Belong to the alien aircraft, completely unfamiliar to Shi Qingyang, he has mentioned the whole heart from the start.

If it weren't for he has reached the tenth level in the body radiation energy quantity is very much, if it weren't for him with enough potions, he would never dare to come here with Cheng Ran.

"Let's take an adventure together!" Shi Qingyang smiled at Cheng Ran. Before the laser attack came, he had already destroyed the launching port with the radiation in his body.

Ten radiation energy fighters, in fact, want to destroy a city alone is not difficult, that is, the alien's various high-tech weapons are too strong, will let a person have the feeling of unable to start just, those powerful weapons, it is impossible to use in aircraft.

Even if the aircraft is equipped with a bomb that can destroy the earth, it is impossible to use it against itself, and the attack on intruders in the aircraft is limited in power in order not to damage the spacecraft itself.

Shi Qingyang discovered this after a long walk and was almost ecstatic at that time. He was even more delighted when he found that violent radiation can be very effective for some high-tech facilities.

"Let's go down. The central control room of this spaceship should be there." Cheng Ran has been paying close attention to all kinds of words in the spacecraft, even guessing with Mongolia, but also understand a lot.

Shi Qingyang took Cheng Ran away from a laser attack and, by the way, formed a sharp needle from his radiation energy into the laser emitting port, completely destroying the emitting port, then directly broke the floor with the radiation energy and fell down.

Before he was outside, he only broke a small opening in the spaceship. That was because there was an energy shield outside, but now there is no one inside! Shi Qingyang took over Cheng Ran with one hand and poured himself a bottle of medicine with one hand, which suddenly accelerated the speed…

The whole country of China is very restless these days.

All the animals besieging the central city have been killed, but what happened here, once known by other cities in China, immediately caused quite a stir. At that time, there were all kinds of speculations.

The mainstream on the Internet is expressing dissatisfaction with the aliens, but there are also many people who doubt that the explanation given by the Chinese government to the public is false. Even many people think that the Chinese government has done something wrong that angered the aliens and will only provoke their revenge.

Some people who advocate aliens have even called on the Internet to get along well with aliens.

"Those people know what people from Edgar galaxy can see the news on the Internet and still lick on their knees!" Cheng Xuze watched the news on the Internet for a while and finally didn't resist throwing the tablet computer without camera and audio equipment on the ground for the sake of confidentiality.

Wang Lao gave him a look and continued to look calmly at his own one: "You have to calm down."

"Calm down? Where did I calm down?" Cheng Xuze took a deep breath.

"Anyhow, everyone who has seen Tiberias is already in custody." Now people crying and crying on the Internet to take refuge in aliens cannot bring them any influence at all.

"I know…" Cheng Xuze breathed a sigh of relief, at this time, he was thrown to the ground, even has broken the screen tablet suddenly a flash, and then changed a picture.

What is shown in this picture is a huge and lofty building, on top of which there is also a huge aircraft. Now, this aircraft is easily destroying all kinds of animals around it.

At this time, suddenly someone flew towards the aircraft and attacked it.

"It's Shi Qingyang!" Cheng Xuze saw this scene, suddenly stood up and quickly picked up the tablet on the ground. Since Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran and others left, they can no longer learn the slightest news of them. After such a long time, they have already been extremely worried, but now they really see the current picture, and this worry has instead intensified.

"I have one here…let's go outside and have a look." Wang Lao said, he took Cheng Xuze to the outside, only to find that all people are showing this picture.

"Is this taken before or now?" Cheng Xuze whole person quivered quiver, more and more worried, since the alien dare to put all this out, is it proof that he is a shoo-in?

Cheng Xuze's question does not require others to give an answer, because at this time, voices have been heard in the picture, and the alien is arrogantly telling Shi Qingyang and others that someone has surrendered to him, which is obviously live broadcast.

At the same time, after saying that, he even released a web address and a passage on the screen, saying that he would accept those who went to surrender as soon as possible.

The live broadcast continued, because all radiation energy was pumped away, and those who made China place high hopes and great reverence suddenly fell to the ground from the air.

Cheng Xuze waved the whole person, but Wang Lao, who had no radiation energy in his body, still stood straight and did not even shake his hands. He looked very calm: "It will be all right…"

The alien seems to have the absolute upper hand. Cheng Xuze believes that in a few minutes, even many people have surrendered to him!

Finally, some changes have taken place in the situation. Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran entered the aircraft. Outside, even the researchers went to the battlefield. Everyone was fighting for survival!

Unfortunately, in spite of this, the alien still holds the absolute upper hand, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran after entering the aircraft again silent, those attacks on the spacecraft, it seems that can't have too much damage to the spacecraft. Even before they are close, they have been scattered by attacks from spacecraft.

Not only that, everyone rushed in front of Ding Yingxin, even interrupted by one of the attacks, if it weren't for waiting outside at the beginning, with scientific research personnel attack Ding Yifei and commercial aerospace to save people, maybe will not have life.

Cheng Xuze even has not only trembled, he leaned against the wall and took several deep breaths. And at this time, from the huge aircraft, suddenly out of a small aircraft, toward the next base, at the same time, the huge aircraft, unexpectedly the whole trembling.

"what's the matter? Xiao Ran and Shi Qingyang…"Cheng Xuze suddenly stood up straight, tightly staring at the screen in front of him even dare not blink eyes, at the same time, he suddenly found out from the top of the aircraft rushed out of a person, his two hands up, and then there are a lot of visible radiation energy pouring down from above, these radiation energy in his hand condensed into a mountain, toward the bottom of the base is smashed in the past.

"Bang" a loud noise, at the bottom of the entire base shield was suddenly damaged, the entire base of the superstructure collapsed, toward the base of the small aircraft, in such a huge movement, has long disappeared, into dust.

"Who is that man?" Cheng Xuze froze, the picture is a little far, he can't see clearly, but the base…Before so many animals, there are nine masters to attack, it is intact, but now has become a pile of junk…

Such fighting capacity, even Shi Qingyang this level 10 can't have, suspended the man, who is it?

Seems to be in order to answer his question, the lens suddenly drew closer to the person still floating in mid-air, revealing Shi Qingyang's face. Only this lens flashed past, and the whole screen was completely black. After a while, Cheng Ran's face appeared on it: "Sorry, this thing is too high-tech, I'm not very good at using it…"

The whole of China, at this moment, suddenly broke out a huge cheers, originally crying people, suddenly can't help laughing more and more big, just some people, at this time was livid.

They seem to have just sent a message of defection…Even if Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran won this time, they only won one person. Aliens are all over the galaxy. How many more? They want to surrender, also for the sake of the safety of the people on earth, should, ok?

Cheng Xuze has no time to think about it now. His face is full of smiles and tears suddenly fall uncontrollably: "Lao Wang, it's okay! It's all right!"

Wang Lao was still standing calmly. Hearing this, he nodded slightly to him. Then he took the tablet in his hand and walked towards it, but he didn't want to take a few steps. He stumbled and fell to the ground.

The old man had a fall, but something very serious happened. He got up quickly and limped on.

Cheng Xuze froze, just want to say something, but heard the cry of does not belong to oneself, the moment closed his mouth.

On the other side, Shi Qingyang, who had just pulled off another blow, had gone down and then fell into a base full of debris.

At the same time, Cheng Ran, who once again interrupted the live broadcast, let the aircraft hit the nearby ground and finally stopped the aircraft before rushing out: "Shi Qingyang, are you all right?" Just now, he had a hard time figuring out how to get the live broadcast. He had just transferred to Shi Qingyang and found out with sharp eyes that Shi Qingyang's state was not quite right. In order to make this victory more inspiring to the people, and in order not to embarrass Shi Qingyang in front of the whole nation, he quickly cut off the shooting of Shi Qingyang and began to ponder how to stop the aircraft.

"There should be something…" Shi Qingyang clutching his waist, his protective clothing quality is very good, but his waist is going to break…

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