Shi Qingyang knows very well that although he is hiding his strength from the public now, he is the first master of China, but there is no doubt about it.

He has far more radiation energy than other people, experience this piece, because rebirth, also is no worse than others, in such circumstances, his age is smaller than others, the body is the best time, Cheng Xuze Ding Yingxin and others, how could he be his opponent?

But now, this mysterious person alone, has made him unable to resist, if a few more mysterious people, if they are all equipped with weapons of mass destruction…

China is not without aircraft, in fact, the evolution of the helicopter before the catastrophe, still have, completely rely on people to drive fighter planes also have, but because in the air is completely unable to receive signals, all depend on the driver to control everything, a accidentally besieged by animals will destroy the machine, so gradually also have no desire to drive, Shi Qingyang seen that kind of aircraft, also can see, that kind of aircraft is close to the one in front of me, is completely different.

And these mysterious people seem to be able to transmit wireless signals in the wild! At the beginning they were able to chase the centipede beast everywhere should be because of the signal on the centipede beast, now, the aircraft will come, also because the person in front of me sent a signal.

Before Shi Qingyang could straighten out the sequence of events, the mysterious man's attack had already arrived.

Cheng Ran can't induce radiation energy in the air, has been thought to have no fighting capacity, but now with the mysterious man in front of hand in hand, Shi Qingyang just know, Cheng Ran if find the right way, maybe also can have super power!

In front of this person's radiation energy is the same as Cheng Ran's. Instead of using his own radiation energy to induce radiation energy in the air, he directly uses radiation energy to attack, which is far better than Shi Qingyang's pure and well-controlled radiation energy and even punctures Shi Qingyang's protective cover like a needle.

"Go to hell." The sound of the machinery was still insipid and the explosion sounded at the same time.

Shi Qingyang flew backwards again, but this time he also found the right opportunity to fight back.

A bottle of liquid medicine was controlled by him and fell toward the man. It was splashed on the man. Butterflymon under the man screamed and lost his life and fell to the ground. Unfortunately, the man's radiation energy flowed and had something similar to a protective cover. All the liquid medicine was naturally stopped by him.

After winning a small victory, Shi Qingyang was not happy, because he already felt it. In front of him, his radiation energy was even stronger than Cheng Ran.

He may not be able to induce radiation energy in the air, but all kinds of weapons on his body, as well as different ways of using radiation energy, have made Shi Qingyang hard to match.

"I must kill you." The man was obviously very angry when he spoke, but after being mechanically translated, he became calm and calm. At the same time, he fell in the middle of the animals and looked at the animals around him with disgust. With a wave of his hand, his lightsaber had already killed all the animals around him.

This lightsaber is very powerful, but it didn't hurt him at all while killing the foreign animals around him, which is enough to show how powerful the radiation shield on his body is.

"Who are you? Why do you want to do this?" Cheng Ran openings, he has been trying to cooperate with the Shi Qingyang, after years of exercise skill and level 9 strength, also let him didn't cause any trouble to Shi Qingyang, in addition, he has been watching the man in front of him.

"You don't need to know." The humane man threw a bomb at Shi Qingyang and retreated quickly at the same time, distancing himself from the two men. At the same time, the aircraft had come near.

As we got closer, Shi Qingyang discovered that the aircraft was not really big, but more importantly, there was no one inside the aircraft! And this no one aircraft, after close, also don't know what the man did, unexpectedly launched an attack toward Shi Qingyang.

This mysterious person, indeed as expected, can transmit wireless signals in the wild.

Shi Qingyang face a change, holding Cheng Ran quickly ran into the city.

He continued to stay, perhaps only a dead end, also can't tell the city people here, at this time, naturally want to find a way to escape!

Moreover, there is also Cheng Ran. He will send Cheng Ran out first anyway!

Shi Qingyang's speed is very fast, and he has also practiced the tactics of escaping. A nine-level strong man like him always moves smoothly in the wild, just like an exotic animal living in the water swimming in the water. Even though the speed of the aircraft behind him is as fast, it must not be as flexible as he is!

Shi Qingyang had to admit that his luck was very good. Although he had just had a fight with a man, the man did not chase him immediately because he had been losing. On the contrary, the man advanced the aircraft after losing the riding animals, and then began to chase him, providing a lot of time for his escape.

Plus there are too many foreign animals, he has been using stealth techniques, but let him successfully dodged many attacks from each other.

Just, Shi Qingyang did not dare to really escape, the man's aircraft speed is too fast, if he went to the central city, the central city even will be destroyed!

Because of this, Shi Qingyang fled while hiding himself and Cheng Ran in the middle of those huge animals. At the same time, he would also show up from time to time to ensure that the man could run after himself.

At the same time, he also thought of the previous man's radiation energy application method, as well as the purity.

Before, his promotion method of radiation energy every time was to compress the internal radiation energy, but in the past four years, even though he had a lot of radiation energy, he could not continue to compress, and every attempt would fail, would he, in fact, be in the wrong direction?

The promotion of radiation energy really needs to be compressed, but I'm afraid it's not completely compressed. The reason why people with stable radiation energy can go further is that their radiation energy is relatively purer.

Cheng Ran's radiation energy is so pure that he doesn't have to worry about accidents when he is making medicine, but he…His radiation energy can never be as pure as Cheng Ran!

In this case, does he have any other way to make himself stronger?

Shi Qingyang mind flashed a lot of thoughts, but now is an emergency, but also dare not think much, at the same time, Cheng Ran is to send a lot of spoke energy into his body, although he and Cheng Ran spoke energy is different, but Cheng Ran spoke energy into his body is unimpeded, in an instant will he lost spoke energy supplement complete.

By this time, they had already arrived at the satellite city they had passed by.

The satellite city is far away from the main city of the central city. After all, the satellite city was originally built outside the safety zone of the central city. Now, it is completely surrounded by foreign animals.

I'm afraid Shi Qingyang wouldn't have known if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes. There are still so many animals in this world…Similarly, in the light of the current situation, I'm afraid those people have already brought the animals far away.

"However, go in and give the video I recorded to Wang Lao!" Shi Qingyang direct way, he is now completely no longer hidden, a level 9 lighter use, was originally surrounded by animals around the satellite city animals, has been swept away by him, Cheng Ran also under his push, fell beside the satellite city.

Turning around again, he rushed towards the aircraft. This time, instead of running away, he flew into the air and took the lead in launching the attack.

Shi Qingyang was in mid-air again. At this time, those who stayed in the satellite city and saw this scene were already shocked: "Grade 9! Shi Qingyang uses the ninth-grade tactics!"

Now the central city has been completely unable to contact with the outside cities. At the same time, the people in the central city also know more and more about the outside situation.

Although the network and communication between the central city and other cities have been completely disconnected, the internal network of the central city itself is still there. Therefore, people in the central city can clearly see the scene outside the satellite city. At the same time, people living in the periphery of the central city have seen more and more exotic animals outside through the protective cover.

All this undoubtedly makes people panic. Now, more and more people have begun to blame Xia Junliang, and more and more people have begun to pay close attention to the situation outside the city.

Wang Lao clearly knew all this and that the central city was now facing the greatest danger in hundreds of years. He did not cover up the fact and told the people all the situation. He did not hide the casualties of the army. However, although he did so, he was vaguely worried lest the central city should be thrown into chaos.

"Wang Lao, the satellite city came through with the news. when Shi Qingyang got there, Cheng Ran gave back a chip. at the same time, the mysterious man also appeared!" Just as Wang Lao was struggling, someone came up in a hurry: "Shi Qingyang used level 9 tactics. there is fighting!"

Froze, Wang Lao suddenly said: "make the situation over there public! Live broadcast of battle scenes! These data, you immediately send a Cheng family!"

"Yes, Wang Lao!"

There are many cameras in the satellite city to take pictures of the situation outside. Shi Qingyang's use of level 9 combat skills was recorded before.

This video was released now, and before it was released, there were other videos on the internet-people stationed in the city at that time, with their own video equipment, captured the battle scenes of Shi Qingyang through the protective cover and uploaded them.

The battle scenes uploaded by those people were not clear. After watching them, many people did not even believe that Shi Qingyang was in Grade 9. They only felt that those people were joking. As a result, the clearest video on Wang Lao's hand was released at this time. Meanwhile, the battle between Shi Qingyang and the mysterious man also started live.

Shi Qingyang, it is really grade 9! If it weren't for the siege by foreign animals, the people in the central city would have rejoiced and celebrated the appearance of the first 30-year-old Grade 9 in history. Now, everyone is holding up a big stone in their hearts, proud and extremely heavy at the same time.

It is very good that Shi Qingyang can reach Grade 9, but the current beast tide makes people despair.

Many of the people who can fight clean the animals outside the city, while those who do not go to the battlefield use their contact terminals to watch the live broadcast of the battle between Shi Qingyang and the mysterious man.

This kind of battle scenes, they used to see in science fiction movies, now, all this is really appeared in front of them!

In the live broadcast, Shi Qingyang's strength was stronger than that of any previous grade 9, which charmed them. Unfortunately, the mysterious man who was said not to be human was stronger. Just like in those movies, human beings seem to face failure.

When watching the movie, they will not feel much uncomfortable even if they see the human race losing, but now, all this is really a case of death. Each of them has only one thought-Shi Qingyang, he must win!

Shi Qingyang, can he become their savior like the heroes in those movies?

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