Ding Yifei spent a little more time when he came to Changxia City because he hid his identity. When he arrived at Changxia City, he went to find a friend of Ding Yingxin and forged an identity. As a result, it was already a long time before he found Shang Yahang.

When Ding Yifei came, he checked the man, Shang Yahang. He knew that Shang Yahang is powerful and likes to challenge everywhere, and has a bad temper. At that time, his mind outlined an image of seeing things everywhere and having a bad temper, just like some dude he knew before.

Because of this, he was still not worth Shang Yan, think Shang Yan desperate to let his brother into the city lost, but after he got Shang Yahang residential address, but immediately froze-Shang Yahang actually live in underground city.

He has also been to underground cities, usually to some places of entertainment, or buildings on the ground and underground such as schools and radiation energy association, he will go underground, but the residential areas of underground cities, he has never been to, also have never heard of which high strength seven strong will live underground-even in a place like central city, a seven strong, want to live on the ground is not difficult.

Ding Yifei went to the door in a complicated mood and took a lot of effort to find the residence of Shang Yahang through the guiding function of the contact terminal from the passage of the spider-web underground city.

Shang Yahang had a fight with someone the day before and should be recovering at home now, so he knocked on the door directly and the door was soon opened, revealing a pair of bloodshot eyes.

Then Ding Yifei was forcibly dragged in, and Shang Yahang even threw a punch at him regardless!

Ding Yifei's combat effectiveness is very strong. He is not only good at tactical and physical skills, but also good at physical skills. He is familiar with several physical skills and has practiced many movements specially. He has also won the champion of the Northeast City Physical Skills Competition. He can immediately think of the corresponding moves when others have any movements.

But it happened that Shang Yahang is a person who does not follow the routine. Before he could react at the door, he was dragged in by Shang Yahang. Before he could explain, Shang Yahang had already started to fight back. He wanted to fight back, but Shang Yahang's various tricks emerged one after another-these experiences gained from countless actual combat had crushed him.

Even if he uses the radiation energy, commercial aerospace as seven radiation almighty, strength is far better than him.

Ding Yifei couldn't respond to the beating, but Shang Yahang finally said, "I said, I hate people following me!"

"I didn't follow you. I have something for you." Ding Yifei clutching his stomach, feel intestines will be interrupted, panting while way.

"Your face is fake." Shang Yahang laughed, grabbed Ding Yifei and threw it into the corner of the room. Then he took a bottle of water beside him and poured it on Ding Yifei's face. He also vigorously wiped it off and wiped off the disguise on Ding Yifei's face.

"Your sister has something for you!" Ding Yifei was stopped by Shang Yahang. He felt that the skin on his face was going to be wiped off. At that time, he had already seen clearly the situation in the room and was sure that there could be no monitoring in this room with only 10 square meters.

Shang Yahang was still holding Ding Yifei's hair. At that moment, the movements in his hands suddenly stopped. His ferocious expression instantly turned into a trance: "My sister?"

"Yes, your sister." Ding Yifei sat down along the wall and began to look at the surrounding environment while coughing. The room currently occupied by Shang Yahang should already be the smallest room in the underground city. The whole room is a large room with a small toilet. The house is small. Shang Yahang hasn't put anything here yet. The bed in the room doesn't even have sheets and pillows.

This room is completely empty.

"Who the hell are you?" Shang Yahang kept staring at Ding Yifei. Half of his disguise was erased, revealing some bruised faces.

"I am Ding Yifei." Ding Yifei found a bottle of lotion and removed the disguise from his face. He is now known by his full name.

"Is that you?" Shang Yahang finally recognized Ding Yifei. He suddenly reached out and grabbed Ding Yifei's neck: "The strong man of Class 8 who took you away is my sister, right? Where is my sister?"

"She is dead." Ding Yifei took out what Shang Yan left behind. Neither he nor Shi Qingyang had seen it, but he knew that there would probably not be anything unrelated to hatred-Shang Yan valued his brother so much, and how could he put his brother in danger?

As Ding Yifei thought, there was nothing related to hatred in the things left by Shang Yan. Some audio and video recordings were recorded in it. It looked more like a garrulous diary. Shang Yan appeared in the video and looked carefully dressed. It looked much better than Ding Yifei had seen before.

"Xiaoyu, I stole food from a chariot while the hunters were away today. The food in the city is delicious. My sister has no chance to eat it. You must help her eat more."

"Xiaoyu, just met a little girl, unexpectedly also afraid of green worm beast, really too weak, Xiaoyu if you want to get married, must find a stronger. No, in fact, it's better to let her stay in the city and take care of you. You will have hot food every time you go home."

"Xiaoyu, have you seen your sister's clothes? Beautiful, it's a pity that my sister can't contact you, otherwise I will let you buy a lot of clothes for my sister!"


"Xiaoyu, I spoke to riots more and more severe, should soon go to see our parents, I will tell them, you are very well, if you dare to come up soon, I will be angry…"

The palm computer in Shang Yahang's hand was crushed to pieces by him. He was stunned and carefully found out the chip in the pieces. Then he held it in the palm of his hand with great care. After a while, he looked at Ding Yifei again: "Do you have a box?"

Ding Yifei had already bought a strong enough box to hold the chip. After taking it over, Shang Yahang put the chip in, and then rushed at Ding Yifei, apparently intending to fight another fight.

However, he had been pressing Ding Yifei to beat him all the time, but this time he deliberately let Ding Yifei beat himself. Ding Yifei didn't mention it to him and gave him a good beating.

After the fight was over, Shang Yahang suddenly asked, "How did my sister die?"

"Didn't you just see? The radiation energy riots." Ding Yifei coughed a few times.

"No, she must have paid a price for letting me into the city, and someone has been following me…none of you city dwellers are good, all evil!" Commercial space staring at Ding Yifei openings.

This statement from the city people makes Ding Yifei's mood more complicated. Now, according to online investigation, some people with poor lives question China's policies. He also sympathizes with many people inside, but compared with Shang Yahang, it is nothing.

"Your sister took Feng Yunhong's advice to arrest me and Shi Qingyang, but because the Falun Gong uprising failed, she asked us to bring this to you."

Shang Yahang was silent for a moment and nodded: "I thought about it too…" He knew that he knew a little about Feng family, but unfortunately he was only one person, not familiar with everything in the city, no method of revenge at all, and no evidence at all.

As for Shi Qingyang and Ding Yifei, he was naturally grateful that they could come to him and give him this.

"Do you want to come with me?" Ding Yifei asked, applying a mask to his bruised face by the way, this mask tailored to his face shape is the most convenient to use: "You come with me, I will arrange a new identity for you, and we also intend to rescue people who have suffered the same fate as you."

"Aren't you afraid of me telling Feng family this?" Commercial space suddenly asked.

"Actually, Feng Yunhong Should have known about this long ago?" Ding Yifei said that he had talked to Shi Qingyang and knew that Feng Yunhong had been to the destroyed base in person. Of course, he could not find anything there.

These people have long been on the opposite side of Feng family. Now Fengyun Hong knows what this has to do with it. He disguised himself specially, just to be on the safe side and not to cause chaos.

Can't, he is too hate now, also too popular!

"I'll follow you…can I use this to change my appearance?" Shang Yahang looked at Ding Yifei's hand.

"of course!" Ding Yifei twisted with his teeth and nodded. Shang Yahang injured his face just now. Now the wound on his face is painful after covering the mask." I'll scan your facial data and find someone to send you one later."

"and a pass to get out of town." Shang Yahang added that his contact terminal was being monitored and had no way out of the city before.

Ding Yifei left Shang Yahang's residence first. Before long, Shang Yahang, who had always been a troublemaker, also left his residence. He had a fight with people and finally arrived at the place where Ding Yifei had an appointment. When he came out again, his appearance had completely changed.

Although Feng Yunhong had his eyes fixed on him, some people helped him. When he was discovered, he had already arrived outside the city and could not catch up with him.

Even if there is time…Commercial Aerospace is now in Grade 7. Who can stop him in Changxia City? Who can find him exactly outside the city?

Ding Yifei and Shang Yahang drove the mobile town to the central city almost day and night, but upon reaching the central city, they were taken to Fan Jia.

Time has passed for several days, and Cheng Hui has also arrived in the central city from the Yangtze River city. But Cheng Sisi and Cheng Zhenzhen, two people, still have no news at all. The people sent to look for them outside the city could not find anything.

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran sat together, holding Cheng Ran's hand, but did not flirt Cheng Ran as usual, instead looking dignified.

"Why don't we tell Feng Yunhong beast tide? Beast tide is about all mankind…"

"Even if he knew about the beast tide, he would not give up Xiao Ran." Fan Jia said, it seems calm these days, but Qin Liu came to see them several times…Feng Yunhong to Cheng Ran, is clearly a must!

Cheng Hui was in a bad mood. He wanted to say something, but in the end he didn't say anything-although Qin Liu said a lot by his side, he couldn't make Cheng Ran change his daughter.

Moreover, if Cheng Sisi did not go out of the city by himself this time, such a thing would not happen…However, despite such thinking, Cheng Hui's face was still ugly.

"Grandpa, instead of telling Feng Yunhong about the beast tide, it is better to completely solve the problem of Feng family…" Shi Qingyang bit his teeth.

"Grandpa, I will give you the radiation energy." Cheng Ran also said that he is now in Grade 7. If he does his best to help Cheng Xuze regardless of his own situation, there is a great chance that Cheng Xuze will be promoted to Grade 9.

"Do you want to deal with Feng family? I'll go with you!" Shang Yahang was confused at first, but at that time he understood and spoke eagerly.

Shi Qingyang asked Ding Yifei to bring Shang Yahang. In fact, he also wanted to see if Shang Yahang was with them. If so, there was a person who knew the situation outside Feng Jia's home. They acted much more conveniently. If not, they could control it in the first place.

Now, it seems, commercial space is obviously their side, want to also, shangbeizi commercial space is not very unfriendly to Feng Linqiu? I've always wanted to challenge Feng Yunhong: "You can't, your radiation energy looks like this. If you go to an accident, you might cause troubles instead. For the time being, you should not practice radiation energy, drink more all-round medicine, and keep your body well."

"the radiation energy riot is nothing to me." Commercial space immediately the baggage and take the journey.

"Are you sure? Want to know, Feng family can have special trigger radiation riots tactics!" Shi Qingyang looked at Shang Yahang. According to his previous speculation, Shang Yahang should have died under this tactic in his last life.

"the tactics that triggered the radiation energy riots?" Fan Jia suddenly asked, his lips shaking.

"Adoptive mother?" Shi Qingyang keenly felt that there was something wrong with Fan Jia's mood.

"The tactics that triggered the radiation riot…" Fan Jia repeated it again in a low voice.

She was pregnant carelessly and was in poor health. However, her radiation energy was still unstable. Wen Zhuoyi has been trying to give her a relatively mild dose of radiation energy relaxant, which will not affect the child.

But once, when Wen Zhuoyi went out of town to look for medicinal materials, it happened that he was injured by foreign animals. people around Wen Zhuoyi returned to the city in advance and told her that she was anxious and arrived at the gate of the city to wait.

She didn't leave the city, but in places like the entrance to the city, there was some radiation energy even though it was less than that in the wild. Then she didn't know what was going on, and suddenly she started a radiation energy riot.

She did not have a child and her body was completely damaged. Originally ambitious, she finally led a semi-reclusive life…

But in fact, her radiation energy was stable that day. At that time, it was another person who started the radiation energy riots before she encountered such a thing. At that time, she once felt that there was something wrong with the radiation energy around her. She thought it was because of the radiation energy riots of others, but now it seems not.

"What was the tactic that triggered the radiation riots?" Wen Zhuoyi has also reacted and looked at Shi Qingyang. at the beginning, it was too heavy for him and fan Jia. later, they even deliberately avoided talking about it so as not to feel uncomfortable after tearing the bloody scar. but now…

If it was man-made…

"I know that when I was in the radiation energy competition, Feng Linqiu used it. after he used it, I only felt that the radiation energy around me was all messed up, and then the radiation energy riots started." Ding Yifei opened his mouth and carefully described the fluctuation of radiation energy around him at that time.

Fan Jia's face became more and more ugly, and finally he closed his eyes and stopped talking.

Other people more or less guessed what, at that time the room was quiet too much, radiation energy soldiers' sensitive ears could even hear the heartbeat of each person.

Fan Jia said after a while, "Please let me know if you have any action."

In the beginning, she did not take the initiative in the matter of Feng family. The only thing she was willing to do was to protect Cheng Ran, Qing Yang and others. But now she is different.

Wen Zhuoyi, who has always been gentle, also had hatred in his eyes. He always hated that he had accidentally caused problems to Fan Jia. Now he just knows that it has something to do with others!

Also, at that time, under his supervision, Fan Jia's body had been much better and the baby in his stomach was stable, but finally there was a radiation riot.

Feng Yunhong did such a thing only because he was afraid Fan Jia would threaten him. Really sinister!

At the same time, the contact terminal in Shi Qingyang's hand rang. He opened the contact terminal and it showed Zheng Gaoyuan's appearance. Zheng Gaoyuan, who had been digging mud outside the city all day these days, said, "Master, I dug mud according to what you said, and ended up digging into the wall of the underground city. Am I not going to cause any trouble?"

Looking at the background, Zheng Gaoyuan should be preparing to take a bath in the bathroom. He must have contacted Shi Qingyang when there was no one there: "No, and what you dug up should not be the periphery of the underground city, but the periphery of the research institute of Feng family. At the beginning, Shang Yan wanted to arrest us and send us to the research institute of Feng family."

"Research Institute!" Not only Zheng Gaoyuan, Cheng Xuze and others also shocked, Qin Liu came, Cheng Ran situation they also knew, Cheng Xuze hate tooth itch to Feng family of the research institute, but I didn't think this time Zheng Gaoyuan actually dug up their research institute.

Should it be said that Zheng Gaoyuan this guy's luck is too good?

Zheng Gaoyuan dug the hole in an out-of-town villa bought by Shi Qingyang. The out-of-town villas are all equipped with small protective covers. They are beautifully built and located between different plants in the safety zone. The price is not much lower than that of mobile fortresses. They are generally used by rich people for vacation.

Today the villa still looks very beautiful, but after entering…

As soon as Shi Qingyang entered, he saw the room was filled with mud, and the expensive sofa only showed a small corner from under the mud.

"Master, it's quite good here. The basement was originally large and the theater ballroom was designed. Now it's full of mud…" Zheng Gaoyuan was embarrassed: "Even the bedroom upstairs is full. After all, you said that no one could know about it."

"You did a good job." Shi Qingyang said that he had ordered all this.

"that is, master, if you command me, I will definitely finish it!" Zheng Gaoyuan said.

Shi Qingyang has looked at the channel thoughtfully. When he let Zheng Gaoyuan dig, he actually had the idea of destroying the research institute of Feng family. He is now in Grade 8. He is fully prepared for mental calculation and unintentionally can succeed naturally, but now Cheng Sisi and Cheng Zhenzhen may be inside…

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