Shi Qingyang did not tell anyone about Cheng Ran's situation, but there is no denying that he has thought a lot about Cheng Ran these days.

Before, although he knew that Cheng Ran came from a Feng laboratory, Qin Liu and others also confirmed it, but he only thought that Cheng Ran was related to the mysterious animals, and did not know that Cheng Ran was actually related to those mysterious people. After all, those mysterious people were too powerful in his view. Moreover, human beings just catch those mysterious animals and will be killed by their beast tides. If any of them have an accident…

Shi Qingyang could not imagine the consequences of such a thing, and naturally he did not think of it.

But now, he must think about it, if Cheng Ran has something to do with those mysterious people, what about Feng Linqiu?

Moreover, according to the previous examination of Feng Yunhong by the doctors, although Feng Yunhong's body is getting worse from day to day, he can still live for several years. Why did he suddenly die at this time? Is it possible that his death is related to Feng Linqiu who has been taking care of him?

Shi Qingyang directly contacted the people staring at Feng Linqiu: "Have Feng Linqiu contacted others these days?" All the tools that Lin Qiu can contact online have been monitored by their people. Even if they cannot know all the movements of Lin Qiu, they have no problem to know who Lin Qiu contacted.

"Master Qingyang, after Feng Yunhong died, Feng Linqiu contacted his father. Later, he also contacted some old friends of Feng Yunhong to let them attend Feng Yunhong's funeral." The person at the end of the contact terminal immediately said.

"Feng Yunhong? How did Feng Yunhong die?" Shi Qingyang asked again.

"The doctor found out that all organs of the body died of exhaustion. Master Qingyang, Feng Yunhong's physical examination before was actually good. Now, we suspect that Feng Linqiu didn't want to take care of him and used some methods to make him die ahead of time." There was no filial son in front of the hospital bed for a long time, but it was very simple to kill him without trace like this.

Unfortunately, although they never left Feng Linqiu's home in the name of protection, it was impossible for them to live directly in Feng Linqiu's home and find it again after installing a monitor. Therefore, the specific situation was not known.

"Where is Feng Linqiu now?" Shi Qingyang asked again.

"Feng Linqiu is now at Feng Yunhong's funeral." The man added that Feng Yunhong had died for several days, and the funeral was held today. Although they didn't want Feng Linqiu to come to a place like this, they couldn't stop him-if they did stop Feng Linqiu from attending the memorial service, they would inevitably be criticized afterwards.

"You will immediately control Feng Linqiu and say that he is not well enough to stay beside him. Don't let him get in touch with others!" Shi Qingyang immediately the baggage and take the journey.

Perhaps Feng Linqiu has no other meaning now, but he had to be careful when he thought that Feng Linqiu might also have something to do with the mysterious man.

When Cheng Xuze was upgraded to Grade 9, some people diverted the public's attention and the Cheng family also stood firm, Feng Linqiu should slowly disappear in this world…

"Yes, Master Qingyang." The person at the other end of the contact terminal immediately got off the phone and hung up the communication. He immediately grabbed Feng Linqiu in front of him and then entered a little radiation into Feng Linqiu's body.

After Feng Linqiu was abolished, his physical condition was not good all the time. When he did this, the whole person immediately fell down. He held Feng Linqiu and gave the person next to him a look. The two apologized to others together, saying that Feng Linqiu was too sad and in poor health to rest nearby.

Feng Yunhong has been dead for several days. Feng Yunhong's children have been accusing Feng Linqiu these days. They think that he didn't take good care of Feng Yunhong before he killed Feng Yunhong, and even let Feng Linqiu kneel in front of the mourning hall. So now Feng Linqiu's face is really not good-looking, and others naturally understand what he wants to rest.

Feng Zhaohai was somewhat reluctant, because many people accused him after Feng Yunhong's death. He wanted to harass Feng Linqiu more and more, but he turned a blind eye when he saw that the person who said this was sent by the Cheng family.

Feng Linqiu was taken to rest in a corner with few people by the two "bodyguards" around him who never left. The plot against them even made him spit out one mouthful blood.

"If you don't have enough seals, you're not in good health and should have a good rest." The two men saw this situation, immediately the baggage and take the journey, also quickly brought potions to Lin Qiu drink.

Feng Linqiu was forced to drink the potion. Although he was better, he became more and more indoors. He stared at them maliciously and looked angry, but his heart could not help but feel proud.

Yes, Feng Yunhong's death was fishy, and it was also because of his relationship that he died-since his father was already ignorant, why not do something that would benefit him if he died earlier?

He did this for no other reason than to meet someone at his father's funeral.

The contents of that chip, combined with what Feng Yunhong told him before, Feng Linqiu wanted to understand a lot of things.

There is no doubt that the gene of the mysterious person appearing in the chip is far better than that of the present human beings, and he and Cheng Ran probably both have half of this gene.

He himself is a genius, Cheng Ran is a certain variation, has become a better than Wen Zhuoyi pharmacists, the existence of the two of them, is enough to prove how successful the original Feng family experiment, and he did not believe, others after know this matter, will not be curious or interested.

After receiving the news that Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran had left the central city, he created Feng Yunhong's death and then notified a "friend" of his grandfather.

Feng Yunhong's most important thing before his death was the research institute of Feng family. His control over the research institute of Feng family was incomparable. Unless he was dead, he would never leave the research institute. Because of this, the previous beast tides and explosions have completely destroyed the entire research institute and left no researchers left.

However, in addition to his own research institute, Feng Yunhong actually knew people from other research institutes. He and one of the vice presidents of the National Research Institute of China are close friends. The two also exchange some research materials privately, because the vice president is a person who is keen on human body experiments.

If it weren't for the vice president said to be superior and powerful, also has a lot of background, elder brother and father are eight strong, even would have joined the Feng family research institute, and his identity, has said he can't be attached to the Feng family, Feng Yunhong also dare not let him into his laboratory.

But this does not affect their "friendship".

Many people know this person's friendship with Feng Yunhong, but few people know about his support for human experiments.

Feng Zhaohai, who was not valued by Feng Yunhong, knew nothing about this. Feng Linqiu did know it. Not long ago, he shook hands with the other party by thanking him and gave the chip he got from Feng Yunhong to the other party.

At the beginning of the experiment, the mysterious man, Feng Yunhong, did not even say that he was a layer away from his home. Of course, he did not know…Feng Linqiu could already imagine the shock the other party would have after seeing the video on the chip.

In that chip, he added some information about himself and Cheng Ran…

After the accident, no one came to rescue him. The reason was that he didn't think the benefits of saving him were big enough. But what if that person had read the contents of that chip? What if that person knew his value?

Feng Linqiu only felt that he was tightly grasped by the two "bodyguards" around him. He showed a painful expression, but in fact he was somewhat satisfied-Shi Qingyang even though he responded quickly, it was too late.

However, it is also a pity that if Shi Qingyang returns to the city a few days later, he might still be able to exchange information with the man and then discuss a solution to escape.

Of course, the current situation is not bad either. He just needs to wait for the person's response.

Escape…Feng Linqiu's eyes were filled with longing when he thought of the freedom he once had but didn't care much about.

Feng Linqiu was waiting for the man's response when Shi Qingyang and others also came to Feng Yunhong's memorial service.

People die like a lamp. In China, once a person dies, people generally do not investigate the wrong things he did before his death. Feng Yunhong had an accident for two years, and his research institute had been bombed for a long time. Because of this, now that Feng Yunhong has died, people are sympathetic to him again, and many people came to the memorial service. These people presented flowers to Feng Yunhong, and when they mentioned it, they also said the good things Feng Yunhong had done.

At this time Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran and others came over, and others did not feel strange. They wanted to please Cheng family's media and so on, and also directly aimed the lens at them.

Shi Qingyang believes that it won't be long before there is news on the Internet that he will smile and die out his enmity and attend Feng Yunhong's memorial service.

He has already decided to attack Feng Linqiu. At this time, naturally, he should behave himself well and let others believe that he is full of goodwill towards the family.

Shi Qingyang smiled and communicated with each Feng family. He also read a eulogy in person to express his regret for Feng Yunhong.

Feng Zhaohai was very grateful for his behavior and expressed his gratitude to him again and again. However, Shi Qingyang believed that if there were ghosts in this world, Feng Yunhong would be very miserable to see this scene-what could be more appealing than his enemy playing the good man at his funeral?

You know, at that time but he stopped Feng Yunhong explosive, and let Feng Yunhong end up such a fate…

Feng Zhaohai was grateful to himself when his family was settled…Shi Qingyang smiled and walked directly to Feng Linqiu: "Feng Linqiu, your face is very ugly. Even if you are sad, you must pay attention to your body."

"Thank you for your concern." Feng Linqiu also said, hiding the hatred in his eyes. Shi Qingyang was inferior to him everywhere, relying on the medicine given by Cheng Ran…

If Cheng Ran had not been sent back to Cheng's family, he would be considered the most likely person to reach Grade 9 if he reached Grade 7 now.

Even if Feng Linqiu did not show any signs, Shi Qingyang could guess his thoughts. However, he did not care. After caring for Feng Linqiu, he also deliberately left two people to take care of Feng Linqiu: "You must take good care of Feng Shaohao and help Feng Shaohao to keep healthy."

At the beginning, Feng Linqiu brought him into the research office by offering him medical treatment. Now he can naturally do the same. The time that Feng Linqiu will appear in people's sight will definitely be shorter and shorter.

Feng Linqiu did not want to accept Shi Qingyang's "kindness". For him who wanted to escape, the more people around him, the smaller the probability of escape.

Although Mingming Shi Qingyang was hostile to him before, he never paid too much attention to him. What is going on now? Is it because the chip he gave others was exposed? The man who took his chip sold him out?

Feng Linqiu's mind turned a lot of thoughts at that time. Before he could reply, Feng Zhaohai, fearing that he had offended Shi Qingyang by saying something wrong, had already reprimanded him: "Feng Linqiu, why don't you thank Shi Qingyang?"

Feng Linqiu was stunned and finally could only grind his teeth." Thank you, Shi Qingyang." When he escapes, today's revenge will surely be returned ten times and a hundred times!

Feng Linqiu suddenly thought of those powerful mysterious people. If he found them, would those people help him take revenge?

Feng Zhaohai saw this scene, finally satisfied, and flattered in front of Shi Qingyang. However, Shi Qingyang did not stay long. On the contrary, he left the memorial service soon.

After leaving, Shi Qingyang took Cheng Ran directly to Cheng Hong's residence.

Since Qin Liu let her daughter cheat Cheng Sisi out of the city and hurt herself, the family's life has been even more difficult. However, Cheng Hong is the grandson of Cheng Hui, the son of Cheng Xuze. Therefore, Cheng Xuze has not done too much except to restrict some of their freedom and give no more support.

But even so, the family is almost finished.

Cheng Hong needless to say, he only knew lying in bed swearing, has long become a waste, and two years ago that thing, also scared Cheng Zhenzhen crazy.

In addition, Cheng Zhenzhen cheated Cheng Sisi out of the city when he said those words, in fact, there are a lot of truth-her eldest brother Cheng Zhen every day from their parents to accept negative energy, and not Cheng Xuze value, at that time has become autistic suspicious…

Originally, he was just autistic and suspicious and hated Cheng Xuze's partiality. But since the accident happened in Zhenzhen in two years, all this has changed.

Cheng Zhen never regards Cheng Ran as his brother, but he loves Cheng Zhenzhen very much. He knows that his mother should let his sister do such a thing, and his sister is still crazy. What kind of mood can be imagined.

Cheng Zhen ran out at that time and followed some dude in the central city to play around and got addicted to drugs.

Now this family, the only one that looks normal is Qin Liu, but she has to take care of three people by herself, so she quickly pined away.

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran came here this time to find Qin Liu.

"Qingyang, what does she really know?" Cheng Ran to Cheng Hong residence door, stopped hesitated not to come forward. Although he no longer cares about Cheng Hong, he is still reluctant to meet the couple.

"However, I have investigated that Qin Liu's brother is in the research institute of Feng family. Qin Liu came to tell us about you at the beginning and wanted to know nothing about your situation." Shi Qingyang said that at first he thought Cheng Ran was just an illegitimate child. Naturally, he didn't have the idea of exploring. Later he guessed that Cheng Ran was related to the laboratory of the Feng family, but because he didn't know that Cheng Ran was related to those mysterious people, Qin Liu was hostile to them again and didn't get any useful news.

Cheng Ran paused, finally nodded his head.

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran went in and saw Cheng Zhenzhen nest on the sofa in the living room, holding a bowl of barbecue. The roast meat was delicious, but he took a few bites and chewed a few times, and soon threw the food back into the bowl. then he tossed the bowl out of his hand and said, "it's disgusting. I'll eat it outside!"

"Xiao Zhen, don't go outside!" Qin Liu wanted to stop his son, but the sound of the broken bowl had frightened Cheng Zhenzhen. Cheng Zhenzhen, who was sitting beside him, suddenly hugged his head: "Let me go, let me go, please let me go…"

Qin Liu slightly a hesitation, can only go to see her daughter, Cheng Zhen has rushed out toward the outside at this time, he saw Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang, but still did not stop.

He said he wanted to go out to eat, not to eat at all, but to take drugs.

At this time, Qin Liu noticed them and looked on alert." What are you doing here?"

"Let's ask you something. If you answer well, Cheng Zhen will be sent to the outside of the city to help him" reform." Shi Qingyang said directly.

The national propaganda about the harm of drugs has never stopped. Nowadays, people often use it as a detector worn on their hands. After detecting such harmful substances, they will give an alarm. However, there are still some people who will deliberately try these things that will ruin a person's life.

For such people who are willing to take drugs, the state does not care now, but if someone cheats others to take drugs, the crime is as serious as poison murder-once someone is found to have such behavior or tendency, they will be immediately arrested and exiled.

Because of this, there are not many drug addicts nowadays, and these people have no courage to encourage or cheat others to take drugs, but even so, there are still some fools like Cheng Zhen who take the initiative to try.

Human beings are becoming more and more powerful, and there are more and more varieties of various drugs. Some compound drugs are basically impossible to quit. The only way to quit is to spend manpower and material resources to send drug addicts out of the city, to keep them away from all drugs, and to let them experience life and death. Although this may not necessarily stop people from smoking, it is the only way to stop drug addiction.

Qin Liu will definitely want to do this now.

Qin Liu really wanted to do this. She hesitated at first, but soon she gritted her teeth and nodded: "Ask whatever you want!" The whole family has collapsed. She can only rely on the Cheng family now. What else can't she say? And her son, if he goes on like this, will surely have an accident.

Qin Liu said everything she knew. Unfortunately, she didn't know much.

At that time, Feng Yunhong mainly planned to use his own genes to cultivate experimental products. Later, because he thought the experimental data was too single, he found some people to cooperate with the experiment.

These people are basically all students of the Central Institute of Radiation Energy. Everyone has different advantages. In it, Cheng Hong is very ordinary. If it weren't for his eighth-grade father and Qin Liu's girlfriend, I'm afraid it wouldn't be possible.

At that time, the foreign saying was to cultivate natural radiation almighty, but because embryos have a great chance of miscarriage, the success rate is very low, the fact is the same, when more than 100 children, only Cheng Ran and Feng Linqiu survived.

Over the years, Qin Liu has been telling Feng's family about Cheng Ran, but before she found them, she said Cheng Ran had genetic defects and so on, but it was a lie-Cheng Ran is the most perfect one for fusion, Feng Linqiu may have genetic defects, but Cheng Ran certainly won't.

Twenty-seven years ago, they just let people collect cells from Cheng Hong for experiments…If this cell really became a natural radiation, Cheng Hong would love it, but in the end it was not.

The cell that Cheng Hong had high hopes for finally became the rejected radiation energy Cheng Ran. It can be imagined how disappointed Cheng Hong was, and naturally he would not take Cheng Ran as his son.

Qin Liu didn't know much, but she liked to remember things and left many records of that year. Shi Qingyang made a copy of all this.

During this period, Cheng Zhenzhen has been dull, Cheng Hong's room came the sound of throwing things, Cheng Hong also scold while shouting Qin Liu, but Qin Liu did not ignore him.

Shi Qingyang knew what he wanted to know from Qin Liu and left soon. He originally wanted to tell Cheng Xuze about Cheng Ran, but thought that Cheng Xuze would be ready for promotion in a few days, so he pressed down on the matter and said nothing for the time being.

On the day when Cheng Xuze had already decided to upgrade, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran waited at the door early, Fan Jia and others did not fall at all.

"Grandpa, I'll come in with you?" Looked at Cheng Xuze Cheng Ran, asked, if he go in together, Cheng Xuze has a problem, can also be done in the first place, you know, he is now also a level 8 radiation energy fighter.

"No, Xiao Ran. Grandpa will go first. Grandpa has an alarm on him. If there is any physical problem, the alarm will sound immediately. You don't have to worry about grandpa's accident." Cheng Xuze said that although he was relieved about Cheng Ran, he was still not used to having others around him when he was promoted.

Ahem, if the promotion is successful, he might even make some rude behavior. If he is seen by his grandson, it would be too shameful!

Hear Cheng Xuze say so, Cheng Ran nodded, also did not continue to insist, he help Cheng Xuze comb spoke energy every day these days, very understanding of Cheng Xuze physical condition, in today's situation, Cheng Xuze should not have any problem.

On the contrary, they may have some problems-Cheng Xuze has been beating around the bush on the Internet these days, asking me not to be hungry.

If let Cheng Xuze know that I don't want to be hungry, it is Shi Qingyang. He has lost his image in front of Shi Qingyang countless times…

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