Whether the mysterious man is the so-called alien or not, and what caused the beast tide, no one can be sure, but it cannot be denied that after seeing the video produced by Xia Junliang, all the people's original chances have disappeared.

"The beast tide has nothing to do with me. It is only Feng Yunhong who started the research. If it were not for Feng Yunhong, there would certainly not be so many things now." Xia Junliang now has more and more nerve-racking, finally unbearable way.

"The Feng laboratory has been destroyed. If it weren't for you, there wouldn't be such a thing!" Cheng Xuze glared at him.

Xia Junliang was shaking all over and the whole people were extremely depressed. He thought he could become a human being with this experiment, but he finally fell into the abyss…

Wang Lao also looked at him, then said, "Lock him up. We'll deal with the beast tide first."

Indeed, the first thing to be dealt with now is the beast tide. At this time, some people have already discovered on the Internet that the communication between the central city and other cities is being cut off.

The entire network of China is connected by optical fibers. Originally everyone can communicate, but now, Central City and several of them can't communicate!

Originally, many people on the Internet were supporting Xia Junliang. They felt that Cheng Xuze and Fan Jia should not have suppressed Xia Junliang. But now, many people have lost their line for no reason.

What the hell is going on here?

The disconnection of communication is by no means a minor problem. At first, people on the Internet thought it was a bad signal, but soon they were shocked and started to make noise. However, when the noise came back, everyone started to make noise, but unknown so.

Few people know where the optical fiber is buried, let alone many optical fibers have been buried hundreds of years ago, and the environment in the wild has changed again and again for hundreds of years.

In this case, who is capable of picking out and cutting off all the optical fibers? So, is it the state that shut down the network?

For a moment, the Internet was full of voices questioning the government. Almost no one believed that it had nothing to do with the government.

"Suddenly shut down the network, Xia Junliang thing, big website also a not reprinted, this is not to cover Cheng Xuze and Fan Jia suppress Xia Junliang things like this?"

"Xia Junliang things I don't care, suddenly can't communication what is this? Today is my parents' birthday, and I am chatting with them!"

"Who but the government can disconnect the network?"


All kinds of voices were heard one after another, and at this time, suddenly another thing happened.

As the largest city in China, Central City is very safe. Perhaps in tier 3 cities, few people will stay in the wild at night. At most, there will be a few on-duty personnel like farms, but it is different in Central City.

Outside the central city, there are sleepless people working at farms, medicinal plants, training grounds, and even vacation villas that let people live outside the city and feel the life outside the city with small protective covers.

Don't say that, some people with "emotional appeal" even drive anti-radiation chariots and take girls out for "romance" in the middle of the night.

There are so many people outside the city, originally Shi Qingyang and others also want to call these people back, but at that time no one knows whether the beast tide will come or not, and they even mobilize the army carefully, and where dare to loudly rang? Naturally, he said nothing.

Now, there are some people outside the city and wandering outside the safety zone of the central city, seeing the confrontation between the army and the beast tide.

Bombs exploded one by one at night, and after the bombs, a steady stream of animals were coming towards the central city…

Humans and foreign animals have always been enemies, but humans have always looked down on foreign animals. After all, foreign animals are of low intelligence and cannot compare with some mammals before the catastrophe. However, when faced with Qian Qian's ten million foreign animals, it is estimated that everyone's feeling is shock and fear.

Yes, it is shock and fear. The animals that come in like the tide can obviously engulf everything!

The world is very large, but now human beings can only squeeze in the city. The city is divided into many layers on the ground and underground, occupying only a small area. Other areas are all the world of exotic animals. It is conceivable how many exotic animals there are!

Most of these exotic animals are vegetarians. They would not have taken the initiative to attack human beings and had no influence on human beings, but now they will attack everything around them!

With the army blocking them, those people came back to the city, and the first thing they did in the city was to upload what they saw online.

The Internet exploded almost at once. Many people think that it is a special effect. They don't believe that there is such a thing in the world. But what about one person, maybe a special effect, or a group of people?

Not to mention, there is also a rich second generation who has good comments on the internet. he met several strange animals and was injured, and even his injured photos were posted on the internet!

At that time, the voice of doubting the government became louder. Thanks to the research institutes' research on science fiction films such as so-and-so virus causing the end of the world and an experimental product making mistakes to kill human beings, everyone felt that this would happen and should be related to the government.

Shi Qingyang and others also saw these online. At this time, they also received news from the army.

The army encountered strange animals, but did not see anyone. They used many loudspeakers to shout and talk to people. Unfortunately, the other party did not give any response. Even now, casualties have actually occurred…

"Let's act now!" Wang Lao immediately said.

On the Internet, when countless people questioned the origin of the beast wave and asked the government and the army to give a statement, Wang Lao stood up and directly announced all the news brought by the army-many foreign animals suddenly gathered an hour ago and began to attack the central city.

However, in the vicinity of the central city, there are not so many animals, so when did these animals come together, no one knows-the world outside the safe area of the central city is so big, human beings can't find out.

"Now, the army is confronting with foreign animals. Many foreign animals have broken through the army's defense line and come towards the central city. Now, we need to shrink our defense line. All the people in the satellite city will immediately move to the central city…" Wang Lao went directly to the big money.

There is also a satellite city near the central city. The area is too large and the front line is too long to protect. This is very unfavorable to them. Any careless move may be broken one by one. Therefore, it is better to evacuate the people from the satellite city now, and then the army will be stationed in the satellite city to join the satellite city as a defense against foreign enemies.

And to do all this, many strong people in the central city have to stop foreign animals.

"The government did not even give us a statement. Why should we abandon our homeland?"

"I have lived in satellite city all my life. I cannot bring anything to central city. what kind of days have I been to?"

"Outside animals, should not let the army kill them all? If there are any foreign animals, they will abandon the city. As always, there will probably be no more cities in China."


Before Wang Lao's words were finished, some people were already dissatisfied. now they only saw some photos that didn't know whether they were special effects. how could they abandon their homes easily?

Ke was one of the discontented people. He was an ordinary person without radiation energy, and so was his parents. However, they made a lot of money in business through their own efforts. After seeing the research released by Xia Junliang, unknown so was excited. He wanted to spend money on a gifted child, and he has been supporting Xia Junliang online ever since.

As a result, the matter of Xia Junliang hasn't come out yet, and the government should let them withdraw from the central city? You know, he still has a lot of property outside the city. If the beast tide really comes and even the satellite city is abandoned, then there will probably be little left of his property.

As a matter of fact, many of his employees are still outside the city. If they have an accident, even if they have insurance, he will still have to compensate a large sum of money.

It is for this reason that Ke immediately asked himself, "can the government give us an explanation, first president Xia was detained, then communication was cut off, and there was a wave of animals outside the city…what is going on? Did the exotic animals come from the laboratory leaking any bad substances or gases?"

Ke was once one of the representatives of Satellite City. Wang Lao soon saw his message and sighed: "In fact, these things are related to each other. The so-called' gene of perfect evolution' given by Xia Junliang comes from a very suspicious source and may involve a lot. As far as the present situation is concerned, it is what his experiment has stirred that the beast tide will appear."

"What does Dean Xia's experiment have to do with animals?" Ke did not feel any connection between the two.

"The gene Xia Junliang found did not come from human beings." Wang Lao was prepared and released some edited videos of Xia Junliang directly.

In the video, Xia Junliang panicked and made a mistake. People let him go and said that he was suffering from a fever in his brain before conducting inhuman human body experiments.

Human body experiment! Part of the genes of that gifted child are not from human beings yet!

Ke unexpectedly heard these words, suddenly froze, and thought of a science fiction movie he had seen before, in which animals evolved high intelligence quotient, and human enemies…

Is this what happened now?

Over the past 1,000 years, there have been countless sci-fi films about human beings and animals. Hearing Wang Lao's words, most people think the same way as Ke unexpectedly.

They were all talking for Xia Junliang, but now they are ashamed and ashamed. They hate Xia Junliang who hurt them even more.

If there were no Xia Junliang, there would be no such thing as now! As for Xia Junliang's experiment…Who would like to have human genes in their offspring?

At that time, the wind direction on the Internet all changed, and at this time, more information was also reported on China's official websites, including the fact that the children brought by Xia Junliang were cloned by Feng Linqiu's cells.

It turns out that it was Xia Junliang who killed Feng Linqiu at the beginning. It turns out that the medicine base of Feng family was destroyed by the beast tide because Feng family conducted such an experiment!

Feng family carried out the experiment, but without much fanfare, he only destroyed a base. Xia Junliang made much fanfare and the whole central city was surrounded…

Xia Junliang, now has become the existence of everyone shout dozen!

By this time, the speed of retreat will naturally be much faster, after all, no one will have a hard time with their own lives.

Although some people think that the government is deceiving people, most of the people in the satellite city started to act quickly after the alarm sounded and the whole city began to broadcast the news of the emergency evacuation. Countless people packed up the most important things around them and hurried to the central city to evacuate.

Between the satellite city and the central city, there is an underground passage connecting them. Now, it is almost full of people, and there are many high-level radiation fighters to help escort them.

Fortunately, there was nothing wrong with these passages when people retreated. Shi Qingyang also understood that the central city would fall sooner or later due to so many foreign animals, and the cut-off of communication would turn this place into an isolated city. Those people were naturally not anxious to kill people.

If it were not necessary, those mysterious people might not show up!

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran came to Satellite City No. 1 together, and the animals that crossed the army's defense line had already surrounded the city, but instead of besieging the satellite city, they continued to move towards the central city. However, the animals around this area had already increased.

Such tactics as wind blade are only suitable for single-player battle. Seeing this scene, Shi Qingyang directly controlled the radiation energy around him, forming a huge radiation energy knife within a radius of several hundred meters around him. This broadsword swings clockwise to kill all the foreign animals around him.

Such a scene, somewhat bloody, standing beside him Cheng Ran has adapted well, took out two guns, and quickly toward the air attack, although he didn't spoke, but his hands shot at the same time, but can hit two flying animals at a time, hit is also the weak point of animals, can let those animals immediately lose combat effectiveness, or directly lose their lives, have fallen from the air.

"However, do you want to go back to the city?" Shi Qingyang saw Cheng dignified expression and asked.

"No, I have enough medicine in stock. It is better to be outside now, and aren't we going to find those mysterious people?" Cheng Ran said that the only optical fibers in Central City that have not yet been cut off are in this direction. They have already got the map and will see if they can find the mysterious man.

After all, he has some connection with those mysterious people. It is convenient to find someone with him.

Shi Qingyang nodded his head and walked with Cheng Ran quickly to myriad places. The animals around him were almost dead and clean. Only the bodies of animals were left on the road hundreds of meters wide.

"Who are those two people?" In satellite city no. 1, the patrol team and the radiation fighters did not retreat. they all stayed to resist the foreign animals. from a distance, someone saw this scene.

"Are you stupid? I don't even know Shi Qingyang?" The man beside him slapped him on the shoulder.

"I mean Shi Qingyang side…the man is Cheng Ran? Is Cheng Ran not an ordinary person?" The man was full of curiosity. Anti-radiation clothing also affected people's actions in some aspects. Therefore, the strong went out of the city and some would wear special clothes on their bodies, but they would not wear anti-radiation clothing that wrapped up the whole person. Now Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran are just like this.

"That person should be Cheng Ran. How can Cheng Ran walk freely outside the city without wearing anti-radiation clothing?" The man beside him also froze.

"Darling! Shi Qingyang is Grade 7, right? Why so much? Did he break through to the eighth grade?" The first speaker added.

"Even if it's level 8, you can't squander your energy like this, can you?" Another person moved his mouth, so many animals outside, Shi Qingyang unexpectedly dare to take Cheng Ran into, also be daring!

"Who knows, perhaps Shi Qingyang is already in Grade 9." Some people laughed, but no one took it seriously.

Shi Qingyang is only 30 years old. Today is his birthday. How could he have reached Grade 9? What should that be?

Shi Qingyang didn't know what other people thought. By this time, he had no idea of hiding his strength, and quickly headed for the place where several optical fibers were buried together.

And at this time, has been paying attention to the surrounding environment Cheng Ran, finally eagle-eyed to find a few wrong animals.

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