Although Shi Qingyang used to be able to advance by eating the meat of the queen ant, in fact, the general promotion depends on accumulation, because the practice of radiation energy is too dangerous, such as promotion in battle basically does not exist, and radiation energy fighters themselves will not allow such dangerous things to exist.

Therefore, Cheng Xuze said before that we should choose a good day before upgrading, bathe and change clothes, and even find a psychologist to enlighten us that such things do exist. Even most people do so.

Shi Qingyang was very relaxed when he was promoted to Grade 8, which made Cheng Xuze envious. But now he is promoted to Grade 9, but he still has some worries.

In his previous life, his goal had always been level 9. at that time, judging by the amount of his radiation energy, there was no problem in promoting, but his body was too poor to bear the damage caused to his body when he compressed the radiation energy, so he could only stay at level 8 and find a way to raise his body…

This has always been the case. Grade 9 has become his obsession. After the amount of radiation energy is enough, he also hesitated.

However, he is only a little worried, others are much more serious than him.

"Qingyang, I found hundreds of software tests on the internet, some looking at the yellow calendar, some measuring birthdays, and some measuring constellations…although the days measured by each software are different, I put them together and chose the one with the highest good luck rate. if you choose this day for promotion, there will be no problem!" After studying for several days, Cheng Xuze came up with a form. under the next two months, he added a note of good days, with numerous red "positive" characters lined up thickly. He pointed to the number with the most "positive" characters.

"Grandpa, I remember you always said superstition is not good…" Shi Qingyang said, Cheng Xuze has not believed in religion, because of religious problems, still quarrel with an old man rescued from a mobile town two years ago every day…

Of course, after the quarrel, the two people will still talk together-although the old man was exiled for a huge fraud, he was framed by others, and he stayed outside for more than ten years, although he inexplicably believed in religion, he did not lose his knowledge and vision in finance.

"Ha ha…sometimes, is to have a peace of mind…" Cheng Xuze touched his nose.

"Yes, Shi Qingyang, the psychologist I recommend, you'd better go and see this famous psychologist. His book" On Mental Quality and Promotion of Radiological Energy ",published ten years ago, is now one of the required extra-curricular books for Radiological Energy School." Wen Zhuoyi also said: "when Xiao Jia was promoted, we talked to him."

Fan Jia is the only person here who has experience in promotion to grade 9. she also agrees with Wen Zhuoyi's statement: "promotion to grade 9 is very dangerous. for this reason, many people will not be promoted even if they have enough accumulated resources. I was in a good state of mind at the beginning, but I am still very worried. it is good for you to talk to a psychologist. in addition, you must eat and sleep well." She had already talked with Shi Qingyang about how to advance, and now it doesn't make much sense to say that.

"I know, let's fix this date, but I don't need a psychologist, and I'm not so nervous." Shi Qingyang smiled, really want to say, he is not particularly nervous, as for the psychological doctor…His promotion to grade 9 news need to be kept secret, nature can't let a person know easily.

Cheng Xuze's day was more than ten days later. At that time, Shi Qingyang found that the only thing he needed to do now seemed to be to have a good rest and play well.

In order to train the radiation energy fighters, Shi Qingyang spent most of the previous two years in Wen Zhuoyi's herbal medicine cultivation field. although there was a protective cover built in Wen Zhuoyi and the network was connected after connecting with optical fibers, it was different from the city. now Shi Qingyang simply handed over the training of the radiation energy fighters to his two disciples, and he and Cheng Ran took a vacation together in the central city, taking a look at his own industry by the way.

The Cheng family has developed rapidly in the past two years. Many industries have also moved from the Yangtze River City to the Central City. Similarly, the Qinghe Tavern has also developed very well. It was originally defined as a place where low-level radiation fighters would go. Now almost everyone knows it. Some seven-level and eight-level radiation fighters often go to support it.

Shi Qingyang met Feng Zhaohai when he took Cheng Ran in the past. Feng Zhaohai has now become the householder of Feng family. However, he comes to Qinghe Tavern every week without hesitation, for no other reason but to show "loyalty".

The man who had sold out many talents to get the position of master of the house had been worried that Fan Jia or Cheng Xuze would find him in trouble, so he would show his kindness to Fan Jia and Cheng Xuze whenever he had the chance. This time he saw Shi Qingyang and came smiling.

"It's Shi Qingyang. It's been a long time. It's really getting more and more beautiful!" Feng Zhaohai is a strong man in grade 8, but Shi Qingyang is no more than grade 7. his performance can be said to be too enthusiastic.

His attitude is always so low, but it makes people look down on him more and more.

"Mr. Feng has not seen you for a long time." Shi Qingyang smiled faintly. He had hardly seen this Feng Zhaohai in his previous life. In his impression, he was a man who was eating and dying with the money earned by his father and son. He didn't expect that after Feng Yunhong fell down in his life, he actually climbed out…

Have to say, Feng Zhaohai gave them a lot of convenience, if it weren't for Feng Zhaohai, they clean up the residual forces of Feng family absolutely not so simple, just say Feng Linqiu, if it weren't for Feng Zhaohai, I'm afraid they can't waste his radiation energy.

However, they can scrap Feng Linqiu's radiation energy, but they cannot let Feng Linqiu disappear quietly. Even if Feng Linqiu has committed many things, his former fans still have his supporters. Feng Yunhong's friends and those who have not been caught also look after him.

He was disabled, these people can do nothing, if he suddenly disappeared or died, if not Fan Jia and Cheng family did, all the blame will be on them.

Because of this, Shi Qingyang deliberately sent someone to protect Feng Linqiu "well". In recent years, Feng Linqiu has not been given a chance to leave his surveillance.

"We met here, it is heaven-sent fate! Can you please give me an honor and let me host it?" Feng Zhaohai immediately the baggage and take the journey.

"Mr. Feng, Qinghe Tavern is also his own place…" Shi Qingyang laughed.

"You look at me and forget this!" Feng Zhaohai immediately said, seeing that Shi Qingyang didn't mean to sit with himself, he was disappointed, but he didn't say much.

He has been very active these days, from the former unknown to now everyone knows, but even so, he still can't eat well and sleep well, and they were afraid that the Cheng family had a crush on the rest of the estate and wanted to deal with him. He spared no effort to please the Cheng family, just to ask for safety.

Shi Qingyang also saw the meaning of Feng Zhaohai. he didn't like Feng Zhaohai, but this kind of person is undoubtedly the best to master: "I appreciate Mr Feng's kindness, so, Mr Feng's expenses here today will be all free."

Feng Zhaohai heard Shi Qingyang's words, his eyes brightened and he rubbed his hands and nodded." Thank you very much!"

Even if the Feng family is not as beautiful as before, even if the Feng family compensated a large sum of money before, but the accumulation of so many years is still there, some industries are still there, Feng Zhaohai will never lack of money, but now, he is only a little bit free, but he is not happy, assiduously bow.

Feng Linqiu stood in the shadow not far away and looked at the scene coldly. Then he hit the wall next to him with one punch after another, as if he were going to punch through the wall.

Of course, he has lost his radiation energy and finally can only hurt his hand.

Over the past two years, Lin Qiu has had a hard time. He used to be a gentleman who attracted a lot of attention, but now many people hate him. Even if some people don't hate him, there must be sympathy in his eyes.

He Feng Linqiu, unexpectedly will become the existence of sympathy…

Looking at Feng Zhaohai from a distance and entering the Qinghe tavern, Feng Linqiu turned around and went into the darkness, while several people around him immediately followed him.

These people, can be said to be blatant monitoring him. He once made a scene, refused such inhuman treatment, and some people helped him on the Internet. Later, those people really evacuated. He was very excited and elated at that time. It's a pity that after only a few hours of walking, some people rushed up to him and beat him on the grounds that he had been blocked from his home before…

After all, it was in the city. He was rescued soon and the man was restrained. However, he was beaten to lie in bed for three days, which was only double the medical expenses.

Not only that, the monitor who had just been sent away was also sent back soon, and was even more blatant when following him, euphemistically called protection.

Feng Linqiu used to live in a big villa. Now that the price of water is not cheap, he even owns a big bath. But now, he can only rent in an underground city. The houses around him are all people who monitor him.

The road to the underground city was very long and dark. Feng Linqiu came to his residence, opened the door and turned on the light. Finally, he returned to the light. At the same time, he saw Feng Yunhong lying motionless in bed at a glance.

Feng Zhaohai broke off the relationship with Feng Yunhong in public. After knowing that he was actually Feng Yunhong's son, Feng's other children were indifferent to Feng Yunhong. Finally, these people simply came together and gave him the money to take care of Feng Yunhong.

What these people say is that they give him money to support himself and take care of his father, but in fact? After the medical expenses of Feng Yunhong were removed, the money was only enough for him to live a very ordinary life, and it was even more troublesome to take care of an old man who was completely unable to move.

Originally, there were all kinds of machines, and he didn't have much to do, but those people came to "check" every three days and two ends, and once there was a problem, they said he was unfilial…

Feng Linqiu stared at the old man on the bed for a long time before he brought the cleaner and began to clean the old man who was completely unconscious.

This body has become thinner and thinner in the past two years, completely unlike the powerful Grade 9 strong man in his impression…Feng Linqiu stopped his hand movements and suddenly smiled sarcastically: "Dad?"

Feng Yunhong has always been his favorite person, but he never thought that Feng Yunhong was the provider of half his genes. Not only that, he was also an experiment.

It was not long before he knew about this matter. He took care of Feng Yunhong for two years. It was not until Feng Yunhong slowly became thinner that he discovered what Feng Yunhong seemed to have hidden in his thigh.

On the pretext that the cleaner was destroyed in the process of work, he cut open Yun Hong's body and found a ball from the inside and a chip from the ball. After reading it with an off-line recorder, he saw the contents, which shocked and excited him.

He saw that there was a powerful man who could make the animals around him afraid to approach him. He saw that Feng Yunhong had cultivated many babies with the man's genes…

There are several fragments in it. These fragments are estimated that the person in front of him has no backup except this chip, and this chip finally falls into his hands.

What radiation fighter training plan, is Feng Yunhong made up to cheat him at random, his other half genes, from an unusually strong person…

Feng Linqiu stopped his hand movements, took the recorder and looked at the video. His eyes became more and more enthusiastic.

If there is no accident, he and Cheng Ran have half of their genes from that person. No wonder, he used to think that other people were inferior to himself, and that only Cheng Ran could be worthy of himself…

It turns out that, outside the city, there are still such powerful people…Feng Linqiu lowered his head and looked at his grandfather, his grandfather has no consciousness, living is more painful than dead, I'm afraid he wouldn't want to suffer all the time?

When Feng Linqiu wiped Feng Yunhong with a cleaner, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran watched the video of Qinghe Tavern together.

Nowadays, the popularity of Qinghe tavern is getting higher and higher, covering every city, and the viewing rate of the evening program is still amazing, so many people are eyeing the program…for example, today, the program is "how to use the chariot to escape".

In the program, some people explained the use of many chariots, introduced a clear picture of some little-known designs of chariots, and also played a video of pursuit, telling others how to throw away their enemies after escaping in the wild, which environments can and cannot go, which plants can and cannot hit…

What was explained in the program was very practical, and Cheng Xuze was the one who drove the car on the rampage to demonstrate it. However, with these two points, the viewers already felt that it was worth the fare. Even if the program was full of strong advertising flavor.

Yes, this video is an advertisement-from beginning to end, only Fire Phoenix company's chariots appear in the program. moreover, when explaining, the interpreter often mentions "this function is only available in Fire Phoenix company's chariots …"

However, even if it is advertising, it is enough to make people admire the Fire Phoenix company-which company can like Fire Phoenix company, with deep pockets to please an 8 master advertising?

Other people marveled at HuoFeng's great efforts, but Shi Qingyang knew that this was not the case.

Fire Phoenix did give them a lot of money when the advertisement was to be shown, but Zheng Gaoyuan's grandparents actually planned to let Zheng Gaoyuan shoot it and use Zheng Gaoyuan to gain more popularity.

Results At that time, Cheng Xunze had just received the news that Shi Qingyang was going to be promoted to Grade 9. He was too excited and cut off the matter.

Cheng Xunze fell in love with the feeling of racing after he had driven a car before. now he has such a chance, how can he let it go? He took the photographers and gave them a good performance, which almost didn't make them vomit…

Of course, although he is a little out of tune, but it is such a storm, the effect is particularly good after editing, only in half, Shi Qingyang has already painted a lot of "good" comments on the Internet.

Perhaps Cheng Xuze will become the new king of drag racing.

"Grandpa is so old…" Cheng Ran some speechless looked at Cheng Xuze racing while laughing, no image.

"Grandpa, he was so happy when he heard that I was going to advance." Shi Qingyang smiled and rested his chin on Cheng Ran's shoulder.

"Don't do this, it hurts my shoulder." Cheng Ran pushed aside Shi Qingyang: "Your grandfather is so happy to upgrade. What if he upgrades himself?"

"However, what did you say?" Shi Qingyang asked in surprise.

"I said grandpa upgraded." Cheng Ran said that he has now reached Grade 8 with the wind and current, and the effect of radiation energy has become even greater.

"Grandpa…" Shi Qingyang eyes DengYuan, almost can't react.

"Grandpa actually has as much energy as you do now, but he didn't want to advance himself. I'm worried about his poor health, so I didn't mention it." Cheng Ran, Cheng Xuze decades of accumulation, the amount of radiation energy in the body is not less than Shi Qingyang, but Cheng Xuze is older, the default can't upgrade, occasionally said want to upgrade is also a joke, nature also have no action.

"In fact, Grandpa is in good health now." Shi Qingyang said that Cheng Xuze takes almighty medicine every day. In fact, his body is not bad now. It is normal for a healthy person to live in his early 100 s, and he still has 30 years to live…

"Yes, Qingyang, when you are promoted, we will collect some information and then try with Grandpa." Cheng Ran said.

Hearing this, Shi Qingyang immediately nodded and then raised the contact terminal: "However, Grandpa has come to find his old friend again."

"Then you can chat well and remember never to let grandpa know about your waistcoat." Cheng Ran couldn't help but smile eyebrow eye curved.

There is also a reason why he would say so. A month ago, Shi Qingyang almost burst his waistcoat.

At that time, they all lived in the medicine control base in Wen Zhuoyi, because they were connected to the city through optical fibers and the internet had no influence. they often chatted casually with Cheng Xuze. Of course, Cheng Xuze is talking most of the time. As a result, one day, Cheng Xuze was also here, and the optical fiber leading to the outside accidentally went wrong, leaving them with their own internal network…

Cheng Xuze is not a careful person. Without the Internet, he could not even notice it. He continued to send messages to "I don't want to be hungry". In theory, I don't want to be hungry because the Internet is blocked. But I don't want to be hungry. It's actually Shi Qingyang…

Through the internal network, Shi Qingyang received the news, received it, he also subconsciously plans to return.

If Cheng Ran hadn't stopped him, I'm afraid Cheng Xuze had stripped Shi Qingyang of his waistcoat, because it wasn't long before Cheng Ran stopped Shi Qingyang, Cheng Xuze sent another sentence: "I forgot that the Internet is not working today…I said these things as a message."

As you can imagine, if Shi Qingyang really reply at that time, Cheng Xuze react after what will be the result.

"Master, not hungry Shi Qingyang really too much! Of course, my grandson is even better!" Cheng Xuze said the same things at the beginning of each day these days. In fact, all his chats were similar, nothing more than praising the teacher Qingyang for praising Cheng Ran.

"You have already told me about this." Shi Qingyang directly laid a line of words. His face is thick enough, but listening to Cheng Xuze boast all day long, still some embarrassed.

Of course, the in the mind faint complacency is also some.

"Of course I did, but today I still have a very important thing to say!" Cheng Xuze immediately said: "The day for Shi Qingyang to advance to Grade 9 has been decided. Do you want to come?"

"You know, I won't come."

"Not hungry master, why on earth are you not willing to come? Now the teacher Qingyang is almost at grade 9, and we are so strong…"Cheng Xuze was puzzled:" master, you should know that no matter you are a fortune teller, we will not mind."

This is not necessarily…Shi Qingyang glanced at Cheng Ran and then looked at the screen: "You will know sooner or later, but not now."

"when was that?" Cheng Xuze asked.

"When you reach Grade 9." Shi Qingyang suddenly thought of what he said to Cheng Ran before.

Cheng Xuze has never thought of advancing to Grade 9, but they can let him think about it, can't they? You know, although Cheng Xuze did not dare to think about it, he has always been longing for Grade 9. There is always envy between words…

Now there is Cheng Ran in, basically don't have to worry about after promotion there will be radiation riots, in this case, Cheng Xuze promotion only benefits and no harm.

Cheng Xuze on the screen gritted his teeth and finally said, "well, I'll fight to see you!"

Cheng Xuze was so excited that Shi Qingyang was stunned. Cheng Ran gave him a speechless look: "You should have died earlier…"

"Can I tell him now that I died suddenly?" Shi Qingyang looked at Cheng Ran and stole a kiss directly.

Cheng Xuze is still expressing his determination, but the atmosphere here is different…

Once a person has a good time, he always feels that time passes too fast, as Shi Qingyang did.

The day when he was preparing to upgrade seemed to come very quickly, but fortunately, he was not nervous at all.

Cheng Ran finally combed his radiation energy for him, and then he quickly entered the exercise room.

Slowly compress the radiation energy in your body…this promotion is different from every previous one, but it is the same as every previous one.

When Shi Qingyang opened his eyes again, he felt that the world in his eyes was completely different. He made the promotion and it seemed that he still didn't spend much time…

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