Shi Qingyang arrived at the gate of the city, where martial law had been imposed by the army. Those who died in the previous conflict have now been placed in ice coffins waiting for autopsy. The relatives who received the news from the city all threw themselves on the ice coffin and cried bitterly.

Among these people are men and women, old and young, a child of three or four years old was wrapped in a totally inappropriate radiation protection clothing. He always let his father wake up to play with him. After a long time, his father still did not respond and his mother was still crying. He finally felt something and cried with a loud "wow".

Shi Qingyang has always respected life. He has tasted the pain of losing a loved one, and sometimes he will think more about it. He is also more and more unwilling to see innocent people die. He cannot help sighing at such a scene.

"Qingyang, the old man went out in a chariot. He asked me to wait for you here. We drove out in a mobile fortress." Wang Qing came towards Shi Qingyang.

"Let's go!" Shi Qingyang immediately the baggage and take the journey, but was stopped by a man rushed out of the side.

"You are Shi Qingyang…can I go to look for a person? I have seen the appearance of those people…"Ma Yihong looked at Shi Qingyang expectantly.

Wang Qing saw this scene and immediately explained, "He is a friend of Miss Er."

Friends of Cheng Sisi? The man was seriously injured and was thinking of looking for someone. It seems that he has a good relationship with Cheng Sisi…Shi Qingyang didn't want to agree, but he thought that he was driving a mobile fortress with some medicine on it, and he needed to know more about it, so he agreed.

Seeing Shi Qingyang nod, Ma Yihong thanked him immediately. After Cheng Sisi was captured, he had been very regretful. He clearly knew that Cheng's family had been in conflict with Feng's family recently. There must be a problem before he didn't want to bother his Cheng Sisi to find him to follow him out. However, he still agreed. Finally, something happened to Cheng Sisi…

If he doesn't agree, Cheng Sisi probably won't go out of the city…He will never follow Cheng Sisi in everything like this again!

Although we are going to pursue those who hurt and arrest people, where can we find them when they are so big outside the city?

Shi Qingyang did know that the research institute had a road to the outside of the city, and he also confirmed this point from Shang Yan, but he did not know the specific location.

Shi Qingyang searched for a long time outside the city, and then met Cheng Xuze who came back in his chariot. Cheng Xuze, like him, did not find anyone, but brought back several bodies.

This is not only bad news, but also good news. The bad thing is that the people caught with Cheng Sisi Cheng Zhenzhen are all dead. I'm afraid the two of them will not feel well. As for the good…At least they haven't found the bodies of Cheng Sisi and Cheng Zhenzhen yet.

After a run outside, Cheng Xuze's face was very ugly, and he could not help chanting: "I brought trouble to them…I should not have been too competitive before. If Feng Yunhong had taken a soft stance when looking for me at the beginning, he would not have come against them…"

"Grandpa, if you really want to say so, it should be my fault." Shi Qingyang Road.

Cheng Xuze was stunned and was also afraid that Shi Qingyang would think much of it: "If you can't say that, it's cruel to Feng family!" He gnashed his teeth when he thought of Feng family.

"Grandpa, since this is the case, it is useless for us to say anything else now."

Cheng Xuze also know this matter, sighed, he was very happy when he came to the central city, hope grandson can learn something in the central city, but things one after another…Big granddaughter's medicinal plants were implicated also just, but it is a matter of money, but now the little granddaughter out of things, is serious!

"Grandpa, let's go back to the city first." Shi Qingyang added that since they can't find anyone outside the city, it is better to return to the city earlier. According to the current situation, most of those people deliberately arrested Cheng Sisi and Cheng Zhenzhen. Since they did it on purpose, they will come to them soon.

Shi Qingyang think right, someone will come to them soon, but to find them this person, but surprised everyone-this person turned out to be Qin Liu!

Qin Liu is not particularly beautiful, but her temperament is very good. The passage of time makes her more charming. But what such a woman does and says makes people feel sick.

Qin Liu sat in Cheng's living room and looked at Cheng Xuze laughingly: "dad, do you want to think? In fact, it is not difficult to find Sisi, as long as you let Cheng Ran go outside the city by himself, then Sisi will come back naturally."

Shi Qingyang was very curious about how she, a female level 5 radiation fighter, married a man like Cheng Hong. She also felt it was a pity that she married Cheng Hong. Now she thinks that the two men are a perfect match. Let Cheng Ran walk outside the city alone? This is clearly they want to catch Cheng Ran!

"What do you mean? Are you kidding me? Trading grandchildren for granddaughters? I can't do such a thing!"

"Dad, of course you can't do it, so I have already informed the eldest brother that his daughter and my daughter are missing. It is because Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang are involved. But I got the news from the kidnappers. The kidnappers will only put them back after Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang exchange with the two girls." Qin Liu still smiled.

"There are still mothers like you in this world. Did you do this?" Cheng Xuze subconsciously want to video.

"Master, you also don't want to keep the evidence to tell on me. In the face of my eldest brother, I cried miserably, just like a mother without children. Now…I have checked here when I came. There is no camera. If you want to photograph me, I won't say anything." Qin Liu said: "Of course, it's useless for you to photograph it. No one will believe it. After all, my daughter has also lost her. I still use the sound changer."

"You are tough enough!" Cheng Xuze gas chest pain.

"Dad, I also can't do this, Cheng Hong has become like this now, what else do you want me to do?" Qin Liu said, although she used to have something to do with Feng family, but also have no other idea, going to follow Cheng Hong live their lives, after all Cheng Hong listen to him very much.

At that time, there was no conflict between Cheng family and Feng Jia. Together with Cheng Hong, she enjoyed all the conveniences brought by Cheng Xuze. Her life was very comfortable and she had her own career. But then Cheng Hong had an accident, and there was nothing left.

This is not to mention, Cheng Hong's temper became worse and worse after his leg was broken. He complained to her a lot and was unwilling to see outsiders or be taken care of by others…She spent all day in front of such a man who swore incessantly, and her original feelings soon passed away.

Her career is gone, her children don't say Cheng Hui's children, even the treatment of Cheng Ran can't compare with…She listened to Cheng Hong complain every day, the opinions of the Cheng family nature also more and more.

Later, Feng family found her again and gave her something enough to make her move.

Cheng family is now developing very well, but no matter how good Cheng family is, it will not be her children, but it will be Cheng Ran, the experimental product. In this case, she might as well help Feng family and give Cheng Ran away.

"You…" Cheng Xuze kept staring at Qin Liu, Shi Qingyang is beside asked 1: "your daughter was caught, are you not afraid of her accident? The 20-year-old girl, looks beautiful…"

Qin Liu's face changed at last, but he soon calmed down: "You may as well care about Cheng Ran as you care about my daughter when you are free. Cheng Ran didn't come out of my belly, so you're not curious where he came from? Don't you wonder who his mother is? Do you know that there is a hidden danger in him?"

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran have already analyzed some reasons, and speculated that Cheng Ran is related to the laboratory of the Feng family, even to the magical animals, but the hidden dangers of Cheng Ran…

His expression finally became serious.

"Radiation can cause gene mutation. In history, many people have died of gene collapse. Cheng Ran's gene has problems. If he is careless, he might be killed by gene collapse." Qin Liu laughed: "He used to take medicine, but what happened afterwards?"

Qin Liu, this is clearly a threat! Shi Qingyang looked at Qin Liu and frowned: "What do you really want?"

"Well, I'll tell you what I came for. As long as Cheng Ran divorces you, marries Feng Linqiu, or Cheng Ran goes to Feng Jia, then nothing will happen. Cheng Sisi and Cheng Zhenzhen will come back, and Feng family will always support Cheng family. If you don't agree…Cheng Hui will be very unhappy, won't you?"

She is in accordance with the letter before the family charged her, Cheng family agreed to the best, everyone is happy, if you don't promise, Cheng Sisi accident, there must be a contradiction between Cheng Hui and Cheng Xuze, at that time, it is estimated that after Feng family also have recruit.

The method of Feng Yunhong is not that simple.

Qin Liu said and then left, Shi Qingyang and Cheng Xuze were silent, but this time, Cheng Ran picked up a communication.

The communication was sent by Feng Linqiu using someone else's contact number. Feng Linqiu at the other end smiled gently. Cheng Ran went to hang up the communication immediately.

"Cheng Ran, don't you want to know your life story?" Lin Qiu hurriedly said, finally stopped Cheng Ran action.

"What is my background?" Cheng Ran asked.

"Cheng Ran, I remember you are curious about genes, should also find their genes are different? Do you want to know who your mother is? Cheng Ran, your mother gave birth to you with great pains and pains, and she has always missed you. As long as you come to me, I will take you to see her." Feng Linqiu certainly does not know who Cheng Ran's mother is, but this does not affect him to make up some emotional jokes: "I still have your mother's last words for you, she loves you very much."

"oh." Cheng Ran nodded, reaction is flat.

The average person should not have reacted like this when he heard the news of his biological parents…Feng Linqiu was dumbfounded, then he laughed again: "Cheng Ran, you know how I feel about you. as long as you promise to be with me, everything in the future will be ours. you can do whatever you want and do whatever you want." When it comes to later, Feng Linqiu couldn't help but be charmed. He just knew that Cheng Ran was the mysterious pharmacist of Cheng's family, and felt more and more that his vision was very good.

Cheng Ran is so capable, it's no wonder that Cheng Xuze values him so much that Fan Jia is not allowed to recognize him as his adopted son. If Cheng Ran is with him…then he not only owns all that he has now, but also owns all that Shi Qingyang has.

"Is it?" Cheng Ran's reaction is still flat.

"Cheng Ran, I'm not good? On talent, I am higher than Shi Qingyang, on family background, I am better than Shi Qingyang…"

"Where are my cousins?" Cheng Ran interrupted each other to make him queasy.

"I only want you to come, you know, I won't hurt you, and I won't hurt you." Feng Linqiu didn't say anything to avoid being caught by Cheng Ran, but the meaning was clear enough.

According to what he saw, Cheng Ran is actually a very kind person who is often willing to help others. Now Cheng Ran only needs to find him, all problems can be solved…Will Cheng Ran come?

"I know." Cheng Ran directly hung up the contact, he is not stupid, natural won't feel very bad and then ran to save the trap, in fact, he just want to do, is to Feng Linqiu lambaste.

Unfortunately, Cheng Sisi is now mostly in the hands of Feng Jia. He can't harm Cheng Sisi, don't want Cheng Sisi to have an accident, and naturally can't do anything to annoy Feng Linqiu.

Cheng Ran avowed that he did not do anything to annoy Feng Linqiu, but Feng Linqiu is now extremely angry.

In the face of his confession, Cheng Ran only gave a few words of answer, this is not, finally also directly hung up his communication…

Cheng Ran didn't put him in the eye! Feng Linqiu wanted to think, immediately dialed the contact terminal: "Those two women need not be taken care of too well, just let them die!"

"Yes, master." The man at the other end of the contact terminal immediately said, and immediately ordered his men.

When Cheng Sisi woke up, he found himself lying in a completely metal house. Metal houses are not uncommon in the city. The whole underground city is made of metal and animal bodies. However, she has never seen such a room without any decoration or popularity.

At first some trance, but soon, Cheng Sisi reaction to come over, want to get up, but her limbs are weak, don't need to say a little strength, the whole body, unexpectedly still tied by some rope on a table.

These ropes tied her tightly, but she moved a little, her chest was quite stuffy, and the place where her wrists and ropes contacted each other was even bloodshot.

Cheng Sisi soon remembered what happened before she was caught. She looked anxiously at the side and saw Cheng Zhenzhen. Except Cheng Zhenzhen, several other people who were caught with them were not here, and she did not know what was going on.

"Zhenzhen, Zhenzhen!" Cheng Sisi cried anxiously.

Cheng Zhenzhen opened her eyes in a daze. She didn't react at first, but soon she began to struggle hard. Perhaps it was because of too much force. The rope choked her out of breath. She cried in panic: "It's not like this, it's not like this…"

"Zhenzhen, are you all right?" Cheng Sisi turned her neck and the rope around her neck cut her skin.

"Think elder sister, how to do, I don't want to die, think elder sister…anyone? Is there anyone?" Cheng Zhenzhen cried: "You let me out, let me out!"

"Zhenzhen, they have caught us and will definitely not let us out again." Cheng Sisi sighed. She was really careless. She didn't know who caught them and where they were.

"I don't know how…how…" Cheng Zhenzhen is a haven't experienced things, now already liushenwuzhu.

At this time, Cheng Sisi finally sensed something was wrong: "Zhenzhen, what did you say? Do you know anything?"

Cheng Zhenzhen cried even harder. Of course she knew something. In fact, she cheated Cheng Sisi out.

Her mother told her to take Cheng Sisi out of the city and contact her before going out of the city…Although she didn't know what her mother was going to do, she was always jealous of Cheng Sisi and would like Cheng Sisi to have an accident, so she did exactly what her mother told her to do. She also specially changed bright orange radiation protection clothing so that others could find them at a glance…

However, what surprised her was that she was also arrested.

Seeing Cheng Zhenzhen like this, Cheng Sisi became more and more suspicious: "Zhenzhen, tell me the truth, what is going on? If you don't tell the truth now, nobody will save you when you die."

"No, no, certainly not…"

"why not? We are hungry and thirsty, nobody cares about us at all, and we are tied so tightly…do you think we can still get out?" Cheng Sisi asked: "Now, even if we want to say last words, we have no place to tell anyone!"

Cheng Zhenzhen was not able to hold on any longer. She did not know the exact cause of the incident. She was even more frightened when she thought that the captors had killed people at the gate of the city." Sisi, I don't know…my mother asked me to take you out of the city…"

Cheng Zhenzhen said the ins and outs of the incident off and on. Cheng Sisi regretted it beyond measure. Her grandfather had told her to stay away from Cheng Zhenzhen, but she didn't listen…

Feng Linqiu lied to Cheng Ran and said he had Cheng Ran's mother's last words. When Cheng Zhenzhen and Cheng Sisi worried that they had no place to say their last words to others, Ding Yifei was beaten by Shang Yahang and finally had a chance to take out Shang Yan's last words.

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