The whole central city was divided into several areas. Although they were all opened at ordinary times, they could be cut off. The main blast of the research institute was the protective cover where the house was Feng. It had little impact on other areas. After the alarm sounded in the city, the protective cover was cut off. At the same time, the police arrived here quickly. They temporarily pulled up the anti-radiation cloth to prevent radiation energy from entering the city, and then began to prepare to repair the protective cover.

Shi Qingyang protected the innocent people around him and was surprised to see the huge hole caused by the explosion of the research institute.

Before, Fan Jia, a nine-level strong man, only made a hole of less than one square above the research institute. But now, the black hole left by that area is about several hundred square.

The research institute is located deep underground. The walls around it are all made of the hardest materials. It has even caused such consequences…If an accidental approach is made, I'm afraid even the 9-level experts will be imitators!

Shi Qingyang was shocked, and so was others. Many people took photos directly and posted them online.

Feng Zhaohai watched his father and Fan Jia get farther and farther away from the city, and his hands and feet became more and more relaxed. However, he couldn't help worrying more and more. He didn't know whether to reflect his worries or not. He suddenly heard a loud noise.

He knew about the research institute of Feng family, but he didn't know much because he wasn't the heir that Cheng Xuze valued. But even if he didn't know much, he knew that the research institute of Feng family was under this place.

His father spent a great deal of manpower and material resources in this research institute, and most of his income was invested in it, but now, this research institute has been bombed!

A good research institute was blown so badly, also don't know who blew it up, with what bomb…Feng Zhaohai turned to see his father, indeed as expected see Feng Yunhong turned to look at the side, then spit out one mouthful blood-who saw his life's work was destroyed, I'm afraid I will have this idea.

Feng Zhaohai was shocked and suddenly his whole body was cold. His father suddenly vomited blood. What if he died? No, if he died…he didn't commit anything, as a class 8 radiation energy fighter, there is a certain immunity…his father has always wanted to let Feng Linqiu as heir, and Feng Linqiu although said to be his son, actually has nothing to do with him, he would have been dissatisfied with this, if something happened to his father, his capable cousin has been abandoned by his father, after Feng family is he?

Feng Yunhong is now going to faint. Fortunately, he does not know what his son thinks. If he does, he will be even more angry.

However, Feng Yunhong is, after all, Feng Yunhong. He can reach Grade 9. He does not rely solely on the power of his family. When he was young, he used to spend all day outside the city. Even now, he practices his fighting skills every day.

Although he was angry and anxious, he vomited one mouthful blood, but after he vomited, Feng Yunhong soon packed up his mood, and his fighting spirit was even worse.

In contrast, it is Fan Jia, who has seldom fought with others over the years, who has not been so smooth in his actions. However, Fan Jia and Feng Yunhong have the revenge of killing their children. With this hatred, she is not weak at all, and the two men are equally matched.

Cheng Hui saw this scene, unavoidably some worry, but he also took Cheng Sisi and Cheng family, nature can't do anything at will…At this time, Cheng Hui suddenly saw, a man came running in the distance, the man was clearly the momentum of the strong level 9 impact can't close to, unexpectedly still persistently toward Feng Yunhong attack, even several times toward Feng Yunhong blunt past, even if be Feng Yunhong into a rolling gourd.

The man Cheng Hui also know, is just recently brought back by Ding Yifei commercial space, but is a level 7 strong, unexpectedly also have such courage!

Also, since Shang Yahang is here, the others…Cheng Hui looked into the distance, and sure enough he saw Ding Yingxin also running up, followed by a mobile town at a distance.

When Cheng Hui saw the moving town in the distance, he finally breathed a sigh of relief and was about to pass. However, he did not want to be stopped by a woman: "Cheng Hui!"

This woman is Qin Liu. Qin Liu, who has been crying in front of the media these days, is still gaunt and gaunt. She doesn't even have radiation protection clothing on her body. She wears long hair and rushes towards him: "Cheng Hui, what have you done to my daughter!"

Cheng Sisi and Cheng Zhenzhen were both protected by the radiation energy around Cheng Hui. Then he held the two men upright in front of him.

Cheng Hui did not dare to treat others' injuries because he was not sure that those around him were family members. He only gave them some medicine and brought them with him after making sure that they were not seriously affected.

After the two girls were sent to the research institute, they changed into the clothes of the people who cooperated with the research in the research institute. because of the sudden tightening of the rope, their hands were covered with ligature marks and their clothes were covered with blood. they looked very sad.

"This is to ask you, if it weren't for you, my daughter would be like this?" Cheng Hui saw Qin Liu, anger from the heart, although Cheng Sisi because of strength is better than Cheng Zhenzhen, but the appearance is still sad.

"Your daughter which have Zhenzhen so many injuries? Cheng Hui, you must have done it on purpose! Why do you want to save people? Can't you send Cheng Ran?" Qin Liu tightly bite a tooth, a full face of resentment.

If Cheng Hui didn't save people, Cheng Zhenzhen would never have an accident. Feng's family promised from the beginning that she would take good care of her daughter…But Cheng Hui just saved people!

Now her daughter is so miserable, it is probably because Cheng Hui did not take care of her. Otherwise, why didn't Cheng Hui hurt herself? Why does Cheng Sisi look much better?

The situation in Cheng Sisi does look better than that of Cheng Zhenzhen, but one of the big reasons is that Cheng Hui feels that he has wrapped his radiation protection clothing around Cheng Sisi.

Cheng Sisi is his daughter, he naturally has to take care of Cheng Sisi first, as for Cheng Zhenzhen, they saved Cheng Zhenzhen back already is extremely kind, Qin Liu also want to do?

"In this case, your daughter, you can take care of yourself!" Cheng Hui threw Cheng Zhenzhen into Qin Liu's arms, the posture, like Cheng Zhenzhen is what disgusting dirty things.

"Cheng Hui, my daughter didn't wear any clothes inside! Cheng Hui, you…"Qin Liu hugged her daughter, then draw a mouthful of air conditioning.

This is the reason why Cheng Hui wrapped her radiation protection suit on Cheng Sisi. She and Cheng Zhenzhen both wore sacks of robes, but they didn't wear anything inside.

Of course, he has been holding two people upright, but others can't find out: "This is to ask you, did you push your daughter out?"

Qin Liu trembled and woke up. At first, she thought Cheng Zhenzhen's injury was caused when Cheng Hui went to save people, but now it seems that it is obviously not.

She has been working for the family. When she got to the central city, the family even contacted her and even helped her find out the person who was staring at her. At that time, because of Cheng Hong, she was already very disgusted with the family and naturally fell to the family.

The people who contacted Feng family once promised that even if her daughter could not marry Feng Linqiu, she could also marry Fengyun Hong's other grandchildren. Although those people did not have Feng Linqiu's promise, they were all heroes and heroines.

Such a guarantee can be called a pledge. She has confidence in her daughter again. Naturally, she has no doubt. Although her daughter was caught together this time, she is not worried-the family will still use her. Naturally, she will treat her daughter well. What is more appropriate than marrying a girl from the family after the family is closed? But now…Qin Liu don't know what happened to his daughter, but there is no doubt that her daughter was greatly hurt, the beast, maybe give her daughter…

Otherwise, how can you have such marks on your body and have no clothes on?

"Dad…" Cheng Sisi finally woke up at this time, some confused to speak.

"Si, how are you?" Cheng Hui asked.

"I'm fine." Cheng Sisi shook his head and became sober.

Qin Liu immediately asked, "Sisi, what's wrong with you?"

Cheng Sisi did not expect to see Qin Liu so soon. He was extremely angry: "What's wrong with us? We almost died. Are you satisfied? Also, Zhenzhen has gone crazy. I think you must be very happy. She has been calling her mother before."

Cheng Sisi, in this case, let Qin Liu a face in an instant, she looks pale at Cheng Sisi, lips moved, silently began to cry.

Originally her family was happy, but now how did she become like this?

Cheng Hui has been reluctant to say anything to Qin Liu, in front of the woman is his relatives, but she almost killed his daughter, he naturally can't be magnanimous to forgive.

Cheng Hui took Cheng Sisi to the slowly moving town of Cheng's family. Cheng Xuze is now standing on the top of the moving town. Seeing Cheng Hui, he immediately breathed a sigh of relief: "You go in quickly!"

"Dad, I'll help." Cheng Hui did not enter, but gave Cheng Sisi to Cheng Ran.

Cheng Xuze hesitated slightly and nodded quickly: "All right." Although the 9-level master can't fit in with the 8-level combat, they have several more 8-level masters, which can also make others dare not look down upon them!

Feng Yunhong and Fan Jia both drank the radiation energy soothing agent in advance. Although the fighting became more and more fierce, there was always a feeling that the radiation energy of the two people was continuously flowing.

However, if Feng Yunhong had the upper hand at first, he has now fallen completely to the disadvantage.

Shang Yahang also just, his attack is like tickling for Feng Yunhong, but Ding Yingxin and Cheng Hui's joining has changed the situation.

There are also several strong eight Feng family, it happened that this time, they may be in order to preserve our sanity, perhaps because before Feng Yunhong to his nephew laid hands on him cold their hearts, unexpectedly no one to stand up.

"Dad, go and help Grandpa!" Feng Linqiu looked anxiously at his father.

"Your dad what can I do? Your grandfather is so strong, he can't beat…" Feng Zhaohai's eyes rolled silently, and I don't know what I'm thinking.

Feng Linqiu looked down on his father before. At that time, he even hated iron and failed to produce steel. Now he looked at another strong man of Grade 8 who followed Feng Yunhong: "Uncle Zhao, help Grandpa!"

"Little master, Feng master didn't command…" Zhao 8 strong consider the opening, if he doesn't go to help, somehow he is a 8 strong, will not have an accident, if go to…will eventually bring trouble to yourself?

Everyone's mind is different, Lin Qiu himself only six levels, his eyes turned, suddenly saw a very familiar person-Qin Liu.

Qin Liu and Cheng Zhenzhen are Cheng's family. He can't find anyone else now. In this case, the two men…Feng Linqiu looked at the housekeeper who has always been very respectful to his grandfather: "Grandpa Butler…"

Watched Cheng Hui go, Qin Liu holding his daughter, some at a loss, it happened that her daughter is stupid, still have no response at all.

Is it true what Cheng Sisi said, that his daughter is crazy? Qin Liu's face was full of wonder. You know, not long ago she was thinking of letting her daughter marry to Feng family…

Is trance, Qin Liu suddenly felt pushed, and then she was combined with her arms Cheng Zhenzhen together, was pushed to the battlefield.

Feng Yunhong has been forced to stop at this time, he won't stop because of the two men, but Cheng Hui and Fan Jia action are paused, until Qin Liu and Cheng Zhenzhen two people were dropped to the ground, just continue to start work.

This time, the butler who Feng family also understood the benefits of throwing people. As soon as his eyes lit up, he suddenly continued throwing people into the field.

Fan Jia and Cheng Hui Ding Yingxin both had their hands tied. Feng Yunhong did not respond. This did help Feng Yunhong, but it was not necessarily a good idea-it undoubtedly made others more interested in Feng Yunhong and also felt that Feng Yunhong was cold-blooded.

Shi Qingyang saw this scene, suddenly flew up, and then caught several people, and this time, with the free Feng Yunhong, has used the Feng family that can lead to radiation riots.

Feng Yunhong will use this tactic to defeat Fan Jia completely. He knows Fan Jia's radiation energy is very unstable, and naturally he is sure that he will win. Moreover, he also saw Shang Yahang…What does Shang Yahang's radiation energy look like, is it difficult to beat him?

Special energy fluctuations, Fan Jia stare blankly, he saw Feng Yunhong has run to the distance, said, she also don't delay, just catch up.

It happened that at this time, the commercial aerospace suddenly spoke to riots, influenced by him, Cheng Hui also spit out one mouthful blood.

Instead, Fan Jia, who was initially targeted by Feng Yunhong, had no reaction at this time and was still chasing Feng Yunhong.

Ding Yingxin said, drank a bottle of medicine, rushed up quickly, Cheng Hui was more affected, he stopped, after drinking the medicine, did not even go after people.

Of all the people present, Shi Qingyang was the one who was least affected. He watched Feng Yunhong fly far in the air. He used radiation energy to target the target and ran on the ground.

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