Ding Yifei did something to leave Central City in disguise. Shi Qingyang also knew that he was very supportive of Ding Yifei's approach.

Shang Yahang is actually somewhat similar to him. When he heard of such a person in his previous life, he even wanted to get to know each other very much because of the similar experiences of the other party and he didn't hate it until he later found out that Shang Yahang was a man who knew neither good nor evil…

But now think about it, commercial aerospace is good and evil, there is also a reason, he grew up outside the city, just outside the city is a who fist big who makes sense…Even if commercial aerospace to the city changed a lot, afraid of also can't completely change.

As for Shang Yahang and Feng Jia…Shi Qingyang did not know whether Shang Yahang knew about Feng family and his sister, but he was sure that Shang Yahang was not friendly to Feng family but did not offend…

Shang Yan died before she was forty years old. She wanted her brother to live a few more years and sent Shang Yahang back to the city by all means, but in fact Shang Yahang didn't live much longer than she did. Because of the Riot, Shang Yahang died at a young age…

At that time, Shang Yahang seemed to recognize a pharmacist who was not a small grade as adopted mother and planned to take good care of his body. He also did not know how he suddenly turned violent again.

I was going to watch the movie and then do some exercise, but I didn't watch the movie at all…it was too early to finish the exercise, and Shi Qingyang was wide awake. he lay on the bed with one hand holding the data and information sent by Ding Yifei. one hand was placed on Cheng Ran, kneading the key parts of Cheng Ran, and several times he was knocked out, he would subconsciously touch the past…

Cheng Ran finally nu, directly turned over and lay down to sleep, Shi Qingyang also don't mind, continue to touch up the Cheng Ran flesh most of the two groups.

Tired down Cheng Ran no longer have time to talk to him, Shi Qingyang did remember a lot about commercial space. At the beginning, Shang Yahang seemed to have died in a riot outside the city. Before his death, he was still frantically cutting down the people around him, and finally Lin Qiu was stopped.

Feng Linqiu? Shi Qingyang suddenly thought of the fighting skill used by Feng Linqiu in yesterday's match.

Feng family has a tactic that can make people turn violent…

Shi Qingyang immediately stopped his hand movements. Cheng Ran woke up in a daze." Why didn't you touch it?" It is always easy for people to get into the habit of falling asleep when being eaten tofu, and suddenly no one can sleep when eating tofu, not to mention Cheng Ran especially likes to touch people's skin.

"But…" Shi Qingyang saw Cheng Ran in a daze, suddenly couldn't help laughing, as he wished to continue.

Cheng Ran really fell asleep soon.

At this time, it is meaningless to struggle with how Shang Yahang died in his previous life. At that time, he still lost his life. It is better to watch the misfortune of Feng Jia…Shi Qingyang casually opened a web page and brushed it, and saw many things about the radiation energy competition.

This radiation energy competition, because he didn't play a few games, except for the beginning of Ding Yifei behind all is some wannabe's sake, in fact, there is nothing to let a person say, but this radiation energy competition performance of the best Zheng Gaoyuan and Feng Linqiu are his disciples, this situation is some noticeable.

Shi Qingyang saw that his photos were posted everywhere. Many people admired him very much. Although it was too early because of the excitement, he was also proud. He cut off many photos and sent them to Cheng Ran in a package.

After that, he also looked at Cheng Xuze's message to him, and then talked to some excited Cheng Xuze who couldn't find the north. He looked at Cheng Xuze's series of "Shi Qingyang has actually reached Grade 8" with seven or eight exclamation marks, and even had a faint sense of satisfaction.

Of course, what pleased him even more was the overwhelming online questioning of the Feng family. Feng Yunhong and Feng Linqiu did not perform well in this radiation energy competition, especially for him. At the beginning, Feng Yunhong forced him to take part in the radiation energy competition, but then something happened to him…

"Feng Linqiu is just a hollow reputation. I used to like him so much…now I really regret it."

"I have long felt that Feng family is not a good thing. People used to have some conflicts with them, but eventually everything would not happen?"

"The future of the old man just said a little bit about Feng family base, Feng Yunhong casually to hurt, such can be a good man?"


There are all kinds of speculation about Feng Jia, many of which are sent by secure computers…Shi Qingyang is more and more convinced that Feng Jia's popularity is probably not very good.

This is clearly the rhythm of the wall being pushed back by the crowd. Unfortunately, the current situation in the closed house still leaves the wall too firm.

Shi Qingyang looked at the time, lay down and hugged Cheng Ran around, finally fell asleep.

Shi Qingyang naturally told Cheng Xuze what he had discussed with Fan Jia. Cheng Xuze was also keen on the matter. After urging Cheng Hui, he went with Fan Jia to see the medicinal material planting base outside the central city belonging to Wen Zhuoyi.

Wen Zhuoyi's medicinal base is very large and even includes two mountains. There is an environment suitable for the growth of various medicinal materials. A wall has been built on its periphery, with lush vegetation inside. There are also many radiation fighters working here, all of whom are Wen Zhuoyi's confidants.

After arriving, Fan Jia personally, relying on her precise control of radiation energy, hollowed out a mountain directly, and then discussed with Cheng Xuze, let Cheng Xuze provide new protective cover materials produced by Cheng family, and built a base here.

"It's not far from the city. It can also be connected with optical fiber, so that you can surf the Internet. It's no different from the city." After Fan Jia saw it, he said, "We can both live here in the future, so as not to let Feng Yun-hung break."

Shi Qingyang knew that Cheng Ran might have something to do with Feng Jia's research institute, and he kept a close eye on Cheng Ran. At this time, he naturally agreed: "Yes, we can all stay here." He is not as powerful as Feng Yunhong, but Fan Jia is there.

Cheng Ran heard Shi Qingyang say "we" and took Shi Qingyang's hand: "Do you live here too?"

"Of course, I will definitely stick to you." Shi Qingyang smashed Cheng Ran's helmet with his radiation protection helmet to express his intimacy when he could not "kiss one another".

"Ahem!" Cheng Xuze coughed twice-it's immoral to be so affectionate in front of a loner!

"Master, you are really good. You can flirt with each other in such thick clothes." Zheng Gaoyuan was amazed.

"flirting has something to do with how much you wear?" Cheng Ran looked curious: "Even if I wore more clothes, I would still be close to Shi Qingyang."

"Even the shield can't stop the two men…" Zheng Gaoyuan chanting in a low voice.

"what are you talking about?" Shi Qingyang asked smilingly.

"Master, I am saying that you are really envious of others for your love!"

"Envy others? Should be envy others?"

"Master, always worrying about these little things will age quickly!"

Shi Qingyang gave Zheng Gaoyuan a hard hammer on the shoulder: "Then I won't struggle with these small things, you help me to do a small thing."

"Master, although you command me, I will definitely finish it!" Zheng Gaoyuan immediately said, Ding Yifei is not here, he can try to make more attentions in front of Shi Qingyang, later Shi Qingyang taught him more, he can put Ding Yifei now!

"I'll give you a map, there is a piece of land I have rented, also built a field villa, you will live there next, and then dig down…remember, this matter can't tell others, you want to dig alone, don't offset the direction, be sure to dig a passage for me underground. It will be of great benefit to you to be able to practice both radiation and body." Shi Qingyang patted Zheng Gaoyuan on the shoulder.

He let Zheng Gao far away to dig the channel, is actually leading to the research institute of the Cheng family, the research institute of the Cheng family for the sake of confidentiality, was built in the underground city periphery, he shangbeizi in order to escape, also studied the route, was wondering to use corrosive agents melt the outer wall to escape…

This time, Shang Yan grabbed him from the underground cave. He suddenly remembered the matter. After thinking about it, he finally decided to let Zheng Gaoyuan dig this passage. Although the place he chose was some distance away from the research institute, it would take a long time to dig, but this kind of work could also sharpen Zheng Gaoyuan's temper and prevent Zheng Gaoyuan, who could not bear praise, from sticking his tail all day because of recent events.

"Master…" Zheng Gaoyuan didn't expect Shi Qingyang to finally let himself dig a hole, want to cry.

Shi Qingyang has already decided: "Go quickly. In addition, I have already sent you the tactics suitable for turning over the earth. Remember to have a good look…This tactics is actually very good at beating people and animals. After you practice it, it will be the same as the previous shield radiation explosion." Although this tactic is mainly used to dig mud, it should also be useful, right? At least outside the city, I can dig a hole for myself to sleep in a short time.

It turns out that this is the case. His master is cooking a small kitchen for himself! Zheng Gaoyuan immediately gloated: "Yes, Master, promise to complete the task!"

"By the way, you wait…be careful not to let others know about it, okay?"

"Yes!" Zheng Gaoyuan ran away quickly.

Cheng Xuze and others pondered how to rebuild the medicine base. Shi Qingyang also found Zheng Gao to dig a hole. Everyone was very happy, but they didn't want to return to the city just now. They were immediately told that something had happened to Cheng Shanshan and her husband's medicine plantation.

Cheng Shanshan, Cheng Hui's eldest daughter, has been married for several years. Now she has just given birth to her first child. Although her husband's family background is not particularly good, it is not bad either. After the marriage, the two rented a plot of land to grow medicinal herbs, and the income was very good. But now, this medicinal herbs plantation suddenly had an accident.

"Grandpa, all the herbs in my plantation have yellowed leaves and cannot survive. Can you find a medicine master for me?" Cheng Shanshan found Cheng Xuze with a big belly.

Cheng Xuze has been in the central city for more than half a year. Cheng Shanshan often comes to see him, but he has never mentioned any requirements, nor has he asked Cheng Xuze to help her do anything. This time, if it weren't for his inability, he wouldn't have come.

Of course, she will find another reason, that is her medicine plantation accident, is likely to be related to the family.

Cheng Shanshan has been in the central city for so many years, and has some understanding of the power of Feng family. Although she was happy to see Shi Qingyang win in the previous radiation energy competition, she was also worried. As a result, in a few days, something happened to her medicinal plant…Even if she did not blame her grandfather, she was somewhat uncomfortable.

"Elder sister, did you bring the medicine back?" Cheng Ran asked.

"Yes." Cheng Shanshan quickly took out a box: "The vegetation of the whole plantation was out of order, and the people near my home were also implicated…" In the middle of the sentence, Cheng Shanshan stopped awkwardly. She felt that the problem was in her own home, so she said that they were implicated in other people, not that other people's medicine was infected with their medicine.

Cheng Xuze naturally recognized the meaning of Cheng Shanshan's words, and he also thought about it. Now he feels somewhat guilty: "Shan Shan, you should go back first and have a good baby. Grandpa is going to prepare some medicine there, and you should take it back." After all, it was their reason that affected Cheng Shanshan. It was most appropriate to give money directly and give some medicine.

Cheng Shanshan wanted to think, without delay, left out of the question of medicinal materials, Cheng Xuze looked Cheng Ran, just want to ask Cheng Ran have studied anything, Cheng Hui communication suddenly arrived.

Cheng Hui will talk to Cheng Xuze every day. Usually, he mainly reports about Cheng's family, but this time it is obviously different.

The middle-aged man projected above Cheng Xuze's contact terminal looked worried: "Dad, a lot of things have been found out in several factories these days. Even the late payment of rent is considered as contempt of the law. Several people in the company also suddenly committed a crime and were caught…"

After the Cheng family had two 8th grade, the development in the Yangtze River City has been very stable, but these days it can be called frequent accidents, not only that, it is often checked by people.

In fact, those who brought people for examination were also his acquaintances. They repeatedly smiled at him and said only that they were disturbing him, but even so, they still insisted on carrying out the examination.

Cheng Hui didn't react at first, but he soon thought that it might have something to do with Feng family.

The Cheng family has been developing for only a few years, and there are not many people in total. Even if these people are not poor in strength, they do not have many people. As for politics, they are completely unfamiliar.

There are many castellans named Feng in the whole country of China, all of whom bring their relatives to Feng Yunhong, but Cheng has only one deputy castellan, which has nothing to do with Cheng Xuze…

Closed home, this is to start work? As soon as Cheng Xuze hesitated, he looked at his son: "You can do your job well, remember not to have conflicts with those people, and also remember to keep the evidence!"

"Dad, I have done all this, although now some people dare not to start work, but it is still within the scope of control…dad, how are you in the central city? Is it safe?"

"We're all right. Take care of yourself and remember to keep the evidence." Cheng Xuze stressed it again and showed calm, but after cutting off the contact, the expression on her face was not good-looking.

"Grandpa, the medicine brought by Elder Sister should have absorbed some poisonous substance before it became like this." Cheng Ran has seen the medicinal materials brought by Cheng Shanshan and opened his mouth.

"Feng Yunhong!" Cheng Xuze looks pale.

"Grandpa, we don't need to worry now, just try to find evidence!" Shi Qingyang said that when they found the evidence, they put it directly on the Internet and did not have to be polite to those people.

The family's reputation is not good now, and these will certainly make them worse.

Cheng family was not the only one who had frequent accidents in the industry. Ding Yingxin and Fan Jia also had accidents in the industries under their control. Such a situation naturally attracted the attention of many people. The people on the Internet were more and more dissatisfied with the closure of their homes, which had been questioned.

But there was no sign of closure.

Shi Qingyang cannot understand this situation. He knows a lot about Fengyun Hong and Feng Linqiu. Feng Linqiu is just a matter of fact. He is young now, after all, and may not have the talent in the future. He can Fengyun Hong. In theory, he would not have done anything like this to hurt the enemy by 1000 yuan and 800 yuan…

"Grandpa, this time things look a little weird. We'd better be careful."

"Qingyang, Feng family may be really out of his mind this time. We must know that the evidence we have found is enough to prove them. This time we must make them look good!" Feng Yunhong is eager to try.

Shi Qingyang was about to say something when the outside door was suddenly opened. Cheng Ran came in with a palm computer: "Grandpa, the family has responded."

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