Perhaps now the entire central city has been completely disconnected. what happens here is impossible to spread to the outside. some unmanned aerial vehicles over one meter long suddenly approached the central city and several satellite cities. although these vehicles were intercepted when they were not close to the shield, once they exploded, they would leave countless liquids that can attract foreign animals, making the tide of animals more severe. what is worse, this kind of liquid would not be destroyed because of the explosion. at most, it would evaporate and disperse away…

All this, Shi Qingyang also see in the eye, more impatient, and now, after the mysterious man into the aircraft, the attack has become more sharp, also more difficult to deal with.

During the battle, a satellite city came to speak to the mysterious man, who was able to make decisions with a very low attitude and wanted peace talks, but the mysterious man did not say a word and even took the initiative to attack them, causing no small casualties.

This person, don't intend to let go of any one in the central city!

Shi Qingyang was injured in the chest by the other side's hot weapon. After being melted by the higher temperature, the high-temperature combat uniform even became a mass with the flesh and blood of his chest. His left arm had been unable to move. Not only that, the radiation energy in his body was also somewhat disordered.

If you don't know before Cheng Ran input too much radiation into his body, he may now radiation riots.

He often encountered such experiences in his previous life, but this was the first time in his life.

"I didn't think you could last so long…" The mechanical voice rang again, at the same time, the aircraft suddenly opened its wings on both sides, at the same time, the radiation energy in this area, suddenly messed up.

Violent radiation energy is comparable to some people's radiation energy riots. Even Shi Qingyang, a master of Grade 9, felt that the radiation energy around him was difficult to control at that time. However, his tactical skills were basically all based on radiation energy. Even he hid himself and relied on radiation energy.

Now the radiation energy is in chaos, not to mention the violent radiation energy around him, which has also caused riots in his body.

Cheng Ran's radiation energy in his body is still peaceful, but his own radiation energy has been messed up…Shi Qingyang suddenly thought of the purity of radiation energy he had thought about before.

Now that the radiation energy in his body has been messed up, if he wants to get relatively pure radiation energy, can he first discard the turbulent radiation energy in his body?

Shi Qingyang suddenly quickly back away the distance between the two, at the same time made a gesture, saw his gesture, satellite city hot weapons instantly toward the man, although due to local restrictions on each other's speed is too fast to use weapons of mass destruction, but also can let the man by some interference, and taking advantage of this opportunity, he hid in the middle of the animals.

The upgrading of radiation energy fighters has never been carried out in a dangerous place, but now Shi Qingyang has no choice. After all, if we continue like this, he and the whole central city will probably die.

Poured a few bottles of potions into his mouth, Shi Qingyang control riots in his body and Cheng Ran stay in his body spoke to run together, at the same time simply will let those restless spoke can be violent spoke to lead to outside, abandon it.

For four years, Shi Qingyang has been accumulating radiation energy, because Cheng Ran has no need to worry about radiation energy riots. His radiation energy in his body is unusually large. Even if he abandons a lot now, he is far better than Fan Jia Cheng Xuze.

And this time, he drank the medicine to supplement the radiation energy.

In the face of radiation riots, Shang Yan once used the method of dispersing radiation energy in her body. Shi Qingyang now uses the same method as her, and this method is as painful as separating flesh and blood from the body.

But this time, Shi Qingyang has not considered so much!

Too violent radiation energy was cleared up bit by bit. The radiation energy supplemented by the radiation energy supplement made by Cheng Ran strengthened the most stable radiation energy of Cheng Ran in his body…

Time went by one second after another. Every second was extremely long for Shi Qingyang.

"Level 10…turns out to be so!" The original radiation energy is unstable and it is difficult to compress it, but as the radiation energy becomes more and more pure, it is much more convenient to compress it.

This kind of compression, of course, there are problems, but for compressed abnormal violent radiation energy Shi Qingyang, this problem is nothing.

When I was promoted to Grade 9, everything was slowly going on in Qingyang, but this time I used the fastest speed. If it weren't for his youth and good foundation, I'm afraid I wouldn't have been able to hold up at all.

But even so, Shi Qingyang still felt that every cell in his body was being torn and recombined. The old wound was not good and new wound was added. It happened that the wound was not good for a while.

Even so, before Shi Qingyang's upgrade was successful, the aircraft had already arrived near.

Shi Qingyang's radiation energy in the body is pure, but it cannot reach the level of Cheng Ran. Naturally, it can still arouse the radiation energy around him and spit out one mouthful blood. He uses the radiation energy that he has just cleaned and squeezed to control all the turbulent radiation energy around him and forms a broadsword to cut off toward the aircraft.

This tactic can be used by level 2 and level 3 radiation fighters, but now Shi Qingyang's all-out strike power has exceeded level 9 tactics.

The radiation energy in the body was empty. Shi Qingyang sat down on the ground, drenched in the blood of the dead animals around him. Suddenly he found that the only radiation energy in his body had changed.

This radiation can be more concise and pure. If his radiation energy was a torrential river before, now his radiation energy has become a seemingly calm sea that actually accommodates all rivers.

I'm afraid no radiation fighter has reached this level before, so this should be level 10.

The whole central city saw the scene of Shi Qingyang's fall.

At this time before, some people were sleeping and others were having fun. But now, all the people are either resisting foreign animals or paying attention to the situation outside. The battle between Shi Qingyang and the mysterious man is the focus of their attention.

At first, although Shi Qingyang fell behind, they still held out hope and prayed together, but later, I don't know why, Shi Qingyang actually hid aside, relying on all kinds of hot weapons and a 8-level radiation energy fighter who came to this satellite city to hold the mysterious man in long-range attack.

But, far better than the earth's high-tech, where is it so easy to deal with? The bomb, after close to each other, will be counterattacked back, but fell into their crowd, even if someone hold up the shield, still heavy casualties.

Even though the dead had nothing to do with themselves, at that moment, many people still left tears.

But this time, Shi Qingyang was gone. Fortunately, Shi Qingyang disappeared for a short time. Soon, he appeared again, his face covered with blood. Seeing this scene, all people could only think of one thing in their hearts-the Riot of Radiation Energy.

Shi Qingyang Radiation Energy Riot? Just then, they saw Shi Qingyang use a tactical skill and then suddenly fall to the ground.

"Shi Qingyang!" Throughout the central city, there are people everywhere calling Shi Qingyang's name, even if Shi Qingyang simply can't hear-Shi Qingyang just fell down, what will they face next?

"That aircraft is broken!" After a while, the lens changed, and countless people exclaimed.

Before, Shi Qingyang didn't attack the aircraft less, but the other side did not have any damage, but now, the aircraft is cracked.

The tactics used by Shi Qingyang just now are very common. Why do they cause such consequences? Did you drink any medicine?

People in the central city were wondering. in the end, it was the mysterious man who came out of the aircraft and looked ugly who answered their doubts: "you are really a genius, unfortunately…"

Promotion? Shi Qingyang has already reached Grade 9 and will be promoted to Grade 10.

Shi Qingyang, unexpectedly reached level 10! Just, although reached level 10, Shi Qingyang's condition is obviously not very good.

At this moment, almost everyone thought that the mysterious man would attack Shi Qingyang. Unexpectedly, he suddenly retreated and his lightsaber pointed at Cheng Ran, who was approaching nearby.

"Shi Qingyang, kill yourself immediately, or I will kill him." The mysterious man's voice is still not ups and downs, Cheng Ran is completely under his control.

"You let him go!" Shi Qingyang harsh voice way, at the same time, a near small animals, is to put a sealed injection on his feet.

This injection is no stranger to Shi Qingyang. It contains special substances extracted from the bodies of ants and centipedes. This substance can make his radiation recover quickly.

There is no doubt that this injection is Cheng Ran is to let the animals to him, and Cheng Ran itself…

The mysterious man pressed one hand on his body several times, while the beam in the other hand wavered and even injured Cheng Ran's combat uniform: "You'd better do it quickly, or he might die." The mysterious man said, taking Cheng Ran back.

"Cheng Ran not without radiation? How did he get there to make things worse?"

"Shi Qingyang is in Grade 10, and there is a possibility of victory. What should I do now?"

"Cheng Ran, why Cheng Ran?"


No one in the central city does not know how much Shi Qingyang loves Cheng Ran. When he fled for his life before, Shi Qingyang was injured, but Cheng Ran was safe and sound, which can be seen.

They don't know why Cheng Ran ran to the battlefield since he didn't have radiation energy. At this moment, they worry that Shi Qingyang will make the wrong decision.

Wang Lao, who has been paying close attention to all this, did not blink, even forgot to breathe.

Cheng Ran has the gene of a mysterious person. People don't know it, but he does. But he doesn't know the strength of Cheng Ran. Naturally, he is extremely worried.

Just, why did the mysterious man adopt such a method? He looks like he doesn't want to fight against Shi Qingyang and delay the time to wait for reinforcements…

According to the information obtained by Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran, this mysterious person really never took risks and did not let people approach him. It seems that he was very cherish his life.

All the people are watching the three people standing in the pile of animals, waiting for the results.

And today's all this, as if doomed to unexpected again and again, as Cheng Xuze and Ding Yifei finally arrived, two people ran out to save, Cheng Ran suddenly held out his hand.

One of his hands rested on the mysterious man's hand holding the light beam, and one hand held the other hand of the man.

The mysterious man had a radiation energy shield that was not broken by Shi Qingyang, but he did not stop the two hands. The next second, the situation in the field was reversed-Cheng Ran unexpectedly took the weapon in the hand, and at the same time restrained the man's two hands and threw the man to the ground.

The man's calm face suddenly flashed panic and said something, only the voice translated by the translator on his head, as usual, had no emotion-"don't kill me."

Before his words could be heard, Shi Qingyang jumped up and a tactical skill hit him on the head with precision, knocking him to the ground.

Even if Shi Qingyang reached level 10, he was still not sure who he could deal with, so he was caught and even cried out for mercy!

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