When the mysterious man was caught, Shi Qingyang, worried, immediately began to strip his equipment until he stripped the whole person naked. This scene, of course, also appeared in front of the whole central city.

Wang Lao touched his beard and coughed a few times-this alien, although it looks a little different from human beings, but its parts are very similar to human beings. No wonder their genes can fuse with human genes.

There are many people with the same ideas as Wang Lao. Shi Qingyang, after all this, could not help but look at the whole body of the alien. he found that after Cheng Ran was looking at the person who had been stripped by himself, he quickly threw a piece of wings torn off from a dead animal at the key part of the person. then he took special equipment and scanned the person to see if there was anything hidden in the person.

When doing all this, Shi Qingyang has been wearing a thick protective cover on himself and Cheng Ran for fear that something on that person might explode, but in the end such a thing did not happen. Although some parts taken from the man once sounded similar alarm sounds, there was no explosion or the like, just something was ringing all the time.

The thing that was ringing rang for a long time, and suddenly came the Chinese language: "human beings, you'd better release our people quickly, or our bombs will destroy the whole earth immediately."

This time the sound is completely mechanical, hear the sound, Shi Qingyang is understood-these mysterious people should not be Chinese language, all rely on translation machine, before the sound of the machine, perhaps is which mysterious people through remote equipment in threatening them, but the man forgot to bring the translator at the beginning, then change.

I don't know where the people who said this are and how many mysterious people there are.

Shi Qingyang did not speak, but the voice of the translator came out again: "You can't let him be exposed to radiation. You are abusing prisoners. If our people have an accident on earth, we will definitely destroy the planet."

I always feel a little weird when threatening words are sent out by a cold translation machine, but when he comes out, he actually confirms that he should be an alien.

It turns out that the person who triggered the beast tide was actually an alien! At that time, all the people in the central city who were paying attention to this matter were stunned.

"We can't go into the air. We can't break through the atmosphere. The exploration of space can't go on before the catastrophe. Is it because of these aliens?" Some people raised such questions and won the support of countless people in an instant.

At the same time, there are countless people finally react at this time, began to apologize to Cheng Ran, delete their previous online accused Cheng Ran-according to the situation just now, Cheng Ran is clearly deliberately close to the alien, and then win him at one stroke, but they misunderstood…

Cheng Ran didn't add trouble at all. He was a great contributor to this incident! Without Cheng Ran, Shi Qingyang would not have won the mystery man!

Just, Cheng Ran is not ordinary people? Why can he become so strong?

All kinds of speculations emerge in endlessly on the Internet, and this time, Shi Qingyang has returned to the city with the mysterious man.

And he will do so, completely because the mysterious person's skin, after contact with radiation in the wild, unexpectedly began to turn black.

This man clearly has strong radiation energy, and the radiation energy outside the city is nothing to him, but it happened that such a thing happened and there was no resistance to the radiation.

Now those animals are still attacking the city, Shi Qingyang is very clear, in front of this person if something really happened, I'm afraid the central city will really be destroyed, this time, he must treat prisoners well.

At the same time, from the prisoner, maybe they will know a lot of things.

There are still many exotic animals outside the city, but without the mysterious people, the people have relaxed a lot. At the same time, many people have discovered amazing things.

In all directions of the central city, there are nine masters!

Ding Yingxin, Cheng Hui, Ding Yifei and Shang Yahang all reached Grade 9. Even Zheng Gaoyuan was already a Grade 8 strong man!

How did these people upgrade?

The people in the central city were all shocked, but at the same time, they also raised strong hopes. after seeing that there were still a group of powerful young people in the Cheng family, they were even more admired.

Not long ago, Xia Junliang's research made them very excited. When Xia Junliang clashed with Cheng family, many people directly sided with Xia Junliang, but now they think they are blind.

What is Xia Junliang? He just had a chance to make a gifted child. I don't know if there will be a problem with the gene, but what about Cheng family?

Cheng Xuze is so old, suddenly rose to level 9, Ding Yingxin is only his son worship the teacher Qingyang as a teacher, as a result, father and son both reached level 9, and Zheng Gaoyuan, the fat man who was disdained and hated ten years ago, has now become a strong level 8, look at the current situation, I'm afraid he rose to level 9 is only a matter of time.

There are also those young masters who followed Cheng family out. No one recognized these people at first, but now they do. These people are not the young people who were rescued from outside the city and were treated by Feng Linqiu as experimental products and did not even inject the radiation inducer? Some of them, originally just spoke the almighty, talent is very poor for a lifetime can't become a spoke the fighter, can only help Cheng family see medicine garden in Anhang city, now unexpectedly all five and six levels…

What is Xia Junliang? The Cheng family is the best! Central city all 8 strong boiling, the 7 strong also excited, if it weren't for they all want to kill animals, I'm afraid I will be the first time rushed to find Shi Qingyang!

As to why it is to find Shi Qingyang, Cheng Xuze again severe, also is only level 9, Shi Qingyang is level 10, moreover, Cheng Xuze already said to the outside world, Shi Qingyang can fully represent him.

Before, they did not understand the meaning of this word, but now they can no longer understand it. If they have a younger generation like Shi Qingyang, they can laugh when sleeping. What is giving them some rights?

Also don't know Cheng home so will have such good luck, unexpectedly let Cheng Ran found a man so much!

No, Cheng Ran himself seems to be very strong, also don't know what is going on with him…

Just as everyone was speculating about everything about the Cheng family and some former criminals regretted not having done so, a former friend of Ding Yifei found Ding Yifei: "Ding Yifei, your master's lover, what kind of person is that young master of the Cheng family? How could he bring down that alien?"

"He is the strongest, but for him, I would never have come this far!" Ding Yifei learned from his father and slapped his best friend on the shoulder.

"The strongest?" The friend froze instantly.

Ding Yifei looked at this and lowered his voice: "Isn't that mysterious pharmacist from the Cheng family who has always wanted to know who he is? In fact, he is Cheng Ran." This friend of his likes to gossip the most. It is best for his friend to tell the news.

Cheng Ran, this time has no need to hide.

Cheng Ran turned out to be the mysterious pharmacist of the Cheng family! For an instant, the whole central city was fried again. At this time, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran were working with Wang Lao and others in a place where there was no network. Everyone took off their communication equipment and planned to interrogate the alien.

As to why they want to do this, it is because they have received all kinds of information along the way, all of which made them release their captives immediately.

Those aliens can really monitor the Central City network! By this time, Wang Lao and others were only lucky that they did not regard them as high above the others and even disdained to learn their language. Obviously, it was impossible to know everything about them.

However, when those people can read the entire central city's network with higher-level equipment, they can only ask questions where there is no network at all.

First, I injected the other party with a drug to suppress radiation energy, then a glass of ice water was poured into the alien's mouth. Soon, the man woke up and began to speak loud and gibberish.

Shi Qingyang was holding a translation machine that had been tested countless times to ensure that there would be no problems. After it was turned on, the translation machine translated all the words of the other party. Of course, the urgent tone of voice had disappeared: "You release me quickly. I am from Edgar galaxy. You will surely destroy civilization if you imprison me."

The man's face was full of fear, and there was no such thing as Shi Qingyang's imagination. In fact, at first the powerful man became so unintelligent that Shi Qingyang was even not used to it.

He was not used to it, but the alien was even more so. He touched his ear and immediately exclaimed, "Where did you put my ID chip?"

"We took all the things you shouldn't have." Shi Qingyang said, then saw that the alien found something totally wrong with his clothes, and quickly grabbed the only blanket left for him to hide around his body. At the same time, he exclaimed, "What have you done to me? What have you done to me? What are all these things on me?"

The appearance of this person, like to be molested, however, he…That was he used to cover up this person's key parts of animals is a moth beast, wings of the scales mixed with blood, is now paste in the key parts of this person…

If not, this person should be very uncomfortable.

"Who the hell are you, what is your purpose on earth, and why do you want to make beast tide?" Wang Lao stood by and asked.

"You have no right to ask me this!" The aliens immediately said that they would almost jump up and argue.

"You are now in our hands. If you don't tell the whole story, we will try you." Wang Lao looked at the alien and smiled slightly. He watched the man all the time and now he is finally relieved.

Yes, this man is very strong, very strong, but obviously, he has not experienced a life-and-death crisis. In fact, perhaps he is too strong. These aliens are naive.

Be kind to prisoners? The beast tide brought out by these people has already caused thousands of casualties in the central city, and the death toll is still increasing. how can they let them treat prisoners kindly?

However, some words, they are right, if this person really had an accident, I'm afraid not only the central city, even the whole China will have an accident.

I don't know how these aliens came to the earth in such a bad environment.

"It is inhumane to interrogate prisoners." The man immediately the baggage and take the journey.

Wang Lao smiled, "There is no such thing on earth. What's more, you are not human yet. I tell you, China has a history of more than 6,000 years. In ancient times, there were various interrogation methods, such as sticking needles into fingernails, cutting off nose and ears…"

Wang Lao held out his hand, and the person he had just called out to pick up something immediately handed him a recorder, while he, who looked kind and kind, put up the video from the recorder.

The contents are all fragments of punishment taken from various film and television works. One is more horrible than the other. Wang Lao also introduced several kinds of drugs while putting them on." I think you should also know something about Chinese drugs. Some of those drugs have various effects, and some of them can completely make people miserable. In addition, some of the toxins from foreign animals are also good things. You know, the feces of pine caterpillars will slowly start to rot on you…"

At first, the alien was not willing to show weakness, but as time went on, he finally lost control of his expression.

He even lifted the blanket of his body and looked at the key parts of his bloody body that were glued to unknown objects.

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