"The last point? Are you going to teach me the killer?" Ding Yifei asked excitedly.

"No, it is Lin Qiu who has the killer." Shi Qingyang said directly, and then said out the lighter, this lighter he did not understand, nature also won't use, but will cause the situation is known.

"Triggering the Riot of Radiation Energy? What is Feng family doing studying such tactics?" Ding Yifei was shocked.

"Who knows? It may have been discovered by accident, but since such tactics exist, you must be careful." Shi Qingyang said that at the beginning Wen Zhuoyi had accidentally developed a drug that triggered the radiation riots. Perhaps Feng family discovered it accidentally at the beginning, but they used it to harm people, which is inappropriate.

"Master, what should I do?" Ding Yifei asked.

"There are two ways, one is to defeat him before this, and the other is to make some preparations in advance and drink some radiation relaxants."

"Master, the medicine you gave me today is very good…" Ding Yifei looked at Shi Qingyang's eyes flashing.

"Of course, that's however do, the best effect! I'll prepare some for you tomorrow, and then you remember to drink, "Shi Qingyang looked at Ding Yifei with some ostentation and added," Also, tomorrow you will start with us…it's cheaper for you!" If Cheng Ran helped Ding Yifei sort out his radiation energy, Ding Yifei would never have any problems and would certainly win. He would have to come to power.

In fact, he can now fully expose his strength of grade 8, at that time, for his such a young grade 8, afraid there will be countless people curry favor with him, plus fan Jia, Cheng Xuze and others, also won't be weak to the last home, this is also the reason why Shi Qingyang originally felt after grade 8, what all need not be afraid.

But after seeing that the base was destroyed by the beast tide, he completely put out the idea.

Shang Yan is also level 8, strength is not weak, but in the face of the beast tide but no resistance, the base inside more level 7 strong…

The mysterious man would do that, obviously he didn't want anyone to find that strange beast. They wouldn't even allow anyone to study that strange beast. How could anyone be allowed to exist who ate that strange beast and benefited greatly?

Although he benefited from it in his previous life, the effect was not as good as in this life. People who have made faster progress than him in history are not without it. Moreover, what he showed at that time was more strength gained through his own efforts. Naturally, it will not attract attention, but it is obviously different in this life.

He is now too amazing, Cheng Ran is also too special, such special, must not be on the tooling, he may be able to show the strength of the seven, but never show the strength of the eight.

Really want to do that…Maybe soon beast tide will appear-Shi Qingyang don't think, those mysterious people will not know the news in the city.

At the thought of here, Shi Qingyang always felt like he was pressing a mountain in his heart. In his last life, he only wanted to become stronger without any burden. He would show his strength thoroughly and win others' respect, money and honor by doing so. But in this life…

Tomorrow, he will only be able to show his strength of level 7 at most. Although this strength is amazing, it is also within the acceptable range. It can also explain how he can escape from Shang Yan's hands. It is perfectly appropriate.

Shi Qingyang saw that Ding Yifei was somewhat puzzled and stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder: "You should work hard and look at the weaknesses and habits of Feng Linqiu I explained before, then have a good rest and meet the battle tomorrow."

"Master, I will, but I don't need to have a good rest. I slept enough the other day…" Ding Yifei doesn't want to sleep at all now, and he doesn't think he can sleep.

For a man of his age and strength, it doesn't feel much to stay up all night.

"Remember to sleep!" Shi Qingyang charged again, and immediately went to find Cheng Ran-he was really a little anxious!

Facts have proved that it is impossible for Cheng Ran to do sports with him while helping him to sort out his radiation energy. After choosing between them, he finally decided not to let Cheng Ran help him sort out his radiation energy.

Every time Cheng Ran helped him comb his radiation energy, his radiation energy would be much less. He was somewhat reluctant.

Shi Qingyang had a very pleasant time here, but the atmosphere of the house was really bad. Cheng Xuze and Ding Yingxin had already seen the video materials Feng Yunhong submitted. According to those, the destruction of the base had nothing to do with Cheng Xuze.

Indeed, destroying the base is not good for Cheng Xuze. If he really finds anything, it is the most correct choice to prosecute him after retaining the evidence and returning to the city…However, how can a good base suddenly become ruins?

Beast tide? Feng Yunhong suddenly thought of the foreigners who had been left hanging, but instead of looking for them immediately, he pointed out Feng Linqiu.

Although Feng Linqiu is said to be his grandson, he is actually his son, with half of his genes. The child raised by him personally is his most valued and favorite. He has even made up his mind to give him everything in the future.

Under such circumstances, he naturally did his best to Feng Linqiu.

Feng Yunhong also found a video of Ding Yifei and others, explaining it carefully and asking Feng Linqiu's understanding.

In the previous battle, Feng Linqiu actually had some reservations. Moreover, he not only spoke more slowly than ordinary people, but also had a much larger quantity. He definitely took advantage in the battle.

This evening, many people were very busy, and the next day, more and more people paid attention to the radiation energy competition, and even many people put down what they had to do in order to watch the radiation energy competition and watched the live webcast all the time.

At the largest forum in China, what reason did you use to ask your boss for leave to watch the competition?" This post has been manually topped.

At this time, Shi Qingyang and others went to the competition venue.

When he went, Shi Qingyang invited Ding Yifei to sit next to him, while Cheng Ran sat on the other side. Through him, Cheng Ran put his hand on Ding Yifei's and helped Ding Yifei comb his radiation energy.

The time for combing radiation energy is not long, but by the end, Ding Yifei's expression was shocked beyond comparison.

"There are some things can't say out. If the mysterious man knew, I'm afraid the beast tide will come towards the central city, do you know?" Shi Qingyang looked at Ding Yifei. He believed in Ding Yifei's character, but he still had to make things clear so that Ding Yifei would not make mistakes.

Ding Yifei wiped her mouth saliva: "Master, can my son do the same?"

"Do you have a son?" Shi Qingyang asked in surprise.

"I will have a son sooner or later!" Ding Yifei immediately the baggage and take the journey.

"You give birth to your son first." Shi Qingyang was speechless.

When Ding Yifei arrived, there was not much time before the competition began, and Feng Yunhong and Feng Linqiu also arrived. Yesterday, both parties broke up with each other, but now they are bored with each other. This time there is no conversation.

Thinking of yesterday's two matches with Shi Qingyang, Ding Yifei was extremely cautious after the start of the match and did not dare to neglect at all. However, he soon found that Feng Linqiu was completely inferior to Shi Qingyang.

Shi Qingyang did learn Lin Qiu's tactics and habits yesterday, but he did better than Lin Qiu!

Ding Yifei heard Shi Qingyang explain many of Lin Qiu's tactics yesterday and responded like a duck to water. Not only that, he also caught the omission of Lin Qiu every time and focused on attacking.

Feng Linqiu issued a tactical move and saw Ding Yifei escape quickly. Instead, he began to attack himself. His face was extremely ugly.

He has been paying close attention to Ding Yifei. He read all the explanations about Ding Yifei's battle scenes in the Qinghe Tavern before, and found out many weaknesses of Ding Yifei. Yesterday his grandfather even told him a lot, but today he really caught up with Ding Yifei, but he only felt that he could not help it.

Ding Yifei's weaknesses are like completely nonexistent! Not only that, Ding Yifei also knew him too well. Often before he had even started a tactical skill, Ding Yifei already knew what he wanted to do.

The feeling of being tied behind one's back, Feng Linqiu had never met before. the more he hit, the uglier he looked. when he was dealing with Zheng Gaoyuan before, he was able to act smartly like a movie. only in the end, something went wrong. but now, his rhythm has been completely disrupted and he can no longer flow like before.

One wrong step, one wrong step, his style and habit of being personable during the competition are not easy to change. Now he is upset by Ding Yifei, so he becomes totally unable to adapt and makes more mistakes.

Just thinking about it, Lin Qiu's protective cover burst instantly. He estimated the direction of Ding Yifei's fighting skills and erected a shield. Ding Yifei had already hit his left shoulder instantly.

Feng Linqiu shed blood on his shoulder, but this was only the beginning. In the following time, Ding Yifei did not have a small wound on his body, but several more wounds were added to his body. Those who had originally supported him, the brands held in his hands had all been put down…

Feng Linqiu watched Ding Yifei's attack become more and more sharp, his expression more and more confident, and his physical strength lost a little bit, finally biting his teeth.

His grandfather said before that he would win at any cost. If he only lost to Ding Yifei, it happened that Ding Yifei had lost to Shi Qingyang before.

Can't get to the end, he can't even get the second place!

Feng Linqiu's eyes were all red. He suddenly put two shields on himself and rushed directly towards Ding Yifei. At the same time, the radiation energy around him caused a mess.

The radiation energy in the whole battle field is all messed up. Even the protective cover that has been propped up has been affected. They emit a strange frequency, which makes the radiation energy in the body of the radiation energy fighters begin to slowly get out of control…

Ding Yifei didn't know what the fighting skill was like, so he didn't notice Lin Qiu's action at first, then he realized it was wrong-now Lin Qiu watched as he was about to lose, and actually used this method…

Found Lin Qiu suddenly stopped all actions, Ding Yifei also stopped-Lin Qiu as the user of the lighter, certainly know the lighter's response method, since he did not move, of course, there is no need to move.

Ding Yifei did a very correct job. If he still uses radiation energy after this tactical skill is used, he will only attack faster. However, if he does not move like this, it depends on whose radiation energy he and Feng Linqiu are more stable.

Feng Linqiu has been throwing caution to the wind, going to fight against Ding Yifei's attack before the radiation energy riots, but I didn't think Ding Yifei did not move. He looked at Ding Yifei with an ugly face, but Ding Yifei smiled at him.

"Lin Qiu, you just the two lighter when using cohesion is not very good, in the middle of the revealed belly this weakness, you should…" Ding Yifei also don't start work, directly talked about yesterday Shi Qingyang told him those words.

All along, studies have shown that when a person is agitated, he is more likely to riot, and it seems that it is not difficult to make Ding Yifei agitated.

Ding Yifei said excitedly, the audience were dumbfounded.

The match was somewhat unexpected from the beginning. originally Lin Qiu and Ding Yifei were supposed to be at the same level, but in the end they were beaten by Ding Yifei and suffered a lot of injuries. the whole team was like a bloody person. now…

In the middle of the wonderful battle, why didn't the two men fight? Don't play also just, Ding Yi fly what is this doing? During the match, instruct the opponent to fight?

The whole competition quieted down, and many people listened to Ding Yifei's comments. After a while, someone said, "Ding Yifei's comments are very similar to those made by the mask master in Qinghe Tavern…"

"Is Ding Yifei the mask master?"

"No? How can Ding Yifei have the skill of that mask master?"

"Ding Yifei said in an interview that he wanted to worship the mask master. Did the mask master give him directions yesterday?"

"Maybe it is!"


All kinds of speculation ensued. After a while, Feng Linqiu suddenly fell to the ground.

"Hurry up, hurry up the radiation in the shield can withdraw! He spoke highly of the riot!" Ding Yifei shouted loudly, looking very anxious, but there was one share of joy in his words-Feng Linqiu, he won!

Winning Feng Linqiu was his goal, and now he has finally achieved it!

"This Linqiu, whose psychological quality is too poor…" Seeing this scene, many viewers whispered to each other, but they were not surprised at the failure of Lin Qiu.

Originally, Feng Linqiu showed less strength than Ding Yifei at the beginning. They had long thought he would lose, although in the end he was not defeated but because of the Riot, which was not much difference.

In fact, many people think that the reason why the last two people stopped fighting was because Feng Linqiu was unstable and Ding Yifei wanted to attack him.

Ding Yifei is too bad! But a little cute.

These people admire Ding Yifei, I'm afraid I don't know, although Ding Yifei looks very calm, but as soon as he left the competition table, he drank the radiation relaxant.

"The winner of this competition is Ding Yifei. Tomorrow, it will be Ding Yifei's match with Shi Qingyang…"

"No!" Ding Yifei came to the referee: "I will throw in the towel in tomorrow's match! One more day of the competition will waste a lot of manpower and material resources. Let's end it today."

Delaying the competition by one day will indeed waste a lot of manpower and material resources, but if you really care about this, why did you insist on competing with Feng Linqiu yesterday? The president of the Fu Neng guild, who was close to the Feng family, did not look good, but still asked: "Ding Yifei, your strength is very strong, why do you want to throw in the towel? Although you had a match before, but now you have made great progress compared with the original you…"

"I have made great progress, but all this progress depends on my master, so I am very sure that I cannot beat my master."

"Your master?" What does your master have to do with your competition with Shi Qingyang? The chairman of the Radiological Energy Association is even more depressed.

"My master is Shi Qingyang!" Ding Yifei loudly way.

Zheng Gaoyuan is a disciple of Shi Qingyang. Everyone knows that now even Ding Yifei is a disciple of Shi Qingyang? Everyone was surprised to see Ding Yifei, some don't understand.

Ding Yifei was clamoring to defeat Shi Qingyang not long ago. Now, suddenly, he has become Shi Qingyang's apprentice. The painting style has become too fast.

"Shi Qingyang has only five grades," the president glanced at Feng Yunhong." the Fu Neng competition advocates fairness. it's impossible to even compare it with what I read without comparing it with what I read. it's also unreasonable."

"Who said my master was Grade 5?" Ding Yifei was surprised: "My master has always been in Grade 6. He was too busy before, and" others "sent him to attend the Radiological Energy Contest, so he didn't have time to register with the Radiological Energy Association…Moreover, after we were kidnapped by a Grade 8 strong man, our life was in danger. My master suddenly broke out, defeated the monster, gained huge experience, and then rose to Grade 7 on the way back." As he said, he watched the expressions of the people around him and saw that everyone was shocked.

This expression greatly delighted Ding Yifei. At that time, he was very proud. He thought that Shi Qingyang was actually Grade 8. The feeling that the world was drunk and I woke up alone made him very happy.

Others have been stunned speechless-Shi Qingyang is level 7? He is only 24 years old, isn't he? In history, there were seven grades under 24 years old, but that was because the man used his natural ability to practice since childhood. Later, he also broke his body because of this and died before he was 30.

Shi Qingyang, it's too much!

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