The scales on the wings of the moth beast are actually a little toxic. Shi Qingyang didn't notice that such a strong alien would not be afraid of such a little toxin at the beginning. Later, they hated the alien very much and naturally no one was willing to help him clean up.

This alien is afraid of radiation outside Liancheng. Now think about it, the scales of moth beast…The alien's skin is all black because of exposure to radiation, plus he has been stripped naked outside the city and stained with the blood of many foreign animals. Looking at it, he feels miserable. I'm afraid he feels even worse.

Sure enough, all of a sudden, the alien collapsed and said something at random, which was soon translated by the translator: "What did you do to me? I feel very uncomfortable. Am I going to die?"

"As long as you tell us what you know, nothing will happen," Wang Lao said." What's your name? Is it from Edgar galaxy?"

"My name is Tiberias." Alien silence for a moment, grind way. People on the earth can't leave the planet at all, as long as he can escape, not afraid of exposure, with base missiles can kill all the people on the earth in an instant, even if will know all said, should also nothing important.

Tiberias? This strange-sounding name was transliterated by a translator. Wang Lao read it silently and then smilingly looked for someone. People brought a lot of equipment that can monitor a person's physical condition. This equipment is also called a lie detector.

Although he is not sure whether the alien has received anti-torture training or not, or even whether everything he shows is fake, what should be done is still to be done.

Everyone was full of curiosity, but in the end, no one expected to ask such amazing news from this person's mouth…

"How many people do you Edgar galaxies have on earth? What exactly do you want to do to the earth? Do you want to invade the earth?" Under Wang Lao's signal, Shi Qingyang came forward to ask. The first question was the online speculation on the purpose of these aliens.

"The earth's environment is so bad, how can we invade the earth?" The alien immediately spoke and wiped his body with a blanket. Everyone saw this step, but no one sympathized.

"So, you came to the earth just for the kind of exotic animal whose radiation is completely different from other exotic animals?" Cheng Ran suddenly asked, seeing the other party's face changed after listening to the translation, and asked: "You also have radiation energy in your body, which should come from this strange beast. According to some legends, your days on earth are probably not short…Is it because of you that the earth has become like this?"

Cheng Ran's guess was just as bold as Wang Lao's guess that the alien was a mysterious person. However, when people present saw the unnatural expression of the alien, they suddenly felt that it might be true.

This is indeed true. The current situation of the earth is related to the alien in front of us. They have asked the alien for a long time and even found experts in this field and finally pieced together a result.

Edgar galaxy is a very large galaxy. thousands of years ago, people in Edgar galaxy discovered a planet with living things on it. on that planet, it was full of radiation energy like that on the earth today. on that planet, most of the living things have violent radiation energy like ordinary exotic animals on the earth, but a few have mutated like queens and centipedes encountered by Shi Qingyang and have very peaceful radiation energy.

The people of the Edgar system will record every newly discovered planet, so even if the environment on that planet is extremely bad for the people of the Edgar system, they will be injured due to radiation at any contact, but they still send people to this planet and catch the animals on that planet to go back to study.

The initial research result is that the radiation on that planet and even the plants and animals with radiation will make people in Edgar galaxy suffer from pathological changes, while that planet should be impacted by asteroids with strong radiation in the surrounding asteroid belt before such a thing happens.

As a result, the people in the Edgar galaxy threw the planet away, leaving only one zoologist who was keen on studying all kinds of magical animals in the world still visiting the planet from time to time. As a result, one day, the zoologist suddenly brought back an animal with different energy from other animals, and said that some changes had taken place in the whole person after he ate the animal.

At that time, the people of Edgar galaxy carefully studied the animal and the zoologist, and then found out that the zoologist had produced a magical substance in his body, which improved his whole body and greatly prolonged his life.

Later, the substances extracted from that animal were called evolutionary agents by the people in the Edgar galaxy. Over time, they increasingly felt the benefits of evolutionary agents, but there were too few animals to make evolutionary agents, so the number of people in the Edgar galaxy was very small.

Thousands of years later, the people of the Edgar galaxy managed to cultivate several planets full of radiation, but the effect was not good, and the price of evolutionary medicine remained high. That was when the Tiber family of the Edgar galaxy discovered the earth.

At that time, although human beings had already begun to explore other planets, they had not found any alien civilization. More importantly, the pollution on the earth was serious at that time. The quality of both water and air was extremely poor, but perhaps it was due to subtle influences. Human beings and some animals on the earth actually adapted well. Under the action of successive pesticides, some very small insects became more and more resistant to toxins and the like…

The living environment of the people in Edgar galaxy was very good. In their view, the earth at that time was a place full of toxic substances and could cause people to die. However, it was such a place that human beings were still living very well and many animals were active on the planet.

A planet that has run out of resources and is unfit for living is of no value to them unless something else is developed.

As a result, they had the idea of "cultivating" the planet. They found fragments of the asteroid belt filled with radioactive substances and dropped them on the earth, killing large areas of animals on the earth.

At that time, insects evolved very fast, but obviously not enough. Moreover, insects plant food far more than meat. As soon as they evolved, plants were almost completely eaten by them.

It was at this time that they suddenly discovered that human beings who were not taken seriously by them had also begun to adapt to this harsh environment…They had originally regarded the earth as a huge research laboratory. Seeing this, they simply helped human beings, made human beings their objects of observation, and, by the way, also let human beings and animals compete with each other to promote the evolution of both sides.

Hundreds of years ago, animals were far less big and strong than they are now. Hundreds of years ago, the strongest human beings were only five and six levels…

This one thousand years, human beings and animals have always been mutual restriction and evolution, this situation, of course, also provides them with a lot of convenience, they are looking for the kind of variation animals, also can't find one from the beginning of ten years, now 35 can find one from time to time.

Of course, even if now they find a lot of variation animals, developed a lot of potions, on the whole Edgar galaxies, that is nothing.

"Our technology is far better than that of the earth. It is very simple to destroy a planet. If you hurt me, the whole earth will be destroyed!" Tiberias looked at several people in front of him and gasped: "I am not breathing well and my whole body hurts. you should help me to treat it immediately."

Shi Qingyang has fallen into silence. He knew long ago that after confirming that the person in front of him is an alien, he would probably know some amazing things, but he didn't expect to get such an answer.

He was imprisoned in the research institute in his last life and hated the research institute deeply. Cheng Ran was born in the research institute and had no good feeling for the research institute. But now, someone actually told him that the whole earth is just a research place for them. All human beings and all animals are their experimental products.

He thought he was free, but in fact, all of them were in a huge cage.

There is no doubt that after the catastrophe, there was no communication outside the city and human beings could no longer go to heaven. There was a reason for radiation, but more, it should still be because of these aliens in front of us. They isolated the earth from the world and made human beings only use it in the city even though they have been developing science and technology.

Shi Qingyang looked at the lie detector beside him. As long as the alien in front of him paid attention to his wound, his mood would fluctuate greatly. When he spoke, his mood would also rise and fall. Obviously, he had no relevant training, which was enough to prove that he was telling the truth.

However, even if he is telling the truth, I am afraid he has reservations, because in the current situation, there are still some things that cannot be explained.

For example, these aliens seem to be very worried about being discovered by human beings. They have also been hiding well. Moreover, they are so powerful, equipped with so many things, and still cherish their lives. How can the provider of half of Cheng Ran's genes, the mysterious man, die in the wild and nobody cares?

Some of these alien practices are clearly unwilling for the people on the earth to find them. Otherwise, it should not be difficult for them to keep all the people on the earth in captivity, destroy all the high technology on the earth, and treat human beings as if they were confined to their homes and treated the experimental products outside the city. But they didn't do it, just don't let the people on the earth have the opportunity to leave the earth…

Shi Qingyang thought of it, and Cheng Ran also thought of it, of course. He glanced at Shi Qingyang and organized his speech: "You are such a threat to us, but I'm afraid you can't do it? There are laws on the earth that cannot bully the weak. It is illegal for some people to do human experiments with criminals without identities outside the city. Can Edgar galaxy do experiments with any planet? Moreover, if you do this, it is really legal, what is this?"

Cheng Ran asked as he took out the video that Xia Junliang had taken out from Feng Linqiu, which recorded the death of another "father".

Tiberias saw this picture and suddenly his face changed greatly. In an instant, his eyes turned over and he fainted. Obviously, he was not pretending.

After being caught, he was under great psychological pressure and was injured, which naturally made him unable to support himself. However, his dizzy state relieved the others present.

If the aliens in front of us are really as fierce and reckless as he said, then there is no chance that human beings have won them and no chance to fight. However, if the other side also has scruples, then they still have a chance to fight.

Shi Qingyang looked at the data on the polygraph and was thinking about whether he should be watered. He saw Cheng Ran step forward and poured a bottle of medicine directly into the other person's mouth.

The naked alien woke up quickly: "What did you give me?"

"What do you think it is?" Cheng Ran looked at each other with a straight face. what he gave the man was a refreshing drug with him. the effect was very good, but the taste was not very good, I'm afraid.

As for what this person will think, then he does not know.

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