Zheng Gaoyuan stood by with solemn expression, his mouth tightly closed and his fist tightly clenched.

"Xiaoyuan, come on!" Grandpa Zheng looked at his grandson, thought for a long time and couldn't think of anything to say, and finally only said.

"Small far, grandma…" Zheng grandma's face with tears, excitedly looking at Zheng Gaoyuan speechless.

Zheng Gaoyuan's father has always had little communication with this son. Looking at Zheng Gaoyuan at the moment, he didn't know what to say and just kept blinking to prevent himself from losing his appearance.

Zheng Gaocheng stood at the back. He used to be very jealous of Zheng Gaoyuan and wanted to be better than Zheng Gaoyuan, but now…He even can never compare with Zheng Gaoyuan.

This fat man has actually become a man he cannot surpass…Zheng Gaocheng suddenly felt that many of his previous thoughts were ridiculous.

The Zheng family look different, in fact, there is only one reason, that is Zheng Gaoyuan actually killed into the final! Along the way, he met a number of six strong men, many times, everyone thought he would be defeated, but he didn't know what was going on, unexpectedly broke out super fighting capacity, with a spirit of not afraid of death, just beat everyone!

Now, he is standing on the competition table with Feng Linqiu. If he can defeat Feng Linqiu, he will be the champion of this radiation energy competition. Even if he cannot defeat Feng Linqiu…he will also be the runner-up of this radiation energy competition.

A five-level radiation fighter has reached such a high level…when Zheng Gaoyuan walked to the competition table, countless people in the audience nearby shouted, "Zheng Gaoyuan! Zheng Gaoyuan! Zheng Gaoyuan!"

These people shouting his name, male and female, some have already become his fans, others have watched his competition in the past half month and finally become his supporters.

Zheng Gaoyuan nods to these people, but still looks dignified.

Half a month ago, there was a problem with the competition outside the city by the Radiological Energy Association. The incident caused quite a stir. The sudden disappearance of two powerful contestants from a background attracted numerous discussions and more people's expectation of the competition. As a result, when the two contestants had not yet been found back, the other one was generous and brilliant. The one was Zheng Gaoyuan.

From the beginning, Zheng Gaoyuan used only two tactics, and then slowly began to use more tactics to show his talent in actual combat. Zheng Gaoyuan used very, very short time.

Feng family has been promoting Feng Linqiu. He promoted Feng Linqiu as the first day of the Chinese nation, and he has the support of countless people. But perhaps Feng Linqiu is too "perfect". Although there are many people who support him, everyone has no special feeling. Zheng Gaoyuan is different, from a fat man who is stupid to now…He can let others study and admire more than Feng Linqiu.

And in the radiation energy competition, everyone saw his progress…from a man who seemed to be beaten at first to a man who is now extremely sharp in attack…

Zheng Gaoyuan's supporters today are no less than Feng Linqiu.

Feng Linqiu saw others shouting Zheng Gaoyuan's name, and his face was a little ugly. Shi Qingyang and Ding Yifei were missing because of too much noise. Many people suspected that it was related to him. This was all. Zheng Gaoyuan was a five-level official and came to this step…

"Do not underestimate the enemy." Feng Yunhong whispered that by this time he had nothing else to say but this.

"Grandpa, I will definitely be the champion." Feng Linqiu said that he would never lose to Zheng Gaoyuan!

When Feng Linqiu was walking forward, someone shouted his name too. He smiled and waved to others, then walked into the competition table.

Zheng Gaoyuan was not at a loss as he was when he first started to take part in the competition. Feng Linqiu saw each other's sharp momentum and did not underestimate the enemy.

However, he still has some disdain. These days, he also pays close attention to Zheng Gaoyuan like others. How did Zheng Gaoyuan come step by step? He knows all this clearly, and all this has nothing to do with the propaganda of Qinghe Tavern.

In recent days, the Qinghe tavern has not continued to broadcast the explanation of tactics, but has set Zheng Gaoyuan's growth history.

A few days ago, they played an edited video of Zheng Gaoyuan practicing the shield and radiation explosion day and night, and emphasized to others this kind of training method suitable for all radiation fighters. Later, even Zheng Gaoyuan's video of hunting outside the city a few years ago and crawling around outside the city was edited.

Zheng Gaoyuan in the video became a ball from the beginning, and he would cry a few times from time to time. In the end, he became thinner and thinner, and the whole person became more and more energetic…Even those who didn't like him originally began to change for him after watching it.

In the video released by Feng Linqiu, he is very handsome whether he is fighting with people or killing animals. Zheng Gaoyuan is completely different. When he was very fat at first, he rolled in the mud like a ball. Later, when he was strong, he was often chased everywhere by foreign animals. When he fought, he was often covered in bruises and mud. When he fought, he often went to the ground casually…

Such Zheng Gaoyuan looks much more real than Feng Linqiu, and it also makes the radiation fighters who went out of town to hunt have a sense of identity.

Moreover, now China is advocating to let young radiation fighters out of the city to hunt foreign animals. How can Zheng Gaoyuan not be regarded as a typical one? He has been fighting outside the city for six years and has rich actual combat experience, but he will not show off his fighting skills in the city. When he first took part in the Radiation Energy Contest, he had no experience in fighting with people…All this was praised by people.

Feng Linqiu thought that more and more people supported Zheng Gaoyuan day by day. His eyes were full of gloom, but his face still hung with a smile.

"The competition starts!" The referee's voice sounded with the whistle, and his words should have just dropped. Feng Linqiu had already begun to attack.

As far as he knew, the first thing Zheng Gaoyuan did every time was to give himself a protective cover. He naturally took advantage of this time to attack.

Feng Linqiu think very well, but his lighter is not ready yet, Zheng Gaoyuan's radiation explosion unexpectedly has arrived in front of him, he can only temporarily change lighter, through the power of forward attack quickly back…

The battle began officially.

Feng Linqiu had a lot of fighting experience. He was the best trained since he was a child. He was very outstanding in all aspects and his strength was higher than Zheng Gaoyuan. In the competition, he naturally had the upper hand, but he just couldn't take Zheng Gaoyuan.

Zheng Gaoyuan is extremely fierce and looks even afraid of death. Not only that, he has been putting on a protective cover…

Feng Linqiu has always known that he was a little too cautious. He didn't think this was a bad thing before, but now he has a feeling of being tied behind his back-he will subconsciously choose to back down for Zheng Gaoyuan's behavior regardless of his own safety.

He has actually wounded Zheng Gaoyuan, but Zheng Gaoyuan completely ignored the wound on his body and still rushed towards him…Feng Linqiu suddenly understood the situation of Zheng Gaoyuan's opponents before. Among those people, there are many who are stronger than Zheng Gaoyuan, but there is never such a fearless person as Zheng Gaoyuan. For a person like Zheng Gaoyuan who will not give up until he is completely beaten, anyone will feel trouble. One careless move may actually be knocked down.

However, his skill is not blown out, although his time to reach level 6 is not long, but his strength is indeed above most of the level 6 masters, he can't let Zheng Gaoyuan give up, in a short period of time can't break Zheng Gaoyuan shield one by one, simply stay away from Zheng Gaoyuan, with all kinds of lighter tease Zheng Gaoyuan will run out of radiation.

Zheng Gaoyuan did exactly the same as he thought, with less and less radiation energy. Finally, after using a radiation explosion technique, Zheng Gaoyuan sat on the ground, apparently exhausted.

"Zheng Gaoyuan, throw in the towel." Feng Linqiu said.

"no!" Zheng Gaoyuan looked at Feng Linqiu. The hatred in his eyes was invisible to others, but Feng Linqiu was clear.

"What are you doing here?" Feng Linqiu asked, the in the mind is already-Zheng Gaoyuan this person, he must be careful in the future!

Zheng Gaoyuan moved his lips and did not make a sound, but Lin Qiu knew it would not be a good word.

"Don't blame me if you do this. You're welcome." Feng Linqiu said, a tactical move towards Zheng Gaoyuan directly set Zheng Gaoyuan in the ring, but he just wanted to enjoy the victory, his own side was a barrage of explosions rang out.

This is Zheng Gaoyuan's radiation explosion! Feng Linqiu immediately added a few more shields to himself, but the radiation energy around him was too chaotic because of the radiation explosion technique. In the end, it could not succeed in any way. The radiation explosion technique also exploded the original shield on him…

Feng Linqiu won, but he always won very smartly. This time he was scorched black by radiation explosion.

"Ha ha ha ha ha! Feng Linqiu, you look really good!" Zheng Gaoyuan fell off the stage and lost, but he vomited out one mouthful blood, but still felt very happy.

Shi Qingyang is very important to him. If there were no Shi Qingyang, he might still be a fat man now, and probably a fat man who has been led astray by others.

Because of this, it was found that Shi Qingyang was missing. It was also very likely that he had been captured by the people who Feng family. He had been holding on to his anger and wanted to give Feng Linqiu a good look.

As a result, he didn't take the radiation energy competition too seriously originally, and finally he played up the spirit of 12 points, and even specially designed a scene that could make Feng Linqiu make a fool of himself.

Radiation explosion requires two radiation balls to collide with each other to explode. However, a single radiation ball is inconspicuous. Before he attacked Feng Linqiu, his left hand moved more times than his right hand, and then he always controlled a few extra radiation energy balls. Later, he pretended to run out of radiation energy, put those balls behind Feng Linqiu, and sent out some other balls, allowing seven or eight radiation explosions to erupt instantly.

He lost, but Feng Linqiu would never feel better.

Looking at Zheng Gaoyuan, who burst out laughing, Lin Qiu's face became more and more ugly. He had never been so embarrassed when he was so big!

Clearly, this radiation energy competition should be his stage to show himself, but one thing after another has made him unhappy in any case.

"Feng Linqiu, you are so embarrassed to beat me. If you meet my master, you will definitely have to admit defeat!" Zheng Gaoyuan shouted again.

Feng Yunhong saw the situation in the field. Although Feng Yunhong won this time, other people may prefer Zheng Gaoyuan in the current situation.

If it weren't for Zheng Gaoyuan is hostile relationship with him, such a young man, he will also value.

"Is the competition over?" Feng Yunhong looked at the people nearby.

After so many years of work, the Radiological Energy Association has been closely related to the Feng family. Upon hearing Feng Yunhong's words, the president of the Radiological Energy Association immediately stood up and planned to announce that the Radiological Energy Competition was about to end.

Seeing this scene from a distance, Zheng Gaoyuan gritted his teeth. It was clear that his master should be the winner of this radiation energy competition…It happened that his master was missing.

However, the number of people in the same mood as Zheng Gaoyuan is quite large. Fan Jia has already stood up and plans to leave the stadium ahead of schedule.

"This radiation energy competition…"

"Wait!" At the same time, a voice suddenly rang, intending to speak to the president of the Radiological Energy Association. At the same time, some people came in from outside. The spectators around the competition field all wore telescopic glasses and clearly saw the appearance of several people coming in.

Walk in front of the shout "wait" is 8 radiation fighter Ding Yingxin, and behind him, Shi Qingyang and Ding Yifei are closely followed.

"My son hasn't entered the competition yet! This is a problem for the competitors themselves. My son's qualification for the competition has not been cancelled yet. He can take part in the competition now." Ding Yingxin shouted that when Shi Qingyang and Ding Yifei disappeared, they had already got the metal cards of far superior people, which was enough to prove their excellence.

"This……" The president of the Radiological Energy Association is hesitating. Fan Jia next to him suddenly said: "I remember that Shi Qingyang and Ding Yifei were not disqualified from the competition, and this was the negligence of the Radiological Energy Association before. They should always be given a chance."

"Time arrangement, and competition arrangement…" The chairman of the Radiation Energy Association took one look at Feng Yunhong.

"I don't have any other requirements, just let me play a match with Feng Linqiu. if I lose, I don't need to be ranked second, and I will automatically withdraw from this competition." Ding Yifei shouted that he was five years older than Feng Linqiu and took more time to reach level 6 than Feng Linqiu…Shi Qingyang, a pervert, could not beat him, but he would never believe he could not beat Feng Linqiu!

Feng Yunhong was shocked when he saw Feng Linqiu and Ding Yifei. His face is even uglier now.

It happened that they could not refuse Ding Yifei…if they refused, it would be equivalent to telling others that Lin Qiu was afraid of Ding Yifei? Moreover, even if the radiation energy competition is over, Ding Yifei can still challenge Feng Linqiu…

Ding Yifei and Shi Qingyang, why did they suddenly come back? On the contrary, Shang Yan has no news at all, and his base has not returned any news these days.

If Shang Yan betrayed him, he would not let Shang Yan look good!

No matter what he thinks in his heart, Feng Yunhong revealed nothing on the surface. He just smiled and let his grandson accept the challenge from Shi Qingyang and Ding Yifei.

After a day's rest today, tomorrow will be the battle between Feng Linqiu and Ding Yifei. If Ding Yifei loses the match, Shi Qingyang will fight with Feng Linqiu again.

In the audience, the atmosphere reached its peak in the finals, and now by going up one flight of stairs. Countless people are looking forward to tomorrow's match.

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