All kinds of news spread on the Internet, so that there is some news that is breaking the news, all the media like it and reprint it more and more.

Later, some people added things more completely, saying that they had eyes and noses, as if they had seen Cheng Xuze and Fan Jia persecute Xia Junliang.

Now that the central city has been fully prepared for its defense, the leaders have once again come together and looked different when they saw the news.

"I'm sorry, because things have to be kept secret, we can't delete some news." China's top leaders have learned a lot from Cheng Xuze, and some apologies are inevitable at this time.

Even if he hopes Cheng Xuze said those are lying to him, also know Cheng Xuze don't have to lie to him-let them waste a lot of manpower and material resources, is it good for Cheng Xuze?

"Don't pay any attention to these online news." Cheng Xuze said that a network cable has been laid near the central city and some observation stations have been built to observe faraway places. Now, he is looking at the situation outside with others.

However, this leader believed Cheng Xuze, others did not believe him. At present, some people said in a weird way: "Who knows whether what is online is true or not? How can there really be a wave of animals that can destroy the central city? Don't be some people took some drugs to attract animals…"

The outspoken person is the newly-recruited official in charge of the city defense of the central city. He is not of high rank. Now, to say so is mostly to be used as a gun.

Such provocation made Cheng Xuze furious: "What do you mean?"

"I don't mean anything. However, the Central City was fine originally. You had to invent a beast tide and also said that the beast tide was related to Xia Junliang's experiment. This is too puzzling! Don't those animals still watch the news online?" The man added.

Everyone present had such doubts, and no one was sure that the beast tide would come.

In fact, Shi Qingyang also hoped that the beast tide could not appear. The two beast tides he experienced were too terrible for him.

Now with his strength, even if the beast tide comes, as long as you hide well and run out of the city, you should also have the chance to escape, but he can escape, others?

"No one wants to see a wave of animals, but at this time, you'd better be quiet!" Shi Qingyang said, his eyes fixed on one of the monitors: "What is that?"

What is that? Those are a few moths, very, very common moths. They flew very fast and rushed towards the shield of the central city.

"It's just a few moths…" Some people murmured, moths like light, the number of moths flying toward the central city is not too much.

"I'll go and see those moths…no, shoot them down with missiles!" Shi Qingyang suddenly said.

Before Cheng Ran contact control animals, only he knew, he was present all the way, nature also knew that some animals were controlled and not controlled, now these moths, is clearly controlled! This is all, behind these moths, there are also some exotic animals!

Those foreign animals are never close to human settlements, but now they are following those moth animals towards the central city.

It will be some time before the missile is debugged. Suddenly, a camera located further away came a shocking scene-a group of animals came frantically towards the central city.

"Has anything happened before?" Shi Qingyang immediately took a look at the previous surveillance images, which revealed that before that, there was also a foreign animal that seemed to be under control coming towards the central city in that direction.

However, the exotic animal is not a moth animal, but a very common ant animal, and naturally no one pays attention to it.

The surveillance images were soon destroyed by swarms of animals. More animals rushed towards the central city. These animals seemed to have lost their senses and were frantically destroying everything around them.

"Beast tide, is it really beast tide?" Someone spoke in panic.

"What the hell is going on here?" There are others, unknown so.

"The army is not already in? Quickly resist, don't let any strange animals near the city!" Shi Qingyang said immediately and looked at Cheng Xuze again: "Grandpa, let's go out and have a look!"

He thought that the beast tide was controlled by a large number of animals, but now it seems that is not the case, more like those who control the animals, will be able to make some animals mad material to the central city nearby…

This is a little better than they first guessed, but it is also impossible to prevent-there are many animals swimming near the central city, and there are satellite cities in the distance. who can determine which animals are under control?

"good." Cheng Xuze nodded, after all, they are grade 9, so ordinary animals, a start-up can kill a large, this time the most can inspire others.

"Wait!" The leaders who had been helping Cheng Xuze suddenly stopped them: "At this time, you don't have to do anything. We'd better find out the reason for this first, and that Xia Junliang also brought him."

"Wang Lao?" Xia Junliang's brother Xia Junzhi was puzzled.

"I saw him look different before, maybe he knew something, master Cheng and master Shi, you should also know some other news?" Wang Lao looked at Cheng Xuze and Shi Qingyang.

At level 9, one will be addressed as a master. Shi Qingyang happens to be a master, but there is a strange name for a master. However, at this time, no one has noticed this at all.

Shi Qingyang was in a hurry to go out. After hearing these words, he finally calmed down. They have already made a lot of preparations. Now it is only the beginning. He didn't need to turn out all his cards at this time and was exhausted.

"There is something wrong with the network. We already have a city that cannot be contacted!" Xia Junliang hasn't been sent yet, but soon someone reported another news.

The network communication between the central city and other cities depends entirely on the optical fiber buried deep underground. Now it is impossible to contact other cities. Obviously, the optical fiber has been destroyed or cut off.

There are dozens of optical fibers that lead to the outside of the central city. After the first one goes wrong, the second one goes wrong soon.

At this time, Xia Junliang was brought.

Xia Junliang guessed some of the things on the Internet. He was always worried that the Cheng family would find him in trouble. Before he came, he let his assistant wait outside with the information. If he did not contact the other party, the other party would naturally do its best to pour dirty water on the Cheng family. Some of the information he had collected before, which was not conducive to the Cheng family, would also be put on the Internet.

Although he was caught out, he did not say it out, because he did not think there was really a tide of animals in this world. Even when someone brought him to the public, he still felt that it was because the Cheng family could not stand all kinds of rumors outside and wanted to let him go.

But the fact is not so-beast tide really happened!

"How is it possible, how can there really be such a thing in this world? This is impossible…"Xia Junliang looked at the picture from the monitor, mumbling, the monitor installation is very far away, outside the satellite city, now stationed in the periphery of the army has also responded, explosions.

"Do you know anything about this research? Now, you'd better tell all you know." Wang Lao knocked on the table: "If you don't say it by this time, you will probably become a sinner through the ages!"

Xia Junliang only felt weak. In fact, there is something wrong with this research. After reading the chip that Feng Linqiu gave him, he understood that, after all, the mysterious person who appeared in the chip was too powerful and mysterious.

Probably because I don't know the origin of the mysterious man, Feng Yunhong will secretly do research without revealing any wind, Cheng family will be silent.

Just, he is too hope to succeed, also let oneself ignore all this, even before Shi Qingyang and Cheng Xuze clearly said the beast tide, he is not willing to believe it.

"Xia Junliang, do you know anything? Speak up!" Xia Junzhi looked at his younger brother and was furious. The Xia family has always been cautious and never stood at the forefront. Xia Junliang is now playing a big role and will probably bring trouble to the whole Xia family.

"It's none of my business. If you want to find it, you have to find Feng Yunhong and Cheng Xuze…since it's really so serious, why don't you say it?" Xia Junliang glared at Cheng Xuze.

"If you reveal any news, you may attract mysterious people. What can you tell us?" Shi Qingyang asked.

"You really know those mysterious people…" Xia Junliang way.

"What do you really know!" Shi Qingyang took a deep breath. By this time, it was no longer necessary to continue to hide. All of them needed to have a frank talk.

Xia Junliang soon took out Feng Linqiu's chip. The video in the chip was also shown to everyone.

The mysterious man was dying, but he still intimidated the animals around him, making those powerful animals dare not approach. After his death, even the animals began to compete for his flesh and blood…

Who is this person?

All the people present were shocked. Although Shi Qingyang had seen the mysterious person from a distance, he was also very sure that the mysterious person he had seen should be far less than this.

However, this mysterious person was finally dismembered and finally Feng Yunhong got one of the bodies.

See this time, Shi Qingyang which still have what not to understand? Obviously, this mysterious person is the provider of Cheng Ran's other half genes. Thought of here, Shi Qingyang turned around and looked at Cheng Ran, who had been following him but had never spoken: "However?"

"I'm fine." Cheng Ran smiled, the man should be regarded as his other father, but really speaking, this man is more strange to him than Cheng Hong.

"Feng Yunhong got the genes of this mysterious person at the beginning. He conducted research and used the genes of this mysterious person and human beings to cultivate children. Among them, there are two known surviving children, one is Feng Linqiu, the other is Cheng Ran." Shi Qingyang said everything he knew: "This mysterious man has a companion. His companion should be the controller of the beast tide. I have seen one of them unintentionally…You are right. When the people who Feng family captured me in the original radiation energy competition, I saw the beast tide unintentionally and also at that time."

"This mysterious person exactly is to say? How can there be such a person in this world?" Some people exclaimed, originally also questioned the Cheng family, this time is very ashamed.

"Maybe it's people from some overseas countries. According to our understanding, their evolution has something to do with a strange animal." Shi Qingyang added that he also said about the queen ant.

Now there are more and more foreign animals outside. Although neither the people in the central city nor the satellite city have seen any foreign animals yet, the army has completely aligned itself with those foreign animals.

Not only that, the optical fibers from the central city to the outside world have also been cut off one by one, because these optical fibers are so long that they cannot be secured if they want to protect them.

"No, they should not be human." Wang Lao looked at the picture of the mysterious man fixed on the screen and said while encrypting the information here and sending it to the city where it can be sent.

"Wang Lao?" Cheng Xuze looked at wang.

"As a leader, I have come into contact with many people. Someone once mentioned to me that he suspects that there are other creatures beyond human beings in this world." Wang Lao said.

Above human beings? What does this mean? Just like the original legend said by Shang Yan, is there a god in this world?

"Before the earth's catastrophe, human beings explored all areas of the earth except deep-sea underground, so they began to explore outer space. At that time, there were various legends and literary works about aliens. However, after the catastrophe, because wireless signals could not be transmitted in the wild, radiation and unknown magnetic fields also enveloped the whole earth, such as airplanes, so there was no way to go to heaven, and the sky became a forbidden area for human beings."

"Aliens?" Shi Qingyang was surprised to ask that they had never thought of such a bold guess before.

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