Vassili and Kristina confirmed that the first thing they did after negotiating the contract with the earth was to use their own spacecraft to carry robots to dig out all the useful things in the Tiber family's base, perhaps because they were very disgusted with the Tiber family. When they did this, they could be called digging three feet into the ground.

Although Cheng Ran and those researchers have been trying hard to collect, which one is so good? Seeing that even the surveillance cameras hundreds of kilometers away from the base were dug out by robots, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran both had a feeling of admiration.

Finally, after everything that can be dug up on this continent has been dug up, Vassili started a new type of aircraft from his large spaceship parked outside the earth. Originally it took Shi Qingyang and others more than a month to drive the mobile town back to China from this continent, but it only took him one hour to transport all the people and things to the newly cleared space outside the central city.

Another alien appeared in front of the public, but this time the alien did not come to attack like the last time. This situation undoubtedly attracted a lot of onlookers. When Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran appeared in the sight of the public, everyone was even more enthusiastic-before Shi Qingyang destroyed the base, all of them could see it!

Wang with a group of people to meet with a smile, although already old, the whole people are not old, the expression on her face is supercilious, unusually stable…Cheng Xuze stood behind him and looked at this scene, I do not know why, suddenly remembered the Shi Qingyang destroy base that day the man's initial calm and then gaffe.

To be a human being, one must be able to pretend! Cheng Xuze learned from Wang Lao and tried to control his mouth not to open too much.

"Grandpa, is your face hurt?" Watched Wang Lao and Vassili to talk about things, Cheng Ran curiously looked at Cheng Xuze.

Cheng Xuze's expression instantly turned to exasperation: "who do you say has a face hurt? who do you say has a face hurt? my face is fine!" Speaking of later, the anger on his face had already turned into laughter-after he opened his mouth, he could no longer keep his face tense: "Xiao Ran, you are really good! That's awesome!"

Cheng Ran finally saw what was going on… "Grandpa, let's go home?" After spending so long in the wild, neither he nor Shi Qingyang missed the comfortable life in the city very much.

"You go home first, I still have work to do. Wang asked me to go with the researchers to find out who had surrendered to him when the alien had surrendered to him." Cheng Xuze said.

It has been more than a month since this matter was investigated, and many people thought it would never be investigated, but in fact, how could it be so cheap? However, even if they go to check, they will not be punished with this. If it is ordinary people who surrender to aliens, they will not even care at all. They mainly want to see which high-ranking people are still thinking of selling out all mankind.

The Cheng family court is simple, each is a super expert and does not touch politics, let Cheng Xuze to check this matter, of course, is the most appropriate.

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran went home, but Cheng Xuze huddled with a group of scientific researchers to see all kinds of defection information and screen them.

"What does it mean that I am willing to surrender with the whole family? My family has many experts?"

"What do you mean I am the duke and I can help persuade the whole city?"

"What do you mean my father is XX, I can persuade him to surrender?"

Cheng Xuze saw some defection messages and his anger grew: "What are these things? How many people have surrendered?"

"Master Cheng, these are nothing. I am also very beautiful and willing to surrender." The scientific researchers deleted and selected the defection information of ordinary people, and what was saved in the end was basically the defection information of government personnel. These people will not go to jail, but their positions will be adjusted, and some of them already involved in divulging secrets will never serve again.

Cheng Xuze flipped through, only to find that many of these information, only the word "defection", not only that, even if some claim to be the duke deputy duke, also have no specific information, not only that, they, they also use a secure computer.

"These people are all using secure computers. How do we find out?" Cheng Xuze frowned.

"Security computers are also developed by people. At best, they are not very easy to check and cannot be found." A technician smiled and quickly entered various codes into the computer in front of him: "If we can learn the technology of Edgar galaxy in the future, what is a secure computer?"

Cheng Xuze heard these words, suddenly remembered a person-I don't want to hungry.

I don't want this person hungry, it is too mysterious, even can say, he can have all this now, with me not hungry can't take off the relationship.

However, the identity of this person has become a mystery…He thought that I don't want to be hungry before is also an alien, but now…The aliens on earth, that is, the two members of the Tiber family, are all big bad guys, that may help them? If Cheng Ran's other father Alexei were to be said to have died long ago…

Why does he think that the more he knows, the more mysterious is my status of not being hungry?

Cheng Xuze stared at the technician for a long time and finally gnashed his teeth and asked, "Can you help me find someone? That man has a lot of correspondence with me."

"Master Cheng to check who? I'll check it right away!" The technician immediately said that although he is a technician without radiation energy, his idol is Shi Qingyang, and now of course he is eager to get on well with Cheng Xuze.

"Well…" Cheng Xuze said after deleting the "I don't want to be hungry" thing.

"Master Cheng, don't worry, I'll help you find out this person right away!" The technician buried himself in the investigation.

A few hours later, Cheng Xuze got a long questionnaire. In this questionnaire, it showed all kinds of landing places where I don't want to go hungry. Even the technician also helped Cheng Xuze find the owner of these safe computers with the highest authority he has now in order to check the defectors.

"Master Cheng, you actually want to try my skill? This is either Shi Qingyang or Cheng Ran who is chatting with you." Technicians said.

Cheng Xuze tried to recall Wang Lao's unmoving expression, but finally he didn't let himself lose his appearance, but he also didn't know what to say. The guy who had been chatting with himself turned out to be Shi Qingyang. Later, Cheng Ran also got involved?

I don't want to be hungry. Is it Shi Qingyang? However, Shi Qingyang was only old at that time. How could he know so many things?

Cheng Xuze nodded with a facial expression: "You did a good job. Continue to check those who surrendered."

"Master Cheng, I'll go to work first!" The technician went back to work soon. when Cheng Xuze waited for him to go away, the expression on his face could not be maintained for an instant: "two little rabbits!"

Cheng Xuze went mad again, and finally endured it. He didn't leave here until everything he was asked to check had been checked out, and then hurried home.

In fact, I don't want to be hungry related to Shi Qingyang, even Shi Qingyang, there have been many things to prove…Cheng Xuze thought carefully back and forth, suddenly found that as long as ignore I don't want to know a lot of profound knowledge, I don't want to be hungry in addition to Shi Qingyang, there seems to be no possibility of others!

He recalled Wang Lao's ability to collapse in the front without changing his color. Cheng Xuze adjusted his expression to be completely normal in front of the mirror before walking home.

Cheng family's house in the central city was originally very ordinary, and the people living around it were also very ordinary. But now, the neighborhood has been alerted. There is no way. Now Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran are already the most popular figures in China. If they don't do this, the house will surely be surrounded by people on the inside and on the outside.

Cheng Xuze arrived at the door, a little thoughtfully, at the door opened the house one of the latest protective measures, blocking the peripheral network, and then walked to the inside.

In the room, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran were sitting together eating food, which he had never seen before. Seeing him come in, they laughed, "Grandpa, you are back."

"I'm back." Cheng Xuze also smiled. When his finger moved, he pressed the send button without trace and sent me a long-overdue message not to go hungry.

The contact terminal on Shi Qingyang's hand opposite him suddenly had movement. Shi Qingyang looked down…

This room has blocked the peripheral network, leaving only the internal network. He sent me messages in this room not to be hungry. If the other party is not here, he cannot send out with Ben! At the same time, according to the principle, Shi Qingyang in this room, it is impossible to receive other people's information!

"whose message did you receive?" Cheng Xuze smilingly asked.

Shi Qingyang has just received the message from Cheng Xuze that I should not be hungry. He saw the expression of Cheng Xuze. What else do you not understand? "Grandpa…"

"I don't want to be hungry. It's you?" Cheng Xuze still smiling.


"You little rabbit, you are playing with me!" Cheng Xuze's expression changed instantly. As long as he thought of the information he sent online, the words he said and the expressions he used, he couldn't wait to slap himself.

He called the teacher Qingyang "master", the teacher Qingyang "asking for support", the teacher Qingyang "breaks down"…any one here is black history, but he did much more than that!

Cheng Xuze is almost red from head to toe, at this time there is only one thought, to play Shi Qingyang forgot all he said!

It's just…he doesn't seem to beat Shi Qingyang? At the thought of this, he felt sad again.

"Grandpa, you feel relieved…" Shi Qingyang strength far exceeds Cheng Xuze, people are young, just pretend to hide at this time, sometimes let Cheng Xuze hit a punch out.

Anyway, Cheng Xuze didn't use radiation energy. As for the old man's strength in boxing, he really felt nothing.

Cheng Xuze chased him around, really not very angry, although Shi Qingyang hide let him very unhappy, but Shi Qingyang really helped him a lot, and that maybe false I don't hungry, he will always be grateful…

As for how Shi Qingyang knew so many things, maybe he had another adventure. If Shi Qingyang wanted to say it, he would definitely tell him. If Shi Qingyang didn't want to say it, he didn't have to force him…

No, he should still be able to find a way to induce Shi Qingyang said? Cheng Xuze was struggling to know whether he should satisfy his curiosity or maintain his good image when suddenly he felt a pain in his head.

Kristina beat Cheng Xuze to the ground with ingenuity before the others could react: "This old man dares to beat my grandson sees! Come on, good grandson, try this dish I made again!"

"…" Cheng Ran lifted Cheng Xuze, who was breathing smoothly and unhurt, "Grandma, I'll take Grandpa back to the room first."

"Is this your other grandfather?" Kristina asked, "He is really old!"

"…" Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran were silent. In fact, Cheng Xuze was much younger than Kristina in terms of age alone.

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