The whole country of China has calmed down in this way. People's lives have hardly changed from before, and only Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran feel that under this calm, there are great waves hidden.

They have been trying to resolve such stormy waves, and the only thing they can do is to improve their own strength.

It was another four years in an instant. After four years of calm, even Shi Qingyang could not be as nervous as at the beginning. In Wen Zhuoyi's medicinal plant base, most of the people trained by Shi Qingyang for six years have reached level 5, of which one with the best talent and the strongest strength has even reached level 7.

The level of these people is not particularly high, but their number is very large. At the critical moment, they are also a very powerful force. Of course, compared with these people, the strength of Shi Qingyang and others grows faster.

Two years ago, Shang Yahang and Cheng Hui both reached Grade 9. Now, even Ding Yifei has reached Grade 9. All this has nothing to do with Cheng Ran who has already reached Grade 9.

Looking out from this place, which is claimed to be a base for planting medicinal materials, there are lush and green plants all around. Shi Qingyang stepped down from the fitness equipment and looked at his face in front of the huge mirror of the gym with a little melancholy: "Time flies so fast, and in a twinkling, I am already 30 years old…"

In fact, even if he is already 30 years old, he is not very old. The result of his hard maintenance in his life is to make him look very young. Unfortunately, Cheng Ran is obviously two months younger than him and looks five or six years younger than him.

"Thirty-one flowers for men." Cheng Ran said that he had reached Grade 9 three years ago. In addition to helping others comb their radiation energy, the most thing he did in recent years was to train himself to control foreign animals. Unfortunately, he could not find a suitable method, so up to now he could only control one or two foreign animals. Because foreign animals are not smart, it is difficult to give instructions, and it is not clear how those mysterious people started the beast tide…

"is it? Do you think I am handsome?" Shi Qingyang smiled and raised his arm, revealing his muscles: "My arm is as hard as a stone. However, do you want to take a bite?"

Cheng Ran obediently took a bite of Shi Qingyang's arm and found that he could not bite it. he directly used the spoke energy to leave a tooth mark. then he said, "today is your birthday, tidy up quickly and prepare for dinner."

Shi Qingyang's birthday is very early, usually just over a year later. The weather at this time is naturally relatively cold. However, Shi Qingyang does not wear a coat, and he bares his arm directly in order to let others see the tooth marks on his arm.

Over the past few years, I have seen Ding Yifei show his love with black eyes and bruises all day long. Shang Yahang occasionally reveals a hickey. He has found an opportunity and will naturally reveal his teeth marks.

Cheng Ran gave him a speechless look and finally decided to ignore it.

"Master, Cheng Ge is really enthusiastic. You won't be in the gym…Hee hee, Master, you are an animal!" Zheng Gaoyuan is very proud, saw the tooth marks at a glance, pointed to say.

"What is the gym, car | earthquake that is really stunning!" Ding Yifei said directly, "The very spacious chariot your family produced two years ago is very good to use!"

"Get out of here!" Zheng Gaoyuan nu way: "you this person so evil also calculate, unexpectedly also ran out to show off, really let a person cannot endure!"

"You are obviously jealous!" Ding Yifei direct way.

"All right, stop joking and go out for dinner." Shi Qingyang finally put on his coat, showing off to the two men is really good, Cheng Xuze also calculate in front of them.

After the ninth grade, these old people are all energetic and want to find someone to compete with. He'd better not be too high-profile.

Shi Qingyang did not attach importance to his birthday, but Cheng Xuze has always said that his 30th birthday needs a big event. Finally, a group of people also held a birthday party together in this base. Not only that, even the media also made a lot of reports about it.

Today, the news on the Internet is full of words like Shi Qingyang's birthday, and this happened after that, not because of anything else, but because Shi Qingyang had announced that he had reached "Grade 8" two years ago.

Although there are many talents on their side now, the public has never known that in the eyes of the public, there are only Cheng Xuze and Fan Jia who are in Grade 9. Shi Qingyang, as the person who is most likely to reach Grade 9, naturally attracts much attention.

Moreover, the eighth grade under the age of 30 is shocking in itself.

The food on this day was very rich, and there were many fruits and vegetables shipped from the city. Cheng Xuze was getting old and began to pay attention to health preservation. The main food was these. While eating, he scanned Shi Qingyang up and down.

"Grandpa?" Shi Qingyang was Cheng Xuze see whole body uncomfortable, puzzled and asked.

"Qingyang, you are getting stronger and stronger. We old guys can't beat you. Will you continue to upgrade?" Cheng Xuze could not help but ask, this words he suppressed in the heart for a long time, today finally didn't endure.

One thousand years have passed since the existence of radiation energy was discovered. From the beginning, there was no clear division of levels. Later, more and more strong people gradually emerged. Seven, eight, nine slowly emerged…

Although there has been no development for hundreds of years now, there may be ten levels and eleven levels in the future, which is still certain.

Shi Qingyang has long thought about level 10. He has more and more radiation energy in his body and has already reached a critical point. Unfortunately, he tried several times to compress it, but in the end he failed.

Today's radiation energy wants to continue upgrading. It seems that it is not only possible to compress radiation energy. These days, Shi Qingyang has been looking for other methods. Unfortunately, many of them may be dangerous, so he dare not try them easily.

"Grandpa, I don't know how to upgrade." Shi Qingyang sighed and was about to say something when Shang Yahang, who had been sitting quietly nearby, suddenly stood up: "Something has happened!"

"What happened?" Shi Qingyang immediately looked at the past.

Shang Yahang made a few clicks on his contact terminal, and in a short time a projection was displayed from his contact terminal.

In the projection, a middle-aged man was dressed in a suit, his hair was meticulously combed, and his eyes were full of enthusiasm.

"According to the research, people with this gene will become natural radiation energy, uniting the radiation energy is more gentle than ordinary people, as long as vigorously promote this gene, in this world, there may be dozens, even hundreds of grade 9 strong exist! At that time, foreign animals will no longer be a problem for us. Human beings can acquire more land and completely conquer foreign animals!"

Today is Shi Qingyang's birthday. His mood was originally very good, but when he saw this scene, his face changed instantly. Cheng Xuze and Cheng Ran performed the same as him.

"Isn't that what the man said about our situation?" Ding Yingxin asked curiously, the people trained on their side are very fast in the cultivation of radiation energy, which is more stable than ordinary people. Among them, Cheng Ran is naturally the most severe.

Shi Qingyang didn't speak. He just turned on the computer on the wall and changed several news stations at will. Only then did he find that all the news stations were carrying the news.

Not only that, but after playing it again, it was played again from the beginning.

At the beginning of the news, the middle-aged man appeared with a child, and then let the child use the radiation tactics, and the child, who was only two or three years old, actually used the tactics!

Although the average person needs to be 16 years old to develop radiation energy and have a body that can withstand radiation energy, the natural radiation energy has radiation energy from an early age and can also carry out radiation energy training. However, this may cause great damage to the child. Therefore, many people present questioned this time. However, soon, the middle-aged person found medical equipment to test the child's condition. What is more surprising is that after testing, the child's immature body has not suffered great damage due to the cultivation of radiation energy, and his radiation energy is much more stable than that of ordinary people.

Then, the middle-aged man began to show a series of research results, said he had found a mutant gene, children with this mutant gene, not only will be born radiation, will also have far superior talent, their radiation energy is far more stable than ordinary people, which shows that they have a greater possibility of reaching grade 9.

What mutation gene, this is clearly the use of Lin Qiu gene! Shi Qingyang recognized the middle-aged man at a glance. He was the vice president of the research institute they had focused on at the beginning. Unfortunately, Xia Junliang didn't show any flaw at the beginning…

Over the past few years, Xia Junliang went to work as usual every day. Everything was normal. They didn't find anything. Unexpectedly…

"What we have been hiding is now known to everyone." Cheng Ran sighed, they chose to train people to stay in this base, and in this base, can accept outside information, no authority but can't send out information, so no news leaked, but now…

How will those mysterious people react when they see such research results?

They have been worried about the beast tide, will this time come?

"We will return to the city immediately!" Shi Qingyang immediately said that he must now find a way to solve the upcoming things.

"Go." Cheng Ran also said, looking at Cheng Xuze again: "Grandpa, we'll go there together. There are some things you can tell us."

He and Lin Qiu genetic problems, others do not know, before they worry that too many people will know the problem has not said anything, now…Xia Junliang such a rang rang, he is nothing to be afraid of.

Shi Qingyang side worried, Xia Junliang side, also some fear.

His luck is good, bad but bad. Good because there was a final stock of embryos three years ago, bad because all embryos will soon lose vitality in these three years.

Under such circumstances, the research cannot be carried out at all, and there is a problem with Feng Linqiu's gene, which is not a problem. In contrast, I'm afraid Cheng Ran's gene is the best!

However, how can we get Cheng Ran's genes?

The Cheng family has a nine-level strong, Xia Junliang has been afraid to play hardball, and the only way to think of it is through the power of the country.

The state does not know the relationship between Feng family Research Institute, Feng Linqiu and Cheng Ran. He only needs to say that he has made an experiment and can cultivate talents. Then the state will naturally help him to publicize. Even if Cheng family starts to make noise, after all the people know about this matter, he is afraid that he cannot oppose the whole Chinese nation.

At first, Xia Junliang was worried when he thought so, but later he felt more and more that it was a good idea.

What he did was a good thing for the country and the people! And he is not going to kill Cheng Ran again, at that time, the big deal is to point Cheng Ran blood cells, has no effect on Cheng Gu, Cheng Gu how can refuse?

"Dean Xia, can you really come up with such a genius?" Some leaders of China looked at Xia Junliang with a full face of excitement-if one can make a genius child through Xia Junliang…

"Of course you can! Only the two of us have done research before. If we really want to succeed, I'm afraid we need to add some researchers."

"This is absolutely no problem!" The leaders of those countries immediately said. Over the past one thousand years, human beings have become stronger and stronger, and foreign animals have become stronger and stronger, maintaining a delicate balance between them. Under such circumstances, if human beings could cultivate many strong people…

Can the map of human life be broadened?

A group of people were discussing, but someone came in from the outside: "Master Cheng and Master Fan are here!"

At that time, only Cheng Xuze and Fan Jia could be called Master Cheng and Fan. All of them smiled: "Please!"

Their faces lit up, but Xia Junliang stepped back for fear that someone might find him in trouble.

When Cheng Xuze and others entered, he and Fan Jia walked in the front and saw the people inside. Their faces were very ugly.

They don't tell others about the mysterious animals and mysterious people, just because they are afraid that some people don't know the seriousness of the matter, and now, it happened that some people did it!

"Master Cheng, master fan, are you here? Are you here to see that child prodigy?" China's leaders looked at the child brought by Xia Junliang.

This child is born with radiation energy. He can use radiation energy when he is only over two years old. His radiation energy is much more stable than that of ordinary people…Even Cheng Xuze and Fan Jia will like such genius, won't they?

"We are not here to see this child prodigy!" Cheng Xuze immediately the baggage and take the journey.

"Who are those two?"

"In such a study, you don't want to think about the situation behind it and just publish the results directly?" Cheng Xuze a full face of anger, pegged to the Xia Junliang.

Cheng Xuze's expression has already made those people feel something is wrong. Xia Junliang felt pins and needles: "master Cheng…what I have done is good for the country and the people!"

"Good thing? What you have done is clearly an evil that harms people!" Cheng Xuze cold snorted.

"Master Cheng, words can't say so, you even knew about it? I think you might have studied it long ago…you can't just allow state officials to set fires and people to light lamps!" Xia Junliang thought of being closely watched by the Cheng family before energy, also to the gas.

"Master Cheng, this is indeed a good thing…" Although some of the leaders did not understand the situation, they also responded in succession.

Xia Junliang out of things, is enough to let them try to keep Xia Junliang, if really can have a group of grade 9, Cheng Xuze and Fan Jia so after reaching grade 9 because of physical reasons basic can't do anything, what is it?

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