Tiberias felt sick all over and for the first time felt that he was going to die.

He is a side branch of the Tiber family. If it weren't for those who are willing to come here to get the evolutionary potion, he would never have come to this extremely harsh place on earth. He thought that he could go back as long as he endured for a period of time, and then he could return to the civilized world. However, he never thought that such a thing would happen!

These earth people's guess is right, they really can't do evil, Edgar galaxy alone, there are laws and regulations that can't start work on the planet that has been produced by civilization, let alone in this universe, there is more than one galaxy, Edgar galaxy, and in Edgar galaxy, the Tiber family is not the top family.

If it weren't for the remoteness of the earth's location, they wouldn't have dared to do such a thing, and after they did such a thing, they were afraid of being discovered.

In order to avoid being discovered by other people, they even placed some asteroids with that magical radiation energy in the asteroid belt near the earth. It was entirely natural that they forged that the earth would become like this. They discovered the earth only after the earth became like this. This is also the reason why they are never willing to let human beings see them and know their existence.

Over the past thousand years, the Tiber family has not sent many people to the earth. In order not to attract attention, there are dozens at most. After being on the right track, they have been reduced to several directly. Their work is also very simple. It is nothing more than using machines to filter information from various countries of the human race, and then through special devices around the world, looking for mutating animals and catching them from time to time.

Because the places where the mutant animals appear are generally far away from human beings, they seldom deal with human beings. In view of the fact that humans are often required to clean up when there is a flood of exotic animals, they actually have no malice towards human beings.

However, although they have no malice towards human beings, they do not allow human beings to know the existence of the mutant animals, nor do they allow human beings to know their existence. Once human beings know it, they will try to kill all human beings who may know it.

Before Xia Junliang announced the training plan for the gifted, they only thought it was Xia Junliang who found the mutant animals. They were not proficient in the Chinese language, but since there were problems, they needed to respond. Coupled with the fact that the central city was developing faster and faster, they were worried. They decided to destroy the central city.

Such a plan, combined with potions and high-tech products that can attract foreign animals, can be carried out perfectly by himself without leaving any traces. However, he never thought that an accident would happen.

Edgar galaxy has been at peace for a long time. The greatest function of evolutionary medicine is to prolong life. Although he has learned a lot of fighting methods, he has little actual combat experience, and there has never been a life-and-death battle. Under such circumstances, he is very worried about Master Qingyang even if he has been in the upper hand all the time.

Cheng Ran's behavior is completely beyond his expectation.

Tiberias looked at Cheng Ran and became more and more scared: "What did you give me to drink?" Chinese people use all kinds of miscellaneous things to make medicine, in their view is poison!

"You first tell me who this person is and whether you have any constraints." Cheng Ran has fixed the picture of the mysterious man before he died, pointing to the prisoner in front of him.

Tiberias only felt that his mouth was full of strange smell. he was silent for a moment and finally said, "that man is a star law enforcer." If he doesn't say now, he still doesn't know what kind of torture he will suffer, but instead he said…what if he did? It is impossible for human beings to leave the earth and have no chance to contact with higher civilization.

"I didn't come to earth when that happened, and I didn't know the specific situation. I only knew that 30 years ago, the interstellar law enforcers discovered the earth. the man didn't contact us in the first place, but he stayed behind and watched for a long time. finally, he found us and let us stop this illegal act. at that time, the predecessors on the earth fought with him. we suffered huge losses, but he still ran away, but later we determined that he was dead, so we didn't continue to track down." Tiberias's teeth chattered, but he still told the story. However, he did not make it clear completely. For example, the interstellar law enforcer, his route is not simple. Over the years, his family has been looking for him. As a result, they have become more and more careful in their travel to and from the earth. Fewer and fewer people are sent to the earth, lest someone in the Tiber family should be missing for a long time and remind others of something.

The man was dead, and they later cleaned up all traces of his existence, but who would have thought that these humans had found him? What makes him despair even more is that these human beings have even made experiments with that person's genes!

"Where is your base? How many people do you have on earth?" Shi Qingyang glanced at the silent Cheng Ran, continued.

They only conducted their interrogation for three hours. After they learned some news, Tiberias was handed over to specialized interrogation experts. In the following time, he will try all kinds of interrogation methods.

This alien, who knew at a glance that he had not suffered much, will have a difficult time in the coming days. Of course, the people in the central city will also have a difficult time.

There are a total of three aliens on the earth. Now, although the other two aliens did not continue to attack because they had prisoners, nor did they use Tiberias's mouth to destroy the entire central city's hot weapons at one time, the beast tide did not stop. The foreign animals outside the city still exist, and the economic losses caused by these foreign animals are extremely large.

"Let the engineers repair the contact fiber, let the researchers study the alien's equipment, especially the contact equipment, and let everyone else fight the beast tide!" As soon as Wang Lao went out, he immediately said, the people around him also left one after another.

At this time, Wang Lao looked at Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran again: "Are you two willing to take people to the alien stronghold?" They now have two ways to deal with it, one is to delay the matter and the other is to take the initiative.

Now they have no advantage except to have a prisoner. Things will only get worse as they drag on. In that case, the best way is to take the initiative.

"Yes." Shi Qingyang said directly that there were no eggs under the cover of the nest. The current situation is really urgent. If they don't make moves at this time, I'm afraid there will be no chance at all.

"I'd love to." Cheng Ran nodded. Before, he was worried that his gene provider would be directly the enemy of human beings. Now he knows it is not, and it is much easier.

"Then let's make preparations first!" Wang Lao said.

When they were interrogating the alien, the people outside had already united together to resist the foreign animals outside the city. Even some people who had been injured and physically disabled in Qinghe Tavern came down to the city under the leadership of their leader with only one arm.

Zheng Gaoyuan, as a master of the 8th grade, occupied a large area and used the most skilled radiation explosion technique he used over and over again. Given that all animals were in front of him, such attacks did not even need to worry about hurting others by mistake.

"Zheng Shao, now there is no alien, the number of animals has not increased, should we move forward?" Someone asked Zheng Gaoyuan behind him.

"good!" Zheng Gaoyuan nodded, and the radiation burst was sent out at a faster speed. However, before long he had advanced, someone came up with the recorder. Only Shi Qingyang's words were in it: "Assemble on the shield of the central city."

On the other side of the central city, Ding Yingxin reaped the animals around him faster. clearly he was already an old man, but he did not forget to brush his handsome face. he just did the same thing. Shi Qingyang was handsome when he did it, but he looked strange when he did it. let alone he reaped while he did not forget to talk to people: "grade 9 is great. now the world seems to be under my control."

"Master Ding, you are really good. You can reach Grade 9. Is it really because of Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang?" Next to the two level 8 compliment, also asking for information, they seemingly happy for Ding Yingxin, the in the mind has been jealous of very anxious to Ding Yingxin set a sack to play a meal-clearly before everyone half a catty, Ding Yingxin actually level 9 now! And his son, they made fun of him when he was a teacher, but now he is in Grade 10. They also made fun of him when he married a man. As a result, the man is now in Grade 9.

Why didn't they let their son and grandson try it out when they were blind?

"Of course, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran are masters. My eyes have always been very good." Ding Yingxin was elated and suppressed for several years. Now he can finally show off. His excitement is beyond comparison.

Where is your vision? Clearly is your son's! Those people wanted to know more about the situation, so they had to continue listening to Ding Yingxin show off. when someone came running from the city: "master ding, gather on the central city shield!"

Many people received this news. More and more people were on the guard. Shi Qingyang appeared in front of the public again at this time.

Seeing Shi Qingyang again and thinking that Shi Qingyang has reached level 10, almost all the people were excited and cheered loudly. after knowing that there were aliens in this world, Shi Qingyang was almost regarded as a spiritual pillar by them. they were eager to see Shi Qingyang show their strength.

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