Although Feng Linqiu was put together by Zheng Gaoyuan today, he was very embarrassed, but he did not suffer any internal injuries, plus the resilience of the radiation fighters is not weak, and there is no problem to compete with Ding Yifei tomorrow.

He stepped down from the stage and saw Shi Qingyang and Ding Yifei. He was so angry that he couldn't help but smiled and walked towards them. "You're all right, it's really great."

"This is a great misfortune for us to survive." Ding Yifei opened his mouth smiling. He had been well protected before, and the so-called dark side of society had been seen online. But not long ago, he saw Shang Yan with his own eyes.

Shang Yan is a woman with good talent. Even if she is born by criminals who are sent out of the city, she can still return to live in the city. She will become the last one, which has something to do with the Feng family-the Feng family must register Shang Yan's parents as "dead" before their children can't return to the city.

Feng Linqiu took the handkerchief sent by his men and wiped his face. He smiled at the same time: "Is that right? Then I am waiting for tomorrow's battle."

"I will definitely beat you!" Ding Yifei's eyes narrowed slightly, pulling the corners of his mouth with a malicious smile: "By the way, these days outside the city, I also met a thing that seems to be related to Feng Shaoyou home…"

Feng Linqiu was shocked, lest Ding Yifei should speak rudely at this time. Dante did not continue to speak when he flew. Instead, Cheng Xuze, who came back, looked at Feng Yunhong with a full face of sadness: "Master Feng, this time I went out to find Shi Qingyang and walked west all the time. It happened that I met with a tragic accident! This matter as soon as I come back, I will report up, now just know that it turned out to be a master you applied for the research base of medicinal materials…"

Cheng Xuze and Ding Yingxin both went to the west when looking for someone. Feng Yunhong also had a vague guess that Shang Yan took Shi Qingyang to his base. Because of this, he had already found someone to go there on the day Shi Qingyang disappeared, and as soon as Shang Yan passed, he immediately killed them…

Now when Shi Qingyang and Ding Yifei came back alive, Feng Yunhong knew there must be something wrong. Now hearing this, he was even more surprised: "Is that right? What happened to the medicine base?"

"The medicine base was destroyed by foreign animals and there was nothing left…" Cheng Xuze's face was even sadder: "Pity the people in the base and there was no one alive."

Hear Cheng Xuze, Feng Yunhong although there is no expression on her face, Feng Linqiu is suddenly stopped, a full face of incredible-how can a good base suddenly gone? The only possibility is destroyed by Cheng Xuze!

Cheng Xuze destroyed their base, still dare to say in front of them, courage is too big!

"I had already looked for someone and filmed the video. I wanted to see what was going on, but the base was even equipped with a self-destruct device. finally, I left nothing behind." Cheng Xuze directly took out a few photos.

The mysterious man who can easily arouse the beast tide is too dangerous. They cannot tell the specific situation, but after all, the destruction of the base is a fact and can be taken out naturally.

Even if he can't Feng Yunhong now, he must find a way to Feng Yunhong with gas!

Feng Yunhong saw those photos and could not recognize them as his own base. Cheng Xuze didn't care much about what he said before, but now he is really angry. he didn't speak. instead, a beam of energy went to Cheng Xuze: "is that you?"

His base knows very few people and nothing has happened for so many years. How could it suddenly be destroyed by foreign animals? Feng Yunhong didn't believe what Cheng Xuze said. When he saw the photo, he thought of what Cheng Xuze found out what he had done and destroyed his base.

Although Feng Yunhong warned Feng Linqiu to be careful not to be careless, in fact he didn't put Cheng family in the eye, but now…He has invested a lot of manpower and material resources in the base, and experiments that are usually a little inappropriate in the city will be sent there, but now they have been destroyed…

Cheng Xuze, this is challenging him!

The number of grade 8 is quite large, but the number of grade 9 is only a few. The gap among them is very large. Feng Yunhong's move is enough to hurt Cheng Xuze.

Cheng Xuze's face suddenly changed and he stepped back a few steps. blood spilled from the corners of his mouth: "master Feng, I just told what we saw outside the city. why did you hurt people? That base has nothing to do with me!"

Ding Yingxin was also annoyed when he saw this: "Master Feng, what do you mean? I haven't asked you about my son yet, but you still hurt people casually? The base was destroyed for seven or eight days when we went there. It doesn't matter to me!"

Feng Yunhong really wants to give Cheng Xuze a lesson, but his own hand knows, he just that, will make Cheng Xuze injured, but will never have the effect of today, the average person meets absolutely have bitterness could not say, and Cheng Xuze…This is clearly his intention!

Cheng Xuze this person is too rogue, a level 8 strong, unexpectedly also can make such a thing in public!

"Cheng Xuze, I didn't do anything just now." Feng Yunhong squinted at Cheng Xuze.

"Yes, Master Feng, you did nothing." Cheng Xuze wiped the blood flowing down the corners of the mouth, smile apologetically, but this is worse than direct blame.

Cheng Xuze if directly accused, others see he is not afraid of Feng Yunhong, perhaps will believe Feng Yunhong, but now, Cheng Xuze so afraid of Feng Yunhong, don't just still dare to frame Feng Yunhong?

Cheng Xuze a full face of pain, the in the mind is some satisfied, just now he suddenly felt the attack of Feng Yunhong, don't want to eat a dark loss, just came so a, now it's time to see others see in the eye, he suffered a little injury is also related.

Feng Yunhong saw this scene, the radiation energy in his body suddenly became a little confused. He was relieved and finally felt better. He simply turned and left without saying anything.

As soon as he got out of the gate of the competition field and into a car, he immediately drank a bottle of radiation energy relaxant and told the people around him: "look for someone to check the base! There are black boxes to record information, so you must bring them back!"

"Grandpa, is the photo fake?" Feng Linqiu asked.

"Cheng Xuze will not forge photos for no reason…you must defeat Ding Yifei tomorrow, at all costs."

Feng Linqiu froze and nodded immediately: "Yes."

Feng Yunhong and Feng Linqiu left. Cheng Xuze and Ding Yingxin were going to hand in all kinds of videos about the base. Shi Qingyang and others went straight to the hotel and ordered a table of dishes. On the one hand, this is to celebrate, on the other hand, it is also because Shi Qingyang and Ding Yifei haven't had a good meal for a long time-Cheng Xuze brought people to find them too hastily. Naturally, the mobile town won't bring cooks and food materials, which is to say, they are just full.

Among these people, the only one who can't eat well is Zheng Gaoyuan, who fought with Feng Linqiu before. His injury was not serious, but he also had to drink a lot of medicine. Since he had already drunk the medicine, he couldn't eat anything casually in order not to let the medicine effect be discounted.

"Master, I was so bad just now that even Lin Qiu was trapped. How many vegetable leaves would you like me to eat?" Zheng Gaoyuan gasped for breath while clutching his chest pain, and looked at the food in front of him indignantly.

"You've just ruined Feng Linqiu. I'm sure I'll beat him tomorrow." Ding Yifei immediately the baggage and take the journey.

Zheng Gaoyuan was not happy when he heard this: "Who are you? When I talk to my master, what do you say?"

"That is also my master." Ding Yifei is happy. Although he is a few years old, he is not much, and now he is less than 30. Originally, he and Feng Linqiu were the best, but now suddenly a Zheng Gaoyuan emerged and became Shi Qingyang's apprentice in front of him, somewhat unwilling.

"Master!" Zheng Gaoyuan did not gasp for breath for "Xi Shi holds heart" and immediately stood up and looked at Shi Qingyang.

After all, it was a six-year relationship. By contrast, Shi Qingyang attached more importance to Zheng Gaoyuan: "You have a younger brother."

The word "junior brother" immediately made Zheng Gaoyuan proud: "junior brother, come on, let's hear it!"

Ding Yifei and Zheng Gaoyuan never had any peace of mind when they ate. Shi Qingyang did not care. He just picked out what Cheng Ran liked and piled it into Cheng Ran's bowl. When they finished eating, he greeted the two men: "This afternoon, I will take you to the exercise room to have a good practice."

Ding Yifei and Zheng Gaoyuan readily agreed, but Cheng Ran next to them suddenly said, "Grandpa has let people build an exercise room. Where shall we go?"

Shi Qingyang froze, wanted to say that some aspects of the practice room of the radiation energy association are more convenient to use, while it is clear Cheng Ran's mind.

He nearly died before, but he was still out of sight of Cheng Ran…Cheng Ran has been following him for several days, and now he is still worried: "it's all right, it's safest in his own home, and those who have closed their homes may hate us now."

Cheng Ran does have such reasons, and more importantly, he still wants to help Shi Qingyang comb his radiation energy and improve his own strength by the way. He can now improve the strength of others by helping others comb their radiation energy. In this case, if he makes persistent efforts and improves his own strength, can he let Shi Qingyang upgrade? At the thought of this, Cheng Ran smiled again: "I have also prepared a lot of medicine, and you can use it then."

"Yes, we can use it then." Shi Qingyang hugged Cheng Ran and kissed him on the face.

Cheng Xuze's training room is not small, it can even be said that it is very large. After the four of them entered, Ding Yifei discovered that Cheng Ran was not afraid of radiation energy.

This precious grandson of Cheng Xuze is an ordinary person. It is well known. Was it a fake?

Ding Yifei looked at Cheng Ran in surprise, and Shi Qingyang looked at him." There are some things you can't say, you know?"

"Yes! Master, don't worry!" Ding Yifei immediately the baggage and take the journey.

"That's good. Let's play first." Shi Qingyang stood in the field.

Ding Yifei knew Shi Qingyang was trying to give him directions. He nodded excitedly: "Good!"

Ding Yifei knew Shi Qingyang's strength and took the lead in the attack, but when the attack was launched, he noticed something was wrong-how did Shi Qingyang's tactics look like Lin Qiu's favorite?

This does not count, then fight on, Ding Yifei found that Shi Qingyang now not only uses the tactics of Feng Linqiu, but also uses the same way of fighting as Feng Linqiu.

When Shi Qingyang fought on his own, he never only talked about the effect, no matter what else. As long as he could win, as long as he could win, he didn't mind rolling around on the ground or making a fool of himself. Feng Linqiu, on the other hand, always liked to fight with people gracefully.

Shi Qingyang often sparred with Feng Linqiu at the beginning. The set of Feng Linqiu was naturally very clear. Now he is learning to Feng Linqiu, and he has learned it perfectly, raising his hand and throwing his foot in all directions.

Ding Yifei arrived at this time, where is there anything I don't understand? At present, we are all absorbed in dealing with it.

Shi Qingyang only used six levels of radiation energy, but now he is eight levels after all. After a while, he defeated Ding Yifei. Finally, he used radiation energy to turn around in mid-air and slowly fall down. At the same time, he looked at Cheng Ran with a smile: "However, am I handsome?"

He had never let Cheng Ran see his appearance before, what a pity! Although his appearance is not as outstanding as Feng Linqiu's, he is still very handsome…

"handsome!" Cheng Ran said directly, in his eyes, there is nothing bad about Shi Qingyang.

"Master, isn't Feng Linqiu as good as you?" Ding Yifei got up from the ground.

"Of course he is not as good as I am, but you have to work hard, otherwise you will not be able to beat him." Shi Qingyang patted Ding Yifei on the shoulder: "I'm telling you about his battles these days."

"Teacher, when you speak, I'll give you a video, Ye Shu these days can't find someone else to explain the lighter, are dying, although put my video lasted for many days, also made a lot of reputation for me, but some people say, see my appearance every day in Qinghe tavern, they want to turn black powder to me…" Zheng Gaoyuan looked at Shi Qingyang pathetically.

"Go get the equipment…can you take pictures?" After Shi Qingyang said the previous sentence, he remembered to ask.

"I learned a little from uncle ye, hee hee."

Zheng Gaoyuan quickly took the equipment, and then watched Shi Qingyang begin to explain battle by battle. The explanation took a lot of time. At the end of the day, it was time for dinner.

Ding Yifei was so enraptured that he didn't even want to eat dinner, but Shi Qingyang was not so great. He simply left him to ponder in the training room and went to eat with Cheng Ran.

As for Zheng Gaoyuan, he has taken the video to Ye Houan.

"Qingyang, I have been practicing for a long time the other day. I also practiced for a period of time in the afternoon, and now I am in Grade 7." Cheng Ran said that his radiation energy is actually easier to practice than Shi Qingyang. The progress of the two men was similar before. Later, he had to do research before he was later than Shi Qingyang.

"However, you are really good!" Shi Qingyang looked at Cheng Ran with admiration. He didn't feel any movement in the afternoon. Cheng Ran had already advanced quietly.

Cheng Ran was also somewhat proud: "when the evening comes, I will help you comb your radiation energy! Feng Yunhong bullied Grandpa with his strength today. When you reach Grade 9, deal with him well!" Feng Yunhong even found someone to deal with Shi Qingyang. He can always remember this revenge!

Shi Qingyang couldn't help thinking about the disharmony: "When you sleep at night? However, I have seen Shuangxiu in ancient novels before. Do you think you can sort out the radiation energy for me at that time? When combing radiation energy is very comfortable…"

Cheng Ran seriously considered: "When I combed the radiation energy, I didn't have time to think about anything else. Don't you like me to move?"

"…" Shi Qingyang although some speechless, but suddenly began to look forward to the evening.

Although Shi Qingyang had an idea, he also remembered that the most important thing now was to teach Ding Yifei. After dinner, he went to the training room again, and then fought with Ding Yifei in the habit of Feng Linqiu.

He pointed out many shortcomings of Ding Yifei before. Most of Ding Yifei has changed and made rapid progress. When he lost to Feng Linqiu in his previous life, he was only a little worse than Feng Linqiu. The current situation should be enough to surpass Feng Linqiu.

However, he still did not rest assured that he still spoke more and made clear the flaw of Lin Qiu's habit.

"Do you understand?"

"I see!" Ding Yifei immediately said, he not only understood, even understood can't understand! Listening to your words is better than reading ten years of books. He felt it clearly.

His father didn't know how to teach others. He followed his father. He had learned a lot of things before. If he could have followed Shi Qingyang earlier…

"It's good to understand. I'll tell you one last point." Shi Qingyang said, Feng Linqiu actually has another killer.

Feng family has a tactical skill, which cannot be used to attack or defend, but can be used to incite people to riot.

Mankind invented warcraft, has always been in order to deal with foreign animals, foreign animals but there is no such thing as radiation riots…The warcraft of Feng family is arguably not necessary, but it happened to exist!

The principle of this tactic is to use radiation energy to mobilize the surrounding radiation energy to create the environment that is most likely to cause radiation energy riots. The effect of external use is especially good. Feng Linqiu used it on him at the beginning.

Of course, although this tactical skill is very good for external use, it is not very useful in places like Doutai, but users themselves will also be affected…Just, Feng Linqiu's radiation ability is as gentle as that of others, and the influence of this tactical skill on him is naturally weaker than others.

If Feng Linqiu had made some preparations in advance, perhaps Ding Yifei would have rioted in the competition.

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