Among the foreign animals, there are many flying creatures, ranging from moths as small as human fists to birds, wings, butterflies and beasts stretching tens of meters.

Because once saw the mysterious man riding on the Butterflymon, Cheng Ran put more attention on Butterflymon, and finally really found the problem-there are a few Butterflymon coming from a distance, it doesn't look like other animals rushed towards the central city, but towards this piece! The direction of advance is quite different from that of other exotic animals.

"Is it that mysterious person?" Shi Qingyang also saw this scene and looked at it immediately. One of his eyes was equipped with a telescopic device. From a distance, he saw a man sitting on top of a certain Butterflymon, no different from what he saw last time.

They saw the man, and the man saw them, of course, but before they could speak, the man immediately shook his hand and threw something.

Shi Qingyang has been monitoring everything around him with his own radiation. He is even more wary of the mysterious person. At this time, he was taken aback subconsciously and immediately pulled Cheng Ran back quickly. However, although he retreated quickly, what was thrown out by the mysterious person still followed him like a shadow!

Fingers moving quickly, one by one eight shield layer upon layer in front of Shi Qingyang, and the thing that followed him, after touching the shield, suddenly burst, will blow up a large area of animals all around, Shi Qingyang released the shield, nature is broken one by one.

Fortunately, Shi Qingyang today's radiation energy has almost reached the peak of level 9, and finally attached to two level 9 shields, leaving him and Cheng Ran safe and sound, only to be blown out by the shock wave.

This kind of attack, below grade 9 radiation fighter simply can't resist, even grade 9, if it is Fan Jia before that kind of state, I'm afraid there is only a dead end.

The man said nothing and would kill them! At that time, Shi Qingyang only felt angry from his heart, but now he must consider for the whole central city: "sir, are the existence of these strange animals related to you? if there is misunderstanding between us, can we discuss it well?"

According to Wang Lao's plan, it is hoped that the current problem can be solved peacefully. The Chinese government is willing to give full compensation and live in peace with each other.

"Grade 9?" The mysterious man drove the body of Butterflymon, close to the teacher Qingyang, at the same time, the general mechanical voice rang.

The last time I saw the mysterious man, because it was too far away, even if I used the telescopic equipment, Shi Qingyang didn't see each other's appearance, but now, he finally saw the man, the in the mind "thumped"-Wang Lao's guess, may be right.

In front of this mysterious person although the appearance is similar to human beings, but it is different, nose and ears are weird, a pair of eyes flash across different colors, at the same time, the body also brought with it all kinds of high-tech equipment that China has never heard of or seen before, just that can kill the strong 8 bombs, also don't know how many.

More importantly, the word "grade nine" is issued by machines, while that person actually speaks a strange language. The sound should be difficult for people on the earth.

Although people in China lost contact with people on the other side of the ocean after the catastrophe, even so, Shi Qingyang did not think that those people would have such strong weapons, thus having completely different genes from human beings. Even if this mysterious person is really those people, they should also want to conquer, rather than completely destroy, China.

"Sir, what do you want? As long as you make a request, we can all meet it. I just hope you can let these animals recede." Shi Qingyang added, as he said, putting a protective cover on himself.

"I am going to destroy Central City." Mechanical cold voice rang again, at the same time, the mysterious man sitting on the back of Butterflymon looked at the teacher Qingyang with the eyes of the dead.

After Shi Qingyang was reborn, he had the original 8-level experience. Even if he faced the pressure from people of higher level than himself, he wouldn't find it hard to match, but it was this look that made him feel incomparable to each other.

However, he did not feel afraid. In fact, it was this look that excited his whole body-he wanted to surpass each other!

Shi Qingyang this feeling has just risen, the man opposite him, has quickly continued to attack, this time, is also a few streamers toward Shi Qingyang, the speed of these streamers is very fast, the blink of an eye has come to the front of Shi Qingyang, Shi Qingyang now have beware of, attack stopped the several streamers in advance, then, explosions sounded one after another.

Within a radius of several kilometers, it was almost completely blown up. Even if Shi Qingyang had been prepared early, he went back out, but he was still shaken, and the radiation energy in the body was instantly messed up.

Fortunately, Cheng Ran followed him and followed him closely. Seeing this scene, he immediately helped him sort out the radiation energy.

At the same time, many of the animals that ran towards the central city actually came here and jumped into the deep pit blown out by the bomb.

These animals, nature also rushed toward Shi Qingyang, fortunately Shi Qingyang reaction is extremely fast, moving radiation can float in the air, this is good for some, only need to face flying animals.

When fighting with people, they have to face foreign animals, which undoubtedly adds a lot of trouble to him. At the same time, I don't know why, those foreign animals completely avoided the man.

"You are strong." The mechanical voice remembered again that the mysterious man sitting on Butterflymon's back moved a little further and at the same time took a round stick from his body.

Shi Qingyang was on guard for an instant, but the man had already pressed a button on the round stick. Then, a sharp beam of light was emitted from the round stick. With a wave of his hand, the man holding the round stick cut a hole several kilometers long and several hundred meters deep on the ground. The hole was cut by people on the earth in a way that was scorched black, while many animals running toward the deep pit turned into dust.

A very long caterpillar beast even happened to be cut into two parts from the middle.

The shell of foreign animals is very hard, under this beam of light, but it is nothing at all, such weapons, I'm afraid, can also easily kill senior radiation fighters.

There are also many powerful weapons in cities, but they are totally American and European in size and lethality.

Shi Qingyang swallowed saliva and the fighting spirit became stronger. However, the mysterious man just tore open the corners of his mouth and revealed a smile that he did not know whether it was a smile: "All communication in the central city was cut off, and I don't need to hide it…" He said, as he went straight towards Shi Qingyang with his round stick.

Shi Qingyang was surprised. It occurred to him that the communication fiber was still buried in the underground, but now it has obviously been cut off. He was a little upset, but then he completely shook off such emotions-with this person's skill in front of him, he could not stop it.

"Your name is Shi Qingyang? It's still a grade 9…if you were willing to come with me, you wouldn't have to die today." I also don't know whether it is mechanical translation, this sentence has no ups and downs at all, but everyone can hear the cold meaning.

Follow this mysterious man? If you really do this, I'm afraid the ending will be the same as in the previous life, turned into an experiment, such conditions, Shi Qingyang how can promise?

"I will not go with you, nor will I die today!"

"It's a pity." The mysterious man sitting on Butterflymon's back still had no fluctuation when talking, but the attack on his hand became extremely sharp. Not only that, he would throw a bomb while carrying the lightsaber to attack.

Shi Qingyang arrived at this time, only to dodge, and no strength to fight, not for a while was injured.

However, he is not a vegetarian-although Cheng Ran cannot induce radiation energy in the air, he can use the radiation energy in his body and naturally follow him closely. If something goes wrong with his radiation energy, he can also be treated in the first place. All this makes him able to dodge part of the attack after pulling the distance between the two.

Even if it was a disadvantage, the man could not do anything about Shi Qingyang at that time, and all this was also related to the man.

Before the man threw a bomb at him, he also threw out a bottle of medicine that can attract foreign animals. His original intention should be to give them trouble, but after he perfected the hidden achievement method developed by Shang Yan and even made some improvements, these foreign animals not only failed to bring him trouble, but also gave him a hiding place.

Shi Qingyang convergence of the whole body, and Cheng Ran hiding under the abdomen of a beetle beast, this time has been injured, is through a short rest time to heal, at the same time, observe the situation of the man outside, and what they see, no doubt, let their heart sink faster and faster.

Shi Qingyang tried hard to regain his strength, but the man outside was already impatient. The indifferent mechanical voice rang out again: "If you don't come out, I will destroy the central city before I clean you up." The words sound just fell and the man said a few words in a strange voice. At the same time, he took out a remote control and pressed it twice, heading for the central city.

Today, there are more and more foreign animals heading for the central city, and countless foreign animals are continuously running towards here, forming a huge circle of encirclement. At this time, even if someone wants to escape from the central city, they will be torn to pieces by foreign animals.

The encirclement of exotic animals completely isolated the possibility of leaving the central city. Even if the man showed up, the news about him could not be spread out, and if he used those magic weapons in his hand against the central city…

Shi Qingyang can completely imagine the moment when the shield of the central city disintegrates.

But it happened that he was no match for that man!

Shi Qingyang a grind now, then his face changed-he actually saw in the distance there is a plane and ancient times some similar objects flying towards here!

This mysterious person should take Butterflymon for the convenience of hiding from the public, and that aircraft is his real vehicle!

Will there be more weapons in the aircraft? What are they doing here? Is there anyone else besides this person?

Shi Qingyang's mind flashed countless thoughts in an instant. After seeing him, the man started to attack. This time, the man even used radiation energy.

Like Cheng Ran, the radiation energy is completely different from that of ordinary people, and even the use method is completely different.

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