When Shi Qingyang went out this time, Cheng Xuze was much calmer: "Are you promoted?"

"promotion." Shi Qingyang couldn't help grinning from ear to ear. In his current situation, promotion is a sure thing. Naturally, he won't fail. However, even so, he is extremely excited about the success of promotion now.

"If the news is known to others…" Fan Jia, who was waiting on one side, gasped. When she was promoted to Grade 9, the whole country of China was busy for many days, because it was too difficult for women to reach Grade 9, and now…Shi Qingyang is only 26 years old this year!

The 26-year-old Grade 9 is many times worse than she did not know!

"I can't bear to say it's painful everyday." Cheng Xuze grind, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran so much, he couldn't promote everywhere every day, it happened that he can't say anything, can't do anything…

"When the identities of those mysterious people are found out, there will be no more problems." Shi Qingyang said, in fact, he didn't care much about the size of his fame. After all, he was once held high and fell miserably.

"Those mysterious people also don't know what the route is, we sent many people out to do the survey of animals and plants, but no one has ever seen anything that makes people feel strange…" Wen Zhuoyi way. He is the president of the Pharmacists Association. Two years ago, he organized an activity to let people go to the wild to collect information on various exotic animals. He also recorded the video and gave bonuses to new varieties or variants once they were found. However, after such a long time, no one has found anything related to mysterious people. Even the mysterious exotic animals have not been found again.

They also want to tell the news of the mysterious man, so as to alert the whole Chinese people. Unfortunately, once the secret is told to many people, it is not a secret, and if the news is disclosed…Shi Qingyang cannot help but think of the scene he saw before he died in his last life.

"For the time being, all we have to do is try our best to strengthen our strength. As for those mysterious people…do you think it is possible for them to live on other continents?" Shi Qingyang suddenly asked.

All of them know what the world is like, but since the great disaster called eschatology happened, there has been no connection between the continents separated by the sea. China has now been built into cities one by one, but they really don't know how other places are.

"Maybe." Cheng Ran whispered, originally Shi Qingyang promotion is a happy thing, but when it comes to this matter, everyone's mood is inevitably depressed.

Cheng Xuze saw this situation and immediately said: "Let's not talk about these unhappy things. Xiao Ran, Grandpa has something to ask you…"

"Grandpa, what can I do for you?" Cheng Ran asked, but immediately thought of before Cheng Xuze told "I don't want to be hungry" to rise to level 9.

At the beginning, Cheng Xuze promised to upgrade on the Internet, but in reality he never mentioned this matter…

"That…that…Xiao Ran, do you think I have the possibility of promotion?" Cheng Xuze dawdle for a while, finally asked.

In this world, there is no one like him who can still advance at a big age. Although he really wants to, he is not sure.

"Of course, Grandpa, are you going to advance?" Shi Qingyang immediately said, "Grandpa, I've felt the promotion to Grade 9. As long as you control it, there is no problem." Cheng Xuze has been drinking all-round medicine every day over the years. In the past two years, Cheng Ran has helped him sort out the radiation energy in his body. The radiation energy in his body is in a very good condition. Naturally, there will be no problem in upgrading.

Even if there is a problem…The average person fails to upgrade, and the general end result is radiation energy riots, while Cheng Ran is there, Cheng Xuze naturally don't have to worry about this.

Fan Jia, like Cheng Xuze before, acquiesced in the hidden rule that older people cannot advance. Now she thought carefully and said, "Indeed, with Xiao Ran, it is entirely possible to give it a try. Not only you, but also Ding Yingxin and Cheng Hui can give it a try…" She didn't feel too much at the beginning, but in the end, her expression became more and more excited.

Although the number of people they have trained is large and the rate of improvement is very fast, after all, the foundation is too poor now. it is impossible for those people to grow to the level of Shi Qingyang for ten or eight years. by contrast, it is much simpler to upgrade the strong of grade 8!

With the existence of all-round drugs, the body of the current level 8 strong is well conditioned, and the drugs configured by Cheng Ran are also very, very good for alleviating the radiation riots…

As long as there is no particularly big problem in the body, the level 8 radiation energy fighters who are not more than 60 years old have a good chance to advance to level 9 after several months of conditioning and drinking the drugs recommended by Shi Qingyang in the radiation energy competition.

As to why you should be under 60 years old…Cheng Ran can help Cheng Xuze comb radiation energy all the time, but it is absolutely impossible to spend so much effort to help others.

If China has a dozen or 20 grade 9, why should it be afraid of those mysterious people?

Everyone thought of this and their expressions changed, but soon they calmed down again. Such behavior is too dangerous, a careless, but may expose the existence of Cheng Ran, attracted mysterious people in advance, and Cheng Ran's energy is limited, he can't help too many people comb radiation energy.

Cheng Ran's radiation energy is very severe. His precious degree is comparable to that of Tang's monk in ancient novels, but he also has the same defects as Tang's monk. That is, he has basically no fighting capacity-his radiation energy, no matter how practical, is completely unable to attract radiation energy in the air.

"However, I made it to Grade 9. How many rounds should we go outside the city?" Shi Qingyang looked at Cheng Ran, who often accompanied him out of the city before the 6th grade. However, he did not go out of the city in recent years. Even he had fewer opportunities to go out of the city.

Now that he has reached grade 9, it is time to go outside the city and try the power of grade 9.

"good." Cheng Ran nodded his head.

At this time, Cheng Xuze took out another form: "You can leave the city, but you must remember to come back in 20 days. I have already calculated that in 20 days, it will be a good day for upgrading!"

"Grandpa, don't worry, we just walk around and won't leave too far." Shi Qingyang laughed. He and Cheng Ran had too many things to do, and had had a long rest before. Now they can go out for seven or eight days, but not for too long.

After making such a decision, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran left the central city on the second day by moving the small town, together with some other young people.

Ding Yifei, Shang Yahang, Zheng Gaoyuan, and Ye Jinyu of Li Jiajia, Cheng Sisi, all of them shared the rooms in the mobile town.

In the past two years, many things have happened. Ding Yifei and Shang Yahang, Zheng Gaoyuan and Ye Jinyu have all come together. Similarly, everyone has made progress.

Ding Yifei reached Grade 7 not long ago, but this did not make him too happy, because originally in Shi Qingyang's memory, Shang Yahang, who would have reached Grade 8 this year, easily reached Grade 8 on the second day of his promotion.

"Master, you have already reached Grade 9. When can I reach Grade 9?" Ding Yifei looked at Shi Qingyang with envy all over his face, and besides envy, there were many scars on his face.

"Are you fighting again?" Shi Qingyang looked at Ding Yifei speechless. If other partners were reduced to fighting, they would certainly leave soon, but the situation of Ding Yifei and Shang Yahang was completely different.

The two men fought from time to time. The more they fought, the better.

"He said I influenced his exercise and beat me up." Ding Yifei said as he pulled open his mouth and smiled, not ashamed, but proud.

What affected the exercise…Shi Qingyang understood it in seconds, but he was also speechless: "don't you feel uncomfortable with this face? Do you know that your father sighs in your face every day?" Ding Yingxin likes to show off his son, who is expected to be promoted to Grade 9. Unfortunately, Ding Yifei often has injuries on his face. Every time he shows off to others, he feels unable to take it. Every time he feels unable to take it, he will come to Cheng Xuze to complain…

"in fact, it's nothing. he hit me without radiation energy. if he hadn't kept greeting me in the face, it wouldn't have been so. I don't have any wounds on me, but on him…hey, master, you know." Ding Yifei laughed. Shang Yahang didn't need radiation energy to hit him. He always regarded it as fun, but he didn't know why Shang Yahang liked to hit him in the face.

You know, there is really no wound on him now.

Shi Qingyang really knew it in seconds, and Cheng Ran was often told what he could do…But Ding Yifei…Now it's all going on outside, and Ding Yifei was coerced into being the partner of Shang Yahang by force, and then was subjected to domestic violence every day…

Looking at Ding Yifei smile yin | swing, Shi Qingyang shook his head-rumors are not credible, maybe it is commercial aerospace really can't stand will be rough, as to why hit the face…

Commercial aerospace certainly loathe to give up heavy-handed, and can be in Ding Yifei face hit effect to this strength, hit the rough skin Ding Yifei identity, I'm afraid it's like tickling.

In addition, look at the tooth marks on Ding Yifei's chin, sometime it is the two of them who are showing their love. When he pressed Cheng Ran last time, Cheng Ran couldn't stand it, didn't he also give him a bite on the chin? However, although Cheng Ran was drugged afterwards, he could not see it the next day…

Ding Yifei showed his love with his face, and then he thought about Shi Qingyang's promotion to grade 9: "Master, grade 9! This is grade 9! Don't know when, I can also reach grade nine…"

"If you think about it again, you will not be able to beat Shang Yahang." Shi Qingyang said that Shang Yahang grew up outside the city and was much more adaptable to radiation energy than ordinary people, which caused him to practice very fast.

"Master, can he be promoted to Grade 9 in Aerospace?" Ding Yifei suddenly became serious and asked. Shang Yahang's body is really not very good, and its radiation energy is also very violent. He is now afraid to let Shang Yahang train too much, and he is afraid when Shang Yahang's radiation energy is too strong to collapse.

What affected the commercial aerospace exercise, is also his intention, he would rather commercial aerospace beat yourself a few times more, also don't want to let commercial aerospace countersunk training reduces the life span.

"You don't believe me, don't you still believe Cheng Ran?" Shi Qingyang slapped Ding Yifei on the shoulder. In fact, Shang Yahang's body is much better. Ding Yifei's care is a mess.

"That is, I don't believe you should believe Cheng Ran." Ding Yifei immediately nodded his head.

Shi Qingyang clapped his hand on his shoulder and knocked heavily: "Has anyone ever told you to trust your teacher?"

Ding Yifei was often patted on the shoulder by his father. Naturally, he had the knack of unloading force. At present, the whole person unloaded most of the force on his lower face. Shi Qingyang was depressed, only to find that Shang Yahang, who had been packing beside him, suddenly came to him and looked at himself with a little alert.

Business space this person has always refused to people from thousands of miles away, also took Ding Yifei to heart, when Ding Yifei wanted to marry him Ding Yingxin anxious to beat his son, he can rush out to Ding Yingxin, now maybe all thought he was bullying Ding Yifei…

This world…Shi Qingyang finally decided to go to Cheng Ran for comfort.

"People shouldn't have been involved in the couple's affairs." Cheng Ran laughed. In fact, Shang Yahang sometimes took Ding Yifei as a lifeline, and Ding Yifei enjoyed it himself.

"Is that…speaking, Zheng Gaoyuan is cute, and Ye Jinyu knitted a scarf for us a few days ago. What a nice girl." Shi Qingyang said, unlike Ding Yifei, Zheng Gaoyuan had a polite love affair and then married Ye Jinyu.

Ye Jinyu may not be very good in itself, but her temper is very gentle. When Zheng Gaoyuan was a big fat man, she didn't abandon Zheng Gaoyuan. Occasionally Zheng Gaoyuan was tired. When Shi Qingyang let Zheng Gaoyuan lie down, she took care of him…

According to Zheng Gaoyuan, she will give a person the feeling of a mother…And Zheng Gaoyuan, who lost his mother in his early years, probably has the least resistance to such a woman.

"I suspect that she knitted for us first and practiced her hands before she knitted for Zheng Gaoyuan." Cheng Ran suddenly sat tight.

Shi Qingyang looked at Cheng Ran with some surprise: "However?" Cheng Ran did not say such words suddenly before. His style suddenly changed a lot!

"I just want to tell you, don't brag about others in front of me!" Cheng Ran bowed their heads and gently took a bite in Shi Qingyang's mouth.

Shi Qingyang resolutely stuck out his tongue and turned it into a kiss. In fact, Cheng Ran is the cutest and best!

Cheng Sisi looked at the tightly closed three-room door around him and felt depressed. This time out of the city, all of them were about to turn into the other three couples. She still wanted to fight with Li Jiajia. Cheng Ran was the cousin. Maybe she had a chance to reach the level of Fan Jia.

Of course, if she works hard enough.

It took a day for this mobile town to reach a forest in the southwest of the central city. Shi Qingyang took the lead in leaving the mobile town, mobilizing the surrounding radiation energy and checking the surrounding conditions before allowing Cheng Ran and others to come down.

There are no strangers nearby. The person who opened the mobile town was Shi Qingyang, who they trained in the past two years. Cheng Ran did not wrap himself tightly in anti-radiation clothing as before.

Shi Qingyang, on the other hand, subconsciously covered him with a protective cover: "However, the radiation is harmful."

"It's okay," Cheng Ran smiled." In fact, human beings have been evolving in the direction that they can slowly adapt to the radiation in the wild. In a few thousand years, perhaps the city's protective cover will not need to exist. It's also good for me to feel it in advance." Human beings have a very strong ability to adapt. Although they cannot adapt as quickly as those animals, they will certainly change over time.

Shi Qingyang didn't insist either. He took off the protective cover directly: "Shall we go for a walk? However, today I'll show you how I look at my hunting prowess." Shi Qingyang smiled and asked, while speaking, he controlled the radiation energy and searched a large area around him.

"good." Cheng Ran nodded. In his memory, what impressed him most was the scene of Shi Qingyang killing ants and beasts. Even if I think about it now, I think Shi Qingyang was very handsome at that time, even though he was covered in blood.

Shi Qingyang said he wanted Cheng Ran to see the heroic bearing of the animals he killed, but at his level, the animals he basically met were not his rivals at all, and there was no need to make moves.

Shi Qingyang was embarrassed to bully a group of exotic animals that were not his rivals at all. After thinking about it, he simply induced radiation energy to control the surrounding exotic leaves and let them form various patterns in the air.

At the beginning, Shi Qingyang also formed love and so on. With the strengthening of control over the surrounding radiation energy, many huge words were slowly formed. These words, from the first few words, slowly changed into five or six seven or eight words, and finally into one sentence.

These words, of course, are undoubtedly love words.

Although Shi Qingyang often has no moral integrity when facing Cheng Ran, he cannot say anything too emotional, but "writing" is not the same…

"However, you are the most important person to me. It is my greatest luck to meet you!" A line of words composed of leaves slowly unfolded in the air. Shi Qingyang was so absorbed that he focused all his attention on this line of words. At this time, two Butterflymon suddenly flew from a distance. While they were entangled with each other, they collided towards this line of words.

For animals, Cheng Ran has always been very annoying, but at this time, he is some softhearted, don't want to see the two just a pair of Butterflymon was killed by Shi Qingyang, more don't want to see Shi Qingyang composed of this line of words were destroyed by the two animals.

He is a Class 8 radiation energy. Although he cannot induce radiation energy in the air, the amount of radiation energy in the body is also quite large and well controlled…

A thin line of radiation energy was derived from him and stopped in front of the two Butterflymon who were flying up and down. Cheng Ran almost subconsciously expressed his thoughts: "Leave quickly."

Although Shi Qingyang was probing the surrounding situation, he did not let go of his momentum when he was originally thinking about hunting. The two Butterflymon also collided fearlessly and seemed to want to dock on the leaves controlled by Shi Qingyang.

However, one of them did not move forward any more after coming into contact with Cheng Ran's radiation energy filament. It receded back. Cheng Ran stopped the other one, and the other one paused slightly and receded back.

Cheng Ran began to feel a little happy, but suddenly froze, Shi Qingyang also felt Cheng Ran action, originally thought to put the two animals a horse, but now see this situation…All the spokes can be instantly Shi Qingyang back, originally floating in the air leaves fell to the ground.

Both remembered the scene seen by Shi Qingyang and Ding Yifei two years ago-a mysterious man took control of Butterflymon and sat on top of Butterflymon.

Relative to Shi Qingyang, Cheng Ran out of the city the number of times is very few, even if out of the city, he is generally just to accompany Shi Qingyang, just in mobile town configuration drugs, but now…

Previously, Shi Qingyang felt that since Cheng Ran could not induce radiation energy, it was also good to concentrate on medicine, and he never thought that Cheng Ran might have other skills. Even most of the time, Cheng Ran would be directly put on anti-radiation clothing to isolate all injuries. Because of this, he also never thought, Cheng Ran unexpectedly can control animals.

Like those mysterious people, control animals.

Cheng Ran's reaction was faster: "Qingyang, I am an experimental product developed by Feng Jia's research institute, but it may not only be related to that exotic animal, but also to…those mysterious people."

"However, let's try again, in fact this is not a bad thing, isn't it? If you can do the same, we might not be afraid of the tide of animals." Shi Qingyang held Cheng Ran tightly.

Cheng Ran does have a certain chance to control foreign animals, but the effect is not ideal.

Under the condition of concentrated attention, he can prevent the foreign animal from doing certain things through his own spokes, but it has no effect to give complicated instructions. He will kill the foreign animal if he is not careful. If he is distracted, the foreign animal will leave quickly.

As for the beast tide…Cheng Ran now can only command a strange beast at most, want to make a beast tide, there may be no at all.

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran made many attempts to avoid others, and finally had to give up. They pressed down the matter first and were ready to return to the city.

Although Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran have something in their hearts, they did not show it on the surface. Zheng Gaoyuan and Ding Yifei couldn't see it.

Ye Jinyu did notice, but seeing Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran's feelings are still very good, they also thought they were out of the question in the science of uniting the, not much.

They left the central city for only ten days this time, and had a good time outside the city. However, they still miss the network in the city. The first thing they did when they arrived in the city was to surf the Internet.

Shi Qingyang went online and saw a big news-Feng Yunhong, who had been a vegetable for two years, was dead.

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