Cheng Ran had just taken Shi Qingyang out of the ruins when Zheng Gaoyuan emerged from the side with a dusty face. Zhang Jun's face was covered with dust: "Master, didn't you look at people when you attacked just now? If I hadn't escaped quickly, I would have been crushed to powder now." He is the closest person to the base, Shi Qingyang controlled the huge radiation energy to hit down, he almost couldn't avoid it…Fortunately, Shi Qingyang hit radiation energy, and he as a strong 8, even if the strength is poor in the people to come, but also can control a part when the attack comes, somehow didn't let himself seriously injured.

Shi Qingyang didn't reply yet, Zheng Gaoyuan became curious again: "By the way, Master, you are level 10. Aren't you used radiation energy to the fullest in your past attacks, and were you also very precise in your attacks? Why did you suddenly produce so much radiation energy this time, smashing the foundation?"

"What do you think…ahem, what do you think I want to? I can't help it, can I?" Shi Qingyang sucked the dust from his nose and coughed again: "I used the radiation energy that was absorbed by the alien and gathered on it. the radiation energy in this area was absorbed and compressed by his device and put on it. as soon as I contacted the large lump with radiation energy, I saw that he was going to run into the base…who knows what was in the base? I can't really let him run in."

After Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran arrived in the spaceship, although it took some effort, they soon found the main control room, but they just found that the people who were hiding in the main control room, aliens, had already started the escape device.

At that time, the situation was too urgent. They did nothing to the spaceship. In desperation, Shi Qingyang could only rush out of the spaceship, but he didn't want to feel the radiation energy condensed above the sky as soon as he rushed out.

As a level 10 strong, it is not difficult to condense the radiation energy in the far regions…Shi Qingyang immediately tried to control the radiation energy above, but he didn't want the amount to be too large, even let him have some control…so he can only mount tai coping, toward the base smashed in the past…

"This device for absorbing radiation energy is not used to deal with us at all, but is clearly for our help! This all the way, although I have strong radiation energy in my body, but the amount of radiation energy that can be induced is limited, and it is different now…"Shi Qingyang looked at the huge machine above with some joy, which can absorb and squeeze the radiation energy around. Today he did not control it well. If he practiced well and brought such a thing with him, I'm afraid he could have smashed even the spaceship!

He didn't think of this when he first met this matter. If he had known this, he could have flown in the direction of radiation energy being sucked away earlier, and then smashed the aircraft directly…No, this is not appropriate either. At that time, he really smashed it down. I'm afraid it would not have been as simple as Zheng Gaoyuan being smashed alone.

"Well, you'd better stop talking." Cheng Ran took out a potion from his body and poured it into Shi Qingyang's mouth." Have a good rest. I'll take someone to search for the equipment of this base first. It is best to find a distress device."

They have long planned to use a distress device to call for help. If the planets are close together, communication can indeed be carried out after the communication device is constructed, but the earth is located in the Milky Way galaxy, which is very far away from the Edgar galaxy. The Tiber family should also try their best to keep this place secret. Naturally, there will be no construction of interstellar communication equipment nearby. In fact, at such a distance, it will take half of the Tiber family's financial resources to construct the communication equipment from the earth to the Edgar galaxy.

All this, Cheng Ran and others have long been asked from Herz. If it weren't for the certainty that the Tiber family could not have known about things here, how could they be so bold?

However, they cannot communicate, but they can ask for help. Everyone can receive the distress signal, and the people around them can be attracted in the shortest possible time. Of course, the people attracted are not necessarily good people, but whether they are good or bad people, they will certainly be jealous after seeing the situation of the earth!

It happened that the earth is not the place where human beings can be taken away after being discovered, and it takes time to wait to get variation animals from here, not to mention the Tiber family eyeing up nearby…

Before departure, Wang Lao and others had already discussed the only feasible solution, that is to sign an agreement with people outside the Tiber family, the earth can provide variation animals, similarly, the earth should also be known!

Since there are laws in the universe that cannot harm intelligent creatures, as long as the existence of the earth is prepared, others will no longer be able to do whatever they want on earth! The Tiber family used to dare to do so many things, relying on, is it not the earth is unknown? They even used many methods to restrict the development of the earth…

"Yes, find it quickly!" Shi Qingyang immediately got to the point. Just as he was about to stand up, he felt a sharp pain on his waist: "My bone seems broken…"

"I know." Cheng Ran picked him up and said, "The medicine I gave you is for growing bones."

The beautiful woman is pregnant…No, it should be pregnant with the beautiful woman. Shi Qingyang is enjoying it very much. If it weren't for the wrong time and place at the moment, he would like to flirt.

However, he felt good, another person is not the same, before the battle, everyone else is ok, Ding Yingxin because rushed in front, accidentally injured, not only arm out of the question, even his leg has a lot of injuries, Ding Yifei and commercial aerospace rescued him, commercial aerospace just help him deal with the wound battle is over, so naturally holding him came along, halfway, he also woke up…

Ding Yingxin grew up so big that he has never been held by such a prince since he remembered. The person holding him was still the man who "seduced" his son whom he had always disliked!

His eyes were red at that time, but because of his serious injury, Shang Yahang also used radiation energy truncation method to him, making him completely unable to move…

The next step was to clean up the base, but it was impossible to let the wounded go. Shi Qingyang and Ding Yingxin were naturally placed beside them. When Shi Qingyang was put down, there was some regret. Ding Yingxin could not say how grateful he was.

"Master Shifu, Master Ding, I moved the therapeutic robot." A researcher got a machine to help Shi Qingyang scan it.

"Two broken ribs, a fart, a bone in the thigh…not bad." Shi Qingyang looked at it and breathed a sigh of relief. The fracture of the bone fits well. Obviously Cheng Ran has already helped him deal with it just now. Plus the potion, I'm afraid he will be fine after a two-day rest.

Now there is no other person in this alien base, he also need not worry about others.

Compared with Shi Qingyang, Ding Yingxin's injury is much more serious. Fortunately, he is not going to lose his life. He himself can get over it: "I have taken a power and prestige in front of so many people, but it is also worth it. In the future, I will be able to go back to take care of myself and accompany my wife well."

Shi Qingyang was thinking of a person: "I have a friend who did not have an arm before and later created a unique set of martial arts that can be used with one arm…"

Before Shi Qingyang's words were finished, Ding Yingxin, who had a light face just now, suddenly widened his eyes and grabbed his clothes with his intact hand: "Who is it? Who is that man? Speak quickly!"

"…" Who said just now to take care of themselves?

Of course, the alien affair has not been settled yet. They think these things too far…

Are radiation energy fighters, can use radiation energy to carry out cleaning dust, natural speed is very fast, Shi Qingyang lying down for half a day, and after eating a large box of compressed food, the base that was quickly smashed into powder by him, is almost cleared out.

Originally hiding in the capsule to return to the base of alien imitators, the upper part of the entire base has ceased to exist, now only the lower part of the base, fortunately, the base was built underground, so still keep a lot of things.

However, it is a great pity that they cannot use these things.

"Is it possible to get that guy Tiberias?" Zheng Gaoyuan, one of the most illiterate among all, vomited and asked.

As to why he vomited, it was because he found a "wine cabinet" in an apparently residential area, and also found a bottle of "wine" which was very high-grade at first sight. He wanted to taste the alien wine. He asked the scientific researchers for the testing device and took a sip after it was found to be nontoxic. He did not look at the following composition report at all…

This stuff is really not poisonous, but it is not wine, but a kind of skin care product. These aliens used skin protection in radiation environment…

He should drink the most expensive bottle, but as skin care products, no matter how expensive it is, it will not taste good.

"No, I can barely understand it." Cheng Ran, who was holding the translation machine, said: "And I don't think he will tell the truth. You know, although he said a lot before, it was also irrelevant. He hoped that we would fall into a trap…" This way, things can be done in areas completely free of radiation energy. Herz didn't say a word. As for other things…

If they had been caught before, other news would have been useless.

"Is there a distress device here?" Shi Qingyang asked.

"No, I'm afraid the Tiber did not leave anything for them to enter the stars or send long-distance signals in order not to let the people here betray." Cheng Ran frowned slightly: "Even the aircraft, according to the information I found, is very old and old. I'm afraid there is only a very short interplanetary voyage that can be carried out. It should…be unable to leave the solar system."

"What shall we do then?" Shi Qingyang froze.

"Maybe we can study one ourselves." A researcher with flashing eyes was excitedly fiddling with some instruments.

Shi Qingyang and Zheng Gaoyuan, who was still retching, looked up at these researchers suddenly.

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