. He Shaoqi smiled slightly, stretched out his hand and touched Su Fu's hair to straighten his messy hair a little. He was very glad that Su Fu was so close to him, but he didn't see Su Fu's slowly red eyes.

He didn't know how long. The lights went out in the operating room. The door of the operating room opened. The husband hurriedly ran up to ask. The middle age woman also expected some results.

"Congratulations, a healthy little princess, mother and daughter are safe."

Hearing these words, Su Fu finally breathed a sigh of relief. The corners of his mouth that had sunk down for a day finally had a little upward radian.

However, the old lady wasn't as happy as Su Fu. Upon hearing that it was a daughter, she immediately scolded: "Bah! A useless good that still needs an operation! What's the use of being born! We didn't sign it. Your hospital made the operation. Pay for it yourself! Bad luck!"

As she said this, the old lady was about to leave when she saw her son coming forward to hug his daughter from the nurse. She glared at him then pulled him away with insolence. As she walked along, she shouted, "Leave, go quickly. This unlucky place is really full of blood and mildew."

The husband of the female patient looked somewhat helpless, but he was eventually pulled away by his mother.

Su Fu looked at the farce coldly and stood up with the help of He Shaoqi. He went to look at the baby that was just born. He was dirty and didn't touch her. He only smiled at the baby and the nurse, then stepped back to one side and gave way to the doctor and nurses.

When the doctor and nurses wanted to thank Su Fu for his help today, Su Fu had already left silently.

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