Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran are directing others to tidy up things. This time they will not go back together, but will stay here for a period of time to try to make Cheng Ran learn to drive the aircraft.

The aircraft is a product with a long history in Edgar galaxy. Because of this, it is easy to drive and repair after it breaks down. In this month, Cheng Ran has repaired the shell that was smashed by them. Of course, they have not repaired the attacking equipment inside, nor have they the ability to repair it.

"We will keep in touch at any time in the future." Cheng Ran looked at several researchers who were returning home and said that it was not difficult for them to contact outside the country now. Even though they were thousands of miles apart, they could analyze each other for the first time after they had new research results.

"good." The few researchers immediately said that almost everyone of them had big black circles under their eyes-this month, they simply could not bear to sleep in the face of the unprecedented high technology.

Cheng Ran told the researchers here, while Ding Yifei, who will also stay here, said goodbye to his father: "Dad, when you go back, you must have a good rest. I'll let mom watch over you!"

"I know, I know, you're so wordy." Ding Yingxin didn't even look at his son. His eyes were all on Shi Qingyang.

Ding Yifei also thought that he could not accept his disability: "Dad, you don't have to be disappointed. You are now a hero whose full name is known…"

"You are so wordy!" Ding Yingxin saw Shi Qingyang empty down, immediately cast off his son and strode to Shi Qingyang's side: "Shi Qingyang, is the contact method you gave me correct? That Shang Mufeng really wants to teach me the one-handed tactics he figured out?"

In the same way, Ding Yingxin has asked several times and Shi Qingyang is somewhat helpless: "Shang Mufeng will certainly teach. In fact, he has explained his tactics in Qinghe Tavern before, and he can study them. Can't you study them?"

"That's right…" Ding Yingxin now very much regret that he didn't go to the Qinghe tavern to explain the low-level tactics, however, in the past, even if he saw the disabled radiation fighter can use tactics, I'm afraid I won't pay attention to?" I Ding Yingxin is who! In the future, I might be able to study many tactics, accept many disciples, and then set up a disabled guild, ha ha ha ha!"

Standing by, Ding Yifei, who was still thinking of comforting his father, felt that he really wanted to think too much. His father, in fact, was not at all uncomfortable, was he?

The mobile town, which was filled with many things cleared from the base, moved slowly. However, at this time, a black spot suddenly appeared in the air, as if something was falling fast…

"Be careful!" Shi Qingyang let out a cry and soon found the device used by the people of Edgar galaxy to absorb radiation energy. These days, he has absorbed a lot of radiation energy with this device, and has been trying to contact…With the help of the absorbed rich radiation energy, his combat effectiveness can be improved more than 100 times!

The black spot above is falling. At the same time, they also heard a section of the language of the Edgar galaxy. Now everyone knows something about the language of the Ager galaxy. Although they cannot understand the meaning of the whole passage, they can recognize that those people are calling a man named Alexei.

Alexei is the interstellar law enforcer who died on earth.

Hearing this name, Shi Qingyang's already tight body relaxed quickly. These people are not from the Tiber family. They even came to Alexei. This is definitely good news for them!

When Shi Qingyang and others were very happy, the heart of a couple on a small docking ship falling from above kept sinking.

They are all very famous people in the Edgar galaxy. Husband Vassili is the most respected weapon research expert in the Edgar galaxy. Wife Kristina is the most famous evolutionary agent and human body research expert. They do not have much power or wealth, but they have the best technology. Even 90% of their relatives are research geniuses in various fields. Their family, even known as the hand of gold-everyone in the family, has extraordinary research talent and a pair of feet that can turn decay into magic.

Vassili and Kristina have both achieved far more advanced achievements in their respective research fields, but in the past 20 years, they have rarely appeared in public and published fewer and fewer works…Regarding this matter, their external statement is to carry out interstellar travel in order to make breakthroughs in the existing research fields, but in fact, they are looking for their son.

Every member of the golden hand family has incomparable talent in scientific research, but not everyone is engaged in this work. their son Alexei, because he likes adventure, finally gave up scientific research and became a star law enforcer, wandering in the stars.

Alexei, though adrift outside, always sends messages to them from time to time. The shortest interval is only a few days, and the longest is only a year. But now, they have not heard from their son for more than 20 years.

They finally got the news that their son said he was going to explore a galaxy he had never been to, the Milky Way. As a result, he never came back.

At first, they didn't feel anything wrong, but later they became more and more worried. Finally, 26 years ago, they put down their work and made a search. In the following 20 years or so, they came out every other year to look for two years, and then went back to rest for one year…

Unfortunately, the Milky Way is so large that they could not find any news even after searching for a long time. Until a month ago, they suddenly received a distress signal from a distress device they had specially made for their son.

After all these years, when they suddenly received their son's distress signal, their first reaction was to worry. Could it be that something happened to their son? Otherwise, why did it take so long to use the distress device?

They followed the distress signal and the closer they got to the planet, the more intense this worry became-there was radiation material called the mother of evolution near the planet!

They have never been here before, but they are sure that their son would go down and find out if he saw such a scene.

This planet is exactly the same as the planet that can produce the raw materials of evolutionary medicine. At the same time, after their scanning, there are intelligent creatures on this planet!

Their son, will be intelligent creatures on this planet…but in this case, why didn't their son ask for help? After asking for help, why not use the ultimate device-the distress device they made by themselves can send out a very strong distress signal after smashing, even if the galaxies are different, it can be received by their receiving terminals!

While descending, they also started to detect the surrounding conditions through the detection device. After finding that the distress device was put aside and some intelligent creatures with unusual similarity to them were nearby, they also stopped the docking ship, then released many probes to collect some things around and used the central computer for analysis.

This planet is exactly the same as those that can produce the raw materials of evolutionary medicine, while the intelligent creatures on this planet are completely different in their genes from those that use evolutionary medicine.

They scanned a lot of data in an instant. At this time, their central computer suddenly remembered the prompt tone. At the same time, the genetic test form of one of them was placed in front of them.

This is their grandson?

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