Shi Qingyang had seen the appearance of this continent thousands of years ago from the scientific researchers who followed him on his way here. At that time, the world was full of birds and flowers, but now everything has changed.

For thousands of years, Chinese people who have gone out to explore may have set foot on this land, but no one has brought back the information of this continent to China. Therefore, all of this is completely new to Shi Qingyang and others.

In fact, they have already encountered many dangers at sea. Although many foreign animals avoid the mobile towns they drive, there are also some foreign animals who attack voluntarily. Fortunately, they are very strong, but now…

Shi Qingyang was not even sure whether the decision to come here was true or not. After all, he could not even deal with Herz one on one at the beginning. Here, these aliens had been operating for a long time.

"We will proceed as planned!" Cheng Ran said that copying the alien's lair was their only chance, and on the way, they had made a plan based on information provided by Herz. Now, their only advantage may be that they have learned a lot about the base from Herz and even seen some pictures.

"Go!" Shi Qingyang said, according to the plan, they will first try to let the animals on this road besiege the base, and then follow the animals to the base.

Yes, they copied the way the aliens used to deal with the central city. even, the potion they used to attract the animals to attack the shape base was obtained from Tiberias.

This plan seems simple, but it is not easy to implement. After all, most of them are unable to control foreign animals, while the defense of alien bases is very good.

Fortunately, they still have Cheng Ran.

Cheng Ran's life experience has now been revealed. At the same time, through genetic testing, it can be confirmed that his two genes, human and alien, are perfectly fused. Therefore, after confirming this point, they forced out their methods of using radiation energy from Tiberias.

The use of radiation energy by the people of Edgar galaxy is far older than that of human beings, but because their radiation energy is very stable, its usage is totally different.

Cheng Ran was unable to induce radiation energy in the air. In the previous years, the greatest use of radiation energy was in drug production and helping people sort out radiation energy. However, even so, perhaps it was because he lived on a planet full of radiation and often contacted radiation energy, instead of avoiding radiation energy like those aliens. His amount of radiation energy was very large, but in fact it was not weaker than Herz.

Herz can alone drive all kinds of animals to destroy the central city, Cheng Ran as long as he learns the right method, of course, also can.

As for the others…each of them is a master. now, although they can't compare with the people of Edgar galaxy in science and technology, the earth full of radiation is their battlefield! After Shi Qingyang reached the 10th grade, Herz would be shocked, which is also why.

They let human beings to promote the evolution of exotic animals, observe the evolution of human beings, and from time to time catch a few people for research…But they never dare to let human evolution be too strong and finally threaten them.

Shi Qingyang has already handed over the hiding method he learned from Shang Yan to others, and they have just set foot on this land. Not only that, they also choose to drill into the soil from time to time to ensure that these aliens cannot track them-for them, it is absolutely the simplest thing to want to dig a hole in the ground with radiation.

Now, they are in a burrow, and the place is still very spacious because of digging and finally digging into the nest of some strange animal.

The exotic animals to which this cave belongs are not recorded in China's "Encyclopedia of Exotic Animals". However, it is obviously an exotic animal. The cave it dug was covered with a lot of hay and cultivated some fungi. Most of them were intended to give birth to offspring. Unfortunately, before they could arrange their nests, some creatures they had never seen were all in the same pot. These guys took over their place, killed them, and took their cramps and skinning as dinner.

"These two animals contain no toxin except radiation energy and can be eaten." A researcher finally said after examining the meat on his hand with his hand instrument, and his voice just fell. Shang Yahang had cut off a large piece of meat quickly and put it on the fire to roast.

Shi Qingyang also picked a piece but did not bake it directly on the fire like Shang Yahang did. Instead, he put a barbecue grill on the fire before putting the sliced meat on it. Finally, he even put a protective cover on his head to prevent the meat from being polluted.

"Eldest brother, you are so virtuous!" Ding Yifei knew at a glance that Shi Qingyang cooked the meal for Cheng Ran, sighing that just after the words were spoken, a piece of roast meat was stuffed into his mouth, and his words were vague: "Hot…Are you jealous of Xiaohang again? To kiss a…"

This joyous appearance…Shi Qingyang took one look at Ding Yifei, but his men quickly handled the meat slices until they had baked a large basin full of meat before they took the meat to another cave beside them. Here, those researchers are drawing maps, calculating the amount of potions they have at hand, and then repackaging them one by one, with Cheng Ran among them.

Of course, the roast meat made by Shi Qingyang is not all for Cheng Ran, but also for these researchers. Although they brought enough compressed food, but no one would want to eat hot roast meat, it happened that the field direct fire roast, has a strong radiation of food, for these strength is not strong scientific research personnel is difficult to accept.

Ding Yifei and others are all masters. No one would have thought that these researchers also need food. Even if they did, it would not be possible to take the time to help them bake. Shi Qingyang simply did a little more.

"Let's all have some after dinner." Shi Qingyang put down the plate covered with the protective cover and put a bigger protective cover outside to isolate radiation energy.

"Thank you, Master Shifu!" Several researchers looked at this, all a little flattered, after Cheng Ran took his share, just divide the rest, and then eat it.

Some of them have never even left the city, but now they have come to such a distant place and have carried out the action of narrowly escaping death. one can imagine how uneasy they are now, but now they are eating barbecue and are calmer.

How do they say they are all scientific research personnel, do not have to go to the front line, and even have the hope of sailing back. Shi Qingyang and others are the real main force facing the danger. These full-name heroes will encounter greater risks than they do, and they naturally have no reason to be discontented.

"When will all be ready?" Shi Qingyang looked at several small animals controlled by Cheng Ran beside him and asked, meekly lying at his feet.

"Before tomorrow…we can attack tomorrow." Cheng Ran said.

"good." Shi Qingyang nodded, stretched out his hand and shook Cheng Ran's hand.

The next day, the attack officially began.

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran hid under a strange beast and began to run around the base built by the Tiber family at a distance. Cheng Ran controlled the strange beast to send the liquid medicine that can cause the beast tide to the vicinity of the base, while others moved forward in several directions from tens of meters deep underground.

The attack was both false and real, bright and dark. After that, they also discussed several other countermeasures to deal with different situations.

The Tiber family base has been very quiet the other day, but when countless animals ran towards them, they responded quickly. All kinds of bombs went around quickly, blowing the vicinity of the base into a piece of flat ground. Where the bombs fell, there were even numerous huge pits more than 10 meters deep.

This is what Edgar galaxy has!

Shi Qingyang's heart was shocked again. The Tiber family had left behind human beings for the sake of experiment and ecological balance. If they had not solved these people, would they have destroyed human beings completely?

Took a deep breath, Shi Qingyang let go of the idea, hold up the shield to block a bomb flying towards them-now, he just need to do the things in front of you!

"Where are you? If you dare to come here, you are asking for your own death!" The cold and emotionless voice from the translator seemed to reverberate along the whole road. That was when an aircraft hundreds of times bigger than the small aircraft Herz was riding suddenly appeared over the base. At the same time, all kinds of carpet bombs stopped.

There are still foreign animals running towards the base, but the people in the base completely ignored all this. Shi Qingyang saw this scene and hugged Cheng Ran: "Let's go!"

Being mixed with foreign animals and close to the foundation makes it much easier for them to do things. On the other hand, these aliens are likely to be tied behind their backs. According to Herz, the foundation has been built for thousands of years and has various equipment inside. They want to leave and monitor the planet. In this case, they will not dare to use any kind of thermal weapons.

Shi Qingyang thought of this, and this time, Ding Yifei and others have also been close to the base from the ground.

The entire base is almost entirely of iron and steel walls, with no dead corners. They have no way to enter the base from the ground and can only come to the ground.

Also don't know why, the aliens in the aircraft did not send any attack at this time…

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