Control the radiation energy in the body and squeeze them together bit by bit…

Cheng Xuze's last upgrade was decades ago, but these movements are not unfamiliar, because he has secretly simulated countless times in these decades.

Cultivation of radiation energy, the quality of the heart is also very important, Cheng Xuze talent in general, but can come to this point, itself all aspects of the quality is very good, haven't started to upgrade when he was very worried, but after really began to upgrade, but he didn't worry about what to fear, instead of concentrate, no distraction.

He moved slowly, compressing it bit by bit, without hurry or rashness. During this period, of course, the radiation energy will not obediently obey all the time. However, although there were some minor mistakes, it did not have much influence…

Cheng Xuze didn't know how long time had passed, only knew that when he was going to bear it, he finally succeeded!

Before eating ant eggs and drinking potions, Cheng Ran helped him comb his radiation energy in the past two years. All this was not useless. Now, he has become a Grade 9 radiation energy fighter.

Grade 9! He really grade nine! Cheng Xuze subconsciously jumped up and laughed, laughing, while still vigorously jumped a few times.

He had the honor to upgrade to Grade 8 and was glad to destroy all his exercise rooms. This time, he had such an impulse. Just thinking that there were Cheng Ran Shi Qingyang Cheng Hui outside, he suppressed his impulse and even dared not use radiation energy. He just jumped and danced in the room.

Later, thinking that the sound insulation effect of the training room was very good, he shouted a few words excitedly and laughed aloud.

"I have nine! Ha ha ha ha!" Cheng Xuze went back and forth for several rounds in the training room, and finally calmed down a little. He exchanged his feet quickly and danced a lively street dance while trying to adjust his expression. When he decided to go out later, he must be calmer and more calm than Shi Qingyang.

However, there is a saying, it is called joy begets sorrow. He has just adjusted his expression, but he doesn't want to suddenly feel an acid on his waist…

The promotion to Grade 9 is indeed a great event to celebrate, and skipping is understandable. But even a young man like Shi Qingyang will be very tired after he has just reached Grade 9, not to mention Cheng Xuze is now in his seventies…

When he was upgraded before, his body suffered some damage due to the rampage of radiation energy in his body. As a result, he not only did not have a good rest, but also jumped around…

Cheng Xuze twisted his waist, at the same time, the already reached the limit of the body can't stand it, he fell to the ground directly, at that time even can't climb up, the whole people like a scattered frame.

At the same time, the alarm that he was wearing on his hand suddenly rang and opened the door automatically through the original setting.

Cheng Xuze took the alarm to avoid a radiation riot when he was upgraded. As a result, his body was fine when he was upgraded. He didn't ring at all, but he rang after upgrading…

Cheng Xuze fell to the ground with his hands on his waist, dumbfounded.

Since Cheng Xuze entered the training room, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran have been waiting outside, constantly watching the situation in the room.

Cheng Xuze spent more time upgrading than Shi Qingyang, and as time went on, they became more and more uneasy.

They provoked Cheng Xuze's desire to upgrade. If Cheng Xuze had any problems during the upgrade, they would regret it very much.

Shi Qingyang and sitting Cheng Ran exchanged an uneasy look and continued walking back and forth at the door, but he didn't want to at this time, the door of the training room was suddenly opened, and the sound of the alarm rang at the same time, he wanted to also don't want to, immediately rushed in.

Sitting next to him, Cheng Ran, who had absently looked at the recorder in his hand, also stood up fiercely and rushed in with Shi Qingyang. Like Shi Qingyang, he is also very guilty now.

If Cheng Xuze really failed in promotion…Maybe, they really shouldn't have encouraged Cheng Xuze to advance!

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran are the fastest to enter, but Cheng Hui and others are not slow either. When they heard the alarm, they were all ready to see the appearance of Cheng Xuze spoke to riot or dying directly. However, after entering, they unexpectedly saw Cheng Xuze lying in a very strange posture not far from the door with a straight face.

More importantly, Cheng Xuze now looked at, there is no such thing as radiation riots, as for his lying situation…The patient can't move casually, that they all know.

After staring at each other for a while, Cheng Hui said, "Dad, what's wrong with you?"

"Nothing, just a twist." Cheng Xuze, who has adjusted his expression, said calmly.

"The muscles of the whole body have sprains to varying degrees, and the lumbar sprain is serious. It is suggested that you stay in bed for a week to recuperate and avoid all kinds of problems that the elderly will have…" Perhaps you feel that someone is coming. The alarm on Cheng Xuze's wrist stopped the alarm and reported his physical condition.

"It's really nothing, it's just that after the upgrade, I was tired and then I twisted my waist." Cheng Xuze added, looking at a few people in front of him, eager to see someone shocked.

He successfully rose to Grade 9. These people should be very excited and happy, right? Can he still see their foolishness?

Cheng Ran is already helping Cheng Xuze to do the examination. Shi Qingyang has found the medical robot originally placed outside the door. Cheng Hui's attention is also on Cheng Xuze's injury: "Dad, why did you sprain it? What is going on?"

Before Cheng Xuze could answer, the alarm that would automatically answer some simple questions in his hand responded again: "The injured situation will start to play automatically below." After that, it also showed a small projection, and then began to play some scattered pictures before, at the same time, Cheng Xuze laughter rang.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha…" Accompanied by the laughter of Cheng Xuze, the screen shook violently. Although Cheng Xuze's appearance could not be seen because of the angle, it was enough to let people know that Cheng Xuze was doing strenuous exercise before.

The alarm responded too quickly. At first, everyone did not respond. Until this time, Cheng Xuze suddenly caught it. As soon as the radiation was used, it was immediately crushed.

Cheng Xuze's face remained calm. He coughed and reiterated: "I'm fine. Just take some medicine."

See just Cheng Xuze can jump into that appearance, smile so happy, will know that he is really ok…Shi Qingyang and others eyes deliberately avoided Cheng Xuze, and they were afraid they would laugh.

I clearly don't want to lose face, why do I lose face even more? And he is already grade 9! He's grade nine! Why hasn't anyone noticed this now?

Cheng Xuze was carried to the medical robot, suddenly a little want to cry.

Cheng Xuze didn't cry, of course, but he originally wanted to hold a press conference immediately after the ninth grade, but already can't do anything.

He is old, his promotion has made him too tired and sprained his waist. He must stay in bed for a week.

"I upgrade things, you must not say out now! I am now, you must not say out!" Cheng Xuze lying in a specially designed bed according to his body, loudly confessed.

"Don't worry, Grandpa, we won't say anything." Cheng Ran immediately the baggage and take the journey, Cheng Xuze save face, they will not really let him lose face, although in front of them, his face lining has no left.

"That's good." Cheng Xuze nodded, and then looked at his hand contact terminal sighed-in order not to lose face, told me not to go hungry to upgrade the matter, also still drag it back, fortunately, he did not say the upgrade time in advance.

"Master, I found bones for you to stew in. Have a drink." Wang Qing came in from the outside. Although he was still suffering from facial paralysis, his eyes were full of joy. On the one hand, he was happy for Cheng Xuze, on the other hand, because Cheng Ran had already said that he could be promoted to another level.

He is much younger than Cheng Xuze, and it has been a long time since he reached Grade 6. He did not want to continue to upgrade because he was worried about the Riot, but now he has the chance to upgrade again…

"Come on, bring it over." Cheng Xuze immediately the baggage and take the journey, he is in a good mood now, eat what all feel sweet.

The strong fragrance of bone soup pervaded the room. At this time, the contact terminal on Shi Qingyang's hand suddenly rang.

The people who contacted him were the people he sent to monitor Feng Linqiu, and they told him a shocking enough news-Feng Linqiu is dead!

Feng Linqiu was killed in the street. These days, they have been controlling the actions of Feng Linqiu and even preventing Feng Linqiu from moving freely. Today, however, a friend of Feng Linqiu's came to find Feng Linqiu.

They initially rejected Feng Linqiu on the grounds that he was in poor health, but both the man and Feng Linqiu were extremely persistent and even found some media. They also let Feng Linqiu out of the door and stared at Feng Linqiu at any time.

Few people commit crimes in the city, because no radiation energy or hot weapons can be used here. everyone's fighting capacity is greatly reduced. moreover, once the city gates are closed, they will never escape.

But this time, several people killed Feng Linqiu in public.

First, they were stopped by someone from Shi Qingyang's side of Feng Linqiu, and then they let Feng Linqiu run towards them. Feng Linqiu did not know why but did it.

The people who watched Feng Linqiu saw this scene, only thought that Feng Linqiu wanted to escape, thought that those people came to save Feng Linqiu, but what surprised them was that as soon as Feng Linqiu ran past, those people actually stabbed Feng Linqiu in the stomach. Not only that, they also used small electric saws to smash Feng Linqiu's body in the street and threw the body.

"Master Qingyang, we did not protect the seal properly." The person at the other end of the contact terminal opened his mouth. He did not use the privacy mode. He had a clear view of himself and the situation behind him. At the same time, his contact with Shi Qingyang was also made public in front of the media that had gathered on the other side.

After that, he also pointed the camera at the corpse of Feng Linqiu.

Feng Linqiu looks very sad. His flesh is scattered piece by piece, his arms and legs have been removed, his head is intact, but his eyes are wide open, as if he died unsatisfied.

Such a scene is nothing to Shi Qingyang who has experienced many battles, but some passers-by nearby have never been out of the city. Seeing this scene, they immediately threw up. Cheng Ran sat beside Shi Qingyang, caught a glimpse of it and changed his face instantly.

"Where are the murderers?" Shi Qingyang asked again, he noticed that there were other bodies in the picture.

"Those murderers have committed suicide by taking poison. If there is no accident, someone should have hired them." The person who reported to Shi Qingyang added that in this world, there are always some people who have already died or are terminally ill, and then they will receive some commissions such as killing people to exchange money.

Shi Qingyang also noticed at this time that the people he sent to monitor Feng Linqiu had more or less wounds on their bodies. Those who attacked before he thought about it also wounded them: "I'll be right over. You must watch the scene and don't let anyone near!"

Shi Qingyang saw the scene where the flesh and blood of Feng Linqiu were scattered all over the floor. He always felt a little flustered. He hung up the contact terminal and immediately ran out. Cheng Ran followed him.

Until he got into the car, Cheng Ran, who was pale and had a face, suddenly said: "Feng Linqiu, his gene has the same problem as mine. He also has the gene of that mysterious person. They killed people but not yet, they still chopped the corpse. Is it for the sake of getting something?"

Shi Qingyang heard Cheng Ran, also suddenly react, if those people want to Feng Linqiu death, then just kill him directly, why even broken body? After dismembering the corpse, why throw it around?

Feng Linqiu's flesh and blood, the only function, should be to do experiments.

Feng Linqiu's genes…Shi Qingyang's face became more and more ugly. after Feng Jia's research institute was bombed, he has been paying close attention to the research institute. he also looked for someone to investigate and finally determined that all the researchers of Feng Jia's research institute were dead before he gave up. while Feng Linqiu and Cheng Ran were born in the research institute, people such as Qin Liu did know, but they should also only think that Cheng Ran and Feng Linqiu were born under the "natural spoke capable cultivation plan"…

In this case, who wants to Feng Linqiu's flesh and blood? How did they know there was something wrong with Feng Linqiu's flesh and blood?

"Feng Yunhong's death, there is something odd, we are not doubt Feng Yunhong's death is related to Feng Linqiu? Maybe it was Feng Linqiu who killed Feng Yunhong, then contacted someone through the funeral and wanted them to save him. That's why he was so cooperative and ran towards each other to let them kill him." Cheng Ran said, after a series of, originally don't understand things, also understood, but let him think of, the other party would use this method, really hard enough! Of course, this is also very effective. It is very difficult to rescue a man who has lost his radiation energy, but it is not difficult to kill him.

However, according to what they know, Feng Linqiu did not even know his own birth laboratory before, and should not know about the mysterious person. In this case, how do those people know?

Before the closure of Lin Qiu custody is not strict when those people don't sell, but also choose this time…

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran arrived at the scene with the fastest speed. At the same time, the people who Feng family also arrived.

Feng Zhaohai was having fun nearby, and when he saw this scene, he couldn't help vomiting-he was an 8-level radiation energy fighter, but he also had a pleasant look and had not experienced much fighting. naturally, he felt that the scene in front of him was disgusting, and the number of people who had the same reaction with him was very large.

"Those who have nothing to do with this matter, back off!" Shi Qingyang shouted, Feng Linqiu's blood is everywhere, but now it is very convenient to want to test blood samples. If others find Feng Linqiu's unusual shape…Even if there are many people who mutate in the radiation fighter nowadays, he is also worried that others will find out about it.

Now there are more and more onlookers, just the police soon arrived here to maintain order so that they did not come near. Now I heard Shi Qingyang say so. Although some of these people did not want to, they also backed away, only looking at the situation from a distance with telescopic equipment.

Shi Qingyang didn't care either. After the police recorded the scene, he immediately found someone to clean up all the blood present. At the same time, Lin Qiu's body was specially collected.

When doing all this, Shi Qingyang watched the whole process and found that the weight of Feng Linqiu's body was not quite right. He knew that he and Cheng Ran were even right.

More let him determine this, it is the monitor of this street was just broken, so, was thrown away some flesh and blood, no one knows!

Shi Qingyang's face is very ugly, and in the distance, someone will see all this in the eye.

This is a hotel located not far away. It is one of the tallest buildings in this street. The view above is naturally very wide. Today, there are two people sitting here with seven or eight dishes of hotel's specialty in front of them.

The eyes of the two men were covered with telescopic equipment and looked at the bloody scene nearby from a distance until Shi Qingyang tidied up Lin Qiu's body. One of them took off his glasses." Dean, there is definitely a problem with Lin Qiu. Otherwise, the Shi Qingyang would never have been so nervous. He has checked the land several times back and forth and left no blood bead."

"It is really unexpected that Feng Linqiu, Feng Yunhong's favorite grandson, was originally considered by everyone to be the next level 9 master, and turned out to be an experimental product." Known as the dean, is a chubby middle-aged man, looks good-natured, when talking and smiling.

He had just seen the bloody scene, but now he still stuffed a piece of red meat into his mouth without any discomfort.

"Dean, now Feng Yunhong flesh has been got, what should we do? Judging from the appearance of Shi Qingyang, he seems not to be willing to give up." Another added.

"Afraid of what, we did so carefully, to kill people were killed, is there anyone who can know that we did this?" The dean smiled: "Speaking, I really want to thank Feng Linqiu. If it weren't for him, I would never have known that there were such amazing people in this world. Even this killing, I saw the scene in the chip he gave me, and was inspired…"

He was the one who got the chip in Feng Linqiu's hand before. He was not only born in a large family in the central city, but also the vice president of the China National Research Institute.

China's National Research Institute is very strict in its management and cannot study anything that has crossed the border. As vice-president of the Institute, he actually has more contact with politics than with research. But even so, he is still full of interest in research. He has always had a wish from childhood to adulthood to make everyone in the world a radiation fighter.

And he will have such an idea, because he was born in a large family, but he was born without radiation energy.

Without the interference of radiation energy, it was more convenient for him to do research, but his reluctance persisted until he got the chip that Feng Linqiu gave him and saw the contents of the chip.

Feng Linqiu has the genes of the mysterious person, and he has become a genius. Cheng Ran has the genes of the mysterious person, and he has become a master of medicine that countless people have sought after…

If he studies well, can he benefit all mankind?

Feng Linqiu hoped that he would save the other party. He also planned to do so at the beginning. However, Shi Qingyang took Feng Linqiu too seriously these days. He went to save Feng Linqiu. It is very likely that people did not save him but put themselves in instead…

Isn't the value of Feng Linqiu just above his body genes? He saved Feng Linqiu. Feng Linqiu would not necessarily cooperate with the research. He might as well do the same as Feng Yunhong did at the beginning. Instead of saving people, he took some cells to do the research.

In his capacity, it is really not difficult to find a few people who do not want to live, and then destroy the monitoring around.

With Feng Linqiu's flesh and blood, they can clone or cultivate the next generation of Feng Linqiu. As for Feng Linqiu, he can find those mysterious people…

In a big deal, they will wait for their own experimental products to grow up before going. When the news comes out, those mysterious people may come and catch them to see where they are different from the Chinese.

"Dean, it's a pity that Cheng Ran's genes are not available. Otherwise, the research will be smoother." The researcher was somewhat unfortunate.

"Cheng Ran has an unusual status, and he will not go out alone. We cannot get him for the time being, but as long as our research results come out and benefit all mankind, he will not cooperate with our research?" The chubby vice-president opened his mouth with a smile and ate the food in front of him with relish.

After the two of them finished eating, they calmly asked the waiter to settle the bill and asked smoothly, "I saw a lot of people gathered over there from a distance. what's the matter?"

"Dean Xia, there is a dead man over there. The dead man is still Feng Linqiu." The waiter immediately said that the death of Feng Linqiu had already spread through the Internet and they naturally heard some of it.

"what? How did Feng Linqiu die? I'll go and have a look!" Xia Junliang immediately the baggage and take the journey, after brushing the contact terminal rushed in the past, in his identity, this is the time to do so!

At this time, I'm afraid others won't doubt him if I pass gracefully.

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