Their migration was relatively easy. Neither Pado's group nor Mungo's group had ever been hungry.

However, Pado's group was sometimes attacked and preyed upon by carnivorous dinosaurs in their territory. Carnivorous dinosaurs knew that the migrating herbivorous group was very tired and easy to prey on.

Carnivorous dinosaurs didn't need to migrate because there're always migrating herbivores passing through their territory. Hunting these exhausted migrating dinosaurs was the best choice. They were equivalent to moving meat storage bins that kept on being sent over one batch after another.

However, there're a lot of Triceratopses in Pado's group. Pado was the best leader. He could always organize the members of the group to fight back and minimize their losses.

Of course, each group would certainly be preyed upon, regardless of whether they migrated or not, but Pado's group didn't have the same mortality rate as other groups.

On the morning of the twelfth day, when the sun rose above the sea and plains, Pado's group finally reached the opposite side of the Sada Sea.

Today's weather was very good, with blue sky, white clouds and bright sunshine.

Finally, they were safe. Gulu felt very happy and thought that such a fine weather was a celebration for them.

Instead of continuing, Pado immediately organized the group to rest while he took a dozen very strong male Triceratopses to find the best fern field nearby.

Gulu saw Mungo's group resting not far away. Mungo and his brothers should be ready to go hunting.

Nassau flew over their ethnic groups. Gulu turned into a human and waved to Nassau. Nassau soon landed in front of Gulu.

Gulu said to Babana: "Mom, I must warn Shenshen, Dark and Cang. Tsunami may form after a large volcanic eruption. I need to tell them to swim as far as possible."

Babana and Pado also heard that Gulu knew dinosaurs in the sea. They were both very proud of Gulu.

Gulu asked Nassau to fly around with him above the sea. Soon, Dark and Cang emerged from the sea. Shenshen had grown larger. After seeing Gulu, he jumped up from the sea excitedly.

Nassau landed on Dark's huge body. Gulu came down from him and ran to hug Dark's head. This was his farewell to him. He didn't know if there's any chance to say goodbye later.

Shenshen jumped from the sea onto Dark's back. He poked Gulu's butts with his big head and called out, "Brother! You haven't come to see me for a long time. I hate you, hate you…wu wu, Shenshen miss brother ~"

Gulu turned around and hugged Shenshen's big head. He then patted his soft Q-bomb forehead and said: "Shenshen, Brother comes here today to tell you something very important. Don't think about brother anymore. You have grown up a lot. In the future, there will be many, many beautiful female dinosaurs who love you…"

Shenshen indeed grew up a lot. According to Gulu's eyes, he's a least one ton now. However, a pliosaur was extremely enormous. Shenshen was still a small cub.

Gulu quickly got to the point: "Dark, Cang, I'm telling you. There will be a very big volcanic eruption in the next two days. This kind of large volcanic eruption will cause tsunami. Do you see the mountain over there? That's a volcano. You must swim in the opposite direction far away. That way, you no longer have to be afraid. Tsunami won't happen immediately after the volcanic eruption. It'll probably happen the next day, which is enough time for you…"

Although Dark and Cang didn't understand too much, they still knew that a tsunami was very scary. Shenshen was left stranded on the beach when one hit last time.

They trusted Gulu very much and quickly promised to leave tomorrow.

This time, Gulu didn't have time to play with Shenshen. Having said that, he took his leave after he hugged Dark, Cang and Shenshen.

Nassau took Gulu away.

Shenshen was very reluctant to part with Gulu and gave a whining cry. However, a pliosaur's cry sounded very pleasant. He looked after Gulu's back and cried, "wu wu, Brother, Shenshen doesn't want a female dinosaur. Shenshen just wants to play with you, wu wu…"

When Gulu returned to the beach, Mungo had taken his brothers out hunting. After he told Babana, Gulu went to play with Gaya, Guji and Gudong. He had not been with them for so many days, let alone said a word to them.

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Babana knew that Gaya would protect Gulu. She raised him very well before he returned to the Triceratops.

Gulu jumped on Gaya and rubbed her. Gaya liked the big Gulu to play with her just like when he was when he's younger.

Gaya's belly was still so soft and warm, full of motherly scent. This was the smell that gave him the greatest sense of security after he cracked his shell. He's very dependent on it.

The picture of a mother and her child cuddling and rubbing against each other by the seaside was very warm.

Suddenly, there was a loud bang. Gulu looked up and saw that the volcano across the sea had erupted into thick smokes, which were full of volcanic ashes. They blew up into a very beautiful mushroom cloud under the blue sky.

All dinosaurs who migrated to this side of the sea stood up. They looked at the place where they had lived for a long time. Terrible things were happening there.

Few of these dinosaurs had ever seen a volcanic eruption. Only some old dinosaurs had seen it, but they only saw it from a distance. All of the dinosaurs that really experienced the volcanic eruption were dead.

The active crustal movement in historical times, coupled with the division of the mainland, involved serious volcanic activities. They were incomparable to present day volcanic eruptions.

Gulu realized that the volcano currently erupting wasn't even the largest one yet. In the near future, large and small volcanoes would erupt one after another.

Volcanoes were mostly located in areas where the earth's crust was active. These active places were where the continental plate either split apart or collided into each other. There're so many volcanoes here. Gulu's hypothesis that the mainland would split apart was based entirely on previous scientific findings.

He was glad that he found this matter in time. If he only discovered it after they started their migration, he might never be able to come back or see Gaya, Guji and Gudong again.

Dinosaurs on this side of the sea were not very alarmed. They just looked at the volcano on the other side worriedly. All of them recognized that there would no danger to them since there was a sea in between.

Those herbivorous dinosaurs that hadn't yet migrated and those carnivorous dinosaurs that didn't need to migrate were now fleeing madly, but it's useless. They couldn't escape such a large volcanic eruption.

While all dinosaurs looked at the other side of the sea, Moyi suddenly came in front of Gaya. Gaya immediately noticed him. She quickly protected Gulu, Guji and Gudong behind her while fiercely roaring at Moyi.

Moyi calmly said, "Gaya, don't be afraid. I will never hurt you and these three young ones. I just want to tell you that Moer is the egg that I stole from your nest. He's not Moke's young cub. He's Guji's and Gudong's younger brother…"

Gaya couldn't believe it. She cried out, "Where have you taken my cub? You give him back to me!"

Moyi: "Humph, that little brat is too disobedient… I left him in the fern field on the opposite shore. He must have been eaten by other carnivorous dinosaurs now. He came to you that time to let you raise him. You didn't take him in, so he left…"

Gulu thought this Moyi was really disgusting. None of their Mo- family dinosaurs was good. Wasn't he saying all these specifically to stimulate Gaya?! Gulu resented how he grew so slowly. If he was strong enough, he would be able to crush Moyi.

Moyi continued, "Gaya, you don't have to go back to find him. Even if he isn't killed by other carnivorous dinosaurs, he will be burned to death since the volcano erupted."

Gulu realized that if Moyi hadn't seen the volcanic eruption, he wouldn't have told Gaya the truth. He wouldn't have said it until Gaya had left far away and couldn't go back to find Moer.

Moyi turned around and left as soon as he finished. He said to a male Tyrannosaurus in his group, "Why should I keep a disobedient cub all time without killing him directly?"

Gaya desperately tried to run, but she came back after two steps. She finally realized that she still had three young ones to take care of and couldn't leave now. She had to wait for Mungo to return.

However, she had already thought it over. No matter what, she had to go back to find the little cub.

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Gulu understood Gaya's thoughts. He spoke: "Mom, it will take at least 12 days to go around the sea. Many Tyrannosaurus rex will attack you along the way. By the time you get back, the volcano would have burned all dinosaurs there and Moer wouldn't be able to live…"

Gaya said to herself, "Gulu, I don't care. I'm going back. That little cub is so similar to Guji and Gudong. Why didn't I see that Moyi stole my egg? It's all my fault. It's all my fault… He must be very afraid now. I must go back…"

Gulu: "Mom, I'll go back and find him. I'll let Dark and Cang in the sea take me back directly cross the sea. I'll be there faster. Dark and Cang can swim very fast. Only I can save Moer…"

Gaya immediately refused, "No way! You can't go! You will die if you go. Mom has already lost Moer and can't lose you too. Gulu…"

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