Cheng Sisi was still tied up. At the same time, they vomited continuously because of stomach discomfort. After they were caught, no one paid attention to them at first, but later they were inserted with catheters and hung with water, which was a life-sustaining nutrient.

These days, they just lie down like this, except for the change of nutriment, they have no care at all. They don't eat, and they can't excrete themselves. The whole person is just like dead.

In fact, if it weren't for the two of them, Cheng Sisi felt that she would probably collapse, but even if she didn't collapse now, Cheng Zhenzhen is already on the verge of collapse.

Before is Cheng Zhenzhen betrayed himself, Cheng Sisi to own this cousin nature is very hate, but now there are only two of them, and Cheng Zhenzhen is, after all, her cousin, when I was a child Cheng Zhenzhen holding her legs sweetly call sister situation still vividly…

"Zhenzhen, don't cry!"

"Mom, mom…" Cheng Zhenzhen kept crying. After she was caught, she cried whenever she was free. Up to now, a pair of eyes have swollen badly.

"It's no use calling your mother again. If it weren't for your mother, we wouldn't have reached this point!" Cheng Sisi could not help but speak, thinking of Qin Liu, the in the mind hate deeper.

Cheng Zhenzhen has not responded to her as she did at the beginning. She is young and has never experienced such a thing. Fear and fear are enough to crush her.

See Cheng Zhenzhen like this, Cheng Sisi also some fear, in these days here, although she has been in this room, but also a little understanding of the situation here, at least, she can clearly feel that the people who often come to replace their nutrients, looking at their eyes without any temperature, just like they are waiting for the slaughter of animals.

The surrounding environment, the attire of the people they met and the things they held in their hands…Cheng Sisi vaguely felt that this should be a laboratory.

She once tried to save herself, but the struggle had no effect except to add wounds to her body…She could only wait for others to release them or someone to save them!

In that case, I'm afraid her grandfather will have to pay a big price…Thought of here, Cheng Sisi regret again, the gate of such a place, really will not have an accident for no reason, no one will catch people at the gate. Feng family was questioned at that time and would not have dealt with them again. However, they created a coincidence and found some criminals to arrest them.

The criminals who betrayed the family left the city. These criminals betrayed the family, but it happened that they just caught the enemy of the family as hostages…People who know about this matter will say it will be a good coincidence for a while, but I'm afraid no one can doubt the family.

Cheng Sisi scratched with her fingernails on the console where she was lying. Although she knew that she could not leave any traces, only in this way could she express some emotions.

And at this time, the door was suddenly opened.

In the room where they stayed, there were no products that could be used for communication, and the isolation of the walls was also very good, so although there was a lot of noise outside before, although the alarm went off, they did not hear anything.

Cheng Sisi suddenly turned his head and saw his father outside. Suddenly he cried with a "wow".

However, before Cheng Hui could save her and tie the ropes on their two operating platforms, they suddenly began to tighten up. Not only that, a gate was left behind at the damaged room gate to block the room, and a steady stream of liquid poured out of the surrounding cavity.

"Hold your breath!" Shi Qingyang immediately said that he was no stranger to that liquid. This volatile liquid is poisonous and harmful to human body. It can also make people lose radiation energy instantly, and the radiation energy in the room will become less and less when dissolved by the liquid.

This research institute, which has been closed to the family, has been strengthening its defense since its appearance. The average 8-level radiation energy fighter may only have lost his life here!

"The medicine in that room is the most powerful among the medicines we have developed, and after careful calculation, even if the 8th-class radiation fighter did not inhale volatile poisonous gas, it would not be enough to break the wall of that room. Several of them would not add up!" The dean of the research institute said with some pride that they actually wanted to kill the nine-level authority of the strong, but Feng Yunhong was a nine-level authority and he often came here. How could such a thing be allowed to exist?

As for Fan Jia…No one in the central city does not know that Fan Jia does not like to get mixed up in things, and people with a little power also know that Fan Jia has some physical problems.

If it weren't for physical problems, how could a woman who ran outside all day when she was in Grade 8 be confined at home all day when she was in Grade 9?

Hearing this, the three seven-level radiation energy fighters relaxed a lot on their faces, and at the same time they were a little scared. There was such a thing in the research institute's room. If these people wanted to kill them, wouldn't they have no resistance?

Just as such thoughts were rising, a loud noise suddenly interrupted their thoughts. At the same time, there was another black spot on the map in front of them.

Those organs that made the dean of the research institute complacent have been completely destroyed!

The dean of the research institute froze, staring at the dark face of incredible. It was destroyed so quickly. Who was it that broke in? Even three grade 8, arguably, will not be strong, and, Cheng home where three grade 8? The strong level 8, how can you be willing to help the Cheng family do such a dangerous thing?

"I'm coming…" At this time, a voice rang through the device next to it. The voice belonged to Feng Yunhong.

The crowded researchers heard the sound, don't be as timid as at the beginning, eyes still have a fever-Feng Yunhong came, they will naturally be safe!

"Feng Yunhong is here." Fan Jia felt for a moment, also said.

Feng Jia's research institute, built next to the underground city of the central city, is located above it, which is the isolation belt outside the central city. Fan Jia has now opened a passage to the outside of the city.

Some people are protecting the radiation-damaged city wall near here. They were shocked to see someone suddenly rushing out of the ground. Fan Jia already looked at them and said, "Don't you run?"

Fan Jia body momentum is too strong, those people immediately react, did not care to tube those protective equipment, ran away quickly.

"I'll go to the research institute." Shi Qingyang said that although both girls were injured and inhaled toxic gases, they were alive and Cheng Hui was holding them now.

Feng Yunhong is here, Fan Jia will definitely fight. Cheng Hui needs to protect the two girls, but he is completely free. He can go back to find information and destroy the research institute.

He thought about countless things in his last life, and today will be the day!

Shi Qingyang did not wait for Cheng Xuze's reply, and soon returned to the original road. At this time, Feng Yunhong had already arrived outside the city from another channel.

His face is very ugly, see Fan Jia, but also a full face of resentment.

He attached great importance to the research institute. He would watch and take care of it in person whenever there was trouble. But today, these people entered the research institute quietly and destroyed most of his research institute. This is not to mention that Fan Jia actually stands in opposition to him.

Fan Jia, Feng Yunhong has been very concerned about, he knew that fan Jia mostly because Cheng Ran potion talent, will regard Cheng Ran with special respect or new views. This new look will make her stand on Cheng Ran's side, but it will not be enough to make her face with Feng Jia.

But now, Fan Jia just did it!

"Feng Yunhong, you have repeatedly harmed people and arrested two girls in your research office. Do you really think that you are strong enough to do whatever you want?" Fan Jia said directly that Cheng Hui had withdrawn far away, but many people had seen the two girls he was carrying.

Whether Cheng Sisi or Cheng Zhenzhen, because finally the rope suddenly tightened, all covered in injury, looks very sad, Cheng Hui also took them into the crowd at the gate of the distance, more let a person believe Fan Jia.

A few days ago, the massacre at the gate of the city was still vivid in my mind, because Feng Yunhong's nephew's men had done such a thing. Many people felt more sympathy for Feng Yunhong, but now, according to Fan Jia, those people were actually Feng Yunhong's men!

People who plan to leave the city at the gate of the city are basically equipped with binoculars. They took out their equipment, looked at the distant scene and posted what happened here on the Internet.

"Fan Jia, don't give a dirty lie. Who knows where did you find those two girls?" Feng Yunhong looked at Fan Jia with a frown. However, he would not admit it.

Fan Jia didn't care about this either. She looked at Feng Yunhong and threw her hand at Feng Yunhong with an attack: "Feng Yunhong, you hurt my child. Today I must get justice!"

Feng Yunhong's face changed and he finally responded with rapt attention. At the same time, he hated his nephew more and more.

He did find a family member to deal with Fan Jia, but only a few people knew about it. Fan Jia now knows that someone must have leaked the secret.

Two level 9 masters, unexpectedly played up! More and more people came to the city. People did not dare to approach, but they were reluctant to leave.

You know, it's been 200 years since nine-level masters have fought each other!

Cheng Hui mingled with the excited crowd, and several top 8 experts who had Feng their homes kept staring at him, but these people did not make any moves in the end. Although they were strong and looked down upon the ordinary people around them, most of them were ordinary people in this world…

In history, it is not that there are no powerful radiation fighters who want to seize power and establish independent rule, but in the end there is not no one who succeeds?

"If you have free time, you might as well support more protective covers to protect the people around you and make atonement for your work in the future." Cheng Hui saw that there were already troops to maintain order and smiled at the people who were staring at him. In front of him was Feng Zhaohai, the son of Feng Yunhong and the father of Feng Linqiu.

Feng Zhaohai has just reached Grade 8 in the past few years, but it is all potions, and fighting with people is even worse…However, even if his strength is relatively poor in Grade 8, it is enough to support the protective cover.

Feng Zhaohai looked at Cheng Hui, and finally a grind to hold up the shield, he is the son of Feng Yunhong, but Feng Yunhong value heir is Feng Linqiu, therefore, is to raise him some timid, can't afford to, this time, he just wanted to Feng Yunhong win, but didn't have the courage to come forward to help Feng Yunhong.

Feng Zhaohai did this, and so did others, of course. Feng Jia's other 8 strong men even breathed a sigh of relief-they did not need to be mixed into the 9 strong men's battle. It was really great!

Feng Yunhong and Fan Jia both avoided using weapons of mass destruction, even getting further and further away from the city. At this time, Shi Qingyang was in the research institute.

After Fan Jia and Feng Yunhong all went out, the people in the research institute began to sort out all kinds of equipment and counted the losses. For them, Feng Yunhong was too strong to lose. Since Feng Yunhong came, they would naturally be fine.

Moreover, since this research institute was suddenly inspected many times more than 20 years ago, many human body experiments have been arranged in the base outside the city, so it is actually quite clean and they are not too afraid.

These people are very busy, usually Feng Yunhong is not willing to let them contact too many secrets, the contact between various departments is also less, so completely did not find, in their side more than a person they don't know.

Of course, the reason why they didn't find out is also related to the fact that this person is very familiar with everything in the research institute.

Radiation energy was injected into the research institute, so all the ordinary people put on anti-radiation suits. Because they did not adapt, their movements slowed down a lot. Shi Qingyang pretended to try his best to rescue various experimental materials, but in fact, he copied a lot of data when others could not see them.

All kinds of experiments carried out in the laboratory today are normal to these researchers, but in the eyes of ordinary people, they may even be regarded as terrible.

A few years ago, a research office studied drugs against foreign animals and released some pictures that made foreign animals die of pain. Some people felt inhumane, not to mention they even found human beings to cooperate in the research.

Looking for videos and materials, Shi Qingyang slowly approached the center of the research institute.

The three seven-level radiation energy fighters guarded in the research institute are all staying in the central area of the research institute. The new comer is somewhat uneasy. The two men who have been guarding here are very calm.

Seeing someone coming from a distance, one of them immediately frowned: "Who are you and what are you doing here?"

"Of course it destroyed the place." Shi Qingyang smiled and took off his helmet.

"Shi Qingyang?" The man who captured Cheng Sisi immediately recognized him and hissed, "A Grade 7…" Although Shi Qingyang is a genius, it is only Grade 7 now. Can't they cope with one of the three Grade 7?

The man's face was full of sarcasm, and the next second, his expression was fixed on the sarcasm forever-Shi Qingyang had broken his neck.

This is not Shi Qingyang's first time to kill people, and he has no discomfort. The man in front of him killed many people at the gate of the city when he caught Cheng Sisi. It can be said that death is not precious.

"Grade 8?" The other two men said that they launched an attack, but Shi Qingyang had actually prepared a tactical skill before he met them.

There is a big gap brought about by the level, not to mention, in the sight of these two seven-level experts have stayed in the laboratory for many years, what skill is comparable to Shi Qingyang, who is often experienced?

To solve the two people in front of me, Shi Qingyang put down a time bomb in the core of the research institute. At the same time, he began to retreat and set a protective cover on himself. He set a protective cover of Class 8 one after another. Then he rushed out of the research institute with the fastest speed-the bomb he put down was not strong, but it could trigger the self-destruction mechanism of the research institute.

The explosion of the research institute may affect a corner of the central city in the area where it is located, but this is the site of the Cheng family, and Shi Qingyang will naturally not be kind enough to protect it. However, he did pay attention to the residential areas outside the disaster area.

He Meimei is an administrator of a shopping center. Now that people are used to shopping online, all she has to do is to sort out the orders and deliver them through the transmission pipeline or find someone to deliver them to her home.

The shopping center where she is located is just outside the central city. The warehouse is next to the protective cover. When she is usually free, she likes to look outside through the protective cover.

In the past, she saw many times, most of them saw someone happily out of the city, or someone practicing martial arts near the city. It was nothing new, but today is different.

First, a group of young people were doing protection on the protective cover, and one of the handsome guys was still smiling at her. Later, she actually saw two Grade 9 radiation energy fighters!

This is the first time He Meimei has not seen the two men through the internet. if she hadn't left the shopping center suddenly, she might have lost her job. she would have run to the outside of the city instead of looking at the outside through a gray shield.

This kind of protective cover is really out of date. I heard that the newly-developed protective cover of the Cheng family is very good at transmitting light. However, the Cheng family shut down the company after a long ordeal.

Without this shield, you can see the distant scene clearly! He Meimei was somewhat disappointed with the binoculars he had just bought loyally from shopping.

As a result, she just had the idea, suddenly a shaking on the ground, a shield in the distance suddenly burst, the shield in front of her also cracked, finally fell in front of her, split into numerous pieces.

Radiation energy! He Meimei was shocked and wanted to run into the room, but he didn't expect a huge shield to cover her suddenly. He repaired the upper hole of the shield and didn't let the radiation energy outside leak in.

The city's protective cover, in order not to damage a large area of influence, are separated into pieces, with this protective cover, He Meimei no longer need to worry about radiation energy, even can clearly see everything outside the city, but this time, she has been scared silly.

Just before the emergence of two level 9 radiation energy fighters, now blew up a huge pit! There are still various fragments at the edge of the pit, and even now, there are still billows of smoke pouring out.

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