All of a sudden, there was no sound of explosions on the battlefield. Even though many animals came running here from a distance because of the smell of escape, they still seemed a bit too quiet.

Shi Qingyang moved forward quickly. He knew that there were many reasons for cheating, but this was their best time to attack…

Using the friction of radiation energy to make some negotiated sound, let Ding Yifei and commercial aerospace temporarily don't close to, he rushed out quickly, haven't close to, even have to mobilize the radiation energy in the air, and then countless radiation energy sword, began to shoot toward the same part of the aircraft.

Following those attacks, small balls of radiation energy quietly attached to the aircraft.

There is a protective shield on the aircraft, but the attacks by the top 10 players are not so easy to kill, let alone the amazing control of Shi Qingyang. All the attacks are also directed at the same area…

There was a loud noise and a hole had been made in the aircraft, but at the same time, the alien's smile spread out: "okay."

"Be careful!" Shi Qingyang wanted to attack, but he accepted his attack. At the same time, he felt that the radiation energy around him was getting thinner and thinner-in this large environment, the radiation energy was rapidly decreasing! As a result, people who were floating in mid-air are now falling down quickly!

Seeing that he was about to fall to the ground, Shi Qingyang hit the ground with his radiation energy in his body, finally slowing down the speed of his fall and falling lightly among the animals still running towards the base.

Humans have also developed some methods to filter out radiation energy and create a safe environment, but in the wild, it is absolutely impossible to find an area without radiation energy…Looking up at the sky, everyone's face is not very good.

"We in the Edgar galaxy are afraid of these radiation energy, but we have to go to a place full of radiation energy to collect evolutionary agents. We have developed protective clothing. In order to live comfortably, we have also developed such dispersal devices. How does it feel?" The cold voice of the machine rang again. Although there was no pitch fluctuation, it still made people feel the speaker's pride.

Advanced radiation energy fighters are all flying in the air, but they all depend on radiation energy to accomplish all this. Now, there is no radiation energy in a large area!

Although Shi Qingyang has a very large amount of radiation energy in his body after level 10, he does not rely on radiation energy in the air, and I'm afraid he can only cause some damage to the outer shell of the aircraft!

No, it's still that he overestimated himself. Now the device that absorbs radiation energy by some unknown principle is still in operation. If his attack is really sent out, it may be completely absorbed soon…

"No wonder Herz said so clearly about the situation and location of the base, he even knew there was such a place…" Cheng Ran whispered, all his performances were the same as those of Shi Qingyang and others, without showing any abnormalities.

When they questioned Herz, they avoided all networks. His identity, the aliens at this base, should not be known.

The voice of the translator rang again: "in fact, I've been waiting for you to come here, waiting for me to destroy all the strong and the most powerful among mankind. what is the fear of others? At that time, we can also sign a "peace" agreement, you know, now some people have indicated that they are willing to work for me."

Shi Qingyang Zheng soon understood each other's plan.

This time around, they can say that all the experts they nest, if all of them died here, China will no longer be able to organize a second attack in a short period of time.

Not only that, but now the only thing that China can make him fear is Tiberias. Even if he does blow up a city in China, I'm afraid the upper echelons of China, the people of China, will not dare to hurt Herz's life. At that time, in order to survive, maybe there will really be any "peace" agreement…

As for people who are willing to work for aliens…China has been at peace for a long time, and even if everyone is dissatisfied with the fact that they have become test subjects, they will still be willing to continue "peace" in this way.

"I don't know if you know or not, the situation here is being broadcast live throughout China. I want to show those people how vulnerable the so-called 10-level and 9-level strong are."

Shi Qingyang looked up at the huge aircraft. He knew the man and said the truth. He did have this ability. In front of absolute strength, they actually have no chance to resist!

But even so, they will not give up…moreover, this person in front of us, because he is powerful and arrogant…

This time Shi Qingyang and others deliberately brought with them scientific researchers to adapt to a high-tech product with their help. Before they came here, they had already imagined all kinds of results…At Cheng Ran Shi Qingyang, Cheng Ran sat on the ground with a full face of worry, and stretched out his hand and pressed an organ on their legs at the same time.

Their shoes are specially made, with strong power on them, which can push them forward quickly. When there is radiation energy assistance, it can make their speed extremely fast. Now there is no radiation energy assistance, but it may put them in danger.

But even so, still can try…

Shi Qingyang had been close to the aircraft before, even to the gap he had made with radiation energy.

There, he threw some chemicals wrapped in radiation energy before. The aircraft could always be detected at the first time, but they didn't know about the chemicals…He was locked up in the research institute of Feng family in his last life and wanted to escape with this kind of chemicals that can soften metals.

At the same time that the alien sent many robots from above the aircraft, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran together started the maximum power of the device on the body and rushed up at a speed exceeding the speed of sound.

Such a scene, obviously let the alien some unexpected, and more let him unexpected, I'm afraid is Shi Qingyang with a grenade broke the outer wall of his aircraft.

His aircraft used the hardest metal, before the Shi Qingyang ten full blow, also only left a small hole, now was a grenade tore open the defense?

Of course, at this time he was not too afraid, because the spacecraft has an automatic defense system, Shi Qingyang again strong, in the absence of radiation energy, it is impossible to have a chance to close to him.

However, he guessed wrong again!

Just when he thought nothing would happen, suddenly several small aircrafts approached him and began to attack. He hurriedly knocked them down, only to find that the aircrafts were unmanned.

This is not to mention, some missiles also began to launch towards him…After this alien hesitated, it suddenly occurred to him that in the place where there is no radiation energy, the science and technology on earth seems to be completely capable of remote control, and this time, in addition to Shi Qingyang and others, there are many scientific researchers!

There are foreign enemies outside, he could have been used as a hostage master all went into the underground, not to mention, his ship, also into the two enemies!

He connected the situation here to the network on the earth before, and now, those have turned into beating his own face!

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