Shi Qingyang has always wanted to put Cheng Ran in his pocket, let Cheng Ran only accompany himself, but these also can only think about, not only that, he also had to watch Cheng Ran more and more outstanding, more and more attractive…

It was good when they were on the earth. They had already announced that they were together 800 years ago. They had done all kinds of things to show their love in front of the world. Although online people often cried out to marry Cheng Ran to displease him, and he was full of confidence in himself, Edgar galaxy … Things here are very strange to him, and the technology here is so powerful that the earth is completely unable to resist …

Although Shi Qingyang was confident in his feelings towards Cheng Ran, he was still not very happy to see a very good man pursuing Cheng Ran. He quickly pushed past and looked at the so-called first master: "Hello."

"hello." The first master hurriedly said, he just talked to Cheng Ran leisurely, now facing Shi Qingyang, but obviously a little uncomfortable, eyes flashing.

Of course it will be uncomfortable! This guy wants to dig his own corner of the wall, and it is strange that he can get up at ease! Shi Qingyang looked at the man in front of him and saw his teeth itch with hatred. A smile appeared on his face. At the same time, he held out his hand: "According to the etiquette on earth, we should shake hands." He is not going to spare anyone who dares to dig his corner in front of him.

The first master saw Shi Qingyang hold out his hand, his face was full of smiles, his hands were rubbed, then he held out his hand …

"Qingyang." Cheng Ran said, frowned.

Shi Qingyang is grabbed the man's hand, and then squeezed down hard, put forward to shake hands this man antipasti, perhaps also thinking about to deal with him, of course he must start first.

Although Shi Qingyang did not use radial energy, his strength was not small. The opposite person was caught off guard and his face changed. Then he used radial energy to protect his hand.

This man's radiant energy is similar to Cheng Ran's, and there is not much aggressiveness. Shi Qingyang said that the relatively violent radiant energy in his body rushed out and broke through the other side's defense in an instant. Then he collected all the radiant energy before hurting people, causing the other side to suffer a little but have no place to say: "I'm sorry, I have conditioned reflex …" When speaking, Shi Qingyang was very proud and waited for the other side to change face.

Although he doesn't know anything about science and technology, radial energy … Vassili also said that although the people of Edgar galaxy have benefited a lot from radial energy, no one can have the same attack power as the superior on earth.

People on earth are exposed to radiation all day long, and their adaptability to radiant energy is not comparable to others! His strength is naturally stronger than that of the first master.

"Qingyang …" Cheng Ran sighed slightly.

Shi Qingyang is still waiting for the person who suffered losses here to change his face, but to his surprise, the person did not change his face, but looked at him with some ingratiation.

What the hell is going on here?

"Your Highness Anton, we have many things to do, so we won't entertain you." Cheng Ran smiled at the man and took Shi Qingyang to other places.

"Cheng Ran, Shi Qingyang …" The man let out a cry, but hesitated not to catch up.

Shi Qingyang looked back and found that the man was looking at himself. He suddenly felt something was wrong with this incident: "However, what was that man saying to you before?"

Cheng Ran stared at Shi Qingyang for a moment and suddenly asked, "Do you really want to know?"

"Of course it is true!" Shi Qingyang affirmed.

"His Royal Highness Anton is a martial fanatic and likes fighting best. After watching the propaganda video, he admired you very much. He also asked people for some information about you. He felt even more relaxed when he saw you in a military uniform just now. However, he was a little shy and asked me to read some poems or something … I didn't understand at the beginning. Later, I learned that he wanted me to introduce you to him … he was very adore you." Cheng Ran looked at Shi Qingyang sighed, and he was also very jealous just now. He didn't want Shi Qingyang to come over. He didn't expect Shi Qingyang to come out by himself.

However, the final result is very happy, Shi Qingyang's practice also surprised him. Shi Qingyang, seems to misunderstand that the man likes him?

Shi Qingyang couldn't help shaking when he heard the words "he is very adore you". He thought his rival in love actually liked him? This is also too let a person speechless.

Looking back, I found that the master was still looking at himself. Shi Qingyang grabbed Cheng Ran's hand and ran away quickly.

Before long, Cheng Ran's cousin came back: "Shi Qingyang, the Anton royal highness is asking for help and how to chase you. After listening to his description, his friends all agree that you are a little stinger." The little stinger ball is a very pleasant pet in Edgar galaxy. It requires a high living environment. It has beautiful little stingers on its body, and usually it will be put away softly. However, if the owner is unhappy with it, these barbs will stand up and let the owner be stabbed a few times.

Shi Qingyang, who had just seen the small spike a few days ago, was black in the face.

Fortunately, Vassili and his wife are very helpful. After introducing Cheng Ran, they immediately said that Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran would hold a wedding soon …

"We've all been married once. Why are we still here? Isn't this the second marriage?" Shi Qingyang subconsciously openings.

"…" Cheng Ran looked at Shi Qingyang, who was very puzzled by his side. Some of them were speechless: "Even on the earth, it is not uncommon for a couple to hold a wedding in one city first and then continue to hold a wedding in another city if they are not in the same city, so you can also be involved in a second marriage?"

"Yes, we can't say second marriage. It's too unlucky!" Shi Qingyang hurriedly said: "There are still invitation cards. We need to send more out. I want everyone here to know that you are mine!"

Cheng Ran did not object. He would not tell Shi Qingyang. For a long time, many people covet Shi Qingyang far more than they have a crush on him. After all, he seldom goes out, but Shi Qingyang is quite radiant.

Just say that the Anton royal highness, the indignation strength now …

Cheng Ran silently chose to ignore.

Shi Qingyang, however, was somewhat satisfied after thinking it over: "However, I went to eat something and didn't eat anything just now!" He visited Cheng Ran just now!

This banquet was very grand. The food at the banquet was even more varied. Not one of them had been seen by Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran. Therefore, even though Shi Qingyang had been putting his rival in love with fire prevention and theft prevention, he still ate a lot and drank many drinks.

While eating, Shi Qingyang found himself dizzy.

Because of the scarcity of grain production on the earth, wine is all artificial, which is not good for the human body. Shi Qingyang naturally won't go to drink, and there is no capacity for liquor. it happened that the drinks at the banquet, even if not directly labeled as wine, also contain alcohol …

When Cheng Ran discovered something was wrong, Shi Qingyang leaned on him: "However, give him a kiss …"

Shi Qingyang's whole face turned red. He always gives people the image of a tough guy. Now the whole person looks very soft … Cheng Ran looked at the people around him and decisively entered some radiant energy into Shi Qingyang's body. Then he left the party with Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang is of great importance to him. Even if Shi Qingyang doesn't care about making a fool of himself, he can't tolerate the image of Shi Qingyang being damaged. However, he brought Shi Qingyang back to his room with great difficulty, but Shi Qingyang became even more noisy.

"Come on, give me a kiss!"

"However, you don't like to touch? Let's touch … "

"However, before you dare to flirt with me, I want to punish you …"


"Qingyang, take a bath!" Cheng Ran was soon torn to pieces and finally pushed Shi Qingyang into the bathroom.

"However, if you don't come, I won't wash!" Shi Qingyang held it tighter.

"of course, you help me take a bath."

"However, I don't feel well, you help me …"

"However, I don't have the strength …"


When Cheng Ran finally understood what he had done, he was already riding a tiger! Eventually, exhausted, he fell asleep in a daze.

Lying beside him Shi Qingyang muttered to himself while holding him in his arms, very proud, although Cheng Ran used to be very active, in recent years such opportunities have become less and less, now … Hee hee …

Well, Cheng Ran must not know about this, otherwise he will not be able to get drunk and take advantage of it next time!

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