Cheng Xuze and Fan Jia are indeed of high status, but these people in front of us are all on Xia Junliang's side.

Of course, this does not mean that they will oppose Cheng Xuze and Fan Jia because of Xia Junliang, but that they have decided to protect Xia Junliang and do not understand why Cheng Xuze and Fan Jia should stop such research.

Xia Junliang took out all kinds of experimental data is very attractive, if you don't know the existence of mysterious people, mysterious animals, if you don't know when Xia Junliang killed Lin Qiu, just got the gene, Shi Qingyang also won't think this experiment is wrong.

On the surface, this is clearly a good thing for the country and the people!

"Xia Junliang, you should know that this experiment was originally conducted by Feng Jia. Why do you think Feng family chose not to make the experiment public?" Shi Qingyang suddenly asked.

However, Xia Junliang has been flattered by all kinds of flattery: "Don't you just want to take the fruits of victory like you? You have got the technology that can make mankind go further, but you only want to hide it and do not want to use it to benefit the people!"

"Do you want to use him to benefit the people? Are you sure you can do it?" Cheng Xuze eyes a stare, they spent so much effort, also did not benefit all the people.

In this way, Xia Junliang will only rely on Feng Linqiu's genes with genetic defects, which will only lead to more people with genetic defects.

"This is a long process. What I have done is just a beginning. Isn't it normal?" The more Xia Junliang said, the more he felt justified.

Now, the whole Chinese people have already known about his research. If Cheng Xuze and Fan Jia did anything to him at this time…The two nine-level masters killed at will in order to ensure their status, I'm afraid everyone will know.

Even if they are level 9 experts, when they become the enemies of all, they will not win good, instead they will become martyrs.

"Master Cheng, President Xia is right. Even if it takes decades to see results, it is not too late from now on. Master Cheng, I think you will certainly hope that human beings will become stronger and stronger." The politicians also said that in their view, Cheng Xuze and Fan Jia were somewhat selfish in opposing the incident.

They are grade 9, already very, very strong, but in this world, there are many people who are ordinary people, and which of these ordinary people do not want to be strong?

With these people's approval, Xia Junliang was immediately elated. Shi Qingyang finally said, "Do you still remember the beast tide?"

"Beast Tide?" Those people are a little confused, they are all high-level Chinese, before Feng family outside the city base encountered beast tide, and foreign cities were hit by the beast tide, basically all know.

After exchanging some data with the emissaries of that country and sending them away, they even set up a special investigation team to investigate the matter.

But they finally found out everything and put it down temporarily after a long time. How can Shi Qingyang mention it now?

"When there are a lot of experts, why should we be afraid of these exotic animals?" Xia Junliang immediately the baggage and take the journey.

"The reason why they have the beast wave is because they have studied things they shouldn't have studied, and so is the base where they closed their homes." Shi Qingyang said directly.

The leaders were still puzzled, but Xia Junliang's face suddenly changed-he thought of the video in the chip Feng Linqiu gave him.

He also doubted the identity of the mysterious person who appeared in the video, but he always felt that it was no problem to Feng family for research, then he should also be no problem…Isn't that the case? Who is that mysterious person?

"Do you know anything?" Shi Qingyang looked directly at Xia Junliang. He didn't know how Cheng Ran and Feng Linqiu's gene family got here.

However, Xia Junliang has adjusted his expression and became resentful: "What is the relationship between beast tide and such research? You can't just say you framed me!" What if the mysterious man is strong? Is it still stronger than the entire Chinese nation?

Shi Qingyang, however, has left him alone and looked at several other people: "It is better to prepare the surrounding troops quickly by not going through the network. In addition, all missile equipment should be debugged and the network disconnected."

Most leaders hesitated, but one of them suddenly remembered what those people had said and frowned: "what you said is true, why should we believe you?"

"What reason do we have to cheat you?" Cheng Xuze asks.

"Central city is the safest city in the whole China. Will there be any accidents?" Xia Junliang added that Cheng Xuze's expression worried him a bit, but by now, he has been riding a tiger.

Many people's reaction is the same as Xia Junliang's. They do not believe that there will be beast tides. The two previous beast tides are also accidental in their view.

Those people may have developed something to make the animals violent, which will attract animals. But in the central city, do you need to worry about such a thing? The protective cover here cannot be broken by foreign animals at all, and there are also some of the strongest people in China.

"Early prevention is at best a waste of manpower and material resources. Is there still time for an accident?" Fan Jia said, who has not spoken all the time.

Those people were stunned. Cheng Xuze added: "That's it. Also, these things must never be poked into the public again! All the people here, can't leak the news!" As he said, he gave Xia Junliang a hard look.

"This is really inappropriate. The transfer of troops requires a lot of procedures and the adjustment of weapons also requires various authorities…" One of the leaders stood up.

Shi Qingyang took one look and recognized this man as Xia Junliang's brother Xia Junzhi. Unlike Xia Junliang, Xia Junzhi not only has a very high status, but also is a strong level 8. Although the strong level 9 is highly respected in China, his status is not bad at all.

Shi Qingyang didn't say anything, the radiation energy directly pressed past.

Xia Junzhi staggered back a few steps and looked horrified: "Grade 9? You turned out to be grade nine!"

"I have already reached Grade 9. The reason why I dare not announce it is because I am worried that someone will target human beings!" Shi Qingyang said directly.

Today is Shi Qingyang's 30th birthday. As everyone present knows, Xia Junliang specially chose this time to announce his research results, and he also had the meaning of the evil spirit that Cheng family had been staring at before.

But now, this is only 30 years old, actually already grade 9? There is no sign of violence yet?

Everyone thought of Xia Junliang's research results, also thought of Xia Junliang accused Cheng family of his own research but did not let him study.

Xia Junliang brought out only a two-or three-year-old baby nurse, but Cheng family had a Shi Qingyang who was already in Grade 9. It was clear at a glance which was stronger or weaker.

Xia Junliang had the idea of hitting Cheng's family with a loud slap, but now it is obvious that his face has been hit…His research has been done and Cheng's family has done it? They all succeeded?

"Our research results are much better than those of Xia Junliang's clone Feng Linqiu, who made the so-called genius with genetic defects. It has not been announced before, just for fear that the beast tide will come. Now I leave my words here. As long as you build up the defense of the central city now and send troops to the city to find the people out of the city, we will announce these test results soon!" Shi Qingyang added.

The leaders' eyes were all on the ignorant child. Xia Junliang said that he had got a magic gene. Is it Lin Qiu's? This child is really similar to Feng Linqiu, who was very famous at the beginning.

Thought of here, they also thought of before Lin Qiu was killed in public, but Cheng family check the murderer is very strict, Lin Qiu's body is all back…don't, at that time Lin Qiu will have an accident, is Xia Junliang do?

Standing here was Feng's family. Hearing this, they immediately looked at Xia Junliang. Even Xia Junzhi was a step away from Xia Junliang.

Feng Yunhong is dead, but his family is still alive. If Xia Junliang really killed Feng Linqiu for cloning, then it means that his so-called experimental results were stolen from others…

"Shi Qingyang, you spit blood!" Xia Junliang nu way.

"We still have Lin Qiu's body in our custody. If you don't believe me, we can make a genetic comparison." Shi Qingyang said directly.

Xia Junliang finally lost control of his expression this time.

"We'll do it right away!" A senior elder finally made a decision. Although he was not sure whether what Shi Qingyang said was true or not, Shi Qingyang really didn't need to cheat them.

As for Xia Junliang…This matter, they will investigate in detail later!

"This matter cannot be disclosed for the time being." Fan Jia warned that if Xia Junliang's "research results" did not attract those mysterious people this time, instead, their various actions attracted those mysterious people, things would be wrong!

There are many troops stationed near the central city. These troops are not connected to the network in the mobile town. It is certainly not difficult to arrange them without connecting to the network. However, the weapon system of the central city, although requiring authority, is not particularly difficult to handle. It was soon disconnected from all the networks.

At that time, no one to listen to Xia Junliang, Shi Qingyang also know, even if it is useless to kill him at this time, now he only found two people looked at him.

One by one, the time passed, and soon in the evening, the hunters outside the city returned to the city one after another, while the mobile town where the troops were stationed moved slowly and without trace, encircling the whole central city.

However, the beast tide mentioned by Shi Qingyang and Cheng Xuze has no trace. Not only that, the Internet has also started to stir up trouble.

The results announced by Xia Junliang were so amazing that basically no one cared. It happened that the news was in the middle and suddenly stopped. The government also stopped talking. People who knew Xia Junliang wanted to contact Xia Junliang and could no longer contact him.

Xia Junliang, what's the matter?

At first, everyone was just wondering, but they didn't want to. Later, a man who claimed to be Xia Junliang's assistant suddenly announced some news through several private websites. He also said that Xia Junliang had been blocked by two level 9 experts at the beginning of the research. Before the research records were made public this time, he was specially asked to take some information to hide for a rainy day.

Now, he couldn't contact Xia Junliang. He also learned that Cheng Xuze and Fan Jia had found him. He was worried that something would happen to Xia Junliang, so he came forward and announced these.

Cheng Xuze and Fan Jia suppressed Xia Junliang in order to keep the high status of Grade 9?

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