Finalize the help Ding Yingxin upgrade, and talked to Cheng Hui, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran together to look at the hands of the contact terminal.

Cheng Xuze has always wanted to contact "I don't want to be hungry", but this person does not exist…

"What now?" Shi Qingyang looked at the message from Cheng Xuze and then at Cheng Ran. Now he is completely afraid to return to Xu Ze.

"In fact, I think Grandpa should have guessed something. It is better not to return at this time." Cheng Ran said that when Shi Qingyang first contacted Cheng Xuze with this identity, it really seemed very mysterious and severe, but now, this mystery would have been discounted a long time ago.

Even, they have also appeared a lot of loopholes, namely Cheng Xuze this person some ideas are different, just never asked.

"is it? Grandpa, he won't be sad?" Shi Qingyang looked at Cheng Ran piteously and stole a kiss on Cheng Ran's face by the way. Cheng Ran such a serious expression, always makes him feel very attractive.

Cheng Ran leaned in to make it easier for Shi Qingyang to kiss: "Grandpa is so old, he and grandma have always had a good relationship, but when grandma died, he was still alive? A friend who often chats on the Internet disappears, and he will recover later."

"Then let's do it…" Shi Qingyang nodded, kissed, a little want to continue below-he and Cheng Ran haven't affectionate these days!

"you can go to grandpa and tell him that your master has decided to disappear." Cheng Ran firmly pushed aside Shi Qingyang this time. Now time and place are wrong. I really want to do something. I should wait until evening.

Shi Qingyang hesitated to deal with the matter at the beginning, mainly because he cheated Cheng Xuze guilty in my heart, now Cheng Ran pushed, he naturally also knows that it is time to solve the problem.

"Here you come, come, come and talk with me!" Cheng Xuze saw Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran, immediately the baggage and take the journey.

"Grandpa, we came here this time to have something to say." Extending his head with one knife and shrinking his head with another, Shi Qingyang said directly, "Grandpa, my master, he said he would not contact me again."

Cheng Xuze was silent for a moment before he said, "Do you know why I don't ask you about your master these days?"

"Grandpa?" Shi Qingyang a surprised, Cheng Xuze already know?

"Your master said long ago that you are expected to reach Grade 9. I thought it was because of your good talent, but in fact, your outstanding performance has something to do with that magical beast. Your master also taught me a set of movements that are said to be upgraded after practice, but I've never seen you practice them before and I'm convinced that it is only able to make people exercise." Cheng Xuze said.

Cheng Xuze did not say that Shi Qingyang almost forgot that he had done a set of gymnastics to cover up the existence of the queen ant. After all, he was so busy that he was able to become Grade 9 at this age. Although he had had an adventure with him, his efforts were indispensable.

No wonder Cheng Ran said he had many flaws. Now think about it, there are really many flaws.

Cheng Xuze, shouldn't you guess my identity of not being hungry?

"Your teacher also said a lot of things, some things, even such a big family, Fan Jia level 9 master all don't know, it happened that your teacher know…if this is in a city also just, it happened that also distributed in all parts of the country! He said that the worker I found told me about the formula of the protective cover. He said very clearly that the material was only made by accident and no one else knew it. It happened that your master knew it." Cheng Xuze sighed," Your master knows a lot of cultivation methods and a lot of information is in advance. This is all. He didn't use it himself. He actually brought it all to me and gave you all the income…"

I don't want to be hungry this person is too amazing, because of this, he has long investigated all aspects of information, and finally found out that at the beginning of all-round drug income, actually has been hit Shi Qingyang account.

In other words, I don't want to be hungry. I haven't taken any money.

Shi Qingyang has been wondering how to explain after Cheng Xuze debunked his identity. He told Cheng Ran about the rebirth before. Should he tell Cheng Xuze now?

"Is your master related to those mysterious people you have been looking for?" Cheng Xuze suddenly slapped the bed board.

"Grandpa?" Shi Qingyang froze.

"You also said before that those mysterious people might have the opportunity to monitor our network, let's not send any messages on the Internet…if your master is really related to those mysterious people, it can explain how he knows so many things, and he always knew it in the first place. And he doesn't want money, it should be because money is useless to him. In addition, the queen ant, should be he prepared for you. As for the radiation energy truncation method and so on, it is estimated that his angle is completely different before it can be created." Cheng Xuze looked dignified: "because he knew a lot about the tactics of Feng family, I also investigated those who Feng family, but none of them met the conditions. now think about it, he should also know everything about Feng family through the internet!"

What Cheng Xuze said is so reasonable! Shi Qingyang couldn't help but believe what he said, but unfortunately, I don't want to be hungry or the waistcoat he invented.

And…the radiation energy truncation method, in fact, is he want to come up with!

"In the current situation, your master should also know that the situation is very serious. That is why you want me to be promoted to Grade 9 and you will not contact us. I understand." Cheng Xuze's sense of honor Lingran said.

Shi Qingyang froze, see Cheng Xuze such a firm expression, but can't help but think of those words Cheng Xuze sent online.

What "Master Not Hungry Where Have You Been?" What "Master Not Hungry You Come Back Soon" and "Master Not Hungry I Have Been Waiting for You, Asking for Feeding"…

The style of painting on the Internet and in reality is really different. The change is too big!

"You'd better hurry up and seal up Lin Qiu, although I don't know what happened to this Lin Qiu." Cheng Xuze added that Shi Qingyang was extremely attached to Feng Linqiu, but he did not understand this point.

Shi Qingyang glanced at Cheng Ran before looking at Cheng Xuze: "Grandpa, Feng Linqiu is an experiment like Ran Ran. The two of them probably have half the genes of those mysterious people."

They haven't told anyone about this, but now they think they can tell Cheng Xuze.

Cheng Xuze was silent for a moment: "But it is not your master's child, is it? So your master is so kind to the Cheng family and you? Don't you spend your money with Ran Ran?"

This sounds really like an answer. Shi Qingyang couldn't help but wonder if my status of not starving is really like this…

Cheng Xuze's guess is just speculation. He didn't want to get a definite answer from Shi Qingyang, so Shi Qingyang soon began to trace the death of Feng Linqiu.

Since the news that Cheng Xuze has reached Grade 9 was blown out, no one thought that Cheng family's investigation of Feng Linqiu was an act. In fact, many people admire Cheng family.

In addition to the Cheng family, who else can spend so much time investigating a murderer who killed an unrelated person?

Unfortunately, Shi Qingyang spent much effort and failed to find any useful information. Although he had targeted several targets, he did not get any exact information.

In the end, he can only arrange others to investigate the matter, and then began to busy Ding Yingxin promotion.

When Feng Linqiu died for three months, Ding Yingxin, who had been well nursed for a period of time, became a Grade 9 strong man.

At that time, he excitedly smashed the training room he used to advance to, and wanted to tell the whole world about himself, then…because he suddenly thought that he could not show off, his face changed again, he pinched the contact terminal in his hand into pieces, his expression seemed to cry but not to cry, and finally he froze into a grimace of a grin.

"Dad, are you okay?" Ding Yifei was almost dumbfounded when he saw this scene.

Commercial space originally stood on one side, this time is alert to stop in front of Ding Yifei.

"I am just too happy, can't I?" Ding Yingxin gave his son a hard look and finally burst out laughing. Tears flew out.

Ding Yingxin is eager for someone to share his joy of becoming a strong man in Grade 9, but he just can't speak out and finally can only pull the people around him to speak.

Ding Yifei said, want to also don't want to hide out, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran are very busy, as for Cheng Xuze, he often meet with the strong level 8 now, can be big enough to tell others that they have level 9, Ding Yingxin out of jealousy will not go to him, finally found the commercial aerospace.

Shang Yahang didn't talk much, but I have to say that such a person is also the best person to talk to-Ding Yingxin told him dozens of times about his glorious history of struggle, and he can still listen without changing his face. Of course, no one knows whether he listened to it or not.

However, as a result, his relationship with Ding Yingxin has eased a lot. Originally, he was thinking of giving a good lesson to Shang Yahang, who turned his son, Ding Yingxin, after he rose to the ninth grade. It is not good for him to start with the only object to show off.

Ding Yingxin delayed for a few days, then quickly left the city and went to the renovated Wen Zhuoyi medicinal plant to "teach" the young people.

Ding Yingxin left, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran searched for the news of Feng Linqiu, but there was still no news. During this period, all the researchers engaged in gene research in the central city had normal schedules.

Even all kinds of research equipment have not been bought extra.

Not only that, it is also very quiet outside the city. Now China is making great efforts to rectify the problem of exiled criminals. The Cheng family also got involved and caught many small fish and shrimps, but found nothing related to the research.

Shi Qingyang did not find any useful information, but his insistence has made Xia Junliang fidgety.

The Xia family is second only to the Feng family in the central city, but Xia Junliang has no radiation energy, while the Xia family is divided into two periods. These days, he has to live with his head down.

"Dean, now, even if we have developed embryos, we can't find the mother to breed…" Researchers with excellent relations with Xia Junliang said, they were going to clone a few embryos, and then join their genes to cultivate a few, but now…even if these embryos are cultivated, they can't find someone to breed, as for breeding with machines…now humans still can't create a substitute for human uterus.

If in the past, it was very simple to spend some money to find a surrogate. Both of them were male partners. If they wanted children, they would go to find a surrogate, but now…Cheng family is too strict!

Xia Junliang wiped the sweat from his face. These days, he goes to work as usual during the day and is busy in the laboratory at night, relying on simple equipment to do this complicated experiment…

If it weren't for the fact that he is in charge of political affairs at the National Research Institute and doesn't have to do research, I'm afraid he won't be able to stick to it.

He had never seen such a life before, but his enthusiasm kept him going, even more fervent every day.

When he heard what his subordinates said, he stared at the embryo in front of him, which was different from ordinary people, and gritted his teeth: "don't we both have wives?"

The researcher was stunned and somewhat reluctant. Even though his wife had shortcomings, he didn't want his wife to do such a thing.

Xia Junliang added, "You don't want a gifted son like Feng Linqiu? If your son is grade nine…"

This kind of temptation, almost no one can resist.

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