A great event has recently taken place in the Edgar galaxy!

The couple of the galaxy's most famous researchers suddenly returned to the galaxy and held a grand press conference several years after disappearing in public again.

Everyone thought that they would release new research products at this press conference, because of their request and even the official launch of a live broadcast of the entire galaxy for them, but they didn't expect the couple to face tears when they appeared in front of the public, and then announced a news that their son was killed, and they have now reported the case.

Just when everyone thought this was the end, they didn't want the couple to take out a good 3D video to play.

In the video, it is a planet they have never seen. On this planet, there are all kinds of magical beasts running, all kinds of plants they have never seen, and even a civilization they have never seen.

The beginning of the picture shows some pictures of the planet. Then, a handsome young man appeared in the picture. On the screen beside the young man, some videos that were not well shot and seemed to have been taken a long time ago began to play.

"Hello everyone, I come from the earth. Now, I want to tell you the story of the earth." The young man spoke very fluently the official language of Edgar galaxy and began to introduce the history of a planet.

This planet has existed for many years. On this planet, there are human beings very similar to those in Edgar galaxy. Human beings entered feudal society from the beginning of slave society and finally began to develop science and technology vigorously. They even left their own planet and began to explore space slowly …

The planet was filled with buildings, and human beings were shuttling among them. It looked like prosperity. However, at this time, an outer meteorite hit the earth, and human civilization was almost destroyed.

During the catastrophe, many real video materials were edited into this video and displayed in front of everyone. Just when everyone felt very depressed, the peak turned around. After the death of countless companions, human beings finally reestablished their residential areas. Not only that, many people discovered a new power, radiant energy.

The society continues to develop downwards. Human beings have gradually adapted to the harsh environment on this planet due to the existence of radiant energy. Seeing here, many people in Edgar galaxy are beginning to feel vaguely familiar.

Today's environment on this planet is very similar to that on the planet they used to obtain raw materials for evolutionary agents!

Human beings use radiation energy, but there are many side effects. Fortunately, with the passage of time, everything is developing in a good way until one day, someone found a mysterious man flying in an exotic animal, chasing a centipede animal.

This paragraph is the scene that Shi Qingyang and Ding Yifei saw at the beginning. After that, Xia Junliang announced his research results in public and finally drew the image of beast tide.

"This beast tide happened not long ago. We suffered heavy losses in this beast tide. It was also through this beast tide that we learned that our planet was originally a breeding ground for exotic animals that could produce evolutionary drugs, and we humans were one of the experimental animals." The young men in the picture also released many images. In the images, the people on the planet organized their masters to go to the unknown continent together. "For a whole thousand years, we have adapted to the environment on the planet with difficulty and our scientific and technological development has been suppressed …"

The young man who gave the explanation fought side by side with another taller young man. They caught the culprit in the beast tide and finally destroyed the base on the strange road.

The battle effectiveness of the tall young man shocked the people of Edgar galaxy. At the same time, they became more and more curious about the end of the planet.

At the end of the video, Vassili and Kristina appeared …

After the video was released, Kristina stood in front of the public again and began to face the public: "I went to the Star Court a few days ago. The Tiber family reformed the planet for their own benefit and killed countless intelligent creatures. Even after our son accidentally discovered this, he was brutally killed. In this regard, I hope the court can return me and give justice to the planet."

Edgar galaxy can find a planet with life every year. Although there are few intelligent life evolved on it, there can be one every ten years or so, but there is no such planet. It appears in front of everyone with the same high profile as the earth.

The Tiber family's actions were resisted and hated by all people. At the same time, all people were full of curiosity about the earth. There were magical animals and a different way to use energy.

Girls like the cities and beautiful vegetation covered by protective covers one by one. Boys like the magical fighting skills and adventures there. Ordinary people want to see the different civilizations there. Researchers want to see the biological structure there …

Not long after the live broadcast was released, tens of thousands of people had applied to go to the earth, but at this time, the earth was not open to the outside world, but some people from the earth came to Edgar galaxy.

Vassili and Kristina have sent out many invitations. They will hold a banquet on an island belonging to them in Xingxing, the capital of Edgar galaxy, to introduce their grandson, who is also the young man who has been explaining in the language of Edgar galaxy in the video.

After receiving the news, many people were moved by the news and inquired about it. They were even more delighted when they learned that many people had come from the earth this time and that there were many others who showed up in the last battle.

The fighting skills on the earth are completely different from them. Even if they have evolved agents, they mostly rely on hot weapons to fight with people. Most of the time, those evolved agents only make them faster and more flexible when manipulating spacecraft. However, in that video, someone actually destroyed the entire base by himself!

Such fighting capacity is even more conspicuous than Vassili's grandson.

Vassili and Kristina had already made full preparations, but the final arrivals exceeded their expectations, forcing them to temporarily order a large number of robot waiters.

Shi Qingyang changed into a military uniform on the earth, stood in front of the mirror, looked at his appearance carefully, and then looked at Cheng Ran: "However, am I handsome as a man?"

"handsome!" Cheng Ran said sincerely that Shi Qingyang didn't care too much about his clothes. He used to wear radiation-proof clothes when he was out of the city and ordinary casual clothes when he was in the city. This was the first time he had worn such smart and tight clothes. Now with such a tight belt, his figure was perfectly displayed and he was still tempted to abstain from S*x.

Over the years, Shi Qingyang's face became accustomed to him, and he wouldn't have any special feeling, but now this figure … Cheng Ran recalled what Shi Qingyang did when he flirted with himself in the past, and stretched out his hand and pinched Shi Qingyang's ass.

Kristina, who opened the door and wanted to call the two out, looked at the scene in surprise. She always thought her grandson was the one below. So she was wrong?

Perhaps she is really wrong, for example, the commercial space flight and ding Yifei, commercial space flight's strength is higher, she didn't see less commercial space flight ding Yifei, at first still feel resentfully commercial space flight home violence, only to find that actually commercial space flight inconspicuous place was ding Yifei bite out of the wound is obviously more …

"You should go out." Pack up full of curiosity, wearing a golden dress Kristina laughed.

"Okay, we'll go out." Cheng Ran has taken care of himself, followed Kristina and walked out.

Shi Qingyang, who had not been able to flirt back on the spot, could only temporarily suppress the idea of "revenge" and set the time for "revenge" at night.

There were a lot of people at the party, and some of them still looked strange. Shi Qingyang kept a decent smile so that he wouldn't make a fuss and tried hard to distinguish what these people said.

He has been cramming for language these days, and now he can understand most of it. However, if these people speak some uncommon words or have an accent, he must contact the context and will be very tired.

For example, the nephew of Kristina, who accompanied him and Cheng Ran to buy transportation yesterday, had a headache because of his new online vocabulary.

Vassili and Kristina, together with Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran, first met many old people in the field of research. These people have already obtained some samples of medicine from the earth the other day. Now seeing Cheng Ran is like a cat seeing a fish. They almost hold Cheng Ran's hand.

Shi Qingyang again discontent, also can't angry with the old man, can only look at Cheng Ran greet with them one by one, but don't want to Cheng Ran just finished greeting with these people, unexpectedly was wrapped up in a handsome young man.

According to Kristina's introduction, the young man seems to be the first master of the younger generation on this planet. After seeing Cheng Ran, he talked very fast about something and looked at him from time to time…Shi Qingyang listened hard and only heard some words such as "admiration" and "love" and a pile of adjectives.

This person is probably saying something similar to the sour love words on the earth! Shi Qingyang looked at each other with a frown, but didn't want the man to turn back and smile at him…

Provocation, this is definitely provocation!

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