Nowadays, there are many reports of questioning the Feng family. After so many years, many people find the Feng family disagreeable, and more people want to be unlucky. Therefore, no matter what kind of Feng family is mentioned online, many people will inevitably fall into the pit. However, the Feng family did not respond at the beginning, but it is impossible to have not responded all the time.

"What's wrong with Feng family?" Cheng Xuze curiously looked at Cheng Ran.

"Grandpa, Feng Yunhong was not in the city until now. He returned to the city today with Feng Linqiu," Cheng Ran said." Then he flew into a rage after learning the rumors on the Internet, and immediately went to the sheriff…"

Cheng Ran refreshed the webpage, suddenly surprised "yi".

"Xiao Ran, what's the matter?" Cheng Xuze took over the palm computer and saw the latest development of live broadcast on the Internet.

Feng Yunhong first showed a video of him exercising with Feng Linqiu outside the city these days under the attention of the media, saying that after Feng Linqiu lost to Ding Yifei, he had already taken Feng Linqiu out of the city and started exercising.

Feng Yunhong is a nine-level strong man. No one dares to press him in public. All kinds of anonymous waistcoats on the Internet have instantly brushed out all kinds of replies. He thinks that the reason for Feng Yunhong is too poor-Feng Yunhong is not in the city. Can't he tell others to do things?

This time, Ding Yingxin also arrived.

Ding Yingxin is a hot temper. Ding Gu's industry has been greatly affected these days. His excitement from his son has dissipated a lot. He is also full of anger at Feng Yunhong: "Master Feng, can you find a reason to be more reliable? I have collected a lot of evidence here!"

Ding Yingxin said, while playing a video, he was also afraid of Feng Yunhong. If he was the only one to suffer, I'm afraid he didn't dare to question Feng Yunhong, but he also stood up when he thought that even the industry under Fan Jia's name had gone wrong this time.

The Ding family has always made good friends with Fan Jia. Before Fan Jia had no successor, his family was not as good as Feng Yunhong. He was more or less a head lower than Feng Yunhong, but now…

Feng Yunhong's move toward their industry was really a blind move! Thought of here, Ding Yingxin has some disdain for Feng Yunhong.

However, Ding Yingxin soon discovered that it was he who should be despised, because at this time, he had been following Feng Yunhong all the time, and a seven-level radiation fighter who was regarded as Feng Yunhong's right-hand man suddenly came here and gave Feng Yunhong a document: "Sorry, sir, when you were not at home, I didn't keep the house well."

"Turns out to be so, turned out to be so…" Feng Yunhong face pain, and then, before Ding Yingxin could hand over the evidence collected in his hand, he had already taken the lead in handing over the evidence in his hand and put it on the Internet.

Feng Yunhong took out the same evidence as Cheng Xuze's, and the same was true of the perpetrators, but the person behind it was different.

Feng Yunhong took out the evidence, can prove that this thing has nothing to do with him, and all the things back and forth, in fact, is made by another person, the man also surnamed Feng, it is Feng Yunhong very love a nephew before, the strong level 8.

"Family misfortune…" Feng Yunhong looks pale: "I didn't expect him to do such a thing, but also want to frame me…I wouldn't do such a thing, even if I don't want my own face, so humiliate my reputation and humiliate my family!"

People are willing to believe the evidence. Now Feng Yunhong has produced enough evidence. Naturally, no one doubts it any more. Moreover, as Feng Yunhong said, even if his grandson lost, he would not have made such a big battle and done such a thing without a long brain.

What's more, even though Feng Yunhong has done many controversial things these days, his previous image has been very good.

At that time, the public relations agency that Feng family also came forward and found evidence that many people had changed their waistcoats online to black Feng family, accusing Feng Yunhong, and even finding evidence that Feng Yunhong's nephew was fanning the flames among them.

What's more, there are people who bask in the past gratitude and grudges of Feng family. The author seems to be neutral, but he is on Fengyun Hong's side without any accident. The people who avenged the failure of Feng family have always hated Fengyun Hong.

The situation reversed in an instant. Many people paid attention to the matter of Feng family. They paid attention to the strong man of Class 8 who laid hands on his uncle for revenge. All kinds of news about him were one after another, but they completely forgot the victims of Cheng Family.

Cheng family and his family are just victims of corruption in their industry. It's not a big deal, but it's a record of friendship and enmity among rich and powerful families.

Not only that, Feng Yun-hung put out his family loyalty, promised to compensate for the losses and restrain his staff. His bad reputation had been saved a lot. Many people who thought he was wrong at the beginning had completely changed for him because they wronged him consciously.

"Feng Yunhong, this old fox!" Cheng Xuze watched the situation develop bit by bit, could not help but scold a way, at first he still couldn't understand, but now it is also see clearly, Feng Yunhong this time, is clearly against them, and then the Feng family is not very obedient to clean up!

Feng Yunhong's nephew, in this case, even if he did pour dirty water on Feng Yunhong and let Feng Yunhong have bad luck, but the mastermind of this matter is not necessarily him, by contrast, the biggest victim of this matter is indeed him…

"Grandpa, don't be angry either. Feng Yunhong will do this this time, mostly because he thinks there are internal ghosts in the family. But in fact, there are no internal ghosts in the family. The people he cleaned up, his nephew, may actually be loyal to the family." Shi Qingyang said, but somewhat helpless.

In the previous life, the nephew of Feng Yunhong was actually killed by Feng Yunhong for committing crimes. However, the incident happened a few years later, and now the Cheng family has suffered a lot of losses, and Feng Yunhong has solved the people he has been watching out for in advance…

Cheng Xuze said that Feng Yunhong was an old fox. He was really right!

Of course, this old fox is not without losses, he is far stronger than in the past in this "righteousness above family loyalty" campaign, many people in the family have been pulled down by him, the power of the family will be greatly affected, others in the family will certainly have opinions on him.

"I am just angry!" Cheng Xuze blew his beard and stared.

"Grandpa, didn't you say the Cheng family would compensate for the loss?" Shi Qingyang decided to tell Cheng Xuze something he liked to hear.

"Compensation for losses? To put it mildly, did you not get the money from Feng Yunhong's nephew who was trapped by him? His nephew used to have a lot of property left by Feng Yunhong's father, but now he has become Feng Yunhong's. He has used it for charity and has gained a good reputation." Cheng Xuze is still unbalanced.

Shi Qingyang also knew that there was no way out: "in this case, grandpa, let him pay more. did uncle Cheng not say that the factory could not be opened for the time being? We can report the loss to the higher authorities, or we can make some losses ourselves."

"These also don't need to compensate much…"

"Grandpa, what if our factory can't open up?" Shi Qingyang asked, "Grandpa, we're keeping a close eye on the family now, and we don't need money. Those businesses can be slow. Why don't we stop the factory for a few days before we have to stop the family? Didn't we find some people to pull Central City this time? Why don't you let uncle and master ran come along and bring along some people from the research institute. as for the research materials, they will all be destroyed. the useful results will be the final results anyway, but they have already been remembered."

Shi Qingyang didn't intend to do this, but I still feel worried. The Cheng family is by no means monolithic. If Feng Yunhong wants to infiltrate…

As to why people should come to the central city, it is even simpler. The beast tide first occurred in the central city in the previous life. Looking at the situation of Cheng Ran, most of the research institutes in Feng family are studying the magical animals. Therefore, it is better to stay here and watch them than to stay elsewhere.

"It's all right." Cheng Xuze wanted to think, quickly nodded, there are still a lot of places to pay attention to, he will discuss with Cheng Hui again.

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Xuze made a decision. When contacting Cheng Hui, Cheng Sisi went to Cheng Zhenzhen.

Although Cheng Sisi had a bad temper, he attached great importance to his family. After the Cheng Hong family arrived in the central city, Cheng Xuze turned a blind eye to him because of a problem with Cheng Hong. She tasted the warmth and coldness of human feelings and often came to see and help.

She is the daughter of Cheng Hui, there are a lot of people like her in the central city, even if she and Lin Qiu together before, no one thinks she is not worthy of Lin Qiu, but Cheng Zhenzhen is different, because Cheng Hong Cheng Xuze like not, in the central city there are few people willing to ignore Cheng Zhenzhen.

"Zhenzhen, what do you want me to come here for?" Cheng Sisi asked curiously.

"Sisi, my brother has an appointment with someone to play outside the city for a woman. I'm afraid he is in danger and my mother is not here. What should I do?" Cheng Zhenzhen's face was full of anxiety and she was almost crying.

"Now is what time, he was out of the city? Grandpa has already told us that he cannot leave the city." Cheng Sisi frowned, although Cheng Xuze don't like Cheng Hong, but Cheng Zhenzhen and Cheng Zhen here did not drop anything, the charge has been charged.

"Sisi, you also know my brother. He has always had problems with Cheng…and his brother, so even Grandpa is not willing to listen more." Cheng Zhenzhen was embarrassed.

Cheng Sisi knows all about this, but she also knows that Cheng Zhenzhen has the same opinion about Cheng Ran. However, she really cannot say anything about it: "I'll go and find Grandpa right away and ask Grandpa to help me find it."

"Elder sister, you don't tell grandpa! Sisi, if grandpa knew about this, he would blame his elder brother. elder brother, he already has opinions about grandpa…he is getting depressed all over these days…"Cheng Zhenzhen has already cried:" he was still complaining about why grandpa didn't give him some medicine that can increase radiation energy. he wanted to talk to grandpa about it…"

Cheng Zhenzhen said things, Cheng Sisi also know some, these days Cheng Ran and Shi Qingyang fame is more and more big, Cheng Zhen and Cheng Zhenzhen feel pressure is also more and more big, especially Cheng Zhen, he only and Cheng Ran differ by one year, is one year smaller than Shi Qingyang, but now it is only level 3 radiation fighter…

After Shi Qingyang won the championship, he even locked himself in his room for several days.

"Don't tell grandpa, what should I do? Grandpa told us not to leave the city." Cheng Sisi frowned.

"Elder sister, big deal we change costumes out of the city, you know my brother's strength, his opponent is also a level 3, they didn't intend to go far with this, just near the gate of the east gate, we just call people back. In fact, I was only thinking about waiting for him to come back, but someone told me that the people who had made an appointment with my brother had found someone else and wanted to ambush my brother…"Cheng Zhenzhen used the contact terminal to bring up a short video, and the people above discussed it.

"No, I have to tell Grandpa."

"Sisi…" Cheng Zhenzhen cried like rain: "Grandpa doesn't care about us at all. His current thoughts are all on Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran. He will scold us when he knows…Sisi, you don't know, my brother drew two strokes on his arm yesterday. If Grandpa brought him back, I'm afraid he would do something stupid."

Cheng Sisi in the mind a surprised, Cheng Hong state is not good in recent years, Cheng Zhen also the whole people more and more gloomy, Cheng Zhenzhen said, mostly true.

Cheng Sisi also knows that now this situation, his uncle is self-inflicted, but think of the lively Cheng Zhen and Cheng Zhenzhen like this before, but still feel poor.

"Well, I'll find a few people and let them find it?" Cheng Sisi Road.

"Sisi, where is my brother persuaded by others to live…Well, Sister Zhenzhen, you have found someone, I will go with them." Cheng Zhenzhen said.

"Forget it, I'll go with you." Cheng Sisi sighed, although Cheng Xuze confessed not out of the city, but in fact out of the city also won't have what thing, there are so many people in a place like the gate, there is always no one in public.

Of course, be careful not to make a big mistake, Cheng Sisi thought for a moment, called on one of his suitors, that is a level 5 radiation energy fighters in their early 30 s, have a team of their own, has been obedient to her but not too white.

For this person, she was not willing to ask each other to do things in the past, but now it is he, who was born generally has nothing to do with Cheng family…moreover, this person has a team, add up to 20 or 30 people, they go out together, many people are safe.

What's more, although Feng Linqiu is a jerk, Feng Yunhong is still worthy of respect. Over the years, he has done many good deeds…Cheng Sisi once met Feng Yunhong at Feng's home, and his impression of the old man is very good.

The man called by Cheng Sisi, Ma Yihong, came as soon as he received a call from Cheng Sisi. When he heard that Cheng Sisi wanted him to go with him to Cheng Ran to find his cousin, he readily agreed and soon found his own players.

Ma Yihong's team are all young guys. They know their boss's thoughts on Cheng Sisi and dare not make any jokes in front of Cheng Sisi. However, they can't help being attentive to the young and beautiful Cheng Zhenzhen. Seeing Cheng Zhenzhen changing into an orange combat uniform, they are more delicate and charming, and their eyes become more and more hard to move.

A group of people left the east gate and arrived outside the city. The outside of the central city was especially busy. All kinds of people came and went. Seeing this scene, Cheng Sisi, who was worried, finally put down his heart and found someone with Cheng Zhenzhen.

However, at this time, suddenly someone rushed out at the gate of the city. Those people looked fierce and began to arrest people as soon as they arrived outside the city. After one of them looked at Cheng Sisi's side, he rushed directly towards Cheng Sisi.

Cheng Sisi is now a level 4 radiation fighter. Ma Yihong beside her is even a level 5 radiation fighter. The two men were unable to fight back when facing the man. Ma Yihong was beaten to spit out one mouthful blood and flew out. Cheng Sisi was also caught by the man: "Miss Cheng Family? Those people on the wall, I advise you not to use hot weapons, if you use hot weapons, they will die! There is also Cheng Xuze's baby granddaughter here!"

The arresting man smiled and said that Cheng Sisi, who was holding his hand, retreated quickly, while the people with him also took hostages respectively. One of them, who was originally with him, even caught Cheng Zhenzhen in orange anti-radiation suit.

Cheng Zhenzhen was gripped by the throat and struggled up his leg in panic: "You, you…" She wanted to say something else, but she was knocked unconscious. The gangsters took them and ran out quickly.

Feng Yunhong put out his family loyalty, but the criminals who Feng family were not easy to catch. Apart from Feng Yunhong's nephew, many others escaped from the city.

There were seven radiation energy fighters in these people. At first, the people at the gate didn't find any abnormal closing of the gate. Later, they couldn't stop it. They could have used hot weapons, but there were too many people at the gate and they were easy to be injured by mistake. More importantly, these people all took hostages.

Among the hostages, there were Cheng Sisi, who had been close to Feng Linqiu and recognized by them, and Cheng Zhenzhen, who was with Cheng Sisi.

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Xuze had just watched a play by Feng Yunhong that was excellent in singing and writing. They learned about the incident and their faces changed instantly. Cheng Xuze was even more furious: "That smelly girl, didn't I tell her not to leave the city in the city?" In the city, the strength of the Radiation fighter cannot be exerted too well. When Cheng Sisi meets, he can hide and ask for help. Even if someone attacks, the rescuers can arrive quickly and close the gate, but when he arrives outside the city…

"Grandpa, it's useless to say anything now. Let's go out of town and find someone!" Shi Qingyang immediately said, "I will send Ran Ran to her adoptive mother first."

"good." Cheng Xuze nodded, his two grandchildren had an accident, he can't not worry, also before Shi Qingyang, directly out of the city.

Shi Qingyang took Cheng Ran to Fan Jia-here, Cheng Ran is absolutely safe.

"Qingyang, be careful." Cheng Ran whispered.

"However, you can rest assured." Shi Qingyang Road. He is now in Grade 8. He has no need to be afraid of others except Feng Yunhong. As for Feng Yunhong, he is still being interviewed.

Moreover, Shi Qingyang is convinced that Feng Yunhong will not make moves, Feng Yunhong is not a young man, and the Grade 9 radiation energy riots are not easy to endure. He will never make moves easily for his own safety.

If Feng Yun-hung would have shot himself, he would have been outside the city all day in his previous life, even if he had been captured by the research institute 800 years earlier.

Think of the research institute, Shi Qingyang is another meal, research institute has access to the outside of the city, Cheng Sisi and Cheng Zhenzhen…

Those so-called people who help Feng Yunhong's nephew to do things and escape from the city may not be the people under Feng Yunhong's nephew at all. They are completely Feng Yunhong's people. Feng Yunhong let these people escape from the city…Maybe they are just trying to catch Cheng Sisi and Cheng Zhenzhen, and the two men are out of the city, even if they are led by others.

In this case, they caught Cheng Sisi and Cheng Zhenzhen, it is very likely to send people to the research institute. Shi Qingyang had already let Zheng Gaoyuan dig the passage to the research institute by himself the other day. He was wondering if he could dig through to make a scene. Now…I'm afraid the digging has already slowed down!

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