Feng Linqiu died like this, which caught people off guard.

Although when Feng Linqiu died, there was a problem with the monitoring on the road at that time, but many people nearby witnessed this scene and also saw the situation at that time.

The people Cheng family arranged around Feng Linqiu did try very hard to protect Feng Linqiu, but unfortunately, Feng Linqiu ran directly towards the gangsters…

Many people think that Feng Linqiu's death is self-inflicted, but different voices also exist. Some people think that the person who killed Feng Linqiu does not exist. Perhaps this time, Cheng's family directed and acted it.

"What protection Lin Qiu, Cheng family, is monitoring Lin Qiu? Haven't Feng Linqiu ever said on the internet that he didn't want to be "protected"?

"Maybe Feng Linqiu was killed by the Cheng family. This is a play they played."

"Those gangsters let Lin Qiu in the past, Lin Qiu is really in the past? Ha ha, maybe Feng Linqiu got in touch with someone and wanted to escape. As a result, Cheng's family knew about it and directed and performed a play to kill Feng Linqiu."

"Good, even with Lin Qiu enemies, also won't such heavy-handed? Can it really be the hands and feet of the Cheng family?"

"Feng Linqiu has nothing to do with the Cheng family, but the Cheng family has almost turned over the central city in recent days. They are so nervous that they are clearly shattered glass."


No matter what kind of speculation on the Internet, after Shi Qingyang found more people to investigate the matter, some people were more disgusted, and even some people who were quite famous on the Internet commented on the matter.

Of course, Shi Qingyang and others also saw the news.

"There must be someone behind this development, and I don't know who is behind it." Wang Qing flicked through the news on the Internet, occasionally checking the IP. Nowadays, large media do not report these things, but the forum is full of all kinds of news. Unfortunately, those who started the incident did not leave any traces, only those who replied below…did not blame the public.

People are actually very easy to be incited, and Feng Yunhong just died, Feng Linqiu also disappeared so quickly, and died so miserably…after those people said something real and fake, they naturally sympathized with Feng Linqiu.

"Can't we find out?" Cheng Xuze was still lying in bed, blowing his beard angrily.

"Master, Feng Linqiu has nothing to do with us. I went to find out how the monitoring broke down and was blocked by people using this word." Wang Qing looked at Cheng Xuze.

Shi Qingyang also nodded when he heard this: "Although Feng Yunhong had an accident and Feng Zhaohai was close to us, the people who had good relations with Feng Yunhong didn't stand up and say anything, now that Feng Yunhong and Feng Linqiu are dead, they will inevitably stand up. When they were young, the people in charge of public security in the central city received support from Feng Yunhong."

Cheng family's development over the years is indeed very good, but ten years ago, Cheng family was only a little famous in the Yangtze River City. He lacks details. Now he has come to the Central City with fewer hands.

Moreover, Cheng familyqiang is also stronger than having a master. in other aspects, he is completely inferior to others. just like the Feng family that has fallen, Feng Zhaohai, who can vomit when seeing dead people, is still in charge of the patrol team in the central city. many political people are closely related to the Feng family. the wife of the president of the spoke energy association is surnamed Feng…

What does the Cheng family have? Qinghe Tavern is just a platform for them to release some news. Very not easy, some loyal people have been sent to train Fu Neng…Even Fan Jia, because she has kept a low profile for many years, there is no one in her hand.

Cheng Xuze lying in bed, a face almost blue. Many of the news on the Internet can't be traced back to the source, and they can't arrest people just because the people said it. They can only allow it to develop, but it's really hard for people.

Ming Ming Feng Linqiu was killed by others. The dirty water even spilled on them!

"Who exactly killed Feng Linqiu? Is there any news now?" Fan Jia asked nearby that she was very calm about the news on the internet. before, some people said that she had coerced Wen Zhuoyi to marry her. even some people said that she forced Wen Zhuoyi to have a ligation and so on, which shaped her into an abnormal old woman…after watching too much, she didn't care much about what others said on the internet.

"I have already looked for someone to monitor all the registered research institutes in central city, and I have also monitored some people, but it is not clear who it is. the person cleaned up the traces very clean." Shi Qingyang said that he had several suspects, but unfortunately no one was sure, and his impatience was actually more than he showed.

Fan Jia they don't know the relationship between Cheng Ran and those mysterious people, just think someone killed Feng Linqiu want to frame them, but he knew that things are not so simple.

"That is to say, the murderer cannot be caught for a while?" Cheng Xuze asked.

"Yes, Grandpa." Shi Qingyang Road.

"Qingyang, you go to find someone to prepare, just say I want to hold a press conference, release the news of my promotion to grade 9! Aren't those people trying to frame us? When the news comes out, see how they framed it! We didn't kill people, we didn't kill people, but we can't let others get dirty water!" Cheng Xuze immediately the baggage and take the journey, although he is a bit miserable now, but as long as you wear a waist guard, it doesn't matter to go out.

"Master, if you have already made up your mind, I can also find people under my command and let them send more news. They will say that the Cheng family is busy with your promotion. It is impossible to make such a bloody case at this time," Wang Qing said." Actually Feng Linqiu is a waste now, but we are getting worse and worse. There is really no reason to kill him." Now everyone's attention is on Feng Linqiu. Some people are fanning the flames. Naturally, there are both good and bad ones. However, when there is a bigger news item, the former one has not attracted much attention.

Moreover, Cheng Xuze is in Grade 9. What reason does he have to deal with Feng Linqiu, who doesn't even have radiation energy?

"That's what you did!" Cheng Xuze immediately the baggage and take the journey, no matter how, he didn't want to be wronged.

In Cheng Xuze has made a decision, Xia Junliang is pacing back and forth in the basement of his house, at the same time tightly frowned.

Cheng family's emphasis on Feng Linqiu is beyond imagination. These days, he often feels that someone is following him. It is said that Cheng family is still checking various research offices in the central city and has already purchased some research equipment. If he goes on like this, I'm afraid he will encounter a lot of problems in his research.

Fortunately, he has already set up a small laboratory in his own house, which few people know about.

"Dean, there are more and more people on the Internet accusing the Cheng family now. Many people say that the Cheng family spent so much manpower and material resources to find the murderer with such great fanfare, and it was deliberately done for others to see…and our people only started to move their hands at the beginning, and then someone related to Feng family took over." The researcher opposite Xia Junliang said: "Those who had received family favors before were busy drawing a clear line with Feng Linqiu when he was alive. Now that Feng Linqiu is dead, they feel guilty, but unfortunately, they dare to talk about it online."

"That's good. Give the Cheng family some trouble so they don't stare at us." Xia Junliang immediately the baggage and take the journey.

The researcher on the other side nodded and went to the news, but soon changed his face.

"What's the matter?" Asked Xia Junliang.

"The Cheng family will hold a press conference, and they don't know what they want to say." The researcher frowned. At this time of the press conference, what does Cheng family really want to do?

"Let's see." Xia Junliang said that the Cheng family knew what they wanted to do after watching the press conference.

The press conference was held very quickly, and at first everyone thought that the meeting that would come out to face the media and live broadcast would be Cheng Hui, who has now completely taken over the industry of Cheng's family, or Shi Qingyang, who is getting more and more attention from Cheng Xuze, but it was Cheng Xuze who finally sat in the main seat.

Feng Linqiu's death did cause a lot of rumors, but it didn't come to the point where Cheng Xuze was needed to explain it…Besides Cheng Xuze, there were also masters like Fan Jia and Ding Yingxin sitting beside him!

The media looked at the above lineup and were surprised.

Cheng Xuze sat straight and watched the time come. He said directly: "This time I have a press conference, there is an important thing to announce."

Cheng Xuze spoke a little slowly, then stopped, looking at the door came in a hurry, still in succession. At this time, under the live broadcast on the internet, some people have already brushed up comments: "with such a large array of battle lines, there are still some important things to be said. the death of Feng Linqiu is really fishy!"

Such comments are actually the aspiration of many media. They all know that nothing big has happened to the Cheng family these days. Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran still have good feelings. Although Cheng Sisi has many admirers, he still has no choice to be with anyone…Under such circumstances, what can the Cheng family issue?

Can't it be that Shi Qingyang has reached the 8th grade? At the age of 26, grade 8 is impossible.

Cheng Xuze paused for a moment. After seeing that the people from the Radiological Energy Association had finally arrived, he said, "What I want to announce today is that I reached Grade 9 yesterday!"

This press conference, because there are many strong people on the stage, so few people dare to whisper, but even so, winks and other things between each other will not be less, the door is from time to time someone came in, all kinds of voices.

For example, a few people from the Radiological Energy Association who just came in expressed doubts before they could see the situation clearly: "What did Cheng family ask us to do at the press conference?"

The man's question just said to a half, Cheng Xuze words came out, immediately the whole venue was silent.

Cheng Xuze is almost eighty years old now, and can even be promoted to Grade 9?

Want to know, although a lot of people live to be more than one hundred years old these days, but a lot of not low strength radiation energy fighters, will eventually die of radiation energy riots, so the older radiation energy fighters are basically reclusive, also won't want to upgrade…

Cheng Xuze many years ago, it was widely said that he would not be able to hold up because of the radiation energy riots. now he has become a grade 9?

After a long time, only one person's book fell to the ground, waking up many people here. Cheng Xuze saw this scene and added: "I wanted to hold a press conference because yesterday's upgrade was successful. I didn't expect someone to kill Feng Linqiu cruelly at this time when I just had this plan. Those murderers simply didn't give me face! This matter, I will investigate thoroughly!"

Cheng Xuze was angry when he spoke. Seeing his situation, the following media also felt suddenly enlightened.

No wonder Feng Linqiu's family had such a big reaction when he died. It turned out that it was not the right time for him to die! As for the fact that the Cheng family may have killed Feng Linqiu…

Joke, Cheng Xuze is grade 9, Fan Jia is still on his side, even if Feng Yunhong is still alive, Cheng family doesn't have to worry about, now how can you still go to dispute with a waste-Feng Linqiu has no radiation energy, that is, an ordinary person.

They are easy to be instigated, but if they are given an "answer", they often will not pursue it.

These media all think so, but the people of the radiation energy association are shocked. grade 9 is very rare. in the history of China, after the first grade 9 expert appeared, there were still faults later. the situation of only one grade 9 in the whole China is even more rare. as a result, Feng Yunhong died only a few days ago, and Cheng Xuze was grade 9.

Moreover, Cheng Xuze's age is so big, unexpectedly still can rise to grade 9, this is definitely another miracle in human history!

Fu Neng Guild is closer to Feng Jia. Originally, I was thinking about watching the drama of Cheng family, but I didn't expect to encounter such a thing. My face is incredible.

In the following time of the press conference, no reporter asked any questions at all. However, Cheng Xuze did finish the test in public, proving that he really reached Grade 9.

All this was broadcast on almost all websites simultaneously through the cameras of the journalists.

Xia Junliang has been watching the live broadcast, his face changed and changed.

He was already worried because Shi Qingyang was too tight. He was afraid that he could not carry out the experiment. Unexpectedly, such a thing happened now.

Cheng Xuze has reached Grade 9. Cheng's family and Cheng Hui Shi Qingyang will surely rise in the future. Under such circumstances, even if he studies something, I'm afraid he can't announce it. It's even harder to get Cheng Ran's genes!

Xia Junliang face kindly swept away, looking at the computer screen in front of him, his eyes even some terror.

The researcher beside him also fell silent. If the Cheng family did not have to close Lin Qiu, they could find some more researchers to come back to study and some women to help conceive children. But now…They don't have the ability to close their homes to raise so many people outside the city. Now do they need only a few people to study?

After the research is done, how will they tell the outside world?

No matter how tangled Xia Junliang is, the level 9 incident of Cheng Xuze has made the entire Chinese nation boil. In all forums in the Chinese nation, there are people talking about this matter.

Radiation energy emerged after the catastrophe. It developed most rapidly at the beginning and new tactics were discovered every day. However, in the past two or three hundred years, it has developed very slowly.

This is because the whole system has become more and more complete, and because the whole society has stabilized, so many people have started to be reluctant to communicate with others and it is naturally difficult to make progress.

But now, the Cheng family has created several miracles. It is a pity that the Cheng family has not announced the reason…

However, even if the Cheng family did not disclose the reason, everyone knows something about it. Now this situation is mostly related to the pharmacist in the Cheng family.

Just don't know, who is the mysterious pharmacist Cheng home…

For this Cheng Xuze upgrade, the most concern may be those level 8 strong, many level 8 strong theory of talent is much stronger than Cheng Xuze, but they have no chance to rise to level 9, now see Cheng Xuze situation, which can't envy?

At that time, those people couldn't wait to find Cheng family immediately and let Cheng Xuze announce the reason.

Most people can only think like this, but Ding Yingxin has already found Cheng Xuze: "brother Cheng, uncle Cheng, how did you upgrade? Can you tell me no? Can I rise to the next level?"

He knows a lot about the family of Cheng, and he knows something about the difference between Cheng Ran and others. But he always thinks that Cheng Ran can also make people feel more relaxed. How can he think that Cheng Xuze can be upgraded even at an age?

"Your son is a disciple of Shi Qingyang. You should call me Grandpa." Cheng Xuze was lying on the bed, eating fruit, and said, his waist must be kept now, but now he is grade 9, even if lying talking to others will not feel disrespectful, more won't know he twisted his waist.

"Grandpa!" Ding Yingxin stared at Cheng Xuze, a grind, loudly way. If you can let him upgrade, even if let him call Cheng Ran grandpa he is willing to!

"Dad, what are you talking about?" Ding Yifei knew the news of his father's arrival and rushed to hear his father calling someone else's grandfather.

Is it really appropriate for his father to call others grandpa? Ming Ming's father and Cheng Xuze were both of the same age at the beginning, playing different games.

"Nothing, ha ha…" Ding Yingxin was caught by his son, somewhat embarrassed.

"…" Ding Yifei, for the sake of his own mood, finally decided not to ask: "Dad, I came here. My master asked me to ask you, do you want to upgrade?" Just now Shi Qingyang told him that he was going to help his father upgrade so that they could have several more grades 9.

As for Cheng Hui, it still needs to wait-Cheng Hui has not thought about level 9 since reaching level 8, and worries about radiation riots, so there is little practice. At the moment, the radiation in the body is not compressed enough, and it will take at least a few years before he wants to rise to level 9.

"XX, then my name is Grandpa Bai?" Ding Yingxin widened his copper-bell eyes. He wanted to complain about Cheng Xuze, but when he thought that Cheng Xuze was in Grade 9, he couldn't beat it. He could only stare at his son maliciously.

Is it really grandpa? Ding Yifei also stared at his father-this man is too unethical!

"If you two are bigger than whose eyes, you'd better go outside!" Cheng Xuze was about to eat a fruit when he put it on his mouth and stopped. He had just eaten too much and wanted to go to the toilet. Now it is better to let all these people go.

"Yes, go outside and find Shi Qingyang!" Ding Yingxin immediately the baggage and take the journey.

When Ding Yingxin found Shi Qingyang, Shi Qingyang was looking at the medicine in front of him with Cheng Ran. In front of Cheng Ran, there was also an old computer, which was to read some sorted out old data.

In the long river of history, many tactics have been abandoned. Similarly, many medicine prescriptions have also been abandoned. However, these medicine prescriptions may become waste in the hands of others, but they may be of special use in the hands of Cheng Ran.

"Shi Qingyang, can you really upgrade me?" At the sight of Shi Qingyang, Ding Yingxin immediately rushed over and looked excited.

"As long as we are ready, there is no problem." Shi Qingyang said, "But we have conditions."

"What conditions? Let me call you grandpa all right!" Ding Yingxin has been thinking about what he called grandpa before and almost blurted it out.

Shi Qingyang was stunned and couldn't help laughing: "You don't have to call me Grandpa, but after the upgrade, you have to keep secret for the time being what you've been promoted to Grade 9. You can only say it when the time is ripe."

"When is the time ripe?" Ding Yingxin asked tangled.

"I don't know about this either, but I can't say for sure in recent years." Shi Qingyang Road.

"Has been upgraded can't say, that is no difference with no upgrade? I will suppress dead…"Ding Yingxin is sad-he always likes to show off. As a result, his son can't show off now. He can't show off himself.

"Do you want to upgrade?" Shi Qingyang looked at Ding Yingxin. Although Ding Yingxin likes to show off, he would not renege if he agreed.

"Yes, of course! After upgrading, I can show off somehow! By the way, after the upgrade, you will let me stay in your base outside the city. I am afraid that if something happens outside, I will not be able to control my mouth or my behavior." Ding Yingxin said that he had done before that he accidentally agreed to marry his daughter to the son of someone he didn't deal with after getting drunk. This time, there can be no more bad things.

"Thanks a lot for that." Shi Qingyang laughed. Although Ding Yingxin was not very good at teaching disciples, he could at least accompany those people to practice. He was willing to go to the base, which Shi Qingyang could not help.

Ding Yingxin finally put down his heart at this time and couldn't help but start to feel proud again-he has a chance to reach Grade 9! Grade 9!

However, is it possible that the next nine grades will be worthless? If Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran "made" a pile of…

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