Feng Linqiu was delivered from the protective cover when he had a radiation energy riot. Fortunately, some people around him knew the method of cutting off radiation energy. The man quickly helped him cut off the radiation energy in his body and then gave him a bottle of radiation energy relaxant. This made his condition better and he rested on one side.

Feng Linqiu's goal has always been to win the championship, but now he has lost so miserably that he simply closed his eyes and said nothing. But even with his eyes closed, he could hear the sound outside.

Shi Qingyang has already reached Grade 7? If Shi Qingyang had already reached level 6 and is now at level 7, is what he did before a joke to others?

What is China's first day, what is the first master of the younger generation…He is actually a clown who scampering in other people's eyes but has no ability?

Feng Linqiu felt excited and suddenly opened his mouth to spit out one mouthful blood. If it weren't for the radiation energy truncation method, I'm afraid his radiation energy would riot again.

Feng Yunhong loved this grandson most. He looked at Feng Linqiu, his eyes slightly narrowed, and looked at Ding Yifei on the court. Ding Yifei watched the first battle. Although this man advanced to level 6 earlier than his grandson, he could see that this man could not win his grandson, but now Ding Yifei really knew his grandson too well…

His vision is not bad. Ding Yifei's performance today is clearly a thorough study of his grandson. Such a study is by no means something that can be done by watching a few matches.

He even knew about Lin Qiu's last tactic…

Feng Yunhong has long suspected that Cheng's family had fallen in love with someone on the side of Feng's family. Up to now, it is more certain than certain.

He used to spend a lot of effort to secure the position of householder. Later, because others dared not question him again, he relaxed a lot. Now it seems that it is time for him to let those who forget his previous iron and blood methods have a look.

As for the Cheng family…

Feng family has always been the largest family in China. He didn't attach too much importance to Cheng family before. He didn't want to make too much noise and make too much noise, so he didn't do anything. Now…Feng Yunhong sank down and looked into the field.

At this time, a staff member of the radiation energy association was questioning Shi Qingyang: "you said you were level 7, you really were level 7? The age of your registration is only 24 years old. How can you have reached Grade 7?"

The staff of the radiation energy association is really a little impatient, the chairman of the radiation energy association saw, the moment stared his one eye-Shi Qingyang they all dare to say in public, how could it be fake?

"Why can't I be Grade 7?" Shi Qingyang smiled slightly: "If you don't believe me, you can test it in public."

This competition is very big, things are also very well prepared, and there are naturally radiation testing equipment. However, actually Shi Qingyang no longer needs radiation testing-after he let go of the momentum of Grade 7 radiation almighty, the people around him can naturally feel his strength.

Just now, the staff member who exported the query looked at Shi Qingyang wryly and couldn't help hiding himself. He said the question just now. Now he thinks about it but feels cold sweat behind his head. Cheng Xuze and others around Shi Qingyang needless to say, he is not to be taunted. He said Shi Qingyang himself…Shi Qingyang has reached Grade 7 at this age, and his radiation energy is still stable. In the future, he must be Grade 9. He has offended a future Grade 9…

Even if Shi Qingyang don't put him in the eye, Shi Qingyang developed in the future, maybe someone will try to curry favor with Shi Qingyang against him.

Wiped a handful of sweat from his forehead, he has already started thinking about changing his city life.

"Now that Ding Yifei has conceded, the champion of this competition is Shi Qingyang." The president of the radiation energy association smiled and said to Shi Qingyang, "as a champion, you should talk to everyone."

Shi Qingyang also did not refuse, took the microphone and smiled.

In the distance, Zheng Gaoyuan was looking at the data with a palm computer. Looking at the soaring viewing rate, he was shocked: "Uncle Ye, are there so many people watching this match?"

The Radiological Energy Contest has always received great attention, but because there are still many ordinary people in the world, as well as many radiation almighty who cannot use tactical skills at all, and because everyone needs to work, the viewing rate of the Radiological Energy Contest was less than 50% when it was the highest in the past, and now…the viewing rate has reached 70% and continues to soar.

Obviously, some people who have seen the results are calling friends to come and watch, and in such a case, some companies may not mind letting their staff watch a live broadcast.

"Originally, this radiation energy competition was due to the existence of Feng Linqiu. The audience rating is far higher than usual. Now a stronger person than Feng Linqiu will naturally attract more attention. Even ordinary people will be very curious about a person who may become a strong person of Grade 9 in the future. Believe it or not, after today, Shi Qingyang will become the lover of the masses." Ye Houan looked at the records on the computer and was very happy.

He had chosen to stand on the side of the Cheng family and was really right.

The watching rate is getting higher and higher, Shi Qingyang has already started to speak: "Since I am asked to speak, I will tell you my secret of reaching Grade 7. The Cheng family has all-round medicine. As we all know, I started drinking all-round medicine at the age of 16 and have been drinking it every day ever since. Not only that, we Cheng family also developed a drug that can increase the radiation energy. This drug is difficult to configure, but the drug effect is very good. After drinking it, you can increase the radiation energy…"

Shi Qingyang said smilingly, pushing most of the reasons why he could reach this point to the medicine, which they had planned from the beginning.

He doesn't know what happened to those mysterious people, but in order to be on the safe side, he has to be careful. He also has to think about a reason for his fast promotion.

"I'm here to do an advertisement. Cheng's medicine will be sold on a limited basis on a first-come-first-served basis. Each person will be limited to one bottle at a time…" Shi Qingyang added that this medicine really exists, not invented by Cheng Ran, but "transformed" by Cheng Ran.

In the history of China, there are many drugs that can increase radiation energy or strength in a short period of time. The potential drug used by Gu Changjin before is one of them. However, this kind of drug that encourages the growth of seedlings is generally not small in harm to the body.

Cheng Ran found one of many prescriptions that had long been abandoned in history. The prescription was made by boiling plants that carried more radiation energy. After taking it, it could enhance the radiation energy in the body. It was very popular at some time in history. However, people who had taken this medicine in all things had serious radiation energy riots and no one used this medicine again.

This kind of medicine is really very good, the only drawback is that it can increase the radiation energy is very violent, however, if the person who configures the medicine is Cheng Ran, then such a thing does not exist.

Cheng Ran's preparation has been widely circulated in the past six years. Large families like Feng family have it in their hands, but it has not attracted the attention of those mysterious people. Although this preparation seems magical, its effect is limited and not to mention its price. It will not surprise people.

A good speech by the champion of the Radiological Energy Competition was finally used by Shi Qingyang to advertise. Although angry, the Radiological Energy Association had nothing to do but watch Shi Qingyang talk about medicine during the period when China had the highest viewing rate hundreds of years ago.

Feng Yunhong didn't go first this time. Instead, he waited until the end. In those days, he had already made up his mind.

It's a big deal to close the family's side branches. He has long wanted to clean them up. It's also time. At the same time, the Cheng family should also learn some lessons.

Feng Yunhong gave the same order, and then he clapped his hand on Feng Linqiu, who was pale beside him.

Feng Linqiu felt Feng Yunhong's action and finally opened his eyes, revealing bloodshot eyes: "Grandpa…"

"You should grow up." Feng Yunhong said.

Shi Qingyang and Cheng Ran did not return to their homes, but went to Fan Jia, who was a strong man of Grade 9. Wen Zhuoyi was the most powerful pharmacist. In Shi Qingyang's view, the two men might know some news about the mysterious person. If they did not know, they should also know.

In fact, Fan Jia did not know anything about this beast tide or those mysterious people. Hearing what Shi Qingyang said, the two of them frowned tightly.

"Adoptive father and adoptive mother, no matter what the situation is, we can only take one step at a time. You don't have to worry too much." Shi Qingyang said, at the same time advised 1.

"That's true. That's right." Fan Jia nodded, Shi Qingyang's strength could not be outwitted by her. Seeing that Shi Qingyang had actually reached Grade 8, she could not help but be shocked: "How is your research going? If so, can we train some experts first? If there is such a beast tide as you said, then the more masters, the better."

Fan Jia was more appreciative of her present life because of the repeated radiation riots. She was calm and did not envy at this time.

Shi Qingyang also thought about this matter. He did not know the existence of mysterious people before, nor did he know that the beast tide was related to those mysterious people. Therefore, he only wanted to make the research results public to all mankind, and even wanted to mobilize all mankind to find the mysterious exotic animals. However, the mysterious people he saw before gave him a blow and also let Shi Qingyang know how foolish his idea of giving the queen ant's meat to others for research was: "This is a good idea, but the adoptive mother, can you guarantee not to divulge secrets? Where can I keep it secret?"

"This is not simple, you are not to say that Feng Yunhong raised some people outside the city? Is it not enough to rob those people?"

"Adoptive mother?" Shi Qingyang looked at Fan Jia in surprise.

"Feng Yunhong is doing something illegal outside the city. He can bring those people back when he finds evidence. Later, I will arrange a job for them in Zhuoyi's medicine base and send someone to look at them…In addition to these, he can also find some orphans and those from poor families. The more the better." Fan Jia spoke slowly about his plan.

Shi Qingyang also wanted to understand after hearing what Fan Jia said: "If this is the case, people from the mobile town my grandfather saved outside the city can also be found. Those people were later taken in by Cheng family…According to our research, people who inject that substance need only be able-bodied people, and there is no too big age limit. Zheng Gaoyuan and I are good examples."

With a beginning, it will be easy to perfect it again. Shi Qingyang imagined that there would be many masters in a few years, and he was in a good mood.

"In addition to those people, ordinary radiation energy fighters should also be taken care of. The proposal advocated by the radiation energy guild to let radiation energy fighters go out of town to hunt is actually very good." Fan Jia said: "Your Qinghe tavern can publicize this knowledge. Young people have courage and uprightness. They all want to do something. If you publicize it well enough, you can encourage many people."

"Zheng Gaoyuan won the competition with weak points, I'm afraid there are many people will be back to mind…" Shi Qingyang immediately the baggage and take the journey.

Shi Qingyang and Fan Jia said they were in high spirits. Cheng Ran and Wen Zhuoyi didn't bother them either. They just looked at some information in their hands. After a while, they stood up together again and asked for water with lofty ideals.

Shi Qingyang had already said the same thing at this time, and when he saw this scene, he suddenly moved in his heart. Wen Zhuoyi and Fan Jia are both in their fifties, and they will continue to do so, while he and Cheng Ran can certainly grow old in this way.

Before that, he will remove all the unstable factors.

Shi Qingyang did what he said and immediately contacted the people of the Yangtze River City. Cheng family's herbal medicine planting base was originally very secret. all the people in it were very loyal. now that the prescription of all-round medicine has been made public, there is no need for anyone to look after a garden. among them, those who have the ability to speak can be cultivated well.

As for the research institute, in order to be on the safe side, Shi Qingyang did not intend to move it, Cheng Ran came to Beijing with some substances extracted from the queen ant's meat, plus there are two head-size centipede beast meat Shi Qingyang brought back, together enough-Zheng Gaoyuan had only eaten a small piece.

Shi Qingyang contact is Cheng Hui, he and Cheng Ran things, Cheng Xuze has been to help them keep secret, but I don't want to hungry things told Cheng Hui, he is very friendly to Shi Qingyang nature, after hearing about Shi Qingyang, readily agreed.

Shi Qingyang got the letter and was in a better mood. I'm afraid he will be very busy for the rest of the day. He became entangled with Cheng Ran that night. The two of them went online together to find a movie that was very popular recently. According to the information Shi Qingyang found on the Internet, this movie makes people cry. At the end of the movie, where will you go can make the people around him throw their arms around…

This movie was made through drama. Today's people travel thousands of years ago and come back after experiencing a love affair. In addition, they have made use of special effects of the movie to create the ancient environment and some animals.

Shi Qingyang devoted most of his time to the cultivation. There was very little entertainment like this. He watched it with relish. However, Cheng Ran watched his frown more and more tightly. He could not help but stir up the mistake: "These exotic animals, called insects in ancient times, were disgusting to everyone and no one ate them. The ancient environment was not so dangerous. It was unlikely that a female owner would meet a tiger as soon as she went out…"

Cheng Ran's voice was very low, but Shi Qingyang's mind could not help putting it on him. Naturally, he could hear it clearly. He lost interest in the movie and threw himself at Cheng Ran: "However, you have been picking out the mistakes in the movie. Do you want me to stop watching the movie and stay with you?"

Cheng Ran certainly didn't have this idea, but he pondered and found that he would prefer Shi Qingyang to talk to him rather than watch this movie full of loopholes. He answered readily: "Yes, you accompany me."

Shi Qingyang couldn't like Cheng Ran's temper. He kissed her up and said, "Let's do something good for our body and mind!"

Cheng Ran started to undress directly. Shi Qingyang was stunned and suddenly reacted-let Cheng Ran throw herself in her arms. In fact, there was no need to watch a movie!

Shi Qingyang was touching with people when Ding Yifei finally let his father get the data of Shang Yahang.

Shi Qingyang has seen all kinds of tragic things. At least those people who were rescued together with Cheng Xuze in the mobile town were as miserable as Shang Yan, because although he had some sympathy for Shang Yan, he only intended to finish his promise to her, but Ding Yifei was different.

Ding Yifei heard of Shang Yan's life experience and compared with himself, he felt that the other party was miserable. He also made up his mind to help and even decided to let Shang Yahang get the best care. So he went to Qingyang, his teacher, for what Shang Yan left behind, and decided to go to Shang Yahang himself.

The information of Shang Yahang is very simple. It shows that his parents died ten years ago, and then he moved from a tertiary city to Changxia city to live. He is now more than 30 years old, but he is already a seven-level radiation energy fighter, and is quite famous in Changxia City. However, although his strength is strong, not many people attach importance to him. The reason is that he does not have any background power, and his strength is unstable, and radiation energy is extremely violent.

Others don't value him, but Shang Yahang himself is still very high-profile, even if he doesn't agree with a word, he will hit people. He has hurt several people and is becoming more and more annoying.

"Son, what are you doing to check this man? I don't think this guy has a very good temperament." Ding Yingxin frowned. Shang Yahang's information is completely a B*stard who uses his own strength to dominate small cities.

Ding Yifei knew the identity of Shang Yahang long ago, but he couldn't hate the man: "Dad, I promised someone else to help him…Dad, you get me an identity and I'll go to Changxia City."

"You just out of the limelight will go? Why don't you accompany your father and I walk around? Your sisters have treated you with respect to many girls in the capital city…hello, hello, hello!" Ding Yingxin watched his son go away and could only sadly go back to find his wife. His son couldn't help his father. He had planned to drink with others to show off his son. He couldn't take his son with him…

Forget it, he can show off even when his son is away. He can also tell others that his son has been practicing hard…

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