Shi Qingyang and others don't know the thoughts of the people on the spacecraft, they have been alert up, looked up at the spacecraft stalled in mid-air.

Vaguely, Shi Qingyang seemed to be spying on something around him, but when he wanted to find it, it was gone. In the end, he could only use radiation to protect himself and Cheng Ran better.

At this time of Shi Qingyang, I don't know, he and Cheng Ran hair tip, has been intercepted.

"Hello, can we talk?" Cheng Ran found the amplification device on the anti-radiation suit and shouted in the language of the Edgar galaxy that he had learned: "We don't mean any harm. We need help. Can we talk?"

Cheng Ran's words did not receive a response at the beginning, and the spaceship did not respond at all. But suddenly, it fell rapidly and threw a person out of it when it fell.

It was a woman whose appearance was similar to that of human beings on the earth. Cheng Ran did not know about the aliens, so he could not guess her age. He stepped forward and used the most useless title: "Hello, madam, this planet welcomes you…"

Before Cheng Ran's words were finished, the woman suddenly stared at him tightly and then stretched out her hand and touched his face.

My wife, was this molested by aliens? Shi Qingyang moves faster than he thinks. Before he can finish this sentence in his mind, he has already stood beside Cheng Ran, eyeing up the woman.

Alien woman's eyes did not leave Cheng Ran completely, mouth said a foreign star language.

Shi Qingyang could understand some of the words, but he did not know what the whole sentence meant when it was linked together. He just couldn't understand it, but Cheng Ran could understand it.

Cheng Ran's face was full of horror. he turned his head and looked at Shi Qingyang: "she said she was my grandmother."

Grandma? When did Cheng Xuze have an alien wife? Shi Qingyang thought of the problem first, then remembered that Cheng Ran still had another half of his genes. The ship was already calling the Alexei. In that case, the woman in front of her is probably the mother of the interstellar law enforcer.

However, even so, how did this woman meet for the first time and call herself Cheng Ran's grandmother? How did she know about it?

Cheng Ran used the language of the Edgar galaxy to talk with the enemy. At the same time, he also started the translator nearby.

"Are you Alexei's mother?"

"You call his name? You have half of Alexei's genes. You are using his distress device. Do you know where he is? Where is he?"

"My existence was an accident…you should be able to judge from the situation here that alien civilizations have arrived on our planet. These aliens have transformed our planet into the situation it is today, which has also restricted the development of our civilization. Twenty years ago, it should be Alexei you said who discovered the situation here."

"Where is he?" Kristina interrupted Cheng Ran. She had already discovered that there was something civilized here that should not belong to this planet. The destroyed base beside it and the ship that was called an old-fashioned craft all told her that people from Edgar galaxy had built it.

The man, of course, can't be her son, so, mostly is what criminals, secretly smuggling evolutionary potion raw materials here…If her son found such a situation, what would he do? What will the criminals do if they find her son?

"He has passed away, I am very sorry, but I am an experiment." Cheng Ran does not intend to hide anything. The technology of these aliens is much higher than that of the earth. He does not think he can really hide the past.

Kristina has long had such speculation, but she didn't expect to get the answer at this time. She stood still.

All the communication between her and Cheng Ran has been received by Vassili, who is still in the spaceship: "I have connected to the network on this planet. Ask him about Alexei and I will compare the information of the two parties."

Kristina turned her head and looked at Cheng Ran. "Can you tell me everything you know?"

Cheng Ran will not oppose, of course, he said everything he knew. Even the video of Alexei before he died was given to Kristina.

In doing all this, Cheng Ran was ready for Kristina to be furious or angry with all of them, but in fact, the other party did not do so. Kristina listened quietly to all of them before saying, "I need to be quiet."

Kristina returned to the spaceship while the small robots in their spaceship had entered the ruins of the base.

Vassili and Kristina, together, looked at all kinds of information screened from the network, and soon knew that what Cheng Ran said was true.

There is no doubt that after their son came to the earth, they were discovered by the Tiber family. Those people should have managed to gain their son's trust, cheated some of their son's equipment, and then ambushed their son…Some of the indigenous people on this planet discovered all this by accident and took part of their son's genes for research.

Kristina found Cheng Ran's genetic map. In this genetic map, two genes with many different genes magically fuse together, and no trace of the experiment can be seen. Even their technology cannot do this.

However, it also exists. Sometimes nature is so magical that a small probability of one billionth will occur under the care of God. The emergence of Cheng Ran, I'm afraid there is no "luck" this two word.

"I can hear the child's meaning. The intelligent creatures on this planet want to make a deal with us. They fought against the Tiber family in order to survive. Now in order to survive, they need to find someone who can fight against the Tiber family. I have to say, their luck is very good."

"I've got some information from the base, but most of it has been collected by the children. Let's go out and have a look." Vassili said. His son is dead. Although he is very disgusted with this planet because of this, he also knows that the aborigines on this planet have no ability to kill his son. If he wants to hate, he should hate the Tiber family.

"good." Kristina nodded. His son died here. Look carefully. She should be able to find more clues.

Shi Qingyang and others will not oppose the couple's request, of course, because of their appearance, the original plan to let some people return was shelved, and all of them were stationed near the base. At the same time, Wang Lao also personally came forward to discuss the cooperation with the Vassili couple.

There is not much demand from the earth, they only hope that the existence of the earth can be known by the higher civilizations in the universe, and some earth people can enter the interstellar space. at the same time, they are also willing to sign contracts with Vassili family to provide evolution animals. In addition, cooperation in other areas can also be discussed one by one.

"The Tiber family has spent countless human and material resources and thousands of years to cultivate this planet. Now, it is cheaper for us." Vassili gave his wife a long sigh after talking.

"You will agree." Kristina said that although their family is full of researchers, they will not refuse such great benefits. After all, research needs money.

"If you agree, you have to go to the upper Tiber family." Vassili added.

"Without this cooperation, wouldn't you be against the upper Tiber family?" Kristina looked at her husband. They found a lot of things from this base, also be know the real cause of death of his son.

The Tiber who stayed here pretended to say they were willing to leave with him to testify against the Tiber. In fact, they used the toxin on this planet to make her son lose his fighting capacity. Her son is very strong and is one of the most powerful fighters in Edgar galaxy. However, in such a situation, he can only run away…

"In any case, I will not make the Tiber feel better!" Vassili's whole person's momentum has risen, the hand of gold, but not bit "family poor! Moreover, all the things that the Tiber family did on the earth, which killed his son, were all witnessed. He wanted to bring down the Tiber family by this, naturally, it was not too difficult!

Vassili's contract with the earth was signed in the first month after he arrived on the earth. after that, he will provide technical support to the earth. people who show the earth to the whole galaxy and the people on the earth will also get enough respect and protection from interstellar law.

This year is a year when the earth people are frightened and the earth starts to take off.

In later generations, this year was called a big leap in comparison with previous catastrophes.

In this year, the first 10-level master in history appeared on the earth. In this year, the strongest beast tide in history occurred on the earth. In this year, the existence of the earth was known to the whole galaxy, even shocked the whole galaxy.

Of course, those are all things in the future. Now, Shi Qingyang is following Cheng Ran to study hard the public language of Edgar galaxy. When he learns to get a kiss as a reward, he learns very fast. He just learns to learn. He often goes to bed accidentally…

After he learns, he and Cheng Ran will get a honeymoon trip to Edgar galaxy…

Cheng Ran looked at Shi Qingyang and suddenly didn't know what to look like. In the end, he just knocked Shi Qingyang on the head with his book: "It's not a honeymoon trip! It's communication learning!"

"We can wrap it up!" Shi Qingyang threw himself on Cheng Ran, and now he is a little bit tempted to unpack…

They will be happy forever.

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