It is absolutely a very unreliable thing to make their own distress devices. In fact, the cleaning of this base is still continuing. Of course, at this time, they still have one more thing to do, that is to contact the Chinese people.

Just, these alien things, to study it is not for a while can understand, so, now can use, is actually the other spacecraft before intrepidly into each networking device.

"Qingyang, we need to report the situation here to the Chinese people. You…I'll take care of it for you?" Cheng Ran looked at Shi Qingyang appearance, hesitation.

After Shi Qingyang was injured before, although the wound was treated, no one helped him clean it up, so now he is completely fished out of the mud…not only that, I'm afraid he still can't sit up straight…

Shi Qingyang's eyes lit up: "Can you help me take a bath?"

"You think too much…" Cheng Ran some speechless, this time, where to take a shower?

Cheng Ran finally cleaned Shi Qingyang with a very common cleaning agent. After they changed their clothes again, they sat in the position where the alien sat before. Here, there is a set program. As long as the program is started, almost everyone in China can hear their words and see their people.

What they have to do now is to reassure these people, and then study the single-to-single contact method and report to Wang Lao.

The central city is now in ruins, and the government is encouraging people to go to nearby cities to buy aphid eggs and rebuild farms-even though the government has encouraged people to store a large amount of meat, there may still be a shortage of food in the future when all farms near the central city have been destroyed and almost all the animals around have died.

Cheng Sisi has been digging ditches, building surveillance towers and transplanting plants with his team in the wild these days. It was not until after he returned to the city that he realized that this morning all the people in the city received the communication from the alien. At the same time, he also saw the alien and their base smashed by Shi Qingyang.

"I would not have gone out today if I had known!" Cheng Sisi frowned and was extremely regretful. Among those who set sail, there were her cousin and even her father. Although she could watch the video afterwards, she wanted to know the news of them in the first place.

"now that they are all right, they should be back soon and you need not worry too much." Li Jiajia comforted him and was about to say something when suddenly he noticed that the picture on a huge billboard beside him suddenly turned into Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran: "Look, what is that?"

"We also have it on our contact terminal!" Cheng Sisi rejoiced.

Sure enough, now on all the networked devices, there is a picture of Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran side by side, and Shi Qingyang, who has changed into a capable military uniform, quickly said: "Now the enemy here has been eliminated by us, we are clearing the battlefield, and we must be able to deal with it soon. Please rest assured…"

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran and Cheng Ran only briefly talked about the situation on the battlefield, and then took pictures of people cleaning the battlefield. The time was only a few minutes, but the pictures of these few minutes have let people's worries dissipate a lot.

Of course, some people's worries have dissipated, and some people's worries have also increased-those who gave credit to the alien before now wish they could go back in time.

Cheng Sisi saw his father grudgingly digging up the soil beside the base with radiation energy in the picture of cleaning the battlefield, and his eyes were red. Li Jiajia beside her sighed and said, "Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran have such a good relationship. Ten years have passed, and they are all handsome men. This screenshot will be used as a base map of the contact terminal in the future! Good, we won…"Speaking of which, her voice suddenly choked up.

Cheng Sisi also saw the base map cut off by Li Jiajia. On the picture, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran were leaning together. Shi Qingyang's hand rested on Cheng Ran's shoulder, and Cheng Ran's arm rested on Shi Qingyang's waist. The two looked very close.

In such a serious occasion, they should have been sitting on their laurels, but somehow they felt more at ease with such intimacy.

"Is this a show of love in front of the whole nation?" Cheng Sisi laughed, and there were many, many people like her and Li Jiajia.

However, the fact is not so good, because after Cheng Ran cut off the picture, Shi Qingyang quickly leaned on him: "My waist…" Although Cheng Ran helped him hold on just now, he was not very well…Of course, he would look like this, but also for another reason, that is, by the way, in front of the people who love him playing coquetry and asking for some welfare.

"If you lie down beside me, someone has already gone to the seaside to open our mobile town. Then you will be fine when you lie down in the medical cabin." Cheng Ran said, the words sound just fell and the console in front of him suddenly rang.

"What's the matter?" There is no translator nearby, Shi Qingyang can't understand the foreign star language at all.

"It said that it received a distress signal and asked me if I would go to rescue…"

"Where did you get the distress signal?" Shi Qingyang was still unable to sit steadily just now, but he sat up straight and looked subconsciously at the top of the sky at the same time.

"It's very close. Let's go and have a look. Maybe…someone has actually sent a distress signal." Cheng Ran made a joke, but he also knew it was impossible.

"However, take me down." Shi Qingyang put one arm on Cheng Ran's shoulder again.

When Cheng Ran went down, he saw Zheng Gaoyuan, who had just eaten someone else's moisturizer, fiddling with a black square box the size of a person's head. Next to him was a researcher who was jumping in a hurry: "We haven't found out what this stuff is, why did you mess with it?"

"I didn't mess around! I just took this thing out of the box…"Zheng Gaoyuan held his head. He really didn't touch anything just now, because he was worried about the bomb. He was also very careful. He said that he knew that the box had just been taken out, but somehow it suddenly lit up, made a sound and then there was no movement."  I really didn't move anything. When I took it out, I still used radiation energy…Now it didn't move, should it matter?"

"It is nothing, but I detected it is sending out some penetrating signals. I cannot detect what is going on with this signal, but obviously it can send out some messages. What if this is a Teber family machine at the same time?" The researcher was also a little anxious: "But I can't blame you either. I didn't realize it would be like this at that time. Otherwise, I will definitely stop you."

"It is a distress signal, where did you get it? What else is there besides this?" Cheng Ran jumped out of the spaceship and approached soon.

"This thing was found in a small room at the bottom of the base. Besides this box, there are also those." The researcher pointed to a pile of things nearby.

Those things are very miscellaneous and have various kinds of equipment, many of which Cheng Ran has never seen before. However, Cheng Ran was not attracted by those things and instead noticed one of them should be similar in function to the anti-radiation clothing he was wearing: "This clothing…"

"However, this dress is the same as that of the man in the video." The video they said is naturally the video Xia Junliang got from Feng Linqiu. In the video, a man was besieged and killed by foreign animals.

The man is the provider of half of Cheng Ran's genes. According to Tiberias's confession, the man is also a star law enforcer.

Before the death of the man, there was not much around him, and according to Tiberias, he negotiated and fought with them before he fled…Now it seems that these things may be his belongings.

"You said that this thing started to emit signals when it was taken out of the box?"

"Yes." The scientific research personnel immediately the baggage and take the journey.

"The box? Let's check!" Cheng Ran has some surprises. In order not to let the people on the earth contact the people outside, the Tiber family will not leave a distress device, but the interstellar law enforcers will definitely carry such things around!

Perhaps, because such a signal device is not easy to handle, so the Tiber family talents sealed it up, but now they just found it…

The material of the box containing the distress device is not very common indeed, but they can't detect anything yet…so, after confirming that the distress device is not fake, it was placed on a vacant land nearby, while others, some people study various technologies of Edgar galaxy, some people study the utilization of radiation energy by Edgar galaxy, but also enjoy themselves.

During this period, the first thing they knew clearly was the contact information on the earth. Several researchers also found some devices in the base that were used to disturb the earth's magnetic field, intercept various signals on the earth, and make people on the earth completely unable to communicate in the wild, and removed them one by one.

At the same time, they also connected to China's network, and then uploaded all kinds of documents and translation software found in the alien base to the network, and set everyone can watch-at this time, the more people involved in the research, the more likely they will be to come up with useful things!

It has been a whole month since they blew up the base after all this. At this time, they finally decided to let some people return with their belongings.

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