Even if Feng family did many wrong things, Feng Yunhong was also a strong man of Grade 9. His accident is striking enough that Fan Jia was even asked to conduct several public interrogations.

These interrogations, Fan Jia did not escape, but she always insisted that she was going to the research institute to save lives, which would lead to a conflict with Feng Yunhong, and Feng Yunhong would do so in the end, entirely because he himself used the tactics that could trigger the riot of radiation energy…She explained the cause and effect very clearly, and Feng Yunhong's medical examination report was confirmed to be the same after it came out. As a result, few people asked Fan Jia again, but many people paid attention to the tactics of Feng family.

At the beginning, the video of Lin Qiu and Ding Yifei's battle was even turned out. originally everyone thought that Lin Qiu was attacked by Ding Yifei's radiation energy riots. now it seems that…Lin Qiu was clearly using the tactics that triggered the radiation energy riots. he wanted to attack Ding Yifei, but in the end he was attacked.

"young master, many people who are out of health problems due to the radiation riot now, after learning about fan Jia, blame us for the radiation riot." Feng Jia's housekeeper looked at Feng Linqiu and looked sad.

Feng Linqiu took a puff of smoke: "Let people handle it and confirm that it is false news!" Few people know this tactic of Feng family. Although they have used it several times, it is only a few times. Many of those people are framed…and it will be of great benefit to them if they are exposed and framed.

The butler was silent: "Master, the Master has laid off a lot of people these days. Now we don't have much to use. The original public relations staff all listened to the Master."

"My dad he…" Feng Linqiu frowned, he didn't get along with his parents much, but he didn't expect, his parents would be so slow.

"Master has made a public statement, saying that he knows nothing about the research institute. Everything about Father has nothing to do with him. He is a Class 8 radiation energy fighter and has certain immunity…" Senior radiation energy fighters, even if they commit crimes, need to be punished much less than ordinary people, and can also pay fines to avoid, not to mention Feng Zhaohai, who has always been timid, but has not made many mistakes.

After he drew a clear line with Feng Yunhong, I'm afraid few people will pursue his problems. Of course, Feng's family will not be able to turn over.

Feng Linqiu felt desperate at that time. When he first heard that Feng Yunhong had become a vegetable, he wondered if his grandfather had used the tactic of giving up his life, but now several days have passed and Feng Yunhong still has no response at all. After he personally helped Feng Yunhong check, but also make sure Feng Yunhong's brain has been out of the question…

Something has happened to his grandfather, and all his father has done is not conducive to Feng family.

"No, I'm going to find my dad. Now we should all unite!" Feng Linqiu stood up and was going to say something when suddenly there was a noise outside.

Feng Zhaohai, whom he was going to meet, came in from the outside with a full face of smiles. He was accompanied by several people he often saw these days, who were very familiar. These people were all responsible for the cases of Feng family now.

Not only that, these people are actually following the media behind them.

Feng Zhaohai accompanied several people around him with a smile: "Several, Feng Linqiu is here. He knows best about my father's things. He also participates in all those things. What do you want to ask and what is most suitable for him?"

Feng Zhaohai's words clearly mean that his grandfather has taken part in all illegal and criminal activities. Feng Linqiu looked at his father with disbelief on his face. He is not very old, but he is only 24 years old, and his talent is very good and he has not done any bad things. As long as he works well, he can already be picked out according to the amount of compensation. However, Feng Zhaohai is clearly pushing him into the fire pit, or simply taking him as a scapegoat!

"Dad, what do you mean?" Feng Linqiu asked directly.

"You don't call me dad, I'm not your dad," Feng Zhaohai immediately interrupted Feng Linqiu, and then went to see the person in charge of the Feng family case next to him." Feng Linqiu has nothing to do with me. I and my wife's children are unworthy, and I am unworthy. My dad has always given up on me. I can't give birth to a child like Feng Linqiu. My dad brought Feng Linqiu back and let me recognize him as a son. I think Feng Linqiu is probably my dad's illegitimate child."

Feng Zhaohai did not hesitate to say the secret of Feng family. If Feng Linqiu were really his son, he would have protected Feng Linqiu, but Feng Linqiu was just an illegitimate child born to a woman who didn't know where he was. Naturally, he had no love for Feng Linqiu.

Feng Linqiu froze. He knew that his grandfather attached great importance to himself, but he always thought that it was only because of his good talent and natural radiance that there would be such a thing.

Followed by the media, but instantly excited, before about Feng Yunhong and Lin Qiu news, they all dare not disorderly hair, but now…Lin Qiu turned out to be the illegitimate child of Feng Yunhong, this is really a big news!

The biggest news on the Internet on this day is definitely the fact that Feng Linqiu is the illegitimate child of Feng Yunhong, and when this matter is mentioned, people will also mention the various charges against Feng Linqiu.

At that time, Feng Yunhong and Lin Qiu, who have been praised only on the Internet, became the target of ridicule.

"I don't know whether to look or not, but I got a fright. Feng Linqiu did so many illegal things."

"Feng Yunhong is really hale and hearty. He has even given birth to an illegitimate child in his old age."

"No wonder Feng Yun-hung was so kind to Feng Linqiu. It turned out to be an old son."


"I don't know which woman is hooking up with Feng Yunhong. she should share her skills. I want to hook up with Ding Yifei!"

"Ding Yifei is nothing, Zheng Pangpang is really stunning!"

"In fact, I like Shi Qingyang's one. Do you want to change S*x?"


Of course, at the end of the ridicule, the building will often be crooked.

"Qingyang, you are becoming more and more popular." Cheng Ran lay prone on the bed, brushing various messages on the Internet, while Shi Qingyang rubbed his hands back and forth on him and gave him a massage.

While massaging and undressing himself, Shi Qingyang smiled, "Are you jealous?"

"No." Cheng Ran shook his head. Those people were just talking on the Internet. What does he care?

"That is, I am loyal to you." Shi Qingyang laughed and kissed Cheng Ran on the back, by the way. He also rubbed it once and for all. He often asked Cheng Ran to massage himself or help Cheng Ran massage himself, but the final purpose…It was definitely not massage anyway.

A few days ago, all of them were very busy. He was also called to ask many questions. Although the family had fallen apart, he still failed to have a good rest. Until now, he could not shuffle when couples spend time together with Cheng Ran. Of course, he should also seize the opportunity to "feast".

In fact, doing intestinal massage is also very good!

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran got the news after a good "sleep". Because of their special status, Shang Yahang, who had been taken away for several days, finally came back.

Something happened to the family, all kinds of things related to the family were involved, the identity of the commercial aerospace nature also was suspected, to this, the commercial aerospace welcome, even if because of radiation riots still have some bad feeling, but he still happily accepted the trial, and then the family kept a lot of people outside the city, used for drug testing and research all stabbed out.

Many people knew that the closed base had been destroyed by foreign animals. At that time, many people felt that it was a pity that such a good medicinal base had been destroyed. However, Shang Yahang told them that this so-called medicinal base had been carrying out human experiments all along.

People who are already dissatisfied with the closure of their homes are now even more dissatisfied.

This matter almost became the last straw that crushed Feng Family, and was also the most important reason why Feng Family decided to send Feng Linqiu out as a scapegoat.

"Shang Yahang, what is the situation now?" Shi Qingyang saw Shang Yahang and immediately asked.

"Everything is fine. They will bring back all the people outside." Shang Yahang wanted to smile with his mouth wide open, but finally he brought the crying sound.

His identity is well verified. Although his family has forged information for him, there are also flaws, which are enough to prove that he did not grow up in the city.

Even the children of criminals have the right to return to the city. Feng Yunhong keeps a group of people outside the city and uses them for experiments…Many people sympathize with them and are willing to help them.

Now, those who once struggled outside the city like him can all come back to the city they have been waiting for.

This is a good thing, but he is not happy to think of how much time his sister spent in order to get him back to the city and eventually even died.

"Those people are already on their way back. Before the closure, they were kept very close to the base, but the beast tide did not affect them." Fan Jia said nearby: "Zhuo Yi has expressed his willingness to turn his medicinal plant into a shelter, and then connect to the Internet to take in these people, so that they can slowly adapt to life in the city. The people above also agreed, of course they will not allocate funds."

In the eyes of some of the above people, they unconditionally took these people to solve a big problem, because the closure of the house had come to an end, so they wanted to apologize and win the favor of the people by the way…Although the truth of the matter was far from what they thought, Fan Jia did not mind them thinking so.

"No grant, no grant. We are not short of money anyway." Shi Qingyang smiled. The Cheng family's factory has continued to open. It is really not difficult to place such people.

After being settled, they will know the changes that the magical animals can bring.

"Yes." Cheng Xuze also nodded. After seeing the performances of Shi Qingyang and Zheng Gaoyuan, he was full of interest in the next experiment-is it possible that they will get a large number of Grade 9?

Shi Qingyang has achieved what he has achieved in just six years. Even if they were slower, they would still be strong, wouldn't they?

Everyone was in a good mood, but Shang Yahang suddenly looked at Ding Yifei and said, "Fight with me."

"why?" Ding Yifei subconsciously back-commercial aerospace this guy, is not easy to deal with!

Of course, it is because I need to give vent…Shang Yahang looked at Ding Yifei and suddenly thought of a reason: "You held my princess before."

"…" Although Ding Yifei was tall, he was still dragged out and only dared to look back sadly at Shi Qingyang and his father.

Shi Qingyang turned his eyes to Cheng Ran. Shang Yahang was originally brought back by Ding Yifei. It is normal for Ding Yifei to calm down when he is angry. And now is in the city, commercial aerospace and thin music, how to play again also won't have an accident, with Ding Yifei rough skin is likely to recover in a few days, he had no reason to stop.

Ding Yingxin, however, did not notice that his son was asking for help: "Son, it's very powerful. It was actually a public hug. Ha, ha, ha! Do you want me to cheer you up?"

"No…" Ding Yifei said in half, has been dragged to the outside, was forced to fight with commercial aerospace unstructured.

Ding Yifei really nothing, although the body is a little painful, but get some medicine rub also have no matter, but is commercial aerospace, after playing on his back and lay on the ground, blinked all the time.

"Are you all right?" Ding Yifei couldn't help but ask, although Shang Yahang, a violent man, was very heavy on his hands, he would cry or not when he had just finished playing. The contrast made him feel a little distressed.

"Do you want to be beaten by me again?" Shang Yahang looked at Ding Yifei.

"You still don't play, today's fist than the last time I didn't have much strength! I saw your news the other day. I'm afraid you haven't slept these days. Fu Neng did not have a good rest and did not sleep for a few days after the riots. You are not afraid to die early in the future if you abuse your body so much…"Ding Yifei picked up the man again without extra trouble.

Shang Yahang was silent for a moment and didn't speak. His fist was light and he was just worried that he would break people…You know, when he arrived in the city, he was out of step with everything in the city, so he had no friends all the time. Ding Yifei took him to the central city and walked around him all day. He was already his closest person.

As for the present princess hug…forget it, it should be the reason for him to hit people next time.

Ding Yifei, who was black and blue, brought Shang Yahang back. What did Shi Qingyang think was wrong, but Ding Yingxin was very proud: "My son is good!"

Ding Yifei's injury did not go away for two days, and at this time, Lin Qiu's sentence came down.

In the previous life, Lin Qiu finally reached Grade 9. Because of this, Shi Qingyang attached great importance to Lin Qiu, while Fan Jia and others did not fail to see the potential of Lin Qiu.

They didn't kill Feng Zhaohai and other Feng family completely. Everything was handed over to the judicial authorities to judge the case. It was absolutely fair and just, but on Feng Linqiu's side, it made a lot of efforts.

Feng Linqiu was not exiled in the end. He was sentenced to abolish radiation energy.

Because the country needs people to go to the wild for construction, criminals are generally sentenced to exile, and those who are extremely vicious will be abolished and exiled again.

Feng Linqiu only abolished radiation energy and did not exile. As a result, many people on the Internet said Fan Jiarenci. Many people felt that Feng Jiashi and others had made efforts secretly, but I'm afraid no one would have thought that this is what Fan Jiashi Qingyang and others wanted.

Feng Linqiu has no radiation energy. He will only be an ordinary person in the future. He will have no chance to make a comeback. He will be allowed to stay in the city…Only by letting him stay in the city can he be better monitored.

"look for someone to watch Feng Linqiu, and then we will go outside the city. all the people in the small mobile towns who closed their homes have been picked up." Shi Qingyang said that they had looked for someone to stare at Qin Liu before, but they didn't find the unusual shape of Qin Liu because the Cheng family had no foundation at all in the central city and was severely understaffed, while the Feng family was a local strongman here.

No, Feng family is so severe, it should be said that they are local strongmen.

If a strong dragon can't beat a local strongman, Feng family itself is a dragon, and the Cheng family is a snake, where can it be prevented?

"So soon?" Cheng Ran some surprise.

"Yes, Shang Yahang has already gone and wants to see if there is anyone he knows." Shi Qingyang added that all these people, such as Shang Yahang and others, have been waiting for their eyes to see. Now they have finally arrived…

Of course, Shang Yahang is waiting for someone, so are they not? When these people come, their plan to train the strong will begin.

Shi Qingyang and others are very keen on training some strong people. At the same time, for the sake of confidentiality, they have also decided that people who are not sure of their mind will never be trained.

So these people received various tests from the very beginning. Shi Qingyang even installed cameras in all places except their bedrooms and toilets to observe the behavior of each of them.

Some people behave perfectly in front of others, while others behave in another way. Some people seem timid and cowardly, but in fact they are insidious and cunning. Some people are too grumpy to be flattered…

For Feng's family, the significance of these people's existence is to experiment. They will not deliberately teach them. Therefore, there are many people with bad conduct. Only one-fifth of the people with suitable age and circumstances were finally selected by Shi Qingyang.

All the people were assigned various kinds of jobs, and the selected ones, together with the Cheng family brought back from the Yangtze River City, were taken to the laboratory in the middle of this medicine planting base.

Externally, they said that these people would help dig underground bases. In fact, they would be trained to be powerful radiation fighters.

However, at the beginning, these people did dig underground bases for a long period of time. During this period, doctors observed the situation of each of them, provided them with food, and gave them exercise forms. The plan did not officially begin until their bodies began to become strong.

This time, half a year has passed since the original Feng laboratory was blown up. In this half a year, Cheng Ran finally developed the mysterious substance from the meat of queen ant and centipede beast, and developed a magical radiation energy catalyst, which is specially used by people who already have very weak radiation energy.

At first, these selected people knew about the plan and were all jittery, especially those who came from the small mobile town of Feng family. All of them had seen the people around them taken away for experiments. After hearing this, all of them were almost frightened. If it weren't for the fact that Shi Qingyang had specially invited people to brainwash them to a certain extent in the past six months, they might have escaped directly.

However, when they really injected their radiation energy catalyst, they couldn't help but be extremely grateful-they didn't die and had no side effects, on the contrary, they had strong radiation energy and huge growth space!

All the people involved in this program, although some people are extremely painful because of the large amount of radiation energy in their bodies after injecting this substance, but so many people, each one succeeded!

This situation let Shi Qingyang couldn't help rejoicing, but when he began to formally teach these people to practice, he was even more excited.

These people are all suffering, they hardly need to be urged, they will work very, very hard! Shi Qingyang has always felt that he has worked hard enough. Among the people he has met before, there is no one who works harder than him. But this time, he has met many people who work harder than himself!

These people, who have the chance to change their fate, are almost voraciously absorbing all the knowledge related to radiation energy. They are unwilling to waste a minute and a second for the sake of cultivation…People from the Cheng family did not have such momentum at the beginning, but after all the people around them looked like this, they were also affected, melted in and fought…

These people worked very hard when practicing. Unfortunately, although they all have more gentle radiation energy than ordinary people, no one can achieve the same radiation energy as Cheng Ran, and no one has the same talent as Shi Qingyang who ate a lot of later meat and had Cheng Ran's help during mutation.

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran also tried to inject this substance into ordinary people who are not even able-bodied people, but unfortunately, although the ordinary people miraculously have the radiation energy after injection, the radiation energy they have is no different from others, moreover, their cultivation speed is far slower than others, which is obviously because everyone has different talents.

These people worked so hard that when they went to sleep, they had to practice their fighting skills in the dark. Of course, Shi Qingyang and others did not fall behind and upgraded one after another in the following days.

Shi Qingyang, in particular, was already in Grade 8. After two years of accumulation, he finally reached the threshold of Grade 9.

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