Many exotic animals can fly, but human beings can only come into the air with masters above grade 8. Because of this, the exotic animals in the air have always been dealt with by the city's thermal weapons. Just because of the fear of damaging the protective cover, too powerful thermal weapons cannot be used, a large number of exotic animals have gathered over the city.

Shi Qingyang gave up his hand at this time. Radiation energy above the central city condensed into numerous huge crescent-shaped blades in his hand. These blades whirled around him quickly. Where he passed, all the animals were cut into two pieces. The bodies of the animals fell down like rain.

Many bodies of exotic animals have been piled up on the protective cover of the central city, but the camera outside still clearly recorded all this, so that people in the city can see the strength of the top ten experts.

When everyone looked at the scene from bottom to top, they were even worried that the fallen animals would break the protective cover and fall on their heads. However, at this time, the fallen animals were caught by a web of radiation energy, and then all the bodies were thrown outside.

China has made several sci-fi films, and there have been ten-level masters in one film. When shooting, the director used many special effects to express the power of ten-level masters. At the beginning, many people felt that the special effects of the movie were exaggerated. Even if there were ten-level experts, they could not be so strong. However, by now, everyone knows that the real ten-level experts are far more impressive than the ones shown in the movie.

"There are fewer and fewer foreign animals gathering here. Communications have been repaired. As long as all people are united, the beast tide will definitely be eliminated!" Shi Qingyang's voice spread out along with the tremor of radiation energy. People outside the city could hear it clearly. People in the city seemed to be listening to the sound through the equipment.

"We have a top 10 player, we will be fine!"

"With so many experts, this difficulty will surely pass!"

What is "animals? We'll all go out and kill each other. We'll freeze before we finish eating!"


All kinds of voices appeared on the Internet. At that time, everyone was full of morale, and more and more people chose to leave the city.

A young man who had been studying at the Radiation Energy School before and had never been outside the city hugged his mother and left the city without looking back in his treasured combat uniform.

A beautiful girl changed her skirt, tied up her hair, and found her boyfriend who was going out of town: "Don't forget, I am also a radiation fighter!"

A rich man, though of high rank, who was afraid of death and pain and had not fought with foreign animals before, put on several layers of combat uniforms and rushed out with his bodyguards: "Those damned foreign animals, they destroyed my farm, and I must let them blood out!"

Not long ago, China was still worried about the reluctance of many radiation fighters to go out of the city to hunt. Now, all the people in the central city, as long as they were capable of fighting, have gone out of the city.

The strong go ahead while the weak take charge of the medicine and clear up the battlefield. The huge battle line is pulled apart along the outer wall of the central city. Human beings begin to push forward slowly. Although there is no professional command in many places, everything is in good order.

Shi Qingyang quietly looked at the scene after handling the animals lying on the protective cover. He knew that everyone was united now. In that case, the animals outside the city would definitely be cleaned up.

After looking for a while, he looked back at the people around him: "Let's go."

This time, in addition to Cheng Xuze and Fan Jia, the rest of the nine masters will also follow him to the Tiber family base, even some eight masters will follow, and in addition, there are specialized scientific research personnel, top talents in various fields to follow.

This time, it is not only the central city, or China's things, if you don't solve the problem of aliens, all mankind will have a problem!

According to Tiberias, the Tiber family's stronghold on the earth is just above a continent surrounded by sea on the south side of the mainland of China. Before the catastrophe, the road was sparsely populated, and after the catastrophe, there were many exotic animals there.

However, although there are many foreign animals, the human beings there are not unable to survive, but the Tiber family has a crush on the continent, and finally the human beings on the continent are naturally not left.

The mainland is not very far from China. Before the disaster, it didn't take much time to fly, but now, it is difficult to get past it. The only thing to be thankful for is that they set out with a very strong team. With their personnel, as long as they don't meet those aliens on the road, they basically don't have to worry about danger. At the same time, with so many strong people, they are advancing at a very fast speed.

Wang Lao provided a large mobile town. The mobile town will take them to the seaside. At the same time, the mobile town will also carry two ships. After arriving at the seaside, they will continue to drive the mobile town at first. If there is any problem with the mobile town, they will go by boat.

Originally, to go to the base, Tiberias's aircraft is the best choice, but the aircraft has been damaged, and they have no tools to repair it, and finally the only thing they can do is to remove a navigator from the aircraft with Tiberias's help-in fact, just a navigator has almost made their scientific researchers helpless.

"How is it?" Seeing Cheng Ran coming out of the research office in the mobile town, Shi Qingyang asked.

"The route has been basically determined." Cheng Ran said that as soon as he had finished speaking, the translator in his hand had already translated what he said into the official language of Edgar galaxy.

"This is good. I hope there will be no problems on the way." Shi Qingyang glanced at Cheng Ran's translator. If there was no accident, Cheng Ran took it and wanted to learn that language.

"Should not, before to wang threatened the base with" hull, I can see you, they value "hull, or, should be they value every countryman. In this case, they will not rashly attack us." Cheng Ran said that he had talked with Tiberias carefully and learned a lot about the Edgar galaxy. The Ager galaxy is generally peaceful, because with the development of science and technology, everyone's rights can be fully protected and they are more concerned about their own safety.

Just like before the catastrophe, countries with fast economic development fought with small and weak countries. People in small and weak countries may not be afraid of life and death, and people around the dead will not care too much. However, soldiers in developed countries may only die for a few people, and some people will protest, causing a great stir. In the Edgar galaxy, dead people are not easy to explain, let alone Tiberias themselves.

"That's good…" Shi Qingyang hugged Cheng Ran, resting his chin on Cheng Ran's shoulder. He had a big war with Herz before, and his injury was not good enough. In order to reassure the people, he performed another show violently. Now he even feels overdrawn.

If he hadn't been able to recuperate on the long journey, he would have poured all kinds of medicine into his mouth now.

"Don't worry, because the earth is too far away, they can't directly contact the people of Edgar galaxy. We still have time." Cheng Ran hugged Shi Qingyang back, and the radiation energy in the body also entered Shi Qingyang's body, helping Shi Qingyang to sort it out.

Shi Qingyang broke free quickly: "I'm fine, you should be fine too, and you can't waste your energy."

"Go back to your room and have a rest first. Don't be tired." Cheng Ran kissed Shi Qingyang on the face.

"You go with me." Shi Qingyang took Cheng Ran's hand. He didn't want to do anything at this time, but as long as he was with Cheng Ran, he could have a good rest.

Cheng Ran hesitated for a moment and finally nodded: "ok."

The two lived in the middle of a small mobile town. On the way in the past, they also met Shang Yahang chasing Ding Yifei. Ding Yifei cried bitterly when he fled, but he still had time to sneak back into Shang Yahang's chest…They all knew what they would face next. Is this a way to relax?

"However, relax and don't think too much." Shi Qingyang patted Cheng Ran on the shoulder. Although the atmosphere had been very tense before, he noticed that Cheng Ran was too quiet.

Suddenly know their origin, Cheng Ran mood even very complex.

"As long as you are by my side." Cheng Ran smiled. When he was talking to the researchers who went with him, those people had asked him about his life experience and wanted to find a breakthrough. This made his mood not very good, but now, his mood is calm again.

As long as he is with Shi Qingyang, he will be satisfied enough, and no matter what they will face next, as long as they do their best, naturally they will have a clear conscience.

This evening, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran unexpectedly rested very early, and the next morning, their mobile town had already left the land and arrived at the sea.

On land, the mobile town is very safe, but the speed is not particularly fast, but on the sea it is just the opposite, because no one knows what is in the sea, the mobile town is likely to be very dangerous at sea, but because the mobile town can be propelled by radiation energy fighters at sea, its speed will be faster than ever before.

Shi Qingyang arranged people to take turns to protect the mobile town with radiation energy and to use tactical skills to push the mobile town forward, making the whole mobile town seem to float on the sea.

At the beginning, Shi Qingyang was very worried about being attacked, even worried that a bomb would fall from the air and destroy them. But in fact, the journey was very quiet. Three days later, when his body returned to its peak state, they also came to the land that the Chinese had not set foot on for nearly one thousand years.

Over the past thousand years, China has actually tried to explore the outside world countless times, but those who go out have always gone back and forth, making human beings gradually begin to fear the sea. Now think about it, the sea may not be so dangerous. What is really dangerous is aliens who monitor the whole planet, treat human beings as experimental objects and imprison them in a small area.

Now, he will face those directly.

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