Although it is dangerous to save lives, it would be much more convenient if Fan Jia were willing to help. If they could find enough evidence from the research institute, they could also directly testify against Feng Yunhong.

"I'll go." Fan Jia nodded to Shi Qingyang. Cheng Ran had just combed her radiation energy again. She was in a very good and safe condition. She did not need to worry about the radiation energy riots. Moreover, she wanted to avenge her unborn child.

Man is a strange animal. As she grows older, she often likes children more and more. When she was young, she didn't want children, but as time went on, she also wanted them. So she really had them at that time, and she had to look forward to them very much. In recent years, she even hoped to have children to bear.

But the child is gone, and now she can never have another child of her own.

The final choice for the trip was Shi Qingyang, Fan Jia and Cheng Hui-at such times, it would be a bad thing to go to a large number of people, and it would be better to go to a few fewer people. Moreover, they would always leave people to protect Cheng Ran Zheng Gaoyuan and others.

Cheng Xuze found Ding Yingxin, brought up all the people who needed to be protected, and then left the central city, which was very large outside and could not be easily found outside.

Shi Qingyang was very familiar with the research institute. He drew a map of the research institute, and then found someone to make a white coat and mask for the three-body research institute. After adjusting the appearance of Cheng Hui and Fan Jia, he entered the underground cave.

Zheng Gaoyuan dug out this cave is not big, inside is very dark, is also very wet, but the three of them set up a shield around his body, and use the lighting equipment, out of the must enter before and after, is completely without effect.

Shi Qingyang controls the radiation energy and can move forward without touching the ground. He walked very fast. Before long, he came to a metal wall.

He had already estimated the distance between the villa and the research institute, naturally knowing that if there was no accident, this would be the outer wall of the research institute. However, although he knew the general location of the research institute, he did not know where it would be.

But even so, he still couldn't help but excited, even a little too excited, before about to destroy his biggest nightmare.

At first, when he was in the research institute, he was cut every day. every day, his body tissues were taken away. his life was very miserable. later, although he was better, the researchers did not regard him as an equal with them. in their eyes, he was clearly waiting to be cut at any time. he was only an experiment that existed to be cut for a long time.

At that time, he lost his radiation energy, his body nearly collapsed, and his condition was very bad. Even if he escaped, the only way to think about it was to steal the medicine and corrosive liquid from the research institute…

He tried his best to look at a lot of data, worked out the size of the research institute, was trying to start work, unexpectedly met beast tide.

"You have a lot of secrets." Fan Jia looked at the front metal wall, suddenly said.

"But I meant no harm." Shi Qingyang smiled. Of course he had secrets. Cheng Xuze thought it was all because "I don't want to be hungry". Before they came, he also asked if I don't want to be hungry. But Fan Jia wouldn't think so.

Cheng Hui, who had been silent for a long time, stayed by and heard this. he was confused. Shi Qingyang had secrets? Shi Qingyang even acquiesced. What does this mean? Isn't there always a lot of magic in Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran?

"I know." Fan Jia said, "Go ahead."

Human beings have thermal weapons, and have developed hard alloys and various materials configured with the bodies of foreign animals. But even so, they still need advanced radiation energy fighters and will still give them various preferential treatments. Of course, there are reasons-advanced radiation energy fighters are too strong in places with radiation.

In the face of powerful foreign animals and the need to build new cities, it is basically impossible to do so without advanced radiation fighters.

The ninth grade is the strongest of the strong.

Shi Qingyang is level 8, the general level 8 strong is not his opponent, but he doesn't know much about level 9, after all, there have been only two levels 9. Until now, the momentum on Fan Jia's body suddenly increased, and he clearly felt the gap. When Fan Jia made a hole in the wall in front of him, he admired Fan Jia even more.

He can do such a thing, but he is never as light as Fan Jia.

At this time, the whole research institute suddenly started ringing, and all the alarms came to mind at the same time.

"We went to find three researchers and robbed their signal transmitters. If there was no such thing on them, it would probably be attacked by the defense system of the research institute." Shi Qingyang said that this research institute in Feng family can be said to be a collection of the top technologies in the whole country, including automatic defense. This was also said by one of the female researchers who felt a little pity for him when they advised him not to wander around.

However, this female researcher took some parts from him every day for a long time before he pitied him, ranging from hair and blood to organs and tissues.

Fan Jia nodded, suddenly gathered all the radiation energy around, forming a sharp awl to plunge up, plunge out a huge hole, the radiation energy also poured in from the outside-with enough radiation energy around, their strength will be enhanced a lot.

Many research products need to be insulated from radiation, so the door near the damaged point automatically closes, and various search devices begin to search. Shi Qingyang and Fan Jia Cheng Hui are studying the quality of the house in the center of the damaged area. Soon they feel that several bombs are thrown at them. At the same time, the door in front of them suddenly closes.

These bombs are not small in power. If they are ordinary 8-level radiation fighters, they may even be injured. However, for this team with a 9-level and 2-level 8-level team, the only thing he needs to pay attention to now is the institute's explosive system. Once the explosive system explodes, the entire research institute will be destroyed, even if their strength is stronger, I'm afraid they will either die or be injured.

In the research institute of Feng family, when the alarm sounded initially, all the researchers were awakened and all of them were alarmed.

Since its establishment, this research institute has never been attacked except for several inspections, which made everyone tremble with fear. But now, it clearly shows that it has suffered from dangerous invasion and the danger level is still high.

This is not because some strange animals are scratching the wall outside, so the alarm was triggered. This is an invasion!

In an office located in the middle of the research institute, an old man with white hair and beard was sitting with a solemn expression: "go and inform the people above, and open all the defense systems for me. we must kill all the invaders!"

He said this to the microphone in front of him. Every researcher heard it and was even more flustered after hearing it. Want to know, do research, many are ordinary people, they have no way to rely on physical work, no way to make a living outside the city, can only study hard, so that in the future can rely on mental life, for example, to become a researcher.

Under such circumstances, if they encounter an intruder, I am afraid they will have no resistance.

Of course, there are also people who are protecting this research institute. This is the place where Feng Yunhong values most. There are two seven-level fighters protecting this place all the year round. The seven-level radiation energy fighters captured by Cheng Sisi and Cheng Zhenzhen and other six-level radiation energy fighters are all here now. Many people subconsciously came to this place and want to seek protection.

The dean of the research institute did not stop all this. In this research institute, the most precious ones have always been those researchers. The radiation energy poured in from outside is enough to hurt them. They are now hiding behind these two people, which is the safest.

"Dean, what about the two girls?" A man with black and yellow buck teeth looked at the dean respected by all the research institutes.

The white-bearded and white-haired old man was worried all over his face. Seeing the researcher around him, he gave him a hard look-the man's appearance was really poor, and no one liked him. I don't know if it was for this reason, he was a bit too lustful.

Cheng Sisi and Cheng Zhenzhen were locked up, and this person has been playing their ideas. By this time, they still remember these two people.

By the way, these two people! The dean of the research institute suddenly realized how someone suddenly attacked the research institute. maybe, that person came for them?

Cheng Sisi and Cheng Zhenzhen's grandfather were strong in the 8th grade, while Cheng Sisi's father was also strong in the 8th grade. If they find the entrance to the research institute, they can naturally rush in, however, two level 8 strong dare to come in…

"You two, go and bring Cheng Sisi and Cheng Zhenzhen!" The old man looked at the side of the two six-level radiation energy fighters, the two six-level radiation energy fighters, is to follow the Cheng Sisi and Cheng Zhenzhen caught together, he now command the three seven strong, but it is not difficult to command them.

Also don't know whether it is a coincidence, just after he said so, the institute's alarm system actually began to decline slowly from the initial high risk.

Shi Qingyang and Fan Jia also heard what the old man was saying. They just destroyed many places, found three researchers, and picked up the signal transmitter they wore on their wrists instead of the contact terminal.

They wear this kind of signal transmitter too fast, the defense system did not find the identity of the wearer has been changed, and finally after killing the three researchers without the signal transmitter with the laser transmitter on the wall, they quieted down.

This is the same time, Shi Qingyang after fiddling with the signal transmitter, heard the dean of the research institute.

Ten years later, the dean of the closed research institute was still him…Shi Qingyang clearly remembered that the so-called dean once cut his stomach open and he watched the other party take part of the liver from himself.

Even, because these people wanted to see his reaction, he was not given painkillers, but could not move under the double restraint of ropes and drugs.

"According to what they said, Seth is over there!" Cheng Hui looked at the map for a moment and pointed to a place.

"Let's hurry!" Shi Qingyang nodded his head.

"Is there any fraud?" Fan Jia frowned slightly.

"According to the direction they went to, they should not, moreover, these researchers do not have that much heart." Shi Qingyang said, "Shall we get through the wall?"

"of course!" Fan Jia nodded his head and shot again. Soon he got through the side wall, allowing radiation energy from outside to surge in quickly.

The slowly calmed alarm rang again, their signal transmitters were disabled, and many weapons were fired at them.

However, even if there is a little less radiation energy around them now, they are still in a favorable position when radiation energy has entered.

When the dean of the research institute saw the alarm sounded again, his eyes fell on the plan of the research institute in front of him. this plan recorded the situation of every room of the research institute and every door of every channel of the research institute. originally, all areas were lit, but now, many areas have dimmed, indicating that those areas were damaged.

At the same time, each researcher has a signal transmitter, and three of the original green dots have now been marked red.

At least three people are dead! And he just ordered others to find Cheng Sisi and Cheng Zhenzhen, obviously will Cheng Sisi and Cheng Zhenzhen position exposed.

"They went to save lives?" A seven strong man looked at the map in the dean's hand.

"Yes, I didn't know before. I was careless enough to reveal the positions of the two girls."

"It is normal for you to think that peace has lasted so long." A seven-level strong man opened his mouth and suddenly smiled again: "isn't there an organ over there? Besides, Master Feng should also make it close."

As for the self-explosion of the research institute…once the self-explosion is over, nothing will be left. they would have gone to pieces. of course, they will not use it until it is absolutely necessary.

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