Feng Linqiu saw this scene and immediately looked at his father: "Dad, those people are all injured. Please go and save Grandpa!"

Feng Zhaohai licked his lips: "Lin Qiu, your father and I don't have much experience. If you want to save people, go yourself."

"Dad, if grandpa had an accident, Feng family…" Lin Qiu face anxious, the wall all push, if his grandpa had an accident, Feng family what else can be left?

"I said, you can go yourself if you want!" Feng Zhaohai stared at Feng Linqiu, and his face was not good. Feng Yunhong revealed before the information, is to Feng family to Lin Qiu, if Lin Qiu really is his son also just, but Lin Qiu is not, in this case, why should he desperate to save the family?

He is not responsible for the prosperity of the Feng family. On the contrary, if the Feng family is in disorder, he can make a fortune.

Feng Linqiu saw this situation and knew that he could not convince his father. He paused and wanted to catch up with him, but he did not want to be arrested soon. It was the butler beside Feng Yunhong who arrested him: "Master, the father told me that we must protect you and not let you get hurt."

"You let me go!"

"Master, if you stay in the green hills, you will not be afraid of burning firewood. You will only have a chance if you become stronger!" The butler added that even if they really rushed up, they wouldn't be able to give people enough teeth.

Feng Linqiu finally calmed down. Qin Liu, who was in the center of the war before, hurriedly observed his daughter's situation: "Zhenzhen, Zhenzhen, are you all right? Zhenzhen, you don't frighten mother…"

Just now the two of them were thrown out by a seven-level expert. She had no resistance at all and the only thing she could do was to protect herself and her daughter.

She is a level 5 radiation fighter. Although she suffered some injuries just now, there is no big problem. Her daughter is now only level 2. She was also badly injured before…Qin Liu saw her arms dying and her daughter, who had broken her head, was covered in blood. Finally she could not help crying and regretted it very much.

If she hadn't promised to Feng family, wouldn't her daughter have been captured? If she had not spoken unkindly to Cheng Hui just now, could her daughter have been taken away from danger by Cheng Hui like Cheng Sisi?

"Zhenzhen, Zhenzhen, my Zhenzhen…" Qin Liu wanted to ask for help, but although someone walked past her, he laughed and did not stop.

The person who passed by her was Ding Yifei. He quickly came to the commercial space flight that spoke energy riots, and then directly used spoke energy truncation method to the commercial space flight that was trying to control its own situation.

Although his strength was low, Shang Yahang believed him and made him succeed. Seeing this, he poured Shang Yahang another bottle of radiation energy soothing agent.

"Should this be expensive?" Shang Yahang gasped for several times. After recovering, he couldn't help asking.

"Are you still thinking about money at this time?" Ding Yifei watched someone come around, grabbed Shang Yahang and ran to the mobile town. He was tall and strong, and Shang Yahang grew up outside the city but looked a little thin…Ding Yifei couldn't help but also ran, while weighing in hand.

Commercial aerospace feel fart | hands on shares, his face was black in an instant, it happened that he was completely unable to move…

The rest of the people around them were all hesitating at this moment. They all wanted to see the battle of the 9th-level strong, but the act of throwing people into the battle circle just now scared them. It is important to see the battle, but their own lives are also important.

"Grandpa, let's pick up our uncle first and then go back to the city." Cheng Ran looked at Cheng Xuze standing on the top of the mobile town, just Fan Jia and Feng Yunhong fighting under the eyes of the public, Shi Qingyang did not mix in, but threw him something.

If there is no accident, this should be what Shi Qingyang took out from the research institute. What he needs to do now is naturally to put it online.

"good." Cheng Xuze immediately nodded his head.

Cheng Ran turned to Wang Qing. He knew less about things on the Internet than Wang Qing. Some things were best left to Wang Qing.

"These messages can also be sent out in some high-traffic forums." Ye Houan heard about this and gave a series of websites directly. As a reporter who has been working as a media reporter, he knows best how to spread the news: "Also, tidy up before sending, let me help to think of some headlines!"

With the help of Ye Houan, things went smoothly indeed. All those who watched the news outside the city saw the information of the research institute in an instant.

Before the explosion happened near the central city, there had been news on the internet. the government was still broadcasting the repair of the protective cover. many people did not understand why such a thing happened. they felt that the people who did it were too much. as a result, the Feng laboratory blew itself up.

Feng family secretly built such a dangerous laboratory beside the central city? Also put such a dangerous bomb in it?

If it was just like this at the beginning, when we saw the following research data, all of us had already attacked and Feng our homes.

What does it mean that the whole body will fester after using R7 radiation inducer, and only three out of ten people have no allergic reaction?

What is the meaning of Guanyin grass radiation is too heavy to take directly will damage the kidney, kidney completely damaged within seven days?

What does it mean that the mother is exposed to radiation, the abortion rate is 70%, and the children born have variation?

What is XX drug that can directly dissolve human body?


Some of the data inside, a look will know that a human experiment has been carried out!

Now the general pharmacists will find a machine to test the medicines after they have prepared them. They will only sign a contract with people to test the medicines after they have confirmed that there are no harmful substances. Although this situation has caused many problems in the development of medicines, it is at least humane. However, this Feng laboratory actually conducts human body experiments!

In addition to these, there are also two videos released. One is that the fugitives who are currently wanted for Feng family are laughing in the laboratory of Feng family. The other is that Cheng Sisi and Cheng Zhenzhen are tied to the operating table. Cheng Zhenzhen's spirit has obviously gone wrong and he has been repeating the call to his mother.

The two girls of the Cheng family were captured. People in the Central City all know about this. Many people are sorry for it. When they leave the city, they can't help finding someone. But they never thought that the person they wanted to find was in the research institute next to the Central City.

No wonder Fan Jia, who has always been very good-natured, will directly confront Feng Yunhong…

There are still many people outside the city waiting to see the battle of the 9th grade radiation fighters. they want to wait for a result, but suddenly someone in the city ran out: "come back quickly, come back quickly and watch the news on the internet!" There's been a big accident at home!"

Online news? What happened to the news on the internet? Out of curiosity, many people who were originally outside the city came to the entrance and even went online to watch the news of the closure.

After the research institute was exposed, more and more news about the closure of the home came out.

Before the closure, there was only a minor problem and the suppression of the Cheng family was reprimanded. Although many people on the Internet targeted the closure, they only dared to say a few words in their waistcoats, but now the situation is completely different.

The research institutes of Feng family have all been exposed. When will they not make moves at this time? Many people gritted their teeth and finally stood up and went into battle, talking about their own affairs.

However, once someone starts, more and more people will start targeting at those who have closed their homes. Some of them have no real evidence, but many people can produce evidence.

Even some cases that Feng Yun-hung had settled before were turned over. For example, Feng Yunhong's little daughter had "accidentally" killed someone outside the city. In the past, Feng Yunhong lost the money and the matter was settled. The family members of the victim did not dare to say much. However, now, the family members of the victim have produced evidence that it should have been accidental killing.

Of all the cases, the most striking one should be the case of the Zheng family's Fire Phoenix company. many years ago, the issue of Fire Phoenix company's chariots went into uproar. the sales volume of Fire Phoenix company's chariots dropped suddenly, and they had to compensate others for a large sum of money. now, they have come up with a lot of evidence. the evidence collected bit by bit in recent years is enough to prove that such a problem will occur because the engineers of Fire Phoenix company were bought by the family members.

One thing after another, one after another, appeared on the Internet. People who pay attention to this matter often have just finished watching one thing and several more appear as soon as they refresh.

In the past, there was a forum that said everything. Now it is completely occupied by the matter of closing the house. In addition to closing the house, there is no other forum.

These things, of course, also have false, but because a lot of people really play, in the end is more true than false.

The Feng family Building will collapse. This is everyone's reaction at this moment. Now, even Fengyun Hong returns in good condition, even if it is difficult to turn the tide.

Once the largest family in central city, I'm afraid it will disappear now…

Many people gathered at the entrance to the city. They wanted to know about the fighting outside the city and also wanted to know about the situation on the Internet. Similarly, some people who had Feng their homes were making their last efforts.

They are clearing up some information on the Internet and sending out messages repeatedly to contact people everywhere, showing that Fan Jia bombed Feng family's research office and attacked Fengyun Hong, which is also illegal.

Feng Zhaohai, who has just returned to the city, is the most supporter of this act. For a moment, he was eager to see his father, who had never taken himself seriously, have an accident. If his father died and people died like lights, some things would be easy to handle and they could condemn Fan Jia.

Feng Zhaohai's wishful thinking was very loud, but the development of things did not follow his wishes. Just as Feng family was spreading all over the Internet, several figures came towards the gate of the city.

There were four people coming. A young man was carrying a middle-aged woman in front of him. In the back, Ding Yingxin, a big man, was carrying Feng Yunhong.

Feng Yunhong, who used to be a national idol and has a very good reputation in the eyes of the public, is now being held in his hand without any resistance and looks extremely miserable.

But no one sympathized with him…The better his image in public before, the more disappointed people are to him now. Even those who used to regard him as their idol now feel that they cannot fully respect such an old man.

"Qingyang!" Cheng Ran has helped Cheng Hui comb the radiation energy in his body. After Cheng Hui protected others, he came to the gate with Cheng Xuze. Now he sees Shi Qingyang coming slowly. All worries and fears disappear in an instant.

Seeing Cheng Ran, Shi Qingyang also laughed: "However, it's okay." No matter how much danger he experienced, when he came back to see Cheng Ran, his mood instantly improved.

This is Cheng Ran, who will accompany him forever.

"What have you done to my father?" The butler of Feng family immediately stood up.

Shi Qingyang smiled: "Master Feng is now a sequela of the Radiation Energy Riot. He used the tactic of Feng family to make the Radiation Energy Riot happen, and finally he suffered losses. This is no wonder other people. If you don't believe it, you can also ask the doctor to check it."

Feng Yunhong passed out because of the sequelae of the Radiation Energy Riot, but the reason for the Radiation Energy Riot did not lie in his tactical skills. Moreover, the sequelae did not just pass out.

Feng Yunhong, I'm afraid it will be difficult to wake up again. All this is actually related to him.

Shi Qingyang smiled more happily when he thought of the previous events.

Feng Yunhong led Fan Jia to leave before. In fact, a big reason was to run for his life. Unfortunately, he miscalculated the situation of the people he fought with.

In Feng Yunhong's view, Fan Jia's radiation energy is very unstable. As long as he grasps it well, it is entirely possible for Fan Jia's radiation energy to riot. However, he is wrong. Fan Jia has been combed by Cheng Ran these days. Although the current situation is not so good, it is at least similar to that of his 70-year-old man. Moreover, Shi Qingyang has yet to make moves.

Shi Qingyang was a strong man of Grade 8. He could not make moves before the eyes of the public, but when there was no one there…

Before, Shi Qingyang followed Fan Jia and Feng Yunhong to run out. As he left the city more and more far away, his speed became faster and faster…

Feng Yunhong finally stopped in a clearing-Fan Jia was getting closer and closer, and he had nowhere to run.

"Fan Jia, why are you so aggressive?" Feng Yunhong turned around and faced Fan Jia directly.

"You killed my child and asked me why?" Fan Jia looked at Feng Yunhong and said, "Feng Yunhong, isn't the tactics you just used the same tactics you used to hurt me?" Fan Jia moved his hand as he said.

"Is it related to Cheng Ran that your radiation is so stable?" Feng Yunhong asked, now he is extremely regretful, regretting that he actually sent Cheng Ran, who was considered as the perfect experiment by those researchers.

Fan Jia will be like this now, mostly related to Cheng Ran!

Fan Jia didn't answer at all, continue to attack, Feng Yunhong can only take it seriously, and this time, Ding Yingxin also came, he did not make moves, but looked at Feng Yunhong eyeing up on one side.

After knowing that his son's disappearance was related to Feng Yunhong, Ding Yingxin already hated him.

A fan Jia, a Ding Yingxin, he absolutely can't beat, but now fan Jia so hate him, probably won't let him go…

Feng Zhaohai thinks it is better for Feng Yunhong to die outside, which Feng Yunhong himself naturally knows, and he knows better that if Fan Jia is also dead, then even if Feng family is suppressed, he will not be suppressed too much.

Now the family is closed, but there are still several top 8 players, his grandson, but the person who is most likely to advance to level 9!

Even though level 9 experts are rarely deployed nowadays, they are basically a decoration, but China still needs such a decoration! Moreover, he clearly saw that Shi Qingyang had followed.

Shi Qingyang is only a seventh grade, in such a dangerous thing, unexpectedly still dare to catch up…Should he say he is too daring?

It is really a pity to say that this man who is even more powerful than Feng Linqiu will fall here…

Feng Yunhong made a decision in an instant.

When the radiation energy fighters first appeared, human beings had very few tactical skills and there were no pharmacists. Even though the animals at that time were not as fierce as they are now, the casualties were still very large. At that time, there was a trick that was often used-self-explosion.

After the radiation energy riots outside the city, some people, seeing that they are going to die, will directly choose to radiate the whole body of radiation energy and hit the radiation energy outside. After doing so, a violent explosion will occur.

However, when using the radiation explosion technique, the radiation fighter will throw out the radiation energy. The explosion is in other places, but the self-explosion is different. Because the explosion is nearby, he is often the first to bear the brunt and will be blown to pieces.

Feng Yunhong is a Grade 9 strong man. He can absorb radiation energy in the air even if he consumes a lot of radiation energy in the body now. However, once his current situation explodes, he will definitely blow up several people around him!

Having made such a decision, Feng Yunhong almost frantically absorbed the radiation energy around her and approached Fan Jia, who wanted to stop it. However, the radiation energy of the riot was not only beyond her control, but also caused the radiation energy in her body to riot…

"Fan Jia, go to hell with me." Feng Yunhong smiled, but did not want to at this time, suddenly a lighter hit him on the back, a radiation energy also entered his body, let the radiation energy in his body messed up.

"Who?" Feng Yunhong turned his head and saw Shi Qingyang standing not far away. The radiation energy around him was extremely chaotic. According to the notice, people were rioting in radiation energy, but it seemed to have no effect on Shi Qingyang.

Not only that, Shi Qingyang just showed strength…Class 8! This turned out to be a level 8!

The blow brought by this situation to Feng Yunhong was even greater than when he saw the explosion of Feng's laboratory and knew that he was afraid he could not return to heaven. He is a level 9 strong, extremely sensitive to radiation energy induction, but before today, he actually didn't feel Shi Qingyang strength!

Besides, Shi Qingyang is only 24 years old. How can he be so strong? He always thought that Shi Qingyang's current achievement was due to the support of Cheng Ran's medicine. But how could he be so strong with medicine alone?

Is Cheng Ran's skill too great, or is Shi Qingyang too rebellious? Or, Shi Qingyang was with the mysterious man he met at the beginning?

Feng Yunhong had all kinds of questions in his mind, but he didn't have a chance to explore, because Shi Qingyang injected several radiation energy into his body.

This is the radiation energy truncation method, but it's not the radiation energy truncation method. Shi Qingyang doesn't know what the level 9 radiation energy truncation method is. He only points out a few points on Feng Yunhong.

These points will seal off the radiation energy in Feng Yunhong's body, making him unable to blow himself up, but not enough to cut off the radiation energy in his body and prevent him from rioting with radiation energy…

Feng Yunhong absorbed a lot of radiation energy in order to blow himself up, so much energy rampaged through the body, almost killing him, but Shi Qingyang was watching. Once his condition threatened his life, he would be fed with some medicine. It happened that the amount of medicine was only enough to save his life…Not only that, Shi Qingyang also ordered several times on him, deliberately letting the radiation in his body rush into his mind…

After leaving the city gate, the fighting did not last long, but Shi Qingyang stayed for a long time. He was sure that Feng Yunhong had only one breath left, and his whole brain became a paste. Only when he was a vegetable forever, he was sure that others could not see Feng Yunhong's hands and feet, he took back Fan Jia, who had already used the medicine to press down the radiation riot, and handed Feng Yunhong to Ding Yingxin.

Ding Yingxin seems to be carrying Feng Yunhong back, and he does not respect Feng Yunhong very much, but he is actually quite good. If it weren't for the medicine he gave Feng Yunhong, he might have died halfway.

Of course, for Feng Yunhong, whose whole brain has been damaged, it may be more painful to live than to die.

Feng Yunhong was defeated and was carried back by Ding Yingxin. This situation inevitably makes people sigh. People waiting for the result of the battle at the gate could not tell what their mood was.

Feng Zhaohai felt very disappointed. If Feng Yunhong was alive and had the backbone of Feng Yunhong, he could continue to lead a stable life before. If Feng Yunhong died, Fan Jia would kill people. Even if Feng did something bad, he became a rational party.

However, Feng Yunhong just became a waste, or his spoke to riots, will become a waste…

"You have made my grandfather look like this. Are you going to let it go?" Feng Linqiu stood out. He was brought up by Feng Yunhong, and his feelings were different from those of Feng Yunhong.

"We were trying to save people. Your grandfather stopped us before the conflict broke out. Your grandfather was able to riot. This was also an accident. We were very sorry, but there was nothing we could do." Shi Qingyang laughed and said that he had become a waste outside the city. Feng Linqiu returned to the city with a coma and said something similar.

Now, everything is reversed.

Feng Linqiu looked at Shi Qingyang angrily, but he really had no choice but to look at Shi Qingyang with a full face of smile and continue to say: "Master Feng asked us, we also want to ask Master Feng, why did the Feng family kidnap the two young ladies of the Cheng family? Now Cheng Sisi and Cheng Zhenzhen have suffered a lot…"

"It's really a good skill to Feng family. It also invented a tactic that can make people riot. I lost a child at the beginning. Now your grandfather has come to this end. It's his own fault!" Fan Jia also said.

Feng Linqiu's face grew whiter and whiter.

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